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New Study Links Monsanto’s Roundup To Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (Cytochrome P450)

"[O]ur study demonstrated that Bt spore-crystals genetically modified to express individually Cry1Aa, Cry1Ab, Cry1Ac or Cry2A induced hematotoxicity, particularly to the erythroid lineage," wrote the authors. "This finding corroborates literature that demonstrated that alkali-solubilized Bt spore-crystals caused in vitro hemolysis in cell lines of rat, mouse, sheep, horse, and human erythrocytes and suggested that the plasma membrane of susceptible cells (erythrocytes, in this case) may be the primary target for these toxins."
Long-term exposure to GM toxins proven to cause systemic damage to human health Learn more:
GMOs linked to blood cell disorders, leukemia: New study 

Did you hear about the 800 esteemed scientists who came together and demanded the production of GMO crops and products be stopped? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t, as the mainstream media won’t touch this one:

What POS excuse for a government allows its citizens to eat this crap? Oh, that would be the United States.

The Monsanto Company likes to proclaim that they are the good guys, so why does such a noble, benevolent company require the services of the most notorious mercenary army of modern times?Full Story:


Making strides - Chipotle Grill is NOW labeling its GMO ingredients.
Chipotle has become the first fast-food chain to label the ingredients it uses that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Many health advocates have pushed for the labeling of the controversial food stuffs for years, though most in the science community say GMOs pose no more risk than ... NEWS: Study Finds Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cell growth via estrogen receptors. Glyphosate is the main component of widely used herbicide, ROUNDUP, produced by Monsanto. How many more studies do we need pointing to the toxicity of glyphosate? Glyphosate should be banned.
Source & link to the study:
Read more about GMOs and herbicide use:
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Study finds herbicide in urine of EU city dwellers.
Europe may be skeptical of genetically modified crops --- fearing
they may contaminate traditional species and require more pesticides
--- but a new study shows that tests of urban Europeans' urine
already spell M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O. A network of environmental groups,
Friends of the Earth International, tested the urine of 182 European
city dwellers, from 18 countries
and found traces of the potentially-dangerous herbicide glyphosate,
commonly known as Roundup, in 44% of samples. The leading producer
of this herbicide is Monsanto Co. , a company whose name has become
almost synonymous with the genetically modified organisms it
produces.... Wall Street Journal


New Study Shows That Animals Are Seriously Harmed By Eating GM Crops
A ground-breaking study, published today, June 12, 2013 (1), shows that animals are harmed by the consumption of feed containing genetically modified (GM) crops.
The research results were striking, showing that the weight of the uterus in GM-fed pigs was on average 25% higher than in the control group of pigs. The finding was biologically and statistically significant. Also, the level of severe inflammation in stomachs was markedly higher in pigs fed on the GM diet. These animals were 2.6 times more likely to get severe stomach inflammation than control pigs. While 22% of male pigs and 42% of female pigs on the GM diet had this condition, when these pigs were compared to pigs on the control diet, it was found that male pigs were actually more strongly affected. While female pigs were 2.2 times more likely to get severe stomach inflammation when on the GM diet, males were 4 times more likely. These findings are both biologically significant and statistically significant.
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Monsanto Blocked Around The World

What Must Be Done About the Monsanto Corporation, and Why
1. Immediate moratorium on development and certification of new pesticides and genetically engineered (GE) crops.  
2. A long-overdue, thorough, science-based examination of GMO and pesticide safety, by scientists not tainted by the revolving door or financial ties to agribusiness industry giants and all research, past and present, must be available to the public.  
3.An urgent phase out of existing GMOs and pesticides not demonstrated to be safe for people and the environment.This would begin immediately, targeting highest risk GMOs/pesticides first.  
4. Clear labeling of all foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  
5. Immediate creation of economic and agricultural supports to expedite conversion from toxic industrial agriculture to sustainable, organic farming - which is healthy for people, the environment and our economy.  
6. Urgent public investment in crop breeding to increase the supply of a broad diversity of traditional seeds to meet our agricultural needs.  
7. Public investment in research and education on agro-ecological (organic) farming practices.  
8. Monsanto must pay for cleanup of the environment, the remediation of the supply of traditional seeds, remuneration to farmers whom they have adversely affected and the ongoing costs of health effects caused by their products  
9. End production of ethanol for fuel until it can be done in a way that does not adversely affect access to food and does not consume more energy than is produced.  
10. End Monsanto's influence over government agencies. As a start, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael Taylor must resign from his position, and the Monsanto Protection Act must be repealed.

