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How to Build an Underground Greenhouse That You Can Grow in All Year [W/ VIDEO]

Are you or someone you know thinking about getting a Flu shot this year? This interview with Dr. Mayer Eisentstein should answer some of your heath questions. (video) of you are into this stuff so I thought you may think this one was interesting. If you're not one of those people, hey, we don't all share the same opinions!

Philippines Super-Typhoon Haiyan – Product of Weather Weapons? | The Liberty Digest

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When it hits the fan America’s population centers will explode in violence, looting, and total breakdown of law and order.
It’s a theory put forth by numerous survival and relocation specialists, and one that makes complete sense if you consider what happens in a truly serious collapse-like scenario
Highway 80, running through California, will be one of the busiest evacuation routes in the country as millions of people pour out of major cities to flee disaster or in search of  food.
Be at least 5 – 7 miles away from any major thoroughfare, which is generally outside the range people want to venture off familiar roads, and far enough away to make any ‘walkers’ too tired to attempt the trip without ample clean water and food.
Source: (when) Shite Hits The Fan (what you gonna do?)

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If you were busy last night and missed Halloween...
Here's a scary movie from National Geographic:
"American Blackout."       Video:

Rep. Rogers: Crazed al-Qaeda Terrorists Coming to America
Jihadist Frankenstein made in the U.S.A

There is a silent tragedy taking place, mostly in the USA, as countless millions of children of all ages are being erroneously administered doses of amphetamine class drugs multiple times each day.

pResident Obama Booed at Maryland Basketball Game – The Free Patriot

I don't know whether I should laugh, cry, or puke at the thought of China being a member of the human rights council. It should be any day now that Iran and North Korea have a seat of their own. -MD
Details of Obama-backed secret treaty for UN to regulate, tax Internet (Dick Morris, Dennis Prager)  
"… being pushed by Russia and China and Brazil and India…"
"This treaty is due to come up for ratification in the U.N. in December this year, at a conference in Dubai. It would give the United Nations the power to assign e-addresses… so they could track down dissidents…"

In the UK, hospitalization cases for treatment of malnutrition have doubled over the past 5 years. The increase is linked to Britain’s crippling economic downturn - is this an omen for the U.S.?

How about one of these on every freeway in America?

[Exposed] Wireless Communications Shut Down By Government In “Crisis” | The Liberty Digest

The Khazarian Conspiracy (Full Film) The Synangogue of Satan

The Khazarian Supremacy Of The Rothschilds NWO -

Anarchy and efficient law 
For the first time ever, Brazil plays host to an exclusive seminar on the Austrian School of Economics. It was on April 11 and 12, 2010, the southern Brazili...
 So you want peace and prosperity?!? This video is certainly worth your time in that case...
Efficient Law & Anarchy

#CHEMTRAILS Check out the crazy chemtrail-type technology they had back in the 40s:

The Zombie Apocalypse is spreading FAST 
Mark Dice declares Zombie Apocalypse is Now!

1975 U.S. Navy patent proves the existence of the chemtrail program

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