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interesting analogy
There is a parallel between Mobile Phones and the Nazi Regime in Germany.
Let's take a closer look:

- Nazi Germany was not a democracy, it was a fascist dictatorship in which the Party made their own rules, did what they wanted, and were beyond regulation and over-sight. 

- Big Telecom is completely unregulated (not bound to ANY regulations which have any real meaning whatsoever). Big Telecom in  un-democratic and can do whatever it likes: they can install a cell tower right next to your bedroom and you can do nothing. They can turn up the transmission power and you can do nothing. If you get ill because of the radiation you can not sue because Big Telecom is immune to being prosecuted on grounds of health by the 1996 TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT. 

- Nazi Germany had a powerful propaganda machine to brainwash the people.

- Big Telecom funds bogus "scientific studies" which falsely claim there are no health risks from cell phones, then Big Telecom pays it's friends at BIG MEDIA to promote the results of these bogus studies, and to completely ignore the thousands of INDEPENDENT studies which clearly show a direct link between cell phones and a massive decline in human health and well-being. On top of that the public is bombarded with flashy advertising to seduce them into thinking cell phones are 'cool' .

- Nazi Germany was highly organised, highly efficient, created general economic prosperity and a feeling of connectedness between people who supported the regime.

- Cell phone users benefit from a powerful technological tool which allows them greater organisation, greater and instantaneous communication and connectedness between other "users" , and an economic advantage over 'non-users&# 39;. 

- The Nazi regime provided a powerful sense of unity among 'it' s' youth (and general the population).

- Cell phones, particularly among today's youth, are considered not only 'extremely cool', but in fact 'totally essential' among the general population since without one people feel completely disconnected with the rest of society.

- The Nazi regime's "Intelligence and Secret Police" were renowned for meticulous surveillance over it's population.

- Cell phones today provide today's "secret police" with all the information they would ever need about you. Your cell phone can be tracked, calls and SMSs recorded and archived, and all of your files and emails can be accessed and SOLD by Big Telecom to the "secret police" .

- The Nazi regime grew in power and spread of many countries. Some countries willingly accepted the Nazis and others were forced to accept Nazi rule.

- Big Telecom has now either been invited or has bullied it's way into every country on the planet. Cell phone towers are now in every town on Earth. It is total world domination in the truest sense.

- The Nazi regime enjoyed massive support from 95% of the population. However a small segment (5%) of the population was bitterly ostracized from society being literally forced to live outside of it. Most Nazi supporters did not think much about the fate of the ostracized minorities.

- Cell phone use and Big Telecom is happily supported by 95% of today's population. However the 5% of the population who are Electro Hyper- sensitive are bitterly ostracized from society being literally forced to live outside of it. The vast majority of today's population is either totally unaware of what Electro Hypersen sitivity is, or simply don't care about it as long as they themselves don't have this condition.

- When the Nazi regime was in power the parties supporters enjoyed the benefits, but when the regime collapsed former Nazi supporters suffered a terrible fate.

- Today, as cell phone user, while still in good health will enjoy benefits from using a mobile, but with continued use it is literally only a question of time before the cell phone user's health will collapse causing the user to suffer a terrible fate.

- The Nazi regime was not invincible. It was eventually brought to an end.

- Big Telecom is not invincible.. .  in fact it is the general population which supports it. If we all abandon our mobiles Big Telecom will crumble. for info and resources on smartmeters and cell phone radiation  
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