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[cia-drugs] fixed display: Malta-Mason-Jesuit Not Just Exactly Feng Shui
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If we look at cross-dressing rapists, we find envious or fearful misogynists, and not lovers of women.

If we look at wars and imperialist colonialist covert action, we find misogyny, too. In fact we could skip over a lot of process in detail by noting an obvious Malta-Mason-Jesuit stamp of imprimatur, consisting of misogyny, racism, and crusaderism. We would then see beyond the Jewish foil, and a host of labels like globalism and one-world government.

Afghan women still burning themselves alive with gasoline by hundreds a year, despite US liberation, and now women want to leave Egypt, or avoid Egypt.

US sponsored terrorists lynching blacks in Libya.

Larouche talking about castrating bitches hampering grassroots political organizing, while glorifying a male-dominated cult of Alexander replete with imagery of two pillars we might suppose to be the masonic Joachim and Boaz, 9's 11, and then a prophet talking a lot about the Babylon bitch might just get binned as her prophet, according to imprimitur, profile it, skip the journey.

'Something was choking me around my neck': Woman reveals how she survived attack by cross-dressing Air Force One commander who murdered two women

By Rachel Quigley
UPDATED: 07:14 EST, 9 April 2011

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Crossdressing Suspect Arrested For Raping Woman
April 17, 2011 11:30 PM

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A suspect who allegedly broke into a woman's home, sexually assaulted her and then tried to flee while wearing her clothes was arrested in South Sacramento on Saturday. 
Cross-Dressing Serial Killer Paul Denyer Suspected in Four Jail House Rapes
July 26, 2012 6:03 PM By Cora Van Olson

Convicted Frankson Serial Killer, Paul Denyer is being investigated in as many as four prison rapes. Denyer, who is serving a 30-year minimum sentence in Australia's Port Philips Prison for murdering three women in 1993: Elizabeth Stevens, 18, Debbie Fream, 22, and Natalie Russell, 17, Stated at the time his motive was hatred of women. Later Denyer made headlines by wearing makeup, cross dressing and trying to have his named changed to Paula. He also appalled victim's families as well as the world's transgender population by asking that the state pay for a sex change. Prison investigators believe Denyer targeted for rape inmates with some sort of intellectual deficiencies or mental retardation. These [...FOUR] men were placed with Denyer in his cell. 20, 2010
On 19 July 1977, New Solidarity ran an important article denouncing CIA Director Stansfield Turner for purging the CIA. According to the story, on 2-3 November 1976 (when LaRouche made a national TV broadcast to attack Jimmy Carter), conservative circles "close to both the military and intelligence community" established a "briefing channel" to the NCLC. Now these same circles were being dismissed by the CIA's Admiral Turner. If LaRouche is to be believed, these newly unemployed spooks were now warning him about the imaginary "Baader-Meinhof" plot.

Less than a month after the Wiesbaden "assassination" plot fairy tale[rightwing Bush-Gehlen strategy of tension], LaRouche began writing stories explicitly blaming the non-existent conspiracy on "certain Lower Manhattan investment house circles" (New Solidarity 27 August 1977) and NOT on the Rockefellers. Revealingly, the article was a partial rewrite of an NCLC internal memo in which LaRouche attacked "predominantly Jewish investment banks in Lower Manhattan" for sponsoring the plot -- although he demurely omitted the word "Jewish" in the published text. The new line also surfaced in an important 19 August 1977 New Solidarity article entitled "What Actually Is Fascism?" LaRouche now claimed that the Nazis were "imposed on Germany" by London and New York circles but not by "German industrialists." Finally, in a 2 September 1977 New Solidarity article ("Walter Mondale: British Agent"), LaRouche publicly praised both the Liberty Lobby and Spotlight by name for having "identified the conspiracy long before the USLP." He also stated that "In effect, the affairs of the world are being run by a couple of miserable Queens," namely Queen Elizabeth and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. They ruled the world in league with the Warburg family and Lazard Freres' (Jewish) boss Andre Meyer, who was said to be at "the center of the most evil things being done today."

