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It is amazing that bottled water companies literally get to lie to the public about the source of their water. Their commercials have us all thinking they are dipping iron canisters in mountain springs to bring us this product.
Bottled Water Is Awful
The Story of Bottled Water video shows the gory truth about bottled water and why we have all been misled.

California May Soon Label Monsanto’s Roundup as ‘Known to Cause Cancer’
Move could set a whole new legal precedent.

THE INCREDIBLE RESULTS OF GcMAF: So promising, about a dozen holistic doctors have mysteriously died recently when they told the FDA they would continue to pursue their research. Here is a good article about GcMAF and the "suicided" doctors:

Healthy patients using statins ‘more likely to suffer side-effects than gain health benefits’:


Migrant Crisis: What They’re Not Telling You
The truth about the crisis in Syria and Europe.

US Demands Greece Close Airspace to Russian Humanitarian Aid for Syria
Diplomat confirms Greece rejected request.

Video: Muslim “Refugee” Arriving in Europe Makes Beheading Gesture to TV Camera
Negative impact of migrants not being discussed by media.

Soon the entire EU will be Muslim. Say a pretty shocking video on fertility rates and the rise in the Muslim population.
Fertility Rate - Muslims Demographics

Insane foreign policy.
The European Migrant Crisis Is A Direct Result Of U.S and NATO Wars | We Are Change
Photographs of a young Syrian boy washed up on a beach near the Turkish resort of Bodrum are going viral online. The boy drowned among 12 oth

Refugees Fleeing to Europe "Embedded" with ISIS | We Are Change
Reports of ISIS flowing with fleeing refugees have begun to emerge.

The Two Polio Cases in Ukraine Were "Vaccine-Derived"... Get It?

Washington Infant Dies of Multiple Organ Failure Following 5 Vaccine Doses
Eight month-old Sebastian, who had previous adverse reactions to the hepatitis B vaccination, died of organ failure after receiving five vaccine doses. 

SB 792 Clears California Legislature - MSJ -
If ‪#‎SB277‬ hasn't given you a wake up call maybe this one will. What. No shots Mom and Dad. Sorry, you can't volunteer at your children's public or private daycare or preschool, including head start.

The Amish Don't Get Autism, But they Also Don't Vaccinate 
08 October 2014 People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the l…

Unbelievable to think they want to continue pushing this nasal flu vaccine agenda even in light of the stats showing dire side effects, including this one.
11 Year Old Boy Narcoleptic, Seizures, After Flu Vaccine
9-7-2015 A school boy now suffers intense seizure and narcolepsy after receiving Government nasal flu vaccine. He can no longer laugh.

Every Last One
Print - PDF - EmailHow to Force Total Vaccine Compliance by Controlling the Conversation and Eliminating Choice We want healthy children. We want a healthy society. But we won’t always agree on the road to get there. And that road, paved...

     Jade Helm
Commenter: "Just like the ones that went in and out of twin towers weeks before 9/11."
Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Military's...
Think about it: a Ryder moving truck driving around your town with hidden surveillance and command rooms inside of them filled with special...
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