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Could You Hide from the State for 28 Days?
(Photo: Channel 4)Hunted is a new reality TV show in the United Kingdom. Contestants are given about $700 in cash and a one hour head start. Their task is to disappear for a full 28 days. During that time, top detectives and investigators... 

This will go down in the history books...please share.
The Biggest Silver and Gold Scam In History -
In this 4 minute video best-selling author Michael Maloney explains the nefarious workings of what will go down in history as the biggest gold and silver scam in...
Record 252 people who think they have claim for each ounce of gold avail on COMEX.
RECORD LOW amount of 185,314 oz of GOLD avail for delivery on COMEX. Falling since August of Last year.
252 people who think they can lay claim to the same ounce of gold.
Amount of gold available for delivery is 1 / 228th of the amount they have promised.

     Behavioral Propaganda Experiments
Obama Signs Executive Order Approving Behavioral Propaganda Experiments on American Public
President Obama has just signed an executive order authorizing the federal government to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens.

Fluoride no longer added to Arab’s water supply
The Arab TribuneIt took a phone call from Montgomery for Arab officials and residents to learn that Arab Water Works stopped adding fluoride to its...

The small South American country of Bolivia kicked out the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in 2008 and a strange thing happened: coca production and the criminal activity associated with it FELL dramatically and continues to decline today -

The Fallacy of “Buy Land — They’re Not Making Any More”
While they’re not “making” land, they are constantly making things that affect land price.

     European Invasion
European Invasion By Muslims Similar To Central American Invasion Of US - Same Plan, Different...
The Central American invasion of the United States over the last year is so similar it could have been a beta test for the type of operation Europeans now

Fake? Petition Filed to Ban Oktoberfest Because it ‘Offends Muslims’
Author Richard Dawkins asks if petition is genuine.
No one seems to be sure whether a petition filed on the website to ban ‘Oktoberfest’ in Germany because it offends Muslims is genuine, a piece of dark satire, or a stunt by anti-immigrant right-wingers.

Hungary Asks Serbia to Crack Down on Migrants Attacking Hungarian Police on Border
Troops moved in formation towards the Serbian side of the border.

In an Overlooked War, Saudis Use U.S.-Made Weapons to Kill Civilians in Yemen
More than a thousand civilians killed with the help of American weapons.

Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth are paedophiles. Prince Philip drugs children before raping them 

     911 TRUTH
PressTV covers our September 11th NYC premiere of the film 'Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths'

Sacramento parent receives call from virtual online school advertised as homeschool, threatens to lock student out of online coursework until she gets Tdap vaccine: ‪#‎SB277Referendum‬

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Medical Exemptions to Vaccination, But Didn't Know to Ask

"Concerned parents are now left with the task of trying to figure out how to protect their children. Those who are educated about vaccines and whose children have not been harmed are in the same boat with those who have already sacrificed a child (or more than one) on the vaccination alter. Those parents whose children have already suffered serious adverse reactions to vaccines understandably do not want to repeat that experience, and they should not have to."

Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown | Nafeez Ahmed
Nafeez Ahmed: Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements

Q: How much water have you stored for EARTHQUAKE?
A: Grab every 5 gallon alhambra type blue bottle you see on the curb, Rinse and fill with hose water. Grab those CAPS from the office trash bin by the water cooler!

A large 12 foot tsunami (4 meters) has hit Chile following the M8.3 earthquake.
The earthquake lasted for more than a minute.
Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION HQ
Smart meters giving Victorian consumers ‘no benefit’ on electricity bills, auditor-general says 
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