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Just uploaded my Mental Foreplay video on youtube. The brain is the most important erogenous organ. Knowing how to keep seducing your lover between dates, and how to put hot fantasies in their mind, is a different skill set, then knowing what to do in their presence. Depending whether you are looking for a one night stand, a short affair, a long term lover, or a life partner, there are different approaches to seduction, which bring the results you desire, without creating false expectations and a trail of broken hearts:) the video was originally made for male audience, but the principles are the same for both genders. Any feedback is appreciated
Mental Foreplay - Seduce the Mind & Emotions and Avoid Breaking Hearts by Meriana Dinkova - The brain is the most important erogenous 

The governments of Japan, America and Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation
Falsely Stated That There Were No Unusual Radiation Levels The governments of Japan, America and Canada have covered up the severity of the Fukushima crisis
Dick Gregory- CODE RED: Crisis in Amerikkka What CNN Won't Tell You
This inspiring lecture by our beloved Elder Baba Dick Gregory deals with current new
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