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After taking a year off from the playa, Im coming back in full force! 

Offering differing sets all around the playa this year. Booty, Stripper, Exotic, Latin, Reggae, Swing, Witch and Progressive Trap, Glitchy Witchy Bass, Liquid Chill Bass, Future Bass, Moombahton sounds, Neo and Electro Swing, Cumbia, Funky, Tech, Deep, and Electro house, and of course 808 Midtempo Bass....depending on the vibe and what Im feeling in the moment!

This is my 16th year on playa and Im sooo looking forward to going home to this mystical city and participating in the social art that unfolds over the week and then disappears only to be a memory or photograph.

I am excited and honored to be invited to provide the energy and sounds to help make those special moments come alive on playa....  Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can....


Tuesday 8-10pm
Kostume Kult 3:15 and Esplanade

Tuesday 12-1am 
Club Exotica Presents: Seduce Me
2:30 and ExtraTerrestrial

Tuesday 2:30am 
Abraxus (Art Car)
Meet up either at False Profit OR 2:30 and Esplanade


Wed 5-6pm
4 and D
Camp Guava 

Wed 10-11:30pm
Love Potion Art car 
Meet at the Frrench Core Burn on the playa

Wednesday 1-2am
Booty Trap/Twerk Hoedown
BassHenge @ 2 & Holy
Booty Trap 


Thursday 5-6pm
Hookahdome - Inside the Dome 
Tag Team set with Dulce Vita
2:15 & Esplanade
Downtempo Bass set 

Thursday 11pm-Midnight
HookahDome - Outside the Dome
2:15 & Esplanade

(Thursday night Curation) Friday Morning 6:30am 
White Ocean @ 10 & D
Sunrise set


Friday 6:30pm-7:30pm
French Quarter - Whore Night 
3 & Portal

Friday 10-11pm
Sacred Spaces
9:30 & Esplanade

Friday 1-2am 
Dreams of Dionysus
@ Camp Chakralicious
2:30 and Extraterrestrial

Friday 3:30am
Meet Deep Playa - Location to be determined


Saturday night 4am
BassHenge - Druids Dance 
2 & Holy 


Sunday night Curation - Monday Morning 8AM
Hookahdome Outside
2: 15 & Esplanade

WEDNESDAY - Grand Sierra 
Wednesday 3PM
Grand Sierra - Pool side set
Reno, Nevada 


Friday, Sept 6, 2013 - AFTERBURN
1015 Folsom, SF
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.