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I do not kill spiders
I leave daddy longlegs right they are as these helpful friends trap and eat the wheat moths that otherwise could ruin my pantry attacking my nut oat corn type foods
Other spiders I cup and slide paper to move outside into a bush or suitable spider habitat
If you need to move daddy long legs you can move them to another room or outside.
Wanna have fun? When you Clap / slap take out a wheat moth (ah ha you see alas I am not a buddhist... I do kill fleas mosquitos flies wheat moths)
Toss that dead bug into web and watch spider's DELIGHT! :) yum
IF you have moths THEN examine your food items in the ROOM you see MOTHS, SPECIFICALLY directly UNDER the Ceiling or shelf Where moths appear.
Compost any foods that are infested with what appear SPIDER WEB silk or nuts of flakes sticking to bag. Any food items in doubt just toss the contents of shelf into FREEZER for a day. MOTHS ALL GONE.
Moths are easy to kill. Just clap them with your hands OR whip a TOWEL at them. When you DING them in flight they spiral down in a death crash and mostly NEVER get up again they are so fragile.
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