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WikiLeaks Exposed...    I guess this explains his view on 911.

Who is Behind Wikileaks?   by Michel Chossudovsky December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks: A Very Short Coincidence Theory
December 20, 2010

WikiLeaks is Zionist Poison
December 22, 2010

Wikileaks Is Zionist Poison II: Deconstruction of the Myth
December 16, 2010

Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job
by F. William Engdahl
December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is 'annoyed' by 9/11 truth
July 21, 2010

PBS Interview; The Redacting and Selection of Wikileaks documents by the Corporate Media
NYT Reporter Defends Publishing WikiLeaks Cables
Michel Chossudovsky, December 12, 2010

Global Research Editor's Note (on the above article):

The following transcript points to the involvement of the corporate media including the New York Times in the Wikileaks project.

How do we interpret this relationship?

The corporate media is the source of disinformation and at the same time it is supporting "transparency" and truth in media. 

David E. Sanger, Washington Correspondent of the New York Times, worked closely with Wikileaks. He was involved in the distribution, editing and dissemination of the leaked documents.

Sanger is member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Aspen Strategy Group together with Madeleine K. Albright, Richard Hass, R Talbott, Robert.B. Zoellick (president of the World Bank), and Philip Zelikow (formerly executive director of the 9/11 Commission).

We have highlighted a number of important statements in the first part of this interview, which confirm that the NYT has not only been involved in the selection and redacting of the Wikileaks documents, it has they also undertaken these activities in consultation with the US government.

Unquestionably the released documents constitute an important data bank in their own right.

The question is who controls and oversees the selection, distribution and editing of the released documents to the broader public. 

What interests are being served?


To find out more about David Sanger, who is one of the main keys to this disinformation campaing, check out the following links that expose him for the shill and traitor that he is:

David Sanger warns of the danger of extremism and nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Times David E. Sanger writes compelling front-page analyses from the White House and around the globe that explain the most complex events of our time.

Al-Qaeda fleeing Pakistan for Somalia, Yemen


“Trying to Explain the World” – How the Globalist’s PR Agents Use the Wikileaks Psyops Program
December 13, 2010

Governments using Wikileaks to spread disinformation

Description of the above video:

John Young, a former WikiLeaks advisory board member and a critic of the website and its policies these days, explained how WikiLeaks does work and said it is not an easy task to determine the source of the leaks.

"There is a very large underground economy in stolen information using the internet for this purpose. WikiLeaks is a part of that -- it's a very small part. But the technology for selling stolen information is very large and very lucrative. Governments do it, cooperations do it, individuals do it. WikiLeaks basically sells stolen information," he said.

"We actually don't know where this latest leak comes from," he stressed, adding "Right now there is too much disinformation being put out by WikiLeaks as well as by our Defense department."

Netanyahu: WikiLeaks revelations were good for Israel
For years he has warned of the dangers the Iranian nuclear program poses to the entire region. These warnings had been vindicated, Netanyahu said.
November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks: Good for Israel
First reaction from Israeli officials: WikiLeaks exposures proved Israel is reliable and one of the most important sources for the United States.
November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks - War by Deception

WikiLeaks Is Zionist Poison II: Deconstruction of the Myth
December 15, 2010

Busted! Latest WikiLeaks - Israel - "Press" Talkingpoint
Turning Our Enemy's Incoherent Decency Into the Vehicle of Their Own Demise...Mossad
December 13, 2010

Busted!! WikiLeaks Struck a Deal with Israel Over Cables
December 8, 2010

Busted - WikiLeaks Working for Israel (Mossad Operation)

ADL: WikiLeaks Vital to Israel's Intelligence program
ADL to Attack Journalists and Publications Tying Israel to WikiLeaks
December 27, 2010

Constitution Will Be Victim In Zealous Effort to Go After Assange and Wikileaks
Kurt Nimmo
December 13, 2010

Assange Prosecution: A Brazen Effort to Kill Alternative Media
Kurt Nimmo
December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet
December 7, 2010

WikiLeaks: Corrupted Oracle or Cointelpro Asset of the Establishment?
By Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Updated December 13, 2010

Gordon Duff: WikiLeaks, a Touch of Assange and the Stench of AIPAC
“Recent admissions that the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks”
Editorial Note: This Is Our "Pre-release" Prediction. How did we do?
November 27, 2010

WikiLeaks Is israel (Like We Didn't Know)
Lame "Leak" Site Nothing More Than Thin Cover for "The Tel Aviv Tango"
July 29, 2010

Wikileaks Outs Itself as an Intelligence Operation
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Danny Panzella

WikiLeaks papers back Bush claims of Iran role in Iraq war
October 24, 2010

Wayne Madsen on Wiki (Israel) Leaks - Russia Today
November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Is Zionist Poison
October 28, 2010

WikiLeaks Is Zionist Poison II: Deconstruction of the Myth

Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ?

WikiLeaks Blames a Large Portion of the Deaths in Iraq on Sectarian Violence

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has close links to the Economist, controlled by the Rothschild banking family
December 2, 2010

Yeah, Wikileaks Is a Fake False-Front, a Brass Plate if You Will
November 27, 2010

Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of "Secret" Documents?
The real story of Wikileaks has clearly not yet been told.

Wikileaks in Venezuela: Espionage, Propaganda, and Disinformation
December 3, 2010

Wikileaks and Media Disinformation
North Korea, Iran and Belarus
December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks: Pouring Fuel on the Iran Fire?
By Russ Wellen
October 24, 2010

From the article:

At Danger Room, Spencer Ackerman and Noah Shachtman write: "No one would accuse WikiLeaks of being pro-war. . . . Not when its founder, Julian Assange, said that its trove of reports from the Afghan conflict suggested . . . American 'war crimes.'" They continue.

So it's more than a little ironic that, with its newest document dump from the Iraq campaign, WikiLeaks may have just bolstered one of the Bush administration's most controversial claims about the Iraq war: that Iran supplied many of the Iraq insurgency's deadliest weapons and worked hand-in-glove with some of its most lethal militias.

In other words, aren't Assange and WikiLeaks just adding ammunition to those calling for an attack on Iran to halt its nuclear program? In fact, though, withholding documents unflattering to Iran for fear of fomenting yet more war would only undermine the credibility of their work. Future efforts on their part to draw the brakes on unwarranted American interventions abroad would thus be compromised.

Wikileaks under doubt as “classified” documents substantiate bogus U.S. claims
Jamshed Abbas
Islam Times
Oct 24, 2010“classified”-documents-substantiate-bogus-u-s-claims.html

WikiLeaks Is A Massive Fraud, And Disinformation: WikiLeaks Founder Claims That 9-11 Was NOT A Conspiracy
October 26, 2010

Time for Wikileaks to come clean
Tasman Times
James Gruzman
24 August 2010

Wikileaks documents now targeting Iran
Tasman Times
James Gruzman
24 October 2010

How WikiLeaks Makes Confrontation With Iran More Likely 
October 26, 2010

Iran says Wikileaks act 'mischievous'
Tue Oct 26, 2010

Iran transforming Afghan war
A leaked report suggests the death of a Canadian soldier was the result of a Taliban attack with a missile launcher--likely provided by Tehran

Iran's deadly hand in Afghanistan
BY James Kirchick
Thursday, August 5th 2010

CNN: Wikileaks and Iran
October 20, 2010

Afghan rebels got missiles from North: Wikileaks
Osama bin Laden’s financial adviser visited Pyongyang, says report
July 28, 2010

Maliki supporters say WikiLeaks revelations a plot
October 24, 2010

From the above article:

"It is a media campaign against the state and the political process carried out by several groups like the Baathists, regional forces and the new political order," said MP Hassan al-Sinaid, who is close to Maliki.
Allawi was a former member of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein's Baath party, and looks to Saudi Arabia for support.

"This is all in the past," Sinaid said of the allegations, adding that "in six months this business will be forgotten."

Ordinary Iraqis who support Maliki are convinced that the allegations against him are false.
"This information is false and this site lies by publishing these documents years after the incidents," said civil servant Raad Abdel Ghaffar, 42.

"This site wants to sow discord at a time when the political parties are about to agree."

Maliki's office said in a statement on Saturday: "There are some political interests behind the media campaign who are trying to use the documents against national leaders, especially the prime minister."

Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks Reports
November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Identifies "About 150 Whistleblowers & About A Thousand Activist" In Latest Document Dump
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