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Martin Truther
When you decide to share the truths you've discovered with your friends or family members, tell your story of discovery, friend-to-friend. Don't just throw facts and links at them. Tell them how it started when you viewed the world much as they do, what you found out, how it was difficult for you to believe at first, how the first discovery lead to the second and the third and then snowballed, how you found many people along the way and where you are now-- things you know, questions you're living with, fears about how this impacts relationships and so on. When you get to sharing facts, try not to relate videos or websites you've seen in your own words any more than is necessary to pique their interest-- It is better to put them directly in touch with the same information you saw in its original form. That helps them to know it's not just you. Don't give up on them if they reject you and the info at first. There are five stages to accept worldview-changing truths, just like Kubler-Ross's 5 stages of death: Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, and Acceptance (DABDA)-- expect these stages in your friends and family. Don't expect them to track right with you in the conversation because of logic. Logic is only sufficient for non-worldview-changing info. This is different. It takes time. And it takes compassion. And a willingness to risk the relationship to be authentic at least, or, in some cases to save lives-- such as when you're sharing info about alternative cancer treatments. Much truth-movement info involves ways to avoid poisons and stay healthy. People have an incentive to accept this info-- namely, the health of their loved ones and their own health. Share these truths with your genuine love and concern for them. The heart can open the mind. That is all I know so far about how to spread truth, really. The rest is just mechanics-- how to use Facebook, email, youtube or other tools to communicate. Don't expect mass awakening. Every single mind that opens is a cause for celebration.
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