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The Golden Egg- Fluoride

The American Dental Association, a trade association, in alliance with the aluminum and fertilizer manufacturers has colluded in a nefarious manner. They have created an edifice of “right” in which their very deepest and explicit and widely recognized policies are a product of a whole series of betrayals, abuses, injustices, and dispossessions.

The American Dental Association has created a fortress that fluoridation is beneficial to teeth. They have ignored fluoridation’s harm to teeth, ignored its harm to bones, its harm to glands such as the pineal and thyroid gland. They have ignored that it is an enzyme disruptor killing biological activity, that it is a Class 4 poison, that it reduces and impairs intellectual development. They ignore its harm to the environment and to other mammals. They ignore all this and much more.

Obviously, there is collusion present when such scientific matters are ignored indicating that the American Dental Association and the chemical manufacturers must profit greatly to ignore such overwhelming state of harm and expense to society from fluoride.
Policy makers and administrators are only looking at now, today’s present policy. They are unaware of the past inequities and harm and must be educated to see the countering knowledge regarding fluoride to correct what is wrong. Since 1974 when a public outcry against water fluoridation emerged there has been no progress to end its use though science illustrates its harm to society. In 1974 we still added lead to gasoline and advocates said it was safe for children. Science has changed those views and yet fluoride, a Class 4 poison on par with lead, remains the elusive goose that lays the golden egg.

Society must be defended. We must know why and how the American Dental Association and chemical manufacturers are profiting while causing great harm and expense. We must know why they are building this edifice of irresponsible, harmful and inaccurate knowledge.

Obviously, fluoride, an acknowledged poison and toxic waste, becomes a product of value throughout the country when used to fight dental carries. As a product fluoride as fluorosilicic acid creates profits for the manufacturers who otherwise are required to treat fluoride as a hazardous waste incurring a great expense for proper disposal. This explains the industrial benefits of monetary profits to promote its use. How this is connected to the American Dental Association remains to be answered.

The American Dental Association claims fluoride stops cavities and focuses on this one constant in all their arguments for dental health. Science proves fluoride is an enzyme disruptor- it stops biological action and cellular growth and exchange. Fluoride makes the enamel stronger and yet thinner which over time subjects the tooth to premature brittleness and cracking in daily use. This requires highly expensive dental restoration with crowns, root canals and implants. This is significantly more expensive than a dental filling. Fluoride creates fluorosis (a harmful condition) at varying levels that requires expensive dental work. The American Dental Association says that’s okay because it reduces cavities. What the American Dental Association really purport is fluoride for its benefits, to create lucrative dental business and universal dental clients through the biological harm fluoride produces.

Not one word about the nutrients that create good dental health. Instead, the American Dental Association wants you to get fluoride treatments, drink fluoridated water, brush with fluoridated toothpaste (an illegally labeled drug without dosage information or accurate dispensing), have fluoridated varnishing and even take fluoride pills- all to stop tooth decay? More realistically to create dental emergencies, crowns, root canals, implants, bridges, fluorosis and with shameless and reckless regard for all the harm it is doing to the rest of the body as well as the teeth and the environment.

This explains the benefits the American Dental Association is seeking for its membership as a trade association – long term, constant and guaranteed expensive dental work providing high profits over time for its membership.

This dispossesses society of its wealth and of its health. This is a betrayal to society where deceit hides the truth and covers it with lies and misdirection. Correct knowledge must come forward to change the knowledge of the present, to change the administrators and policy makers. The history of all the inequities, harm, and suffering caused by fluoride must be remembered and revealed.

We must demand the end to advocating fluoride by the American Dental Association in the public water system and by Health Departments and by Water Boards.

Contact them all. In depth knowledge on this issue is available at the website

Michael LeVesque

Post Script: There are many dentists who practice ethical dentistry. There are many dentists who oppose public water fluoridation. There are dentists who advocate specialized use of fluoride for extraordinary purposes for an individual patient. This does not change the scientific reality of fluoride as a Class 4 Poison and enzyme disruptor, however, as in chemo-therapy; the drug may be toxic and still ultimately beneficial in special situations under highly controlled professional supervision. Dentists should gather together to stop public water fluoridation as their professional duty, as scientists and as humanitarians.
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