During this same period, even ancient Babylon returned to center stage at least in the pages of New Solidarity. In a 18 October 1977 New Solidarity story ("Newton Was a Hoax"), LaRouche writes that monetarist tax farmers caused Babylon to collapse while the key to the moral recovery of the West was the rise of a new "Pauline Neo-Platonic Christianity." In a 13 October 1978 New Solidarity piece ("The Truth about 'German Collective Guilt'"), LaRouche also praised Saint Paul for knowing that Judaism was really being run by Babylon. On 30 December 1977 - one day after LaRouche and Helga Zepp were married - LaRouche took time off from his nuptial duties to publish an article in New Solidarity which proclaimed that the current British monarchy was "genetically and morally Guelph" and that the Guelph conspiracy began in the 11th century with an alliance between Matilde of Tuscany and a Jewish banker named Pierleone.

Some six months later, our Guelph War Vet extended the conspiracy back even further. In the 13 June 1978 New Solidarity, LaRouche stated that the British monarchy was "presently commanded by an oligarchical faction historically datable" to Babylon's usurer tax-farmers. In fact, "the continuity of that faction over the intervening millennium of Mediterranean-centered civilization is unbroken to the present date." In the 7 July 1978 New Solidarity, he would write that the British monarchy is "insisting on maintaining its feudal Utopia with its historical alliance with usurious tax farmers speculating on the debt of nations." In a speech to an NCLC conference around that same time, he stated that the British planned World War I; that "London, including the British bankers of London," put Hitler into power; and that the Rothschilds and the British together created anti-Semitism. He again claimed that ancient Babylonian tax farmers engineered the "hoax" known as the Old Testament.

Scott Thompson -- a leading member of LaRouche's security staff and a regular NCLC liaison to the far right -- published an article in New Solidarity on 17July 1978 that upped the ante. The chain-smoking spook wannabe claimed that Hitler was largely the creation of Rothschild and Warburg interests; the John Birch Society was being used by the "Zionist Gestapo;" George Lincoln Rockwell was funded by the ADL; the U.S. Nazi Party was an ADL front; Babylon used Israel to destroy Phoenicia; and -- last but not least -- the prophet Ezekiel was an agent of Babylonian imperialism. For his part, LaRouche contributed a 15 August 1978 New Solidarity article in which he claimed that from the eighth century B.C., "Jewish banking families were all an integral part of the force of evil radiating from the Great Whore of Babylon." Finally in a 22 August 1978 New Solidarity story, LaRouche dropped this bombshell:
Granted, the Nazis did not kill six million Jews, but they did kill upwards of a million and a half. . . Whether Hitler killed one and a half million Jews or more, which he did, or six million Jews which he did not, really makes little difference."


Following LaRouche's initial bold sally into Holocaust denial, he now trumpeted the virtues of a true "Christian conscience." In a 13 October 1978 New Solidarity screed ("Is Jimmy Carter a Christian?"), LaRouche praises "the New Testament law against the evil order of life exemplified by the Jews of the Old Testament." In other words, now all Jewish people—from the Rothschild "merchant/usurer caste" to the "1.5 million" murdered in the camps—who still followed the Old Testament worshipped both a book and a religion that glorified the "evil order of life." Finally in the December 1978 Campaigner, LaRouche declares, "The B'nai B'rith today resurrects the tradition of the Jews who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Jews who pleaded with Nero to launch the 'holocaust' against the Christians."

Yet even now, LaRouche felt compelled to extend the conspiracy even further back to the misty dawn of historical time. He began his new and exciting exercise in creative fiction writing with an article in the 3 October 1978 issue of New Solidarity that included a convoluted reference to the cult of Isis. Not only was Judaism based on "ancient Babylonian cults" but these same cults served as the original inspiration for the Egyptian cult of Isis. LaRouche also became obsessed with the idea that there was a vast witchcraft conspiracy associated with the New Age movement. (In the19 May 1978 issue of New Solidarity, LaRouche even praises the Catholic Church for its exorcism rituals.) LaRouche even devoted a 13 October 1978 New Solidarity article to praise the ancient Egyptian Temple of Amon -- a progressive pro-Alexander the Great male-dominated cult - for its war with the evil female/Whore of Babylon-inspired cult of Isis. In the 14 August 1979 New Solidarity, LaRouche attacked H.R.H. Elizabeth II, Queen of England, as "a worshiper of the temple of Isis." Queen Elizabeth in fact (or in LaRouche fact) "regards herself as a high priestess of Isis." Therefore "the Queen of England is theologically the modern reincarnation of the Whore of Babylon." Q.E.D.

