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The US has now been caught running cocaine into the country enough times by the CIA, DEA, and the Air Force, that were they to be brought into court on trial, they would be prosecuted as a repeat offender with no hope for rehabilitation.

There are several other instances on record, with the most notable being the crash of a Gulfstream jet carrying four tons of coke that crashed in the Yucatán Peninsula in 2007.[1]

The latest story is not quite as incriminating, but from the evidence provided, and given the US' history with drug running, it seems fairly evident that it is quite the boost of business for covert agencies - business as usual, and business is good.

It seems that there is so much cocaine being produced in Costa Rica, that they cannot dispose of it all, a situation made worse by an incinerator malfunctioning from overuse.

The DEA was called in to help with the situation, and, of course, that's where things went awry. Apparently, an Air Force C-17 arrived without proper clearance, and local magistrates not being informed.[2] 

If that wasn't suspicious enough, the US was vague at best about the aircraft, but CRHoy investigated further and found it was the Air Force's Spirit of Delaware.[3]

The aircraft then went on a 'usual suspects' stop and drop in Nicaragua and Honduras on it's way to Miami, and we're assured that the cocaine has been disposed of properly. I believe that the appropriate terminology would be dispersed or distributed, given the US' past history of running drugs into the country...[4]

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