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There are a group of doctors I know that all have broke away from the AMA and come up with their own formula for getting rid of Cancer. Every one of them puts their patients on a Vit C drip for 3-4 days. IV vitamin C helps cancer patients
Kilauea Volcano threatens entire Pacific Rim 
The Hilina Slump is a huge shelf and bulge on the SE slope of Kilauea, in Hawaii.... 
most of that information is word for word from wikipedia..

Nine people onboard and no one has a scratch except one person. The only person responsible for the validation of Obamas birth certificate.....dies. Nothing here to see....move along. 
Anonymous: 51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors...

While the world inches closer to 2014 India has jumped to the 1860s!
The Dubious Arguments for India's Gay Sex Ban 
The Supreme Court of India’s ruling against homosexuality may be shocking—but it was also, even in this age of equality, likely.
- - - - - Sun Dec 15


According to expert nutritionists, the main reason that anti-inflammatory foods should be included in an individual's diet is because they reduce inflammation levels and provide immune system support.
Which foods have anti-inflammatory properties?

We are what we eat. As Hippocrates stated long ago, "Let food be thy medicine." Each day we have the choice to nourish our bodies with nutrient-dense foods or poison ourselves with processed, empty calories.
Eating for happiness

Have you done much research on Splenda? This review may blow your mind: Share with those you know who may be using it (we know none of our fans do!)

HEIL BLOOMBERG! injecting children with TOXIC MERCURY.
Bloomberg unleashes mandatory vaccination of children:

10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than The Flu!
Read More:

Karen Udes. Ex World Bank insider Blows the lid off the global banking cabal! EVERY interview she does is golden.
full of incite… she is a truth American Patriot… hopefully she doesn't get snuffed.

a very wise man speaketh
Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation 
The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it. So says Russell Means, 

     END the FED
Do you own your house? 
Most people are not even aware that they do not. They assume that since everyone does it, its normal.

Titanic The Shocking Truth 2012 Documentary
for those who are horribly indoctrinated and have a difficult time understanding Truth, here's an old classic. (repost) this documentary will burst your brain.
yes, the Titanic WAS AN INSIDE JOB… it's how the Federal Reserve came into being… deal with it!

and here's the lecture that pairs with the Titanic inside job video i just posted
The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception [John Hamer]

this will absolutely destroy all you zombies who believe in the "global warming" SCAM….
Professor Bob Carter torpedoes the "scientific consensus" on the climate HOAX
An excellent presentation disputing man-made global warming using nothing but 

Martin Bishop
Can you count how many different kinds of wrong this is?

1. Trauma is not a bacterium or virus so this "vaccine" represents a new, novel, and fundamentally misleading use of the word "vaccine". The "vaccine" is actually a drug.

2. This is a drug that inhibits normal processing of traumatic experiences. If it succeeds in preventing PTSD, how many more soldiers will be deployed back into combat zones until they get killed instead of until they're unable to function due to P...TSD? How many dead soldiers will come back from war zones instead of psychologically disabled soldiers? How many tax dollars will be saved by not having to support veterans on PTSD-disability.

3. What else does the drug shut down? fear? morality? ethics? conscience? Is this really a drug for helping human beings or is it a drug for turning humans into machines? Or... if the drug blocks fear, as reported, and a soldier's primary reason for obeying orders is fear... what then?

4. How might this drug be abused both inside and outside the military? How might athletes, criminals, sex predators, bank robbers and others abuse a fear-blocking drug?

5. How much longer will natural treatments/cures for PTSD be suppressed if this drug is widely used?

- - - - -     MUST SEE     - - - - -     WAKE THE FUCK UP    - - - - -    BREAK TRANCE

Alex Jones - How