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 Inventor Of ADHD's Deathbed Confession:
"ADHD Is A Fictitious Disease"

The alarmed critics of the Ritalin disaster are now getting support 
from an entirely different side. The German weekly Der Spiegel quoted 
in its cover story on 2 February 2012 the US American psychiatrist 
Leon Eisenberg, born in 1922 as the son of Russian Jewish 
immigrants, who was the “scientific father of ADHD” and who said 
at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview: 
“ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”
... The use of ADHD medications in Germany rose in only eighteen 
years from 34 kg (in 1993) to a record of no less than 1760 kg (in 2011) 
– which is a 51-fold increase in sales! In the United States every tenth 
boy among ten year-olds already swallows an ADHD medication on a 
daily basis. With an increasing tendency.
...One hundred percent of the members of the panels on ‘Mood Disorders’ 
and ‘Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders’ had financial ties to 
drug companies.

For 64 Percent of kids with ADHD, Food is the Cause
The study's lead author Dr. Lidy Pelsser of the ADHD Research 
Centre in the Netherlands said this to NPR:
"Food is the main cause of ADHD." The study found that in 64 percent 
of children with ADHD, the symptoms were caused by food. "It's a 
hypersensitivity reaction to food."
Foods that Cause ADHD
Kids are showing both a sensitivity to foods themselves and food 
additives. The Feingold Diet proposed in the 1970s outlined 
particular foods to cut from a child's diet like artificial coloring, 
artificial flavors, added preservatives, Salicylates (a pesticide 
added to some food plants), and other food additives like sulfites, 
artificial sweeteners, MSG, and others. This really just points to a 
diet free of processed foods and rich in organic 
plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans.
Caffeine and processed sugar have also been known to be culprits. 
Flaxseed oil, on the other hand, has shown signs of correcting some 
of the negative behaviors associated with ADHD, just by mixing it with 
some of your kid's favorite foods. This is because omega 3 fatty acids 
are critical to healthy brain development as shown in this 
study on ADHD and related neurodevelopmental disorders.
Inventor of ADHD Confesses it's a Made-Up Disease
7 min. video
Psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg confessed months before his death 
that his ADHD is a' made-up disease'. But the symptoms are real. 
What we need to be looking at is the underlying causes.
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