Monsanto Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS Kills Story and Fires Reporters! - Exposing the global corrupt and dangerous 'system' regarding our health! FOX NEWS Reporters (Reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre) u...

Wheat contains over 23,000 potentially harmful proteins

         Mon Satan
A great reflection and commentary on the Monsanto conversation. Appreciate Marianne Williamson's direct talk and inspiration to change.

A six-month study by AgriSearch, an on-campus research arm of Dalhousie University, has shown that genetically modified (GM) cucumbers grown under license to Monsanto Inc. result in serious side effects including total groin hair loss and chafing in "sensitive areas", leading to the immediate and total ban of sales of all that company's crop and subsequent dill pickles.

Seeds Of Death - Video

GMO lose Europe ? victory for environmental organisations
Monsanto will halt production of genetically modified corn in
all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and Czech republic. The
agribusiness multinational states not to spend any more money on
trials, development, marketing, court cases or anything else to
get GM corn accepted in Europe. By: Nils Mulvad

Genetically engineered wheat found in Oregon field, federal
investigation underway.
Illegal genetically-engineered wheat has been discovered growing in
an Eastern Oregon field, which may cause severe marketing and export
problems for one of the state's biggest crops.
Portland Oregonian, Oregon
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~ BREAKING NEWS: Monsanto will halt production of genetically modified corn in all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic. The agrichemical multinational states that it will not spend any more money on trials, development, marketing, court cases or anything else to get GM corn accepted in Europe.

A Side of Leukemia with Your GMO Corn?
The Bt (Bacillus Thuringensis) toxin in Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and soy has been linked to organ failure in humans. It has turned up in the bloodstreams of pregnant women and their fetuses. Now, a study published in the Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases suggests that some forms of the Bt toxin may also contribute to certain blood cancers, such as leukemia.
Read the full story:
Read the study:

Illinois illegally seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens

The Illinois Ag Dept. illegally seized privately owned bees from renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram, without providing him with a search warrant and before the court hearing on the matter, reports Prairie Advocate News.

Behind the obvious violations of his Constitutional rights is Monsanto. Ingram was researching Roundup’s effects on bees, which he’s raised for 58 years. “They ruined 15 years of my research,” he told Prairie Advocate, by stealing most of his stock.

A certified letter from the Ag Dept.’s Apiary Inspection Supervisor, Steven D. Chard, stated:

“During a routine inspection of your honeybee colonies by … Inspectors Susan Kivikko and Eleanor Balson on October 23, 2011, the bacterial disease ‘American Foulbrood’ was detected in a number of colonies located behind your house…. Presence of the disease in some of your colonies was confirmed via test results from the USDA Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland that analyzed samples collected from your apiary….”

Ingram can prove his bees did not have foulbrood, and planned to do so at a hearing set in April, but the state seized his bees at the end of March. They have not returned them and no one at the Ag Dept. seems to know where his bees are.

The bees could have been destroyed, or they could have been turned over to Monsanto to ascertain why some of his bees are resistant to Roundup. Without the bees as evidence, Ingram simply cannot defend against the phony charges of foulbrood.

Worse, all his queens died after Kivikko and Balson “inspected” his property, outside of his presence and without a warrant.

Of note, Illinois beekeepers are going underground after Ingram’s experience and refuse to register their hives, in case the state tries to steal their private property on phony claims.



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An Illinois beekeeper who spent the last 15 years researching the effects of Monsanto’s Roundup on bees, and compiling extensive evidence documenting that Roundup kills bees, came home one afternoon to find that someone had stolen the queen bee and hive he’d been using to conduct his research.

Turns out the thief was none other than the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The state claims the bees were confiscated and destroyed because they were infected with a disease called foulbrood. But they did so without any notice, without a search warrant, based on a visual examination of bees in a dormant state due to 3° F outdoor temperatures, and while Ingram was away from his farm.

Three weeks later, when Ingram had his hearing, the state’s “evidence” had disappeared. As for Ingram's evidence, he never had the ability to present it, since it was confiscated and destroyed.

Is this the American justice system? Find a citizen guilty, steal his personal property, have a hearing with no physical evidence, and then add insult to injury by fining the defendant $500? 

Watch an interview with Terrence here:

Read a great overview article here:

Read a series of articles from the local paper:

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How perfect. 2001 was tThe World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary

Medical Documentary on Genetically Modified Food - Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives
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