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SF events
)'( Beloved, Tidewater, OR Thu Aug 8 (Aug 9-12)
)'( Burning Man 2013 Aug 26 - Sept 2
)'( Full Moon Symbiosis Gathering 2013 Sept 19-23 Woodward Reservoir 28 mile Rd Oakdale CA

     Fri Aug 9 4:00 pm   	2013 Orgasm Conference: Orgasmic Meditation & Workshops | SF 	  FREE*

Fri Aug 9 9pm-1:30am Hubba Hubba Revue @ DNA Lounge 375 11th st SF $15

Fri Aug 9 Fractal Fundraiser Oakland 6pm-2am $20 Pre-Sale / $25 Door TICKETS = @ The New Parish579 18th Street (at San Pablo), Oakland, Califo

Aug 9-11 Outside Lands Golden Gate Park takeover over of public space for profit SF

     Sat Aug 10 Fetish Flea Sat Aug 10 11am-5pm Citadel, 181 Eddy SF

FREE Dancetronauts party and GUEST LIST before Midnight. Saturday, August 10th, TEMPLE SF. Just RSVP on the event page and mention Dancetronauts at the door:

Aug 10, Saturday Possible Club Exotica thing...still confirming ...TBA later.  But pencil it in ....just in case we get a green light. Sat Aug 10 10pm  Hookahdome Fundraiser 1192 Folsom SF @ 8th St. Jef Stott   Outersect   WALA   Jocely   Neptune   Balance   Tamo    Bellydancers, hookahs and more... Glow Island Music Festival 2013 Sat Aug 10 18+ To Enter / Full Bar for 21+- 8:00pm-2:00am Sat Aug 10 10pm The Plump DJs & Krafty Kuts @ Public Works 161 ERIE SF TIX

GLOW ISLAND Music Festival 2013 // Saturday Aug 10th - and we wanna see you there!
- Multiple International Headliners! - 5 Stages Of Sound! - THOUSANDS of FREE GLOW ITEMS for EVERYONE at the door!

SUNSET Boat After-Party  dancing - lounging - mingling  Monarch. 101 6th St., SF
10:30pm - afterhours | 21+ |  Line-up info and more -TBA 97 Collingwood St, SF at 18th St. one block West of Castro
SAT AUG 10 8-1030p. GOOD TIMES YOGA w/ NONA FENDER & the BEnders! YOU! $20. yummies to follow

SF Natural History Series 7:30pm FREE at the Randall Museum, 199 Museum Way SF 
August 15 -- Presidio’s Mountain Lake -- Jonathan Young & Brian Hildebidle

August 16 Get Freaky @ 1015 folsom sf Prepare for the playa vendors and more! 8pm SINGIN' IN THE RAIN • Saturday August 17, Union Square, San FranciscoGene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor combine their talents in one of the greatest big-screen musicals ever made! 1952 • 103 min. • G

Sun Aug 18 11am-6pm Urban Air Market a curated marketplace for sustainable design Pier 70 SF 420 22nd St 

SF Full Moon Aug 20 6:45 P.M. Tue Aug 20 7:15-9:15pm the Myth of Self -Sabotage @ SandBox Suites 404 Bryant SF 

Petition Presentation Event: Tue Aug 20 7:30 pm
Fluoride Free Water from Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD)! 
Marin Municipal Water District Building 220 Nellen Ave Corte Madera, CA
With over 2,000 signatures (and counting!) the group of us working on this petition have chosen to present the complete, signed petition to MMWD at their next regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday - August 20, 2013
We encourage YOU and anyone you may know to be there.
If you know someone who would like to add their voice to the petition, there's still time at:
This is also the time to contact your favorite media people and invite them to come! If you need additional resource material, or would like to learn more about drinking water fluoridation, please watch some of the compelling videos presented on the site and visit the Fluoride Action Network site:
We plan to see the news media well represented at the event. This is an excellent time to do all you can to energize the conversation around discontinuing water fluoridation in Marin (and surrounding districts). Letters to newspaper editors, radio and television media are ALL encouraged.
Together we can achieve fluoride free drinking water in Marin County, California! Aug 25 2013

)'( Burning Man 2013 Aug 26 - Sept 2 (Gates Open 6pm Sun Aug 25) download a slide show for costume, bike, hydration, camp, sun, shade, art sculpture ideas FUN and SEXY! 
Updated weather on playa: website
This website from Friends of Black Rock has updated weather conditions on the playa and forecasts.:
Burning Man 2012 Rough Draft Final draft in the works.
FLAME ON FIRE Burning Man is hella freaking FUN. This rapid-fire tour of (parts of) the playa