Most fantastic of all, LaRouche decided to extend the conspiracy back even further. In a 26 January 1979 New Solidarity article, he proclaimed the existence of "a vast maritime culture called Atlantis" based in the Azores. Atlantis, however, was destroyed in 10,000 BC by the increase in sea levels at the end of the last Ice Age. LaRouche also provides his readers with other useful facts about Atlantis as well as the location of the Tower of Babel which would almost certainly be near the Azores. As for Atlantis itself, it almost certainly had a pyramid on it. Some other tidbits: Ulysses sailed from the Straits of Gibraltar; the Temple of Amon represented the good Egyptian faction; and the People of the Sea -- whose descendants are the Greeks - journeyed from the Rhine and Danube into the Black Sea, which presumably meant that the original Greeks were Germans. In yet another LaRouche New Solidarity Atlantis opus ("The New Outline of History" published on 9 February 1979), he expounded still more on his armchair archeological achievements. We learn that when Ulysses left the Straits of Gibraltar he visited the rim of the Bermuda triangle while the Greeks' true ancestors, "the People of the Sea," were originally from Helgoland. In a 23 March 1979 New Solidarity ditty ("The Truth Concerning Pre-Christian Cultures"), LaRouche confidently declares that the fact of Atlantis is "very well established."

In 1982 LaRouche's wife Helga gave a speech to an ICLC conference in Wiesbaden, West Germany, entitled "The Lawfulness of Human Universal History" which was published in New Solidarity on 22-26 November 1982. Here, Helga Zepp-LaRouche reports that
In the middle of the Ice Age, there was a civilization which had the ability to make astronomical observations of a correctness which was later proven by Kepler in the 17th century to be totally on target. . . These reports say that around this time (11,000 BC) in the North African region where Morocco is today and around the Straits of Gibraltar, was a population that called themselves the Atlanteans. Then, as the story goes, there was a king of this advanced maritime astronomical society whose name was Uranus.

Recall that in 1979 LaRouche stated that Atlantis fell because of a rise in sea levels due to a meltdown at the end of the last Ice Age. According to Frau Helga this was not so. Here is what really happened. Inside Atlantis there arose (what else but) a "faction fight" between the good pro-development "Titans" who contested the evil "Olympians" for control of Atlantis. The pro-science Titans developed astronomy; the bad Olympians pushed astrology. Therefore Zepp-LaRouche explained,
Whenever you see astrology, when you see your mother or your aunt or your grandfather reading a horoscope, you must immediately attack them and say, "What Satanic rite are you following?"

Zepp-LaRouche reported that in the war in Atlantis the Olympians defeated the Titan "city builders" and that the Olympian conspiracy continues to rule the world to this day. These powerful Olympians, however, are "to the body of human society as a cancer is to the body of a human." In other words, they are a parasitic caste-like formation.

Yet the Titans were not the only "city builders"—there were also the heroic Aryans. The LaRouches' seized upon the writings of a turn-of-the-century Indian nationalist named Bal Gandgahar Tilak for guidance. Thanks to Tilak, LaRouche now realized that during some "interglacial period in the Ice Ages" near the North Pole there existed an "urban maritime culture" which, as it swept south, became the Aryans. These valiant warriors managed to destroy "the Harapa culture, Shakti, the Harapa name for the Whore of Babylon." In his May 1982 manuscript Religion, Science and Statecraft: New Directions in Indo-European Comparative Philology, LaRouche also modesty notes that as early as the 1950s he had "more or less conclusive proof" that the original language of ancient Sumer must have been interconnected with the "pre-Vedic" (non-Aryan) language of the dark-skinned population of India." The Aryan invasion destroyed the "Whore" cult in India but the "Whore" still managed to spread its evil into Babylon.

