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[cia-drugs] Boston Bomb MIT Officer Sean Collier Sus 120 lb 5-5 Black to receive more like this!mit-officer/c168a

MIT Officer, by Martin Dybdal,  27.05.2013 The official story

It was very surprising when it was announced in the news that an MIT officer had fallen victim to the alledged Boston Bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The story has only become stranger with time.

According to the official story, the Tsarnaev brothers shot and killed MIT officer Sean Collier in a failed attempt to steal his gun.

Police claim to have in their possession a surveillance tape, which shows two men (believed to be Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) approaching the squad car of Sean Collier from behind at approximately 10.30 p.m., April 18. According to an official statement, there was evidence at the scene which suggested that the brothers had been after Collier's gun; yet this evidence is unseen. 

Allegedly, Collier had a triple-lock holster the two brothers couldn't figure out. So when they couldn't steal his gun, they chose to shoot Sean Collier multiple times in the head, according to police reports.

Massachusetts General Hospital pronounced Collier dead on arrival Thursday after 10:30 p.m., when he was found between Vassar and Main Streets 10 minutes after the first reports of gunshots on the MIT campus.

The next morning, authorities said 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, committed the murder.

But there are no known witnesses to the shooting and so far, prosecutors at the Middlesex District Attorney's office, which has jurisdiction over the crime, have yet to bring charges in Collier's killing.

Questions raised by the official story

Initial reports

The first reports of the shooting that would cost Collier his life were very different from the official story today.

According to April 19, the Tsarnaev-brothers shot a MIT officer and stole his cruiser:
"….when the suspects approached a police officer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and shot him in the head." 

"The two then stole the officer's cruiser, robbed a nearby 7-Eleven…"

These are big mistakes. Whether a car is stolen or not seems something that should be pretty unmistakable, especially since Collier was found inside his vehicle. That the brothers did not rob the 7-Eleven has already been proved false by the 7-Eleven manager.

Seeing as we now know from the official story there were no witnesses to the shooting of the MIT-officer, it is indeed strange how the police could know for sure the very next morning that the Tsarnaev-brothers were responsible for it.

They claim they have surveillance-tapes, but we only have their word for what those tapes really show. It would seem unlikely they could prove who the shooters were without the shadow of a doubt.

When you take into consideration the initial reports described the shooter of Collier as a black male, you would think that at the very least, there must have been some doubts as to whether or not the brothers had killed Collier. Yet, this doesn't appear to be the case.

Black Male? 

According to audio of the MIT police dispatch radio chatter posted online, an officer first described the person, who shot Sean Collier as a "black male."
It was further reported the suspect was wearing black clothing and weighed approximately 120 pounds.

The full transcript can be found from Timelines (Full).

Over a short period of time, several people are described in the transcript:
First, a "group of black males, one in a gray hoodie, in his early 20s, heavy set; two in black hoodies, firearms present."

Then, "Black male with grey hoodie put his firearm in the front pouch." And finally, "Dark Skin White Male from 11:33 was mentioned. He has a goatee."

In the very transcript, the alleged carjacking performed by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is also reported:

"Black Mercedes SUV car-jacked in the last 30 minutes. Two Middle-Eastern males with firearms. PLEASE don't be related to the bombings Q.Q License Plage - 137 NZ1." 

It seems that there is no problem identifying the difference between black people and Middle-Eastern people here, after all. Neither does there seem to be a problem with counting how many suspects there really are. Therefore, it doesn't seem likely the officers would have gotten the initial description THAT wrong.

Not only is Tamerlan nor Dzhokhar dark-skinned (and definitely not black), they are also two individuals and not just one.

Strange police "evidence" 

1. The official statement there was evidence that suggested the brothers had been after Collier's gun raises many questions; one simply has to wonder what kind of evidence could ever suggest such a thing?

2. If the police has a surveillance tape showing the brothers shooting Sean Collier, why haven't we seen it? 

Stealing a gun

1. If the Tsarnaev brothers had such a huge arsenal of weapons in their car as the police claim, why would they have felt the need to steal a gun in the first place?

2. If we presume the story is true and that they felt such a dire need for another gun, it doesn't seem a likely choice to steal one from an MIT-officer. It seems a stupid and dangerous choice to steal anything from any officer.

3. Still presuming the brothers wanted Collier's gun, why didn't Collier simply hand the gun over if the two villains couldn't figure out the triple-lock holster? At least he should have taken it out for his own defense, instead of getting killed for nothing. It seems a strange situation to be heroic in.

Wrongly accused

It is important to keep in mind, for a long time after the shootings, the Tsarnaev brothers were blamed BOTH for the shooting of Collier AND the shooting of MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr.

It later turned out the latter had been injured by fellow police officers in a friendly fire.

Strange praise

As has been experienced on many occasions in the case of the Boston Bombings, it would seem the official articles are filled – seriously, FILLED with praise for the so-called "good guys" in the story.


A carjacking victim who did nothing but allegedly flee a car and call police has been deemed a hero, and the illegal military invasions of people's homes has been enhanced as a heroic symbol of just how strongly and wrongly American citizens react when attacked by the alleged terrorism before they even understand fully the whole story.

