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FOI requests prove Bilderberg does indeed make policy

Tuesday, 4 June 2013
SIZE13 FILMS EXCLUSIVE - Bilderberg 2011 Documents
Bilderberg Conference 2011 - FOI Documents

‘We have to be open and transparent with the people we serve.’
George Osborne - 2009

Since 2011 I’ve been locked in a battle with HM Treasury over George
Osborne’s attendance at the conference in St.Moritz, Switzerland.
Rather than tell me they don’t hold that information (which is what I
was expecting), whoever replied to me, probably an uninformed intern,
told me they DO hold information relating to the Bilderberg meeting.

For those who aren’t aware, the Freedom of Information Act is
probably the most important piece of legislation in the country, if
not the world. It gives the average citizen the right to access any
recorded information ranging from local government files to
environmental documents. The list is literally endless. I used it to
see how the guy who holds the UK’s credit card spends his time away
from the microscope at secret meetings in the Alps.

To cut a long story short, the maximum time that this whole process
should have taken from start to finish was about six to eight months,
depending on how far you take it. This time scale is within the
statute for FOI requests. The body that you are asking for information
from have a responsibility, by law, to provide you with this
information within a set time. The Treasury did not meet this
deadline. I can only imagine why they dragged their heels.

So after two years, not six months, of battling with the Treasury for
this information and finally sending a complaint to the Information
Commissioners Office, I received a twelve page document from the ICO
outlining the reasons as to why I wasn’t allowed the information. When
you aren’t allowed the information you asked for, they throw something
called exemptions your way. I was thrown every exemption under the
sun. They really didn’t want this information in my hands, or anyone’s
hands for that matter.

When I did receive the twelve page document and read through it, at
first I was disappointed. Two years of my life down the drain, for
what? No information at all? They thought that telling me how much the
trip to Switzerland cost would shut me up. After the expenses scandal,
they seem to think this is all people care about. I couldn’t care less
about the cost of his personal trip. But then someone told me to read
between the lines. I re-read it, between the lines, and what I had was
everything I needed. In some kind of twisted fate, they have actually
released to me the reasons they can’t give me the information. And
this information, is probably just as telling as if they’d given me
what I was after.

What you are about to read has never been released, and from what I
understand has never been done before. A FOI request that has been
taken all the way to the Information Commissioners Office relating to
the Bilderberg Group.

Below you will find my three documents relating to my correspondence
with Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Information Commissioners Office
dating back to June 2011.


My initial request was sent on June 13th 2011, the day after the
conference finished. Note how I received my first response on July
12th 2011. The 20 working day reply was broken by one day. I’m not
going to cry over that.
Also note on page 2:

‘The Treasury does hold additional information relating to the
Chancellor’s discussions at Bilderberg.’


What you must note here are the exemptions stated by the Treasury to
not disclose the information to me.

Section 27(1)(b) - Information is exempt information if its disclosure
under this Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice relations
between the United Kingdom and any international organization or
international court.

Section 29 (1)(a) - Information is exempt if its disclosure under this
Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice the economic interests of
the United Kingdom or of any part of the United Kingdom.

The icing on the cake though?

Section 35(1)(a) - information relating to the formulation or
development of government policy.

Hold on a second. Doesn’t the Bilderberg official website
( state:

‘…no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken,
and no policy statements are issued.’

But even if there was any doubt that the 35 (1)(a) exemption would
hold, Section 36 (2)(b)(i) would cover it. This exemption states:

Section 36 (2)(b)(i) - covering the free and frank provision of

It goes onto state on the second and third paragraph of page 4,

‘Some of the information in the readout from the Chancellor’s
discussions also contains elements which are intended to inform future
Government policy.’

‘The information Commissioner has recognized that policy development
needs a degree of freedom to enable the process to work effectively,
and that there is public interest in protecting information where
release would be likely to have a detrimental impact on the ongoing
formulation of policy.’

For those who think it’s a talking shop, think no more. There is still
only the smallest chance that this could be a talking shop. But to be
honest, all of those hopes went out of the window the day I received
this email.


