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*** Distrikt Theme Camp Party & Fundraiser - Saturday, Oct 12th ***

*** Opulent Temple's Party & Fundraiser - Sunday, Oct 13th ***

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Distrikt Theme Camp Party & Fundraiser
Public Works    

161 Erie Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Saturday, October 12th

Doors 9:00 PM (event ends at 4:00 AM)
$15 - 21 and over

Have you pre-decompressed yet?  It's key for the success of your DEcompression to PRE-decompress!  

Have no fear, DISTRIKT is here to show you how to properly PRE-decompress: 

1. Put on those playa boots - yes, the ones that have been sitting in a plastic bag, yet to be dusted off.  DO NOT DUST THEM OFF.
2. Put on your favorite playa outfit with the best story attached.
3. Check the mirror for smile.  Smiling?  Check!
4. Add a dash of some unexpected accessory.  Craft night!  
5. Recall story attached to costume.  Fuzzy memory?  Hit self upside the head with a 2x4.  Memory back?  Check!
6. Come to PUBLIC WORKS at 9pm.  Enjoy yummy drink specials/happy hour until 10:30.  Get legs & feet warmed up for...
8. 4AM - your coach turns back into a pumpkin.  Sleep.  Set alarm for Burning Man Decompression on Sunday!

We had SUCH an unbelievably magical year.  Did you?  Will you tell us a story if we tell you one?  Come dream the dream of slushy drinks and daytime revelry.  We can't let it go.  So we're bringing it home.

Main Room: 
- BEN SEAGREN (DISTRIKT / Endup / Sense),, 
- BRETT RUBIN (Desert Syndicate),,

- SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple),,
- TAMO (Space Cowboys),,
- JAMIE SCHWABL (Om Phonic / Trifucta / Wülfpack),,
- ATRON (Om Phonic / Trifucta),,
- PETER BLICK (Public Works),,
- DUSTY CLOTHING with good stories STRONGLY encouraged! 
DISTRIKT is a non-profit electronic music collective and experiment of a few Deep End organizers of years past. Ask any one of us why, and you might get a different answer: giving back to the electronic music and alternative arts community; a desire to throw furious & fierce parties in the desert and elsewhere throughout the year; an urge to provide venues for music, dancing, and other art forms; an arrested development inability to let go and an ambition to try something new.
Our eclectic group of people offer up their talents — be it music making, drink slinging, construction craftiness, technological wizardry, performance art, or benevolent mischief. We live and breathe our ethos year round, and look forward to giving back to the community that has inspired us and bonded us together. This is our culture, this is our art, this is our gift.
We grow our community through new blood, new ideas, and old friends. We provide a venue for music, dance, and alternative art on the playa and beyond at a level of sound and fury you won’t soon forget. We want to gift you with daytime drink, dance, and a great crew of peeps and do what we do best.

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Opulent Temple's Party & Fundraiser

Sunday, October 13th
9:30 - Late

119 Utah St @ 15th st., 21+
2 room of sound and food truck on the patio.

$10 -$15 bones

A 100% benefit for OT's future projects. Hope you take Monday off. : )

The OT is stoked to bring you our annual 'let's keep this going into the night' super dance joint with all your favorite OT homies in the comfort of Mighty's extra warm sound system and vibe.

Dance Opulent style with ...

Billy Seal
Brian Williams
DJ Icon 
Dulce Vita
Syd Gris
The Quadrobe

Visuals by FulMelt

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