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The Radiation Warnings You Won’t Get from the Mainstream Propaganda
Radiation update provided by Daisy Luther and co-author NinaO. This
report was originally published at Inalienably Yours.
The mainstream media and the federal government will soon have the
blood of the world on it’s hands.
Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan is now
actively in the ecosystem all along the North American west coast…
even the sea weed is now radiated.  The Vancouver Sun reported one
year ago that the seaweed tested from waters off the coast of British
Columbia were 4 times the amount considered safe.  No further test
results were released after the initial report.
The governments of the United States and Canada are not conducting
tests for radioactivity – at least not to the knowledge of the
public.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to continue
purchasing seafood from Japan, despite the fact that the food is not
being tested for radioactive contamination.  Last November,
independent testing in Japan showed 65 per cent of the catches tested
positive for cesium (a radioactive material).  Instead of refusing to
purchase the poisoned fish, food safety agencies in both the United
States and Canada have simply raised the “acceptable level of
radiation.”  We can’t go offending the Japanese after promising to buy
their tainted goods, now can we?
After the North American governments refused to fund testing,
oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass, along with
Nicholas Fisher, a marine sciences professor at the State University
of New York at Stony Brook, and other concerned scientists, managed to
secure private funding for a Pacific research voyage.  The results?
Cesium levels in the Pacific had initially gone up an astonishing 45
million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined
rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly levelled off.
In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000
times above pre-accident levels.
This means the ocean isn’t diluting the radiation as expected. If it
had been, cesium levels would have kept falling.
The finding suggests that radiation is still being released into the
ocean long after the accident in March, 2011.
Less than two weeks after the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster,
Michael Kane, an investigative journalist, reported, “In the wake of
the continuing nuclear tragedy in Japan, the United States government
is still moving quickly to increase the amounts of radiation the
population can “safely” absorb by raising the safe zone for exposure
to levels designed to protect the government and nuclear industry more
than human life.”
The radiation has absolutely reached the shores of North America.
Water samples from across the continent have tested positive for
unsafe levels of radioactivity.  The levels exceeded federal drinking
water thresholds, known as maximum contaminant levels, or MCL, by as
much as 181 times.”This means that the complete ecosystem of the
Pacific Ocean is now poisoned with radiation and we aren’t being warned.
Samples of milk taken across the United States have shown radiation at
levels 2000 percent higher than EPA maximums.  The reason that milk is
so significant is that it it representative of the entire food
supply.  According to an article published on Natural News, “Cows
consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as food crops and
water supplies. In other words, when cows’ milk starts testing
positive for high levels of radioactive elements, this is indicative
of radioactive contamination of the entire food supply.”
The GMO Food and Drug Pushers Administration and the
EnvironmentalDeception Protection Agency, instead of refusing to
prohibit the sale of tainted foods and mandatory testing of foods
produced and harvested from the Pacific Coast, have simply raised the
“acceptable levels”  of radioactive material in foods.
Clearly, the “it’s-all-for-your-own-good” government will not protect
us, or even inform us of the dangers so we can protect ourselves,
because it might dip into the pockets of the global elite, the nuclear
energy industry, and the food industries.  There is big money behind
this cover-up. Refusing to purchase and consume their tainted goods is
the best way to fight back, while keeping our families safe and healthy.
How can we protect ourselves? First, be aware of what items are likely
to be highly tainted.
1.)  SEAFOOD:  Question the origin of ALL seafood.  Fish and
crustaceans from the Pacific Ocean should all be considered to be
poisoned with radiation.
2.)  WATER:  The rainfall and snowfall are all radiated.  Do not drink
any water that has not been filtered.   The tap water that flows from
your faucet has NOT been treated to rid it of radioactive particles. A
recent report from the NY Times stated, “A rooftop water monitoring
program managed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Nuclear Engineering
detected substantial spikes in rain-borne iodine-131 during torrential
downpours …
3.) DAIRY PRODUCTS:  Milk and milk products from the West Coast states
currently have the highest levels of radiation in North America.
4.)  PRODUCE:  Leafy Vegetables, Wines, Tomatoes, Strawberries….all
produce from California or any other West Coast State are also likely
to be tainted.
5.)  MEAT:  If a animal eats any leafy vegetable all along the West
Coast, that animal has consumed radiation, and is poisoned.  This is
any animal from cows, pigs, goats, sheep to wild deer and other game.
If you eat the above foods from areas with high radiation levels, you
are eating radiation and feeding it to your children. Slowly the
radiation levels within your body will build up.  This is PERMANENT.
Infant mortality rates across the United States have increased by more
than 35% since the nuclear disaster, according to a court statement by
Dr. with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD.  A study
published in The International Journal of Medicine indicates that more
than 20,000 deaths right here in North America can be directly
attributed to the release of radioactive material from Fukushima.
Radioactive isotopes of the type released from Fukushima have a half
life of 30,000 years.  This means that we must permanently change the
way we prepare our food.
·                  Wash your food with soap and rinse it in filtered
·                  Be aware of the origins of your vegetables, fish,
game and seafood.
·                  Keep abreast of radiation levels to help monitor
where your food is acquired.
·                  Use only filtered water for drinking, cooking and
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