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Event!/events/278538502270989 Starlight Ballroom Wed Nov 27 Free B4 10pm w/ FB RSVP  450 Powell SF

~ We'll all arrive Friday 1/31/14 at around 12 noon and depart Sunday night 2/2/14 at 10pm Advertisers Should Just Quit. Nothing Will Ever Top This Volvo Commercial

$60 Million Waste @ Syracuse Airport  

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: The GMO non-browning Arctic® Apple is in the final 30 day comment period before approval. This lovely exercise in genetic engineering will cause the apple to lose some of it's natural pest resistance, resulting in a need for more toxic pesticides. Apples are already on the dirty dozen list of the most heavily sprayed fruits & veggies. Tell the USDA NO! click on the graphic to like and share...

Take Action here:

TSA ‘Detention Pods’ Have Biometric, Object Detection Capabilities
Paul Joseph Watson | Promo video shows user scanning fingerprint to leave containment area.

of course! who's going to watch over the insane LITHIUM resources, the poppies, and the oil/natural gas!!!???

totally meant to fail. . just watch where this "Problem-Reaction-Solution" leads the Murrcan public... the reveal will be coming soon... watch and remember this moment
Obamacare Official Admits Something So Incredible You’ll Wonder Why You’re Just Now Hearing About It 
A large portion of the error-riddled, multimillion dollar federal health insurance exchange system has not even been built yet, according to 

3.2M SURFACE Quake at Gravity Wave Station / Hanford Nuclear Site
Had to reupload this video, was deleted by youtube today as a result of the UNJUST FLAGGING and shutdown of my channel. Many thanks to the person who helped ...
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