Because of an unsatisfactory reply from the Treasury, the next stage
was to take it to the Information Commissioners Office. Earlier in the
year I finally received a 12 page document which would be the final
call on this matter. I could take it to a First-Tier Tribunal, but
after two years I’m exhausted and don’t want to go down a road that
would probably end up costing me a lot of money.

As expected, the ICO sided with the Treasury and withheld the
information. The 12 pages go into greater detail as to why the
information was withheld but doesn’t shed much more light on the
subject than it did in the previous internal review.


What we have here are three documents that have only been seen by a
handful of people. The reason I haven’t published them already is
because I was waiting for the right time. Now that the UK is the home
of Bilderberg 2013 and with the press storm mounting, now seems a good
a time as any.

No longer can the Bilderberg Group claim to be a ‘talking shop’ or a
‘forum for discussion’. It may not be direct, but these few pieces of
paper prove that whatever is spoken about inside these conferences
does directly effect policy at the highest level of government.

What’s ironic is that both Osborne and Cameron seem to be advocates
for transparency. After the MP’s expenses scandal and more recently
the lobbying scandal, the public quite obviously need more

In The Observer in September 2010, David Cameron jumped on the
transparency bandwagon:

“For too long those in power made decisions behind closed doors,
released information behind a veil of jargon and denied people the
power to hold them to account. This coalition is driving a wrecking
ball through that culture – and it’s called transparency…”

In 2010, after he officially became Chancellor, George Osborne said:

‘We have already begun to implement the most radical transparency
agenda the country has ever seen.’

David Cameron went on to say in May 2010:

“I want to get on with it, to make a start on this transparency
revolution that we’re planning. In time, I want our government to be
one of the most open and transparent in the world.”

Crack on, fella. Crack on!

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BilderBlog - Welcome to Bilderberg

It’s that time of year again. It sure as hell isn’t Christmas, but
the bunch of fat guys in suits might suggest otherwise. This weekend
the Bilderberg Group will make the Grove Hotel in Watford look more
like an Avengers retirement home than a platform for a geo-political
summit. Political luminaries as well as has-beens who should have
retired long ago will fly in from around the world to discuss what?
Still, nobody knows. But we know they’ll be discussing them with CEO’s
of the worlds largest companies, royalty and lobbyists. What little
information we can get from, the official
Bilderberg website, is pointless. Although this year they have
released the attendees list early. A Bilderberg first. Well done
Bilderberg, gold star for you.

The fact remains that the Bilderberg meetings are still one of the
most powerful summits on the planet. Who else has the ability to shut
down an entire hotel for an entire weekend for their own means with
very few people knowing about it?
As a fan of these annual conferences, over the years I’ve grown to
kind of like the Bilderbergers. They’re like that drunk Uncle who
shows up once in a while and gives you sweets under the dinner table.
They provide me with entertainment, mystery and always keep me on my
toes. But it would appear that all that is about to change. There is
definitely a storm brewing this year. Since I went to the conference
in 2010, an awful lot has changed. The amount of people showing up to
protest is one. This year I’ve heard they will be in their
hundreds...if not thousands. Even the mighty Bilderberg Group have
changed their stance. Their website has evolved and even has a contact
for the media, another Bilderberg first. History is being re-written.

The Telegraph are reporting it, local Watford papers and radio
stations are buzzing and Charlie Skelton's articles for The Guardian
are going to be another hit. Twitter is exploding and bloggers, video
journalists and alternative media have this thing covered from every
angle. Apart from the angle everyone wants, which is inside the hotel.
But let’s be honest, no one wants to see Kissinger in his skivvies
playing water polo with Princess Beatrix.

Over the next week I’ll be running around trying to find a Wi-Fi
hotspot to blog once again about the goings on of this years
conference, whilst at the same time trying to shoot a documentary.
Expect exclusives, news on the Bilderberg Charity, photos of delegates
and other such things.

See you in Watford!

I can’t believe it’s an hour from my house. Who’d have thought it?


Size13 Films

Please consider seriously the reason why these elite institutions are not discussed in the mainstream press despite the immense financial and political power they wield? 
There are sick and evil occultists running the Western World. They are power mad lunatics like something from a kids cartoon with their fingers on the nuclear button! Armageddon is closer than you thought. Only God can save our souls from their clutches, at least that's my considered opinion - Tony

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