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if your doctor pushes you or a family member to get a vaccination, ask him/her sign this first. hahahah... this will scare the shiz outta them... and i guarantee they will back off, and hopefully, do some research on the matter instead of believing the lies told to them.

You Won't Believe What's In Your Turkey Burger

Factory Farms May Be Ground-Zero For Drug Resistant Staph Bacteria
Livestock-Associated Methicillin and Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus  aureus Is Present among Industrial, 
Not Antibiotic-Free Livestock  Operation Workers in North Carolina Jessica L. Rinsky et al. PLoS ONE 8(7): e67641.

milk = nastay... but if you're going to, at least go raw organic
Harvard Scientists Urge You to Stop Drinking Milk | Health
Anthony Gucciardi Natural Society Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are a Today's Video Jun 26, 2013 07:23 am | Michael Greger M.D.
Reducing Radiation Damage With Ginger & Lemon Balm

Is BPA Making Girls Obese?


How the Elite Plan to Live Forever

As if anybody still thought cigarettes were "not too bad"
Ninety Percent of U.S. Tobacco is GMO | World Truth.TV
Ninety Percent of U.S. Tobacco is GMOcancer, Health, News, world truthJune 10, 20137 CommentsShare This Article TweetSmoke herbicide and pesticide all day and what do you get? You get a recurring hangover that seemingly needs a new blast of nicotine to quell or "dissipate," but in actuality, the onl...

Men who eat more nuts, seeds, avocados, and various other foods rich in healthy fats typically fare better than men who don't when it comes to prostate health, and are thus much less likely to develop prostate cancer.


High Levels of Pesticides Found in Celestial Seasonings Tea 
A scathing report on Celestial Seasonings tea found that 91% of samples 
contained pesticide levels that exceed U.S. federal limits,  reports.
Sleeptime Kids Goodnight Grape was one of the 10 out of 11 varieties 
found to contain excess pesticides. The other flavors were Antioxidant 
Max Blood Orange, Green Tea Peach Blossom, Green Tea Raspberry Gardens, 
Authentic Green Tea, Antioxidant Max Dragon Fruit, Green Tea Honey Lemon 
Ginger, Antioxidant Max Blackberry Pomegranate, Antioxidant Max Blood 
Orange, Sleepytime Herb Teas and English Breakfast Black K-Cup. The only 
one that contained zero pesticides was Rooibos Safari Spice (which 
doesn't technically contain tea, either).   (rest of report at link above)
I trust organic India Tea

Nestle: Water's Corporate Takeover June 12, 2013 
Abby Martin takes an in-depth look at the Nestlé corporation; its business practice of bloating the price of water, while pursuing the privatization of this common resource against the public good.


What the Nudity Ban Means for San Francisco
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Mushrooms For Breast Cancer Prevention Blog Digest for 06/09/2013

Some people aren't going to like this. 
But until Americans confront their
core problem, they - and others - 
will continue to be victimized by
its "leaders."   There is a solution:
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"two bombs exploded near the Boston marathon finish line on April 15" 
"April 16 New York Times front-page headline: "U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Nonpartisan Review Concludes.""

It's not just the right wing who wants Obomba impeached, it's also the far left. He is a traitor and a liar and needs to be in jail. Wake up America!

Dennis Kucinich calls B.S. on Obama for Benghazi | Impeach Obama
Our military is ready to rescue the Ambassador and his staff, powerful Spectre gunships are just an hour away and capable of decimating the attackersbut are given the order to "Stand Down" by Obama. The attack goes on for 7 hours with the ambassador begging for help from a recalcitrant Obama.
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New Petition: We Demand President Obama Resign

DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly
DHS insider: It's about to get very ugly, Seriously dangerous times ahead. Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of of national security, NSA, IRS, DHS insider

Look at what a liar NSA head Hayden is when Luke Rudkowski confronted him on spying on everyone Stunned. Angry. Fighting back against NSA spying. | EFFector 26.14 

Was Navy Seal Team 6 Set Up For Sacrifice? 3 hr. Video!

Is Big Data turning government into 'Big Brother'? (Update)
See also - Internet news - Science news is a leading Web-based science and technology news service specializing in content ranging from Physics, 
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NY Senate passes Bill that would make annoying a cop a felony

Activist Glenn Spencer:
ATF Promotes It's Own Involved in 'Fast & Furious' Scandal
Drug war a cover for dissolving US-Mexican border
The so-called "War on Drugs" has been used as a cover
for numerous government crimes: 
1) violating Constitution rights, 2) raising money for illegal
wars and other criminal activity, 3) rewarding cooperative
gangsters, 4) militarizing the police and more.  
Now there's a new use for the "Drug War" - dissolving the US-Mexican border. 
Alex Jones and guest lay out the hair-raising details here on       Video:

