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High Fructose Corn Syrup … It's better than CRACK!

FACT: Fluoride is NOT a nutrient. 

1) The Dreyfus Affair
2) The Mafia
3) MK-Ultra
4) Operation Mockingbird
5) Manhattan Project
6) Asbestos
7) Watergate
8) The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
9) Operation Northwoods
10) 1990 Testimony of Nayirah
12) The Iran-Contra Affair
13) The BCCI Scandal
14) CIA Drug Running in LA
15) Gulf of Tonkin Never Happened
16) The Business Plot
17) Conspiracy to Assassinate Hitler
18) Operation Ajax
19) Operation Snow White
20) Operation Gladio
21) Revelations of the Church Committee
22) The New World Order
23) The 2nd Congressional Investigation of the JFK Assassination
24) 1919 Chicago Black Sox World Series Scandal
25) Corporate Whistleblower Karen Silkwood
26) CIA Drug Smuggling in Arkansas
27) Bohemian Grove
28) Operation Paperclip
29) The Round Table
30) The Illuminati
31) The Trilateral Commission
32) The Deep State Shadow Government
33) The Federal Reserve Bank

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know…Jonathan Elinoff | To many, conspiracy theories are just human nature.

Eerie Statistics Predict Coming Shemitah Market Collapse: “Only 8 Trading Days Until Wipe Out Day”
The end of the Shemitah cycle is fast approaching, and many are worried about an impending collapse, particularly considering the recent stock market decline.

     Migrant crisis
Migrant crisis: Pakistanis, others dumping IDs to become ‘Syrian’
Many of the migrants flooding Europe to escape war or poverty are scrapping their true nationalities and likely assuming new ones.

Germany faces massive anti-migrant vs. pro-migrant standoff amid refugee crisis
Germany is once again in the midst of massive anti-immigration rallies, which are often met with counter-marches, dividing the country in two.

Images Show Jihadist Militants Entering Europe as “Refugees”
Photos stoke concerns that ISIS is exploiting crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west.
    Images of “refugees” arriving in Europe who previously fought for jihadist rebel factions in Syria are stoking further concerns that ISIS could be exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west.

Video: ‘Refugees’ Throw Rocks at Hungarians, Shout “F**k You!”
Clip shows mostly young men running towards train.
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