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Event    Secret Societies
By Steven Hager Free Download
"Robert Guffey has just published an entertaining book, Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form (Trine Day.)" Maybe that will explain Boston dago dogs alpha-omega 73, 37, W, alpha-chi-omega, probable BP GS SS MonSantoXe(Monsantoxe, you heard it here from the coinor of "al-CIA-duh") detritus in our face. 

"The "mafia" became a household word in 1888, after the murder of newly-appointed New Orleans police chief David Hennessy. "The dagoes did it" mumbled the police chief before dying"

Boston Bomb, half a dozen potential frag bags were orbitting around two cross-dressers with a mason's bag block-tagged DAGO DOGS Alpha-Omega, kind of a who rules kind of a moniker, when one of those bags settled into place to blow up a while later. The dogs were not vics, "who survives".

Hager utters the names of Alex Jones and David Icke together in the same sentences a lot, and Alex hung out with Icke at Bilderberg 2013, Watsford(wofferd) last week. Jones mentions Jim Tucker a lot, Daniel Estulin little, this particular BB. Daniel Estulin interviewed on Coast to Coast about BB 2013 (paid subscription to c2c) Daniel Estulin book special  DE one month earlier than BB, on Jack Blood, (free) 

Rosicrucians, haven't we heard of them before? Lord Cecil, George Abbott, KJ, Rosicrucians and a germanic frat, then prior, Rosy Cross, William the Conqueror, learning kabbala from jewish teachers at Jerusalem? Think so. Icke talks about Rothschild Zionism but he does talk about Knights of Malta some. Anyway lots from Hager on non-jewish crusaderist uberthugs.

Hager is tired of Larouche and doesn't buy into Ruppert's Peak Oil. Show me your broken rice bowl.

AJ breaking news, links to book review of  James W. Douglass, "JFK and The Unspeakable, Why He Died and What It Matters", "less about "who" pulled the trigger and more about "why" citizen denial overwhelmingly took hold of our nation's mindset, in addition to the role of government's plausible deniability, and how these elements allowed the unspeakable to occur". There was a lot of that in Boston. White soles in FBI pic of backpack holder at Forum, when Jahar Tsarnaev's boot soles were black in FBI photos, and 120 black cop shooter suspect in Ofr Tippet aka Sean Collier shooting when Jahar is white six feet tall, black backpack for first explo when Tamerlan's is gray in FBI pics, black shirt and black shorts for Running Man while Tamerlan had white tee and tan pants in FBI pics, and, weigh the suspicion against the Tsarnaevs against the smidgeon against blue jacket guy with perfect matching backpack, no suspicion that blue jacket guy could have doubled back, versus infinite suspicision and permutations of prejudice regarding Tsarnaevs, and it begins to look like citizen denial reinforces plausible deniability of the unspeakable, blind deaf dumb stupid can't even focus on two guys wearing wigs and shuffling six bags one of which says DAGO DOGS Alpha Omega in hand airbrushed ad hoc letters claiming the kill according to block tagging.

"One thing Sam Giancana used to say: if you want to know the killer, look for who survives." Survivor Petraeus at BB 2013, his Benghazi as BoP political assassination on cowboy ranch. 
"two bombs exploded near the Boston marathon finish line on April 15" 
"April 16 New York Times front-page headline: "U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Nonpartisan Review Concludes."" 

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