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I know that YOU, I, and most of our animals now have a lower quality of life due to excessively NOISY cars.
I look forward to legislation to quiet the new trend of California Drivers MODIFYING their EXHAUST to make more noise, like motorcycles
that interfere with Wild Animals' sleeping, stress, and survival. thank you

PO Box 20425, El Sobrante, CA 94820
2013 CALIF LEGISLATION as of August 4
Next Legislative Meeting: Monday, August 12, 11am – 1pm
Room 113 (note room change) State Capitol Building, Sacramento. 
All animal advocates welcome to discuss pending legislation.
Senate recessed from July 15 to August 12. Assembly recessed from July 3 to August 5.
AB 265 by Assemblymember Mike Gatto re: Dog Parks.  Support.
   Provides that cities/counties are not liable for injuries occurred at dog parks.
  Write: Governor Jerry Brown. Tell him AB 265 will help cities/counties establish/maintain dog parks, providing exercise/socialization for animals and people, too.
AB 272 by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez re: Rabies. Support.
   Requires dogs to have rabies shots at 4 months with vaccinations administered by a veterinarian according to the vaccine labels.  
   To Be Heard: August 12. Senate Appropriations. Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair. Some states require the rabies shot at 3 months. Dogs coming from out of state may be quarantined or vaccinated twice. Opponents said 3 months was too young. AB 272 was amended to a minimum 4 months but must follow label  instructions 
AB 339 by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson re: Flea Market Animal Sales. Support.
   Allows animal sales at flea markets if only the local jurisdiction passes an ordinance on sanitation, heating, ventilation, nutrition, space, vet care, and recommendations for care to the buyer. Goes into effect 2015.
   To Be Heard: August 12. Senate Appropriations. Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair. Tell him these animals are victims to impulse buying and inhumane conditions.  
AB 497 by Assemblymember Wes Chesbro re: Fish & Game Commission.
   Requires the Fish & Game Commission to form a “wildlife resources committee”, reduces the number of meetings from 10 to 8, and removes the requirement that only 3 meetings can take place in Sacramento.
   To Be Heard: August 12. Senate Appropriations. Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair. Tell him the Wildlife Resources Committee replaces the Albert Taucher Committee, dedicated to increasing hunting. Wildlife needs “non-consumptive” representation. Simply replacing one name for another does not meet that need.
AB 711 by Assemblymember Anthony Rendon re: Hunting. Support.
   Prohibits the use of lead shot in hunting.
   To Be Heard:  August 30. Senate Appropriations. Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair.  Tell him lead is banned in products for humans and is prohibited by the feds for waterfowl. The state bans lead shot in condor habitat. Wildlife throughout the state deserves the same protection. The welfare of wildlife is more important than the cost of ammunition. Of all the bills listed in this alert, AB 711 is the most contested. It is on the “suspense” list, meaning it could cost the state money. It is being held in Appropriations Committee.
AB 789 by Assemblymember Das Williams re: Trapping. Support.
   Prohibits cruel killing methods of animals in traps such as drowning, crushing chests, and injections of substances not meant for humane killing and reduces the size of killer conibear traps set on land.
   Write: Governor Brown. Tell him “nuisance trappers” need to be regulated to protect animals.
AB 924 by Assemblymember Frank Bigelow re: Rustling.
   Declares theft of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, pigs, and goats to be grand theft. Gives fine money to Bureau of Livestock Identification (brand inspectors). It should be given to law enforcement instead. Many amendments have been added on unrelated subjects.
   To Be Heard: Senate Floor.
AB 1213 by Assemblymember Richard Bloom re: Bobcats. Support.
   “Bobcat Protection Act of 2013” requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife to work up a management plan. If no plan is developed by July 2015, AB 1213 will prohibit trapping, exporting, selling bobcat fur or product. Prohibits trapping in area surrounding the Joshua Tree National Park.
   To Be Heard: August 12. Senate Appropriations. Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair. Tell him the demand and price for bobcat fur is rising, especially in foreign markets, impacting their population in California.
SB 4 by Senator Fran Pavley re: Fracking. Support.
   Requires a study, permits, and regulations on fracking, which is the pressurized injection of chemicals to cause cracks in underground rocks in order to get oil/gas from wells.
   To Be Heard: Possibly August 14. Assembly Appropriations. Assemblymember Mike Gatto, Chair. Tell him fracking contaminates air, land and water. Wildlife and their habitats are detrimentally affected by building roads, people, spills and noise. Fracking also can also make land vulnerable to earthquakes.
SB 132 by Senator Jerry Hill re: Mountain Lions. Support.
   Requires non-lethal alternatives to killing mountain lions unless there is an imminent threat. Allows the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to partner with organizations to implement the alternatives.
   To Be Heard: August 14. Assembly Appropriations. Assemblymember Mike Gatto, Chair. Tell him mountain lions deserve alternatives to killing. There are organizations/individuals willing to help with capture, transportation, rehabilitation and veterinary care. Contact:
SCR 61 by Senator Cathleen Galgiani re: Official State Pet. Support.
   Senate Concurrent Resolution to “declare a shelter pet as the official State Pet.”
   To Be Heard: Senate Floor. Write your Senator. Tell him/her shelter pets are wonderful animal companions. Adopting shelter animals saves animal lives, enriches our lives, and supports animal shelters.
   Assembly Appropriations: Assemblymember Mike Gatto, Chair. Diane Harkey, Vice Chair. Frank Bigelow, Raul Bocanegra, Steven Bradford, Ian Calderon, Nora Campos, Tim Donnelly, Susan Eggman, Jimmy Gomez, Isadore Hall, Chris Holden, Eric Linder, Richard Pan, Bill Quirk, Donald Wagner, Shirley Weber.