Club Exotica on the playa Tuesday Night Aug 27. 10pm Seduce Me! wCyril Noir and Ella Mental of the Black Kat Kaberet. Love Jocelyn, Emma Nation of Trapeze, and Shay Butta of the Yum Sauce Lounge/Fractal Planet, Philippe Lewis...and much more...purrrrr! Wed Aug 28 9pm-12am Frolic in the Desert Black Rock City, NV Furry friends unite!
critter themed party Come on over to FUR and party with us. We welcome all animals and critters who are in the desert. 
Wear your best faux-fur, or your animal themed outfit, and come on over for some free cold microbrew!
Come and dance in our go-go-go circus platforms, or just hang out and socialize with some other critters.
Zebras, Bunnies, Unicorns, Monkeys, Cats, Dogs, Foxes, Clowns, Bears, and all the rest of you crazy party animals! 
Make sure to stop on by FUR which is at 7:15 and C street, on Wednesday night from 9pm - midnight! Billion Bunny March Thur Aug 29 4pm-7pm @ 94.5 BMIR-FM, Esplanade near Center Camp
Check out Michael Holden's 3.4 gigapixel panorama of Burning Man 2012 
This epic huge panorama barely begins to convey the scale of Burning Man...but it might help you explain to your neighbors why you started packing in June. Newbies: this is why you need a bike.

GOLD Burning Man
The good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, the mind blowing, the life changing and the everything in between. 
Grade: A+   Burning Man is arguably the most amazing party on the planet
Music: C-  “wamp-wamp, wamp-wamp.”  It’s ironic that such a creative festival lacks musical diversity. 
Location: C+  Dust storms, high desert sun without shade.  The dry lake bed desert has its own beauty.
Organization: A Even with some ticket issues, they provide a good infrastructure for Nevada’s 5th largest city for a week.
Pros: It’s Burning Man!!
Cons:  The expensive ticket price is the just the tip of the iceberg for many, dust storms, heat, the collective chaos of 50,000+ people!
When: the week up through Labor Day weekend        Where: Black Rock Desert, NV
review by kyer @

list of BM videos and stuff.

Hula Cam at Burning Man 2012

If you like this video you sure will enjoy this one:

Burning Man Infographic
The history of Burning Man has always been a complex entity that has survived, nay, mutated over the years. And because of this, it has grown rapidly since its humble beginnings of a simple gathering on a beach.
The infographic poster shows only a small portion of what Burning Man is. By no means do mere numbers even begin to show a complete picture, as that is a history of stories, experiences, and individual tales.
I was recently interviewed by Jordan Salinger from the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association about this inforgraphic:
“For some it is a yearly spiritual revival providing an emotionally charged respite from reality; for others it simply means they are able to eat brunch without standing in line. The mark left by Burning Man on San Franciscans and this city is undoubtedly immense, but is hard to truly measure. The same can be said about the impact on Black Rock City, Burning Man’s yearly home, but this stunning infographic provides an all-encompassing perspective on the event.” by: Burning Man
or... The history of Burning Man

Kyer Wiltshire
Some of the Burning Man photos that didn't make it into my book Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture Fractal Planet Speaker & Workshop Series 2 O'Clock and Esplanade! 2013 VOIDED TICKETS LIST

Plan your arrival so that you show up at the Gate after the 6pm opening. We cannot allow people who show up early to wait in town (see #1 above). When the Gate opens, we give priority to those who are coming off the highway....those who showed up on time. This means that if you show up early and we have to stage you somewhere, you will get in later than if you showed up on time.

Beware of NARCS / undercover cops asking you for drugs

Do you want to learn more about your civil rights — both in Black Rock City and the default world? Stop by the Liberty Lounge from 2 PM to 6 PM daily where the ACLU of Nevada will be available to answer your questions. 
Know Your Rights: The ACLU publishes a guide on What To Do If You're Stopped by Police on the ACLU website at:
Know Your Rights Videos: Flex Your Rights offers DVDs on how to behave if stopped by law enforcement on their website at: ... and free on YouTube here:
Please note, however, that the ACLU guide and the Flex Your Rights video are geared more for a law enforcement stop that could lead to an arrest; whereas most stops in Black Rock City are more about warnings and citations. Use common sense when deciding how to comport yourself.
If you were arrested or cited at Burning Man and are interested in better understanding your legal options, then Lawyers For Burners is a resource available to you. LFB is run by volunteers in the Burning Man community to help you better understand how to navigate your options. 

Aug 30 Critical Mass Every Last Working Friday Critical Mass 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza   Market @ Embarcadero SF

Sep 2013 2013 - Joshua Tree, CA Sep 5 - Sep 8 59700 29 Palms Hwy 

Fri Sep 6 SF BIKE PARTY 7:30pm Meet at China Basin Camp. theme: SUMMER CAMP

Art Murmur Oakland 6pm-10pm

Sept 6 AfterBurn Rager @ 1015 This annual rager is always a good one!

Sat Sep 7 Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival 8pm MOONRISE KINGDOM • Saturday September 7, Washington Square, San FranciscoA pair of young lovers flee their New England town causing a local search party to try and find them in this romantic comedy from Director Wes Anderson. 2012 • 94 min • PG-13 volunteer meeting. 
Wed Sep 11  7:30 - 9 pm 16 Vasco Drive, Mill Valley, CA
supportive, action-oriented group of parents committed to creating healthier homes and communities for all our children. 

