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     FOOD 9.03 Hibiscus Tea: The Best Beverage?
A landmark investigation of the Antioxidant Content of 3,139 Foods put all previous rankings to shame. That’s where I got the data to create my videos Best Berries, which compares hundreds of berries to common fruits, and Better Than Goji Berries, which highlights the dried fruit most packed with anti-aging, anti-cancer antioxidants. Antioxidants in a...

146 Ways That Sugar is Destroying Your Health

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup 

[ctrl] Syria's 'chemical weapons' turn out to be sodium fluoride used in Our U.S. home water supply.
Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans


[cia-drugs] US Supplied Sarin Nerve Gas To Al-Qaeda Faction In Syria

SOLDIERS SPEAK OUT ON SYRIA: 'We Are Stretched Thin, Tired, And Broke'
Many veterans of Iraq are still in their twenties and have a firsthand understanding of Arab political issues. The complicated things we faced with Syria’s next door neighbors is freshly ingrained in our memories. How quickly the American people and our political leaders forget.
Our involvement in Syria is so dangerous on so many levels, and the 21st century American vet is more keen to this than anybody. It boggles my mind that we are being ignored.

Syria Strike Expected Before G20 Summit

How they conned us 23 years ago...
Because memories are short (including mine), it pays to be reminded. 
The FIRST Gulf War was based on a lie too. 
How they conned us 23 years ago...    Video: 

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Newsletter Sept 2013    
Obama’s Domestic Army

Denim Crotch Blowouts – Why They Happen And How to Avoid The
Posted by Somar on May 2, 2013 in Denim Care · 4 Comments Comment #4:
Hello, I am researching Boston Strong shrapnel-proof Crotch. Is there only one way for the proverbial Boston Strong Crotch to work? Would that be the same method as for Boston Strong shrapnel-proof Skin?

Alert from inside DHS and S.F. assoc.... Determinations rest on each individual... Hawk

Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria
Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says Israel may have conducted a 'false flag' operation. Describes its government as inept and Netanyahu as 'clueless.'
By Chemi Shalev
Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who once served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, believes that the chemical weapons used in Syria may have been an Israeli “false flag”...
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Former COS to Colin Powell Claims Israel May be Behind Chemical Attack
Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who once served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, believes that the chemical weapons used in Syria may have been an Israeli “false flag” operation aimed at implicating Bashar Assad’s regime.
Wilkerson said that the evidence that it was Assad’s regime that had used the chemical weapons was “flaky” and that it could very well have been the rebels or Israel who were the perpetrators.
Asked why Israel would do such a thing, Wilkerson said: “I think we’ve got a basically geopolitically inept regime in Tel Aviv right now.”
“I think we saw really startling evidence of that,” Wilkerson continued, “in the fact that President Obama had to tell Bibi Netanyahu ‘Pick up the phone, you idiot, call Ankara and get yourself out of this strategic isolation you’ve got yourself into.”
Obama's and Kerry's Big Lie: White House Document "Proving" Syria's Guilt Doesn't Pass Smell Test
The document released on the White House web site  to "prove" to the American people that the Syrian government had used poison gas --allegedly the neurotoxin Sarin-- to kill hundreds of civilians, is so flawed and lacking in real proof that if it were being used in court to make a case against a terrorist group, it would be too weak to justify an indictment.
For starters, there is no documentary proof offered. Only assertions about evidence which is never actually shown. No maps. No satellite or aerial spy-plane or drone surveillance photos. No identified witnesses with verifiable expertise.
All there is in this document is a narrative with assertions like: "The United States Government assesses with high confidence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs on August 21, 2013."
There are coy explanations for the lack of any hard evidence, like: "To protect sources and methods, we cannot publicly release all available intelligence -- but what follows is an unclassified summary of the U.S. Intelligence Community's analysis."
Remember, we're talking about a debate over whether to have the US launch a war of aggression against a sovereign nation that poses absolutely no risk either to the US or even to its allies directly abutting Syria. The reality is that this is about launching a war against a country wracked by civil war, not a country that is threatening its neighbors, or US interests and citizens.
And make no mistake, a major US bombing campaign against Syria will not be clean and precise. Hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of innocent Syrian men, women and children will be killed, whether by errant bombs and rockets, or by accurate ones that hit targets located near residences.

The first section of the report is devoted to trying to make the case that poison gas, and specifically Sarin, was used in a suburb of Damascus.  No actual evidence is presented, though certainly there is evidence available -- specifically the reports of physicians working in Syria with Doctors Without Borders.  Why those doctors are not identified is never explained, but perhaps it is because to do so would make the lack of identifiable sources for the rest of the argument all the more blatant.
In any event, it is probable that Sarin was used and that a considerable number of people were killed or injured by the chemical, but that is no casus belli, since it is not at all clear who is responsible for the release of the deadly chemical -- the Syrian government, the rebels ... or ISRAEL, as retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell has suggested.
Moving along, the White House document becomes even more opaque and useless...
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