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What else happened today(Boston bomb day)?

Paul Craig Roberts was syndicated all over with this:

"Who has 16 million ounces of gold? At the beginning gold price that day of about $1,550, that comes to $24,800,000,000. Who has that kind of money?

Some think that US physical stocks of gold were used up in sales in efforts to disrupt the rise in the gold price from $272 in December 2000 to $1,900 in 2011. They point to Germany's recent request that the US return the German gold stored in the US, and to the US government's reply that it would return the gold piecemeal over seven years. If the US has the gold, why not return it to Germany?

The clear implication is that the US cannot deliver the gold.

Andrew Maguire also reports that foreign central banks, especially China, are loading up on physical gold at the low prices made possible by the short selling. If central banks are using their dollar holdings to purchase bullion at bargain prices, the likely results will be pressure on the dollar's exchange value and a declining market supply of physical bullion. In other words, by trying to protect the dollar from its quantitative easing policy, the Fed might be hastening the dollar's demise.

Possibly the Fed fears a dollar crisis or derivative blowup is nearing and is trying to reset the gold/dollar price prior to the outbreak of trouble. If ill winds are forecast, the Fed might feel it is better positioned to deal with crisis if the price of bullion is lower and confidence in bullion as a refuge has been shaken.

In addition to short selling that is clearly intended to drive down the gold price, orchestration is also indicated by the advance announcements this month first from brokerage houses and then from Goldman Sachs that hedge funds and institutional investors would be selling their gold positions. The purpose of these announcements was to encourage individual investors to get out of gold before the big boys did. Does anyone believe that hedge funds and Wall Street would announce their sales in advance so the small fry can get out of gold at a higher price than they do?

If these advanced announcements are not orchestration, what are they?

I see the orchestrated effort to suppress the price of gold and silver as a sign that the authorities are frightened that trouble is brewing that they cannot control unless there is strong confidence in the dollar. Otherwise, what is the point of the heavy short selling and orchestrated announcements of gold sales in advance of the sales?"

JFK Library Bomb, background:

- following the Vietnam War, Agent Orange lawsuits by veterans were resisted by burning the St. Louis archive, destroying records of where troops were when dioxin was dropped on them.

- following the Persian Gulf war, medical records were destroyed by the mercury fulminate cannisters inside the Murrah Building, and state police radio transcript stated that several dud (mercury fulminate) bombs were carried out--emergency and other personnel confirming by sight. Ryder truck axles did not have VIN numbers, if you know what I mean. McVeigh's future judge was told not to come to work. BATF agents were told not to come to work. Gulf war personnel were poisoned by mercury in vaccines, aspartame giving pilots seizures, ending their careers, and mycoplasma infection due to vaccine contamination.

- 9/11/2001 WTC, SEC/CIA/FBI records were destroyed regarding Buzzy Krongard, Bank of NY, and who did what when and how. At the Pentagon, US Navy intel areas and personnel were hit in ways that covered the op itself.

- Boston Marathon, two bombs at the race, five unexploded, and one more bomb exploding at the JFK Presidential Library the same day--what records(Oswald's CIA-front last paystub is at DC Nat Archives, whew!) were destroyed by Malta-Mason-Jesuit usual suspects this time?

- M5.2 Quake Jolts Fukushima

- Civilian drone deaths
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