In a November 1986 interview with San Francisco Focus, LaRouche explained, "I was raised to be either a minister or a scientist." Through the NCLC, he became a parody of both professions. LaRouche's project clearly involved the seemingly impossible task of reconciling Marxism and Christian fundamentalism. Thus his "Marxist" discoveries on the nature of castes in the late 1950s can be seen as "scientifically" validating the view of his parents, who could only express their correct opinions in an "alienated" or purely religious form. LaRouche once declared that the critical task of "actual socialist leaders as individuals" was to "resolve the internal paradoxes of evangelical Christianity, to liberate the Logos from its religious status . . . and realize it, free of religious chains of illusion." With the New Revelation given in the Beyond Psychoanalysis series, it was now possible for the first time in history to liberate the soul as well as the body from their Babylonian captivity, and, in so doing, to destroy the priest caste of black magicians who had enslaved mankind to bow down before their false god, the Madonna/whore "pro-Alexander the Great male-dominated cult"

"(While he was living in Wiesbaden, LaRouche secretly met with the Liberty Lobby's Willis Carto.)" 

Other exploits include an alleged, but unsubstantiated presence at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated; spearheading the 1965 Invasion of the Dominican Republic; being tried and acquitted on charges of conspiracy to marijuana smuggling[14] reportedly in association with Gerry Patrick Hemming and with the acquiescence of Lucien Conein; and providing physical security services and training for Lyndon LaRouche security forces

While LaRouche and his wife may have been influenced to some degree by Rosenberg's Atlantis theory, I believe that LaRouche's original 1979 discussion of Atlantis was probably inspired by another book that he either read or learned about at second-hand. This is Jurgen Spanuth's Die Atlanter: Volk aus dem Bernsteinland, which retailed a number of crankish ideas that LaRouche would later adopt--including the notion that Homer's Odyssey is the record of a voyage to Mexico. Spanuth's work was published by Grabert Verlag of Tubingen, the German publisher of works by authors associated with and promoted by the Liberty Lobby and the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review (for example, Grabert Verlag is the German publisher of U.S. neo-Nazi ideologue Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium).

When we read in Spanuth that the Odyssey is based on a visit by Ulysses to Mexico, and when we read LaRouche's declaration (in a 1979 Campaigner article) that Ulysses "did visit the vicinity of Yucatan" (a "region putatively known to him by reputation"), and when we reflect on the fact that the NCLC was in direct touch in the late 1970s with various Atlantis enthusiasts in neo-Nazi circles, then it is not hard to think that LaRouche was cribbing from Spanuth.
Helga's "Hitler Book"

Given LaRouche's penchant for scapegoating the Jews, and the way he often presents his arguments in a coded form, it is particularly interesting (and chilling) to note Helga Zepp-LaRouche's adoption of these methods in The Hitler Book (1984). In this cleverly crafted tract, LaRouche's wife attacks Hitler as an occultist and an agent of the "Olympian oligarchy" but remains silent about certain NCLC beliefs that closely parallel those she attributes to Hitler and his inner circle. For example, she writes:

    The special significance of India and Tibet for the ideology of the Thule Society and the Nazis centers around the term Thule. In northern European mythology, Thule signifies a prehistoric "golden age" which ended in a sudden catastrophe. With the mysticism of the Thule Society and the Nazis, but also in circles in Russia, England, and Scandinavia and in other European locations, the Thule mythos became the alpha and omega of all human history....

    Without resorting to primary sources, the Thule myth can be approximately reconstructed as follows: In pre-historic times there existed a flourishing culture in the North Sea area [she means Heligoland--ed.]. This empire of blond, blue-eyed, racially pure Aryans was led by an aristocracy with "superhuman" cosmic powers and abilities....But then there came a natural catastrophe of cosmic proportions. The Aryan Thule Empire sank into the sea....

    In the course of the [subsequent] wanderings, [the Aryans] also settled in India and Persia, the Caucasus, and parts of Russia. Along the way, however, the Aryans relinquished some of their racial purity and so lost access to the higher knowledge and supernatural capacities of the old Aryan superman aristocracy. (Zepp-LaRouche, pp. 88-89.) 

