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Sorry Kevin Folta, we can read: The emails from Monsanto literally say "Will you send me an invoice or should I check request for your payment?"

Germany follows Scotland in seeking GMO ban:

Watch: These Are The Shocking Statistics The Government Doesn’t Want You To See
Is it time to start banning anything that could potentially be used as a weapon?

     ‘Free Blonde Swedish Girls’
Report: Arab Migrants Promised ‘Free Blonde Swedish Girls’ by People Smugglers
Migrants told “Swedish women require real men”.
    According to an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dala-Demokraten, Arab migrants are being promised ‘free blonde Swedish girls’ and taxpayer-funded luxury treatment if they pay people smugglers to help them reach Scandinavia.

Radical Islamists Recruit Refugees in Germany
Gulf Emirates have long history of supporting terror through charitable organizations.
    Germans say radical Muslims recruiting ‪#‎refugees‬.

‘Knock out game’ back as black teen admits gang attack on white victim; ‘It’s called KO’
The knock out game typically involves young blacks trying to knock unconscious unsuspecting victims, usually white, with a single blow.

Hillary Clinton Can’t Name A Top Accomplishment While Secretary Of State [VIDEO]
Hillary Clinton could not name her “number one accomplishment” while she was secretary of state during her first live interview of the campaign season.
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