The articles about Sean Collier are no exception. There is nothing strange about honoring someone's memory, but quotes like, "His sacrifice will never be forgotten by the Institute," and "He was born to be a police officer," and "Sean was one of these guys who really looked at police work as a calling" seem out of place for a case like this.

After all, what sacrifice are we talking about?

The man was sitting in a car and shot by two villains. One shouldn't think there'd be a need to call him a hero. 

Read More Here    

Possible issues with the radio transmission found below:

At 0:24 a male voice comes on over the radio stating that there is an officer down. 

At 1:37 a female dispatcher advises that units are on their way, and she ask for a description of the suspect.

At 1:44 a male voice comes on over the radio with that description being a black male weighing about 120 pounds wearing black clothing. How does this description match either one of the Tsarnaev brothers? 

At 1:54 the female dispatcher puts out over the radio that the suspect is a black male, 120, wearing black clothing. She states that he is in back yards, possibly running. It was reported that the Tsarnaev brothers fled in a vehicle. This does not match what the dispatcher states as far as the suspect running on foot through back yards.

At 1:59 a male voice comes on over the radio stating that there was a 7-11 robbery earlier in the evening. He states that the suspect was a white male, 200 pounds, 5-11, dark jacket, cowboy hat. He then states that it does not sound like the suspects are related. It was reported that the Tsarnaev brothers robbed the 7-11. Again the suspect description does not match either of the Tsarnaev brothers. 

At 2:33 a male voice comes on over the radio stating that the officer was in fact shot, and that the suspect was still at large with his weapon.

At 2:53 the female dispatcher comes on over the radio again confirming that suspect was a black male, 120 pounds, with dark clothing. She states that he is 5 foot 5 and was wearing a black North Face jacket. 

At 3:04 a male voice comes on over the radio stating that there was nothing about a vehicle. If the Tsarnaev brothers did in fact shoot the officer and fled in a vehicle as it was reported why is there no vehicle description?

At 3:53 a male voice comes on over the radio stating that the patient had blood on him. He states that the officer is not in great shape and that if you see anyone with blood on them to be careful in approach. The photos of the Tsarnaev brothers in the alleged shoot-out with police in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev was supposedly killed you do not see blood on either of the Tsarnaev brothers.


0:01 There's something in the uh McKinley, in the uh North Courtside there. They said there'd be an officer sitting uh out there. They were just curious to what the noises were.

0:13 Well let's (radio cuts off). 

0:17 Uh get the normal units down in that area see if you can find them.

0:24 Shit (cannot make out) officer down. 

0:33 O'reilly.

0:39 Officer Mason Holt here. 

0:44 Steel Magnolia 1.

0:45 Magnol. 

0:46 Yeah 9-0-4 Long was reporting it Magnolia and Dudley, despite that nothing yet.

0:50 Magnolia and Dudley, I got it. Bravo go 1, you got units with you? 

0:58 Just tell me where he's at.

1:00 Or I'll put my sidearm in somebodies (cannot make out). 

1:07 I'm telling you what we heard was, had to be some kind of a gunshot.

1:14 (Sound of crickets in the background). 

1:23 5-1.

1:25 Law enforcement are on their way. 

1:37 They're coming in headed towards Arion Street. Give me a description.

1:44 Black male about 120, wearing black clothing. That's all we have right now. 

1:54 Black male, 120, black clothing. Back yards, possibly running.

1:59 Yeah it was from an earlier armed robbery in the area. It was not from the original call uh (cannot make out) males on the original call was from a party banging on Jameson, but earlier in the night there was a 7-11 over that way. There was an armed robbery with white male, 200 pounds, 5-11, dark jacket, cowboy hat. That's not the suspect in this, sounds like it's not. 

2:27 I don't have any problem with that at all. Uh can you get a location on that?

2:33 Yes ma'am there was a uh officer that's been shot I believe the suspect's still at large with his weapon. I believe it's over in the area of uh Mass and Memorial. Uh they actually said it was on Vassar Street. 

2:53 Black male, 120 pounds, 5 foot 5 with dark clothing, and that should be it. A black North Face jacket.

3:04 Nothing about a vehicle. 

3:07 Over there on Vassar, MIT police are going back to look at the surveillance cameras. They have 2 very good surveillance cameras right there. They should go back, get a uh quick look at them and uh give us a good description.

3:20 Police officer has a Hispanic male possibly wearing a cowboy hat back near the area of Thatcher Street in Cambridge. 6 rounds were fired and he is currently armed. 

3:36 He was last seen uh suspect is a Hispanic male last seen wearing a cowboy hat. This happened on Thatcher Street in Cambridge, and uh suspect fled in unknown direction. Again this was in the last 10 minutes.

3:53 What I'm getting is that uh that patient had blood on him. The officers not in great shape so if you see anybody with uh blood all units uh use caution in approach. Detain please. 

4:09 Alright thank you. Uh right now we're trying to locate the critical incident cars. Uh federal 7-1-6.

--- In, "Robert" wrote:
> CIA agent who was reportedly seeking information on the Boston ... The
> man, named as Ryan C. Fogle, was
> caught red-handed 
> in a
> blonde wig...
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