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Technocracy is failed mind control
We must learn to better understand the human spirit while also defending it from current attacks.

Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this!Watch the sky!Heads Up!

must see - wind map


You'd think with all the talk about labeling GMOs or banning them that concerns about their safety are 'anti-scientific' and 'irrational,' but the truth is quite the opposite...

Truth Behind the National Vaccine Injury Court and Autism -

     Open Relationships Erika Awakening December 4, 2013Feeling “Not Good Enough” … with A Happy Ending :)More on the Power of Radical Honesty

     Child Protection When Rough Men Approached A Little Girl, I Was Scared. Then I Realized What They Were REALLY Doing.

We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve
**************HOUSE Of ROTHSCHILD*****************
---------- No One Can UNDERSTAND...
-------------Without Reading This...

Even this CNN poll reflects that it's harder and harder to find people who support stricter gun laws. See what the numbers are now...

The Three Most Important Ongoing Second Amendment Cases

United Nations Launches First Fleet of Surveillance ‪#‎Drones‬ -- will fly "peacekeeping" missions...
BitCoin CIA Connection
When all is said and done about BitCoin... When a few get something for nothing,... in the end, most will get nothing for something. Now I will explore the Poke...

EU fines eight banks over rigging rates 
German Deutsche Bank, involved in rigging the Euribor and Japanese yen Tibor rates, was fined a total of $983 million, while the French Societe Generale was fined $605 million for manipulating the European Euribor rate.

British bank RBS, already mired in controversy, was fined $530 million for involvement in cartels which rigged both rates.

The European Commission's anti-trust authorities had never previously imposed such big fines overall, the Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, told a press conference.

In total, four financial institutions were involved in a cartel which rigged the Euribor rate and six in a cartel which manipulated the Tibor rate.

#chemtrails #geoengineering #weathermodification 
Anyone want to wake up these people?
SPECTACULAR Sunday sunset here in the Valley...LIKE it? Enjoy it now... your cooler, work week forecast coming up after an all new ‪#‎TheMentalist‬ at 10! Photo Courtesy: Casey Stanford

Fortunately, the Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NEK, President: Otfried Höffe) critically commented on the use of the ADHD drug Ritalin in its opinion of 22 November 2011 titled Human enhancement by means of pharmacological agents: The consumption of pharmacological agents altered the child’s behavior without any contribution on his or her part.

If you believe 19 guys with boxcutters stood down the US AIR FORCE for 2 hours led by a dude in a cave on a dialysis machine, then you are a CONSPIRACY THEORIST

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