Sept 13 Trapeze @ Monarch 6th at mission SF Another Big Boom burlesque meets bass music event! Did I mention how much I love this sound system at the Monarch?

SF Full Moon Sep 19 4:12 A.M.

)'( Full Moon Symbiosis Gathering 2013 Sept 19-23 Woodward Reservoir 28 mile Rd Oakdale CA
5 days of art, music, and adventure! An astounding assortment of sensory delights! Curious characters and eccentric explorers. Rare beauties and beautiful rarities. The wise, the wild, the weird, the wonderful. Dancing, swimming, and making merry together!

SG13 lineup additions just announced: Bluetech, Mortar and Pestle, VibeSquaD, Worthy, Jeno Void, El Papachango, Desert Dwellers, DJ Dragonfly, Danny Corn, Garth, Jamie Janover & Resonator and KMLN.
#‎SymbiosisGathering  | #‎SG13  | #‎Bluetech  | #‎MortarAndPestle  | #‎Vibesquad  | #‎Worthy  | #‎Jeno  | #‎ElPapachango  | #‎DesertDwellers  | #‎Dragonfly  | #‎DannyCorn  | #‎Garth  | #‎Janover  | #‎Resonator  | #‎KMLN  | #‎LightningInABottle  — with Lightning in a Bottle and 9 others. Super Hero Street Fair Sept 21 2013 2pm-Midnight SF

Sep 21 Tour de Fat 8pm SKYFALL • Saturday Sept 21, Dolores Park, San FranciscoWith MI6 now compromised from both inside and out, M is left with one ally she can trust: Bond. 2012 • 144 min • PG-13

Sep 21 / 22 Polk St Blues Fest

September 21-22: Polk Street Blues Festival San Francisco Free Street Fair and Festival Guide

Fri Sep 27 Critical Mass Every Last Working Friday Critical Mass 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza   Market @ Embarcadero SF

Sat Sep 28 3rd Annual SuPeRHERO STREET FAIR !  2pm-Midnight   WATERFRONT BOARDWALK OASIS overlooking Islais Creek Indiana @ Cesar Chavez SF  Wonder Twin Powers form of...?

Saturday September 28: Superhero Street Fair San Francisco Free Street Fair and Festival Guide. 

September 29: Folsom Street Fair San Francisco Free Street Fair and Festival Guide

Exploratorium FREE DAYS Pier 15 SF Engineering Day (Sep 29, 2013); Founder's Day (Oct 13, 2013) PIE Day 3.14 2014
Groundhog Day (February 2, 2014) Pi Day (March 14, 2014) Mother’s Day (May 11, 2014) BEWARE PARKING METERS OPERATE UNTIL 11PM 

Oct 4 SF BIKE PARTY 7pm  + Art Murmur Oakland 6pm-10pm

Oct. 4-6: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival San Francisco Free Street Fair and Festival Guide

October 6: Castro Street Fair San Francisco Free Street Fair and Festival Guide

The next worldwide March Against Monsanto will be October 12

Oct 13 Colombus Day Parade. CELEBRATE 500 YEARS OF GENOCIDE

Exploratorium FREE DAYS Pier 15 SF Engineering Day (Sep 29, 2013); Founder's Day (Oct 13, 2013) PIE Day 3.14 2014
Groundhog Day (February 2, 2014) Pi Day (March 14, 2014) Mother’s Day (May 11, 2014) BEWARE PARKING METERS OPERATE UNTIL 11PM 

14th Burning Man Events / Decompression ~ Sunday Oct. 13th Indiana St SF entrance on 22nd at Minnesota 

SF Full Moon Oct 18 4:37 P.M.

3nd Annual Masquerotica Costumed Ball  ~ Saturday Oct 19th SF Bioneers Conference & Workshop Intensives Emergence Oct  2013 San Rafael, CA AFTERPARTY in the REDWOODS for BIONEERS

Fri Oct 25 Critical Mass HALLOWEEN RIDE this is the BEST and BIGGEST BIKE RIDE of the YEAR in COSTUME so much FUN!
Every Last Working Friday Critical Mass 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza   Market @ Embarcadero SF Bring Bike, Helmet, Lights, Costume.

Fri Nov 1 SF BIKE PARTY 7pm  + Art Murmur Oakland 6pm-10pm

NOV 9 / 10 SF  Sat 10-6 Sun 11-5 Councourse Exhibition Ctr Brannan @ 8th St SF 

SF Full Moon Nov 17 7:16 A.M.

SF Full Moon Dec 17 1:29 A.M.

Surround the Federal Reserve® banks    22 Nov. 2013 3 P.M.
Join the national event page to find your local event:


We have announced the March Against Monsanto 2.0 for next year 5/24/14! We will also be active and setting up some other actions both online and with boots on the ground before then so stay tuned! July 4th we will be promoting Moms Across America's event for food independence, October 12th we take to the streets again In honor of World Food Day on 10/16/13. More to come so stay tuned. Check our website for updates and sign up for our newsletter here:  
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.