As demonstrated in the previous section of this report, Zepp-LaRouche and her husband themselves dabbled in a racial mythology closely akin to the one she purports to scorn in the above passage. Could it be a mere lapse of memory that Zepp-LaRouche nowhere mentions, in The Hitler Book, LaRouche's assertion that Ulysses was descended from the "Peoples of the Sea" who in turn were originally from Heligoland, that Ulysses voyaged to Mexico, etc.? Of course LaRouche's writings (like those of Rosenberg) refer to the lost Aryan homeland as "Atlantis" rather than "Thule"--but the NCLC chairman's references to Tilak strongly suggest that he regards Atlantis and Thule as one and the same place. [For more on LaRouche and the Thulean homeland, see Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, pages 56-57.--D.K.]

Zepp-LaRouche's book also provides a striking description of the Thule Society's "inner elite," which supposedly possessed an esoteric doctrine. According to The Hitler Book, the Thule Society--and later the leading circles in Nazi Germany--thought of themselves as an exclusive cult which had reestablished a connection to the primordial wisdom of the Aryans. This knowledge and the concomitant power, however, were reserved for only the select few who submitted to racist-Gnostic rituals and cult practices. The mission of these practitioners of occult rites was to lead Germany in founding a new Thule empire, with themselves as the new superman aristocracy.

According to The Hitler Book (p. 90), this Thule-Nazi mysticism was not espoused publicly; it remained a deep secret.

Zepp-LaRouche's attempt in her 1984 book to place a certain distance between the NCLC and the Nazi elite of Hitler's day would have been more successful if the NCLC had not at the same time been engaging in flagrantly pro-Nazi activity in the political arena. For instance, the NCLC had become the strongest supporter of Nazi war criminals living in the United States. The LaRouche group's attacks on the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Special Investigations (OSI), which tracks down Nazi war criminals, began as early as the 8/14/79 NS, and by the mid-1980's the championing of aging Nazis had become a major obsession for the NCLC. For instance, in "The Truth About the German Rocket Scientists," NS fiercely defended former Nazi scientist Arthur Rudolph against charges that he was responsible for conditions in the Dora concentration camp, and asserted that the "German rocket scientists who came to the U.S. brought with them their classical education, their appreciation of and ability to perform great music, their love of learning and their dreams."

New Solidarity also criticized, in extremely hostile language, Jews and others who pleaded with President Reagan in 1985 to cancel his scheduled Bitburg visit: "Perhaps not everyone who is screaming about President Reagan's intention to visit the German cemetery [actually an SS cemetery--ed.] in Bitburg and his hesitation to visit a concentration camp, is a Soviet agent, but that characterization isn't far off."

I hope I have demonstrated both the depth and the demented nature of LaRouche's obsession with Jews--an obsession that (as LaRouche himself indicates) has its origins in his childhood religious training. I also hope I have shed some light on how LaRouche's long-standing interest in such questions as the fall of Babylon inspired his work in economics. Stripped down to their essentials, LaRouche's anti-Semitism and his viewpoint on economics both center on the idea that Judaism is the unique ideological/religious justification of a merchant-usurer elite that was responsible for the destruction of Babylon and subsequent catastrophes in human history--and that continues to dominate much of the world even today.

According to LaRouche, this oligarchical elite will do anything in its power (including the triggering of massive genocide, nuclear war, etc.) to preserve its status. Indeed it will be compelled by its own worldview and perceived interests to commit unthinkable satanic evil unless it is politically and militarily overthrown. For LaRouche, such a revolution essentially will be the process by which this cancerous elite is exterminated once and for all.

These core beliefs, rooted in the peculiar ideological spin-off from Marxism that LaRouche developed in the 1960s and early 1970s, not only facilitated a smooth transition for the NCLC from leftist sect to crypto-Nazi cult, but also allowed LaRouche himself to return at last to the mental womb of his childhood
In 1972 LaRouche's common-law wife, Carol Schnitzer, left him for a young member of the London NCLC chapter named Christopher White, whom she eventually married. For LaRouche, it was a crushing blow. His first wife Janice had similarly walked out on him a decade earlier, taking with her the couple's young son.

