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Guess Who - Boston Bombers UDT

    Blue shirt guy below seems to have cleared himself. See:

    Pic below is not FBI. FBI video is here: 

    --- In, "Robert" wrote:

    FBI had to respond to us. Today they released a fuzzy picture of two of four or five Boston Baby Boomers: 

    You have much better pictures of four or five suspects, none of whom look "asian" or "Saudi", which proves FBI knows they picked one guy who looked possibly Saudi, then fell back to two, who both looked possibly Saudi, and then to avoid explaining why they didn't say two Saudi, said, one Saudi and one asian. The supposedly asian guy looks far more mideastern than the other guy, who really does not look saudi! FBI caught lying about one saudi guy when the two are side by side, and lying about asian.

    Neither one looks anything like Billy Eric Graham Rudolph McVeigh, so media and FBI are caught lying about white supremacist homegrown terrorists, as if those would be any different than Chevy Kehoe and Brescia and Peter Langan and Eric Rudolph and Mahan, who are not patriots or militia or 2nd amendmenters or such.

    Fagor pressure cookers are not "rice cookers", like former homeland security magazine editor said yesterday on DC-area channel 8, Bruce DePuyt interviewing(Bruce was appalled I'm sure).


    --- In, "Robert" wrote:

    Boston Bombers from 

    or slideshow 
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