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Event - Today was marked by wispy chembombs, trails and the inevitable ‪#‎incrediblyraresundog‬. The scumbags aren't even trying to hide their crimes.
Here's the NASA satellite image:

Monsanto letter to Kevin Folta emerges: Discredited Univ. of Florida professor promised 'a solid return on the investment' just two days before receiving $25K from Monsanto:

State Department Whistleblower Exposes Covert Terrorist Funding

University Seeks to Ban ‘Expressions of Intolerance’
No more free speech at the University of 1984!

Report: Muslim Migrants Raping Women & Children at German Refugee Camp
Women allegedly forced into prostitution.
    An explosive document released by top social welfare organizations in Germany reveals evidence that migrants at a refugee camp in Hessen are raping women and children, while also allegedly forcing women into prostitution.
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