This personal event apparently triggered LaRouche's political metamorphosis. LaRouche went into seclusion in Europe, and defectors tell of his suffering a possible nervous breakdown. In the spring of 1973, he returned. His previous conspiratorial inclinations had now grown into a bizarre tapestry weaving together classical conspiracy theories of the 19th century and post-Marxian economics. He began articulating a `psycho-sexual' theory of political organizing.

Sexism and homophobia became central themes of

the organization's theories. A September 1973 editorial in the NCLC ideological journal Campaigner charged that "Concretely, all across the U.S.A., there are workers who are prepared to fight. They are held back, most immediately, by pressure from their wives. . . ." The problem with making the revolution, LaRouche apparently had concluded, was that women are castrating bitches. One former member left in disgust when she was told women's feelings of degradation in modern society could be traced to the physical placement of female sexual organs near the anus which caused women to confuse sex with excretion.

In an August 16, 1973 internal memo, "The Politics of Male Impotence," LaRouche told his followers:

    "The principle source of impotence, both male and female, is the mother. . . .to the extent that my physical powers do not prevent me, I am now confident and capable of ending your political--and sexual-- impotence; the two are interconnected aspects of the same problem. . . . I am going to make you organizers--by taking your bedrooms away from you until you make the step to being effective organizers. What I shall do is to expose to you the cruel fact of your sexual impotence, male and female. . . .I shall destroy your sense of safety in the place to which you ordinarily imagine you can flee. I shall not pull you back from fleeing, but rather destroy the place to which you would attempt to flee."

In a cruel sense, LaRouche was true to his twisted words, those members who challenge the increasingly macabre political and social theories expounded by their leader were confronted by loyalists as politically and sexually inadequate traitors to the cause.

LaRouche also developed a fevered, comprehensive paranoid fantasy about the importance of his role in history--and a militant, new-found resolve to act upon it, wiping out all opposition to his leadership of the U.S. revolutionary movement. The result was Operation Mop-Up. Lyndon LaRouche took his sexual identity crisis into the streets.

Operation Mop-up raged from May to September of 1973. LaRouche's followers in NCLC were ordered to brutally assault rivals from the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). NCLC thugs used bats, chains, and martial arts weapons in a campaign to establish "hegemony" over the American revolutionary movement. There were many injuries and some persons required hospitalization.

"Our hearts were not in it," a former NCLC member says about his participation in Operation Mop-Up. "But with LaRouche it was all or nothing; the attacks were supposed to harden the membership." Forcing student intellectuals into violent confrontations was an exercise in self-degradation which cemented their loyalty to NCLC, ex-members say, Their working-class Marxism gave way to an unquestioning, cult-like devotion to LaRouche. "Most of us now find the whole thing was crazy," says a seven-year NCLC veteran who left the group in the mid-1970's. Operation Mop-Up, however, was just the beginning.

LaRouche spent the summer and early fall of 1973 obsessed with his broken marriage, brooding over the humiliating betrayal, according to ex-members. Late in December, a revelation came; Christopher White, having already stolen his wife, had in addition been programmed by the KGB, with the aid of the MI5 division of British intelligence, to assassinate LaRouche himself--in retaliation for Mop-Up's assaults on pro-Soviet Communist groups! Further, the CIA--jealous of LaRouche's success in uncovering a previous NCLC victim of KGB brainwashing--had resolved either to kidnap LaRouche to extract his secret, or kill him itself to prevent his falling into Soviet hands.

Only LaRouche possessed the intelligence and perception to uncover and foil this fiendish plot, and not surprisingly, he alone held the keys for the cure--in White's case, days of isolation and intense pressure from a battery of LaRouche inquisitors. White finally caved in and confessed to his alleged "psychosexual brainwashing" by the KGB/CIA/MI5 conspirators. Based on tape-recordings offered by NCLC members as "proof," the New York Times later carried a harrowing account of this so-called "deprogramming" session. LaRouche's revenge was complete; White--who had taken his wife--had been reduced to a repentant, sobbing psychological wreck.

