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What the heck is gluten and why is it so bad?
You're seen the signs: "Gluten free"
What the heck is gluten, why is 
it suddenly a problem and is it really that bad? 
From our friends at Real Food.  Video:

gluten makes me slow
tummy digest needs all blood 
no blood left for brain

Hitler fed Concentration Camp inmates 3 PPM Fluoride to make prisoners DOCILE so he could send 3/4 of camp gaurds to the frontline.
Hitler learned from STALIN that that FLUORIDE is a TRANQUILIZER.
4 out of 7 classes of Tranquilizers in US Pharmaceutical industry are FLUORIDE BASED.
ie: Seratonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors;
Prozac, Paxil, Welbutrin, Zoloft, Lexipro

Brita does NOTHING for
the only 2 toxins in SF H2O

Chloramine In Tap
Evaporate Overnight
Good Water
75% of Chloramine Compound (Chlorine + Amonia) will evaporate overnight if you run tap water into a Stainless Steel Skillet and set out overnight - I use four
Leaving SF with just PURE MOUNTAIN WATER from YOSEMITE / Hetch Hetchy 
Plus the Fluoride your Devious Govt is Soft Killing you with.
But FAR less Fluoride (.7 ppm) than is concentrated in your junkfood processed with far more of the same water
Chloramine Water
Let it set Out Overnight
Fluoride Next

Who Put Fluoride in our water? Why are they doing that:
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