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[cia-drugs] The US Justice Department and FBI are covering up the crime on 9/11

1,881 architects and engineers and several hundred other scientists are saying that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed due to a controlled demolition by explosives. Therefore they are also saying our US Justice Department and FBI are covering up this crime.

Here is another link to an excellent video tape that was taken from a boat on the Hudson River.  The boat is moving so we get a good look at the extent of the fires on three sides of the tower.


Several things to notice in this video is the lack of fire on this west face of this Tower,  except for a small section of fire on one floor and another area of small area of fire coming out of the south face of this tower below the heavy black smoke.    In this video there is a close up of fire that has moved to the south east area and floors of this tower and the black smoke is coming from this area.   There is no black smoke coming from any other areas of this tower.   This is important because what it is saying it the fire is about to burn itself out as the wind forces the fire.  

Also you will notice that the black smoke is blowing from this section of fire blowing in the wind to the south at 9 mph.    The wind has moved the fire toward the south side of the building as the fire searches for more office materials to burn.


You must be reminded that each steel beam was designed to carry 3 to 5 times its normal weight of the above floors.   As the wind blow it rapidly cool the steel beams from the impact zone.   We know the steel had cool enough for a woman to be photographed standing in the impact hole and waving for help.   By her moving to that location, we know the area was cool enough for her to feel safe standing there.


The next thing I want to you to notice as the North Tower collapses, is the flashes of fire.   These are flashes of fire from explosives.   That is the only thing that can make this type of flashes of fire.     Where you see flashes of light you have extreme heat or burning hydrocarbon.    And a hydrocarbon fire does not burst into flashes of light or fire such that you get massive flame.    I have enclosed a link to IED explosions that were photographed in the Iraq and/or Afghanistan war so you can learn what I am talking about.


You will also notice in this very luck video tape from a boat, is that the North Tower starts to fall or tip toward the south.  You can see the TV tower move or fall over toward the south.   This TV tower should have continued to move or fall down to the ground onto the street and not into footprint of the tower.  


Here is the link:

Here is another view of the North Tower looking at the north side and at the impact hole from the airplane.


Now I want to show you what the fire flash from an explosion looks like.   These flashes of fire are just like those we see in the videos of the North Tower collapse.


Some 200 fire fighters died in the North Tower or on the ground around it.   Of the 58 fire fighters who escaped and gave oral histories, only four knew the south Tower had collapsed 26 minutes before.  Only three said they heard on their radios a warning or order by the Chiefs to get out of the North Tower.   


For three and a half years Mayor Bloomberg refused to release the Fire Department's oral histories taken from fire fighters who survived by escaping the North Tower before it collapsed.
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