LaRouche lost no time in applying his cure. Any sign of restiveness or dissent on the part of NCLC members now became evidence of "brainwashing" by the KGB, the CIA, or both.

One young woman, attempting to quit what was rapidly becoming a totalitarian cult, was held prisoner in a New York apartment by six fellow members in an effort to "deprogram" her. She somehow managed to fold a plea for help into a paper airplane, sailing it out the window--where it was found by a passerby who called the police. Among the NCLC members arrested were Edward Spannaus, a national spokesman for LaRouche who faced trial in the failed Boston prosecution; and Khushro Ghandhi, co-sponsor of Proposition 64, a LaRouche-sponsored California AIDS initiative defeated several years ago after an intensive public awareness campaign in which the initiative was widely denounced as a witch hunt against the homosexual community. Other defendants in the Boston case were part of the NCLC deprogramming drive, according to former members.

On January 3, 1974, the day the six "deprogrammers" were arraigned, LaRouche gave a long, rambling and altogether extraordinary speech--later reprinted in his own New Solidarity> --laying out his theory of how sinister forces had secretly kidnapped and brainwashed his followers. According to LaRouche, the methods used by the KGB and British Intelligence to brainwash the membership of NCLC caused fear of impotence and homosexuality to immobilize each member and thus destroy their capability to organize effectively. LaRouche's pronouncements can easily be dismissed as a deranged conspiracy theory--but the words reveal his emotional and intellectual state at the time of the speech.

While perhaps offensive to some readers, only direct quotes can fully convey the incredible nature and content of LaRouche's demented discourse:

    "How do you brainwash somebody? Well, first of all, you generally pull a psychological profile or develop one in a preliminary period. You find every vulnerability of that person from a psychoanalytic standpoint. Now the next thing you do is you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis--that kind of sex, and with woman. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is sucking penises. . . ."

    "First they say your father was nothing, your father was a queer, your father was a woman. They play very strongly on homosexual fears. It doesn't work on women. . . .Most women are to a large degree homosexual in this society. The relationship between daughter and mother is homosexual, so the thing is not much of a threat."

    "But to young men it is generally a grave threat. . fears about masturbation. . . .They say, `See that sheep. Wouldn't you like to do that to a sheep?'"

    "It's not the pain that brainwashes, it's forcing the victim to run away from the pain by taking the bait of degrading himself. This persistent pattern of self-degradation, self-humiliation, is what essentially accomplishes the brainwashing."

    "Any of you who say this is a hoax--you're cruds! You're subhuman! You're not serious. The human race is at stake. Either we win or there is no humanity. That's the way she's cut."

LaRouche was speaking of the brainwashing plot he believed was being initiated against his followers. In fact, according to former members, LaRouche and his closest aides used this belief to justify a an internal campaign which was a"chain of psychological terror" as two members called it in their resignation letter. They charged the LaRouche-mandated sessions to cure their alleged "psychosis" were in fact an attempt to crush the will of "all individuals who have expressed political and intellectual opposition to the tendencies" surfacing inside the LaRouche organization. "What really happened," says a dismayed former member, "is that LaRouche had gone bonkers and was systematically brainwashing us to accept his total control over the organization."

Linda Ray says hundreds of persons left the LaRouche organization during this period. For Ray and others who remained, however, LaRouche's increasingly bizarre and bigoted theories were accepted without question to avoid being subjected to "de-programming" sessions.

A Tactical Alliance with the Reactionary Right

In 1974 LaRouche first began to seek contact with extremist and anti-Semitic right-wing groups and individuals in an effort to forge a tactical alliance in opposing imperialism and ruling class banking interests in general--and the Rockefellers in particular. LaRouche's obsession with conspiracy theories blossomed. Dovetailing with today's American radical Right and neo-fascist neo-populist ideologies, his theories of a Rockefeller-directed global conspiracy of banking interests found a receptive audience.

