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Anonymous Operation 5th of November, #Op5th 
We Are Anonymous. Join us @ & Million Mask March SF Tue Nov 5 10am-4pm 
Starting Position: Civic Center Plaza (near the center of the plaza)
Costumes on Haight has LOTS of Fawkes masks.
This 5th of November, we call on those of you that see the wrongs of society, those that can see we are on a collision course with oblivion. This 5th of November, we ask those of you that can see the fabric of our civilization unraveling before our very eyes to take a stand against the corruption, lies, deceit and greed threatening our very existence. This 5th of November, we ask that you look through the veil of obscurity the shady and corrupt individuals in leadership are desperately trying to perpetuate in order to continue with their obscenities. This 5th of November, we ask that you dawn your mask, take a stand and refuse to live a lie any longer. Let us stand united against the wrongs of this world on Anonymous’ Million Mask March and let us give them a 5th of November they will never, ever forget!


March Itinerary:
Please keep in mind this list is not necessarily all inclusive and may be subject to flux time-wise depending on delays, conditions and other factors.

--- Starting Position: Civic Center Plaza (near the center of the plaza) ---

9:00AM-10:00AM: Early Prep time – This is the period at which we will begin our setup of the March starting area. This includes setup of equipment we will need for the procession, completing any last minute preparations with city officials/ police force and, in general getting ourselves organized and street-worthy. Though this is mostly a time for our leadership to convene, we could certainly use any assistance offered.

10:00AM-10:30AM: Gathering the Armada – This is the time we have for the majority of the attendees to arrive and get together; mingle, discuss the upcoming march, advertise to passers-by about our cause and get ready to march. We are not going to be doing too much in the way of preparation here, mostly just waiting for people to arrive.

10:30AM-11:00AM: Time for a little Chat – At this time, we will be mostly assembled and will listen intently as Alfred gives us the “pre-flight safety guidelines” for our march and following rally. Please pay attention as we do want you guys to be safe through-out the duration of the event. In addition to the safety briefing, we will also be reciting the cadences that will be used during the march.

11:00AM-~12:00PM: We will begin our progression to the set destination: Justin Herman Plaza. Our route will be as follows:

Civic Center Plaza --> Larkin St. 

Larkin Street --> Golden Gate Avenue

Golden Gate Avenue --> Market Street

Market Street --> Justin Herman Plaza

---- End Position: Justin Herman Plaza ----

12:00PM-~3:00PM: May the Speakers Stand Up – We will have our confirmed speakers give their stance on the issues facing our country and world. This will also be a time for those in the audience to give their points of view as well. Please keep in mind though, that we will be on a time limit permit-wise, so if you do have something you would like to say, be sure to have a general idea what you are saying before you step up.

3:00PM-???: Time for dispersal of our fine march. Great work to all and pats on the back all around!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.