   Senate Appropriations: Kevin de Leon, Chair. Mimi Walters, Vice-Chair. Ted Gaines, Jerry Hill, Ricardo Lara, Alex Padilla, Darrell Steinberg.
DROPPED (usually due to opposition), DEFEATED, or AMENDED
(Some may be brought up next year)
   AB 343 by Assemblymember Jim Patterson re: Ag Gag. Oppose. Dropped. “Ag-gag” bill to silence people who document cruelty to animals. Requires info be given to law enforcement within 120 hours or face fine.
   AB 521 by Assemblymember Mark Stone re: Plastic. Support. Failed. Requires manufacturers to figure out how to reduce plastic pollution in coastal waters which kills sea animals. AB 521 was “held” in Ass. Approps.
   AB 1045 by Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield re: Animal Shelters. Amended. Updates current law on “pound” to “animal shelter”and “destroyed” to “humanely euthanized.” Amended to an unrelated subject.
   AB 1097 by Assemblymember Brian Nestande re: Mirage Trail/Bighorn Sheep. Oppose. Amended. Originally declared the “primary service of the Dept of Fish and Wildlife is to provide services to persons who hunt and fish.” Amended. Requires the Commission to determine the opening/closing of a bighorn sheep trail.
   AB 1230 by Assemblymember Tim Donnelly re: Hunting with Hounds. Oppose. Dropped. Repeals last year’s  ban on the hunting with dogs for bear and bobcat.
   AB 1301 by Assemblymember Richard Bloom re: Fracking. Support. Failed. Places a moratorium on fracking and mandates review of effects on wildlife and environment. AB 1301 was “held” in Assembly Appropriations.
   SB 65 by Senator Mark Leno, AB 73 by Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield re: Budget. Passed. Both budget bills “suspend” the Animal Adoption Law meaning it is still on the books, but the State will not reimburse costs to cities/counties. The requirement for shelters to cooperate with rescue groups is still intact.
   SB 175 by Senator Jean Fuller re: Guns in State Game Refuges. Oppose. Dropped. Allows concealed firearms in State Game Refuges.
   SB 392 by Senator Tom Berryhill re: Hunting. Oppose. Dropped. Would have exempted birds from the “possession” limits if they are processed for “immediate consumption.” Amended to require the Fish & Game Commission to determine the “end point of possession limit.”
   SB 478 by Senator Anthony Cannella re: Livestock Trucks. Oppose. Dropped. Changes the configuration of livestock trucks. Many animals have been injured/died from trucks toppling over.
   SB 675 by Senator Lois Wolk re: Animal Welfare Standards. Dropped. Requires Dept. of Food & Agriculture to set “standards for animal welfare.” It was suspected the bill would be amended to allow foie gras.
   SB 688 by Senator Cathleen Galgiani re: Animal Medicines. Support. Defeated. Exempts shelters, rescue groups and vets from sales tax to buy medicine. SB 688 was “held” in Senate Appropriations,
Administration Building, 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815. 916/263-3276
Farrowing / Gestation Crates / Birthing Exhibits / Animals as Prizes / Horse Racing. Oppose.
   The Agricultural Advisory Council Livestock & Animal Care Committee discussed the welfare of pigs in farrowing crates which the Fair exhibits. The Committee, composed of people with agricultural interests, decided against banning the crates. They also won’t consider banning birthing exhibits.
   Write: Fair Board. Ask them to ban housing the females and babies in such extreme confinement. Pregnant animals should not be transported to give birth exposed to the noise of fireworks and strangers. Nor should animals, such as goldfish and hermit crabs, be given away as prizes. This year a thoroughbed horse, ironically named Reno Lucky Lady, collapsed and died after the 4th race. Horses should not have to race in hot weather.
1416 – 9th St. Sacramento, CA 95814. 916/653-4899.
   Jacqueline Hostler-Carmesin, a tribal representative, has been appointed to the Fish and Game Commission. We don’t know yet if she will protect wildlife but her first vote was to abstain on a favorable reg change on predator control. Governor Jerry Brown has been a disappointment in his choice of Commissioners, such as his re-appointment of pro-gun/hunt/political donator Jim Kellogg. Richard Rogers has been there long after his replacement is due.   Write: Governor Jerry Brown. Ask him to fulfill his obligation for the Commission to represent the public.
Live Animal Markets
   The Commission has gone back and forth for years on banning the importation of bull frogs and turtles. In the meantime millions of frogs/turtles lose their lives under harrowing conditions and competing/winning over our native species and spreading disease when set loose. These importations require permits from the state Fish and Wildlife Dept. The Commission is not doing their job to protect our native species.
   Write: California Fish & Game Commission. Tell them the markets need to go back on the agenda for action.
Governor Jerry Brown, 916/445-2841, and all legislators:
State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814
   Email follows a pattern: Assemblymember.Last, Senator.Last Warning: Many legislators do not pay attention to email. Letters, faxes, and phone calls are best.
   Phone numbers follow a pattern. For Assembly, it’s 916/319-20 plus the district number. For the Senate, it’s 916/651-40 plus the district number.  You are welcome to call Paw PAC to get the district numbers.
   It is always best to contact your own Assembly Member and Senator, Committee Chairs, and bill authors.
   To find your State Assembly Member and State Senator: Or, look in your local phone book under State Government Assembly and Senate. Call the local offices.
   Some hearings are televised. Go to
   For copies of legislation, analyses, votes:
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List compiled by: Virginia Handley.
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