Yet the core followers of LaRouche still thought of themselves as Leftists forging a temporary and cynical tactical alliance with `progressive' industrialists to help rebuild a strong economy. With a healthy economy leading to full employment for the working class, the LaRouche followers figured they could then lead the reconstituted working class to revolution. Defectors report that during this period they were required to study Marxist and Leninist tracts and participate in paramilitary training classes led by fellow members.

Having founded the U.S. Labor Party as the NCLC's electoral arm in 1973, LaRouche mounted his first presidential campaign under the USLP banner in 1976. His platform of "Impeach Rocky to prevent imminent nuclear war" garnered only 40,000 votes, but it afforded LaRouche more organizing opportunities on the far Right. Despite its declared Marxist stance, the NCLC stepped up efforts, with mixed success, to penetrate or co-opt such groups as the American Conservative Union, the John Birch Society, the Young Americans for Freedom, and the KKK.

Drawing upon his new contacts on the far Right (reportedly relying in part on Pennsylvania KKK leader Roy Frankhauser) LaRouche arranged with former CIA officer Mitchell WerBell III to provide the NCLC security force with armed self-defense training at WerBell's paramilitary camp in Powder Springs, Georgia. Now deceased, WerBell introduced LaRouche into wider right-wing circles including a shadowy netherworld of spys, mercenaries, and intelligence operatives.

It was during this period that NCLC began to collect and disseminate intelligence on progressive groups. LaRouche publications frequently report their security staffers offer intelligence to domestic and foreign government agencies. While documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that U.S. government agencies frequently dismissed the material provided by the NCLC, it was provided nonetheless. Legal actions against some police agencies have discovered NCLC material in active files on terrorism and subversion.

As LaRouche's fear of persecution and assassination intensified he moved further and further into right-wing circles. His ideological theories were constantly being repackaged to appeal to his new-found friends. One shift in LaRouche's perception of who controlled the worldwide conspiracy came at the time of Nelson Rockefeller's death; an event which left a major hole in LaRouche's theoretical bulwark.

Ever alert to exploit shifting sentiment and historical opportunities, the U.S. Labor Party began to de-emphasise Rockefeller as the archenemy of civilization, replacing him with a worldwide conspiracy under the control of the "British Oligarchy" and their stooge. . .the Queen of England. A careful reading of USLP published material reveals, however, that a remarkable number of the British and other co-conspirators were Jews. It is this fact that prompted several major Jewish groups to denounce LaRouche's theories as anti-Semitic.

This turn toward a Jewish conspiracy theory of history came shortly after the quasi-Nazi Liberty Lobby began praising a 1976 USLP pamphlet titled Carter and the International Party of Terrorism. The pamphlet outlined the "Rockefeller-CIA-Carter axis," which was supposedly trying to "deindustrialize" the U.S. and provoke a war with the Soviet Union by 1978. (At this point LaRouche had not yet discarded his support for the Soviet Union, nor announced his support for "Star Wars" defense against his perceived threat of imminent Soviet attack.) In an overall favorable review of the USLP treatise on the Rockefeller-controlled global conspiracy, Liberty Lobby's newspaper, Spotlight complained that the report failed to mention any of the "major Zionist groups such as the notorious Anti-Defamation League" in its extensive list of government agencies, research groups, organizations and individuals controlled by the "Rockefeller-Carter-CIA" terrorism apparatus.

LaRouche, never one to miss a cue, soon was running articles in his newspaper New Solidarity with themes that betrayed increasingly bigoted view of Jews and Jewish institutions. By the end of 1976, LaRouche had completed his drift to the extremist-right of the political spectrum where his bigoted conspiracy theories linking international bankers, influential Jewish families, furtive KGB agents, and secret societies found fertile ground.

Soon LaRouche was expounding a view linking certain Jewish institutions and Zionist movements to a plot to destroy Western civilization and usher in a "New Dark Age." Linda Ray thinks that more recent LaRouche converts are not even aware of the group's real history, nor of the cult-like inner circle which controls the secret financial operations.
Opportunistic or not, LaRouche's erratic lurch to the right brought gains to the NCLC in membership and financial strength. Yet his right-wing theories and affiliations are still opaque to many observers
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