The REAL Reason Housing Prices Have Skyrocketed - How Another Housing Bubble Was Blown … And Why 
Marathon Day: Boston 15.4.13 "Operation Paul Revere Contest"    – What Really Happened?
What really happened in Boston on April 15? If you have missed it, here is a film that will bring you up to speed. 'There are two sides to every story' Marathon Day: Boston 15.4.13 A 72min documentary film that summarizes the Boston bombing attacks from the perspective of the official story through the eyes of the mainstream media and the questions asked by millions about its credibility, both by alternative media sources and the public! The film is presented in the form of direct evidence, all media reports are verifiable and presented with direct sources of evidence. These are all available to the public on the Internet, the only source left 'unregulated!' Mainstream vs alternative Internet media is the theme! What is the truth? Why didn't the mainstream report about the 'Bomb Drill' that was taking place on the day? Why do the witnesses on alternative media contradict the witness reports presented by mainstream. Why did the mainstream fail to report on the military undercover operatives at the scene of the first explosion? Why was the FBI mentoring the Tsarnaev brothers? Who is really behind this? Who gains from these 'terror attacks' and how have previous attacks reshaped our lives? See the two perspectives and be the judge! Is there a real conspiracy here?

Tim Hare may appear in photos of the second explosion.
More trashcan rumors: 
Bob Dodds 1 second ago
This vid shows one kind of trashcan that was there.
Another kind was a flimsy wastebasket attached to the temp railing. If you look at the two men with wigs who first had a white/light canvas tote on the sidewalk under a white plastic bag, then moved the canvas bag under the rail and set a brown leather purse on it, look at the trashcan between the two of the men with wigs, flimsy basket on rail. Maybe canvas bag moved to trashcan next. Bag logo:"D[alpha-omega]G[O-or-S]" , for "DAGO DOGS"

(...would a picture of the two "DAGO DOGS Alpha-Omega 73" men with wigs who also made a "73" alpha-omega sign with her leg and the purse help here?)

( jacket guy would never double back on his trail after he supposedly left first explo site, that would be dirty, and he's too white for dirty, he has one of those police-military just enough to hang around with muslim cadre beards...nah I trust him!...he'd never ambush anybody with his perfect match backpack...make the Moroccan guy out self on TV but not Blue Jacket guy or Running Man or Danny...feel so sorry for MA nat guard guys too though they didn't get run over by cop SUV...feel so sorry...respect privacy of guys who didn't get run over by police SUV!)

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New York Post, 

Last Updated: 3:10 PM, April 16, 2013
Posted: 2:29 AM, April 16, 2013
Runner Tim Hare was just a quarter-mile from the finish line when the first blast erupted. He continued to run but stopped after the second went off 10 feet to his left.

"I saw a trash can go up, I saw fire, I saw smoke. I saw what looked like someone hitting the ground," he said. "I just turned around and ran for my life."
Irish radio, reporter quotes Tim Hare, also reports a young man warning for an hour before explosions 

JP man learns friend survived bomb blast

April 16, 2013
By Rebeca Oliveira
Like many concerned Jamaica Plain residents, Henry Beguiristain wondered about the safety of his friends running and watching the marathon yesterday. But in his case, the danger was closer than most: his friend, Tim Hare, was mere feet away from the second explosion. Hare, who was uninjured, told the Gazette his eyewitness account.

Beguiristain found out Hare was running the Boston Marathon about an hour before the explosions took place. Hare was unharmed, but told Beguiristain a disturbing piece of information—he had been 15 feet away from the garbage can that he said contained the second bomb as it exploded.

"I was relieved he was OK. I'd only found out an hour earlier that he was running, so I was worried and filled with dread that something horrible happened to him," Beguiristain told the Gazette. "On balance, [I'm] extremely grateful that there are more good eggs than bad in the world," he said.

"The flash bang of the explosion is forever burned into my brain. I'll never forget that as long as I live," Hare told the Gazette in a phone interview. "It's very disorienting to see something like that. To see something explode so close to you is pretty terrifying."

Hare, a Newton resident, had passed the 26-mile marker and was running along Boylston Street when he heard the first explosion go off, next to the finish line just ahead. Looking around, he saw the second explosion happen no more than 15 feet to his left.

"I saw smoke, some fire. It sounded like a cannon. I thought they were doing some kind of celebratory cannon blast," he said of the first explosion. "[But] once the second explosion went off, I knew it was some kind of attack."

Hare was the one of the two closest runners to the second explosion, he said. He said he was the first to report to authorities that it was a garbage can that exploded.

Once he realized that the explosions were not part of the marathon plan, Hare said he turned around and started running in the opposite direction.

"I expected the whole city block to go up. I was trying to get away and alert other runners," he said. "It's a horrible, horrible tragedy."

"I've thanked the universe quite a bit since yesterday," he said. "What separated me from serious injury was the 15 feet between me and that trash can and the 30 seconds longer it took me to get to the finish line."

Hare, meanwhile, is focusing on the good things he witnessed yesterday.

"To have [the marathon and Patriot's Day] marred and tainted like this is just awful," Hare said. "But there were a lot of individuals who ran toward the fire and the chaos to try and save lives."

"I saw a lot of people who were scared and running away. You have a laser-like focus. My body was telling me to go. I was running for my life," he continued. "Those people [who ran toward the explosions] are like superheroes to me. For how scared I was, they ran in to help, without question, without fear."

"It was a split-second decision. They ran toward all that violence and gore and saved people's lives. I think that's the most important story to be told, complete strangers helping complete strangers. There were a lot of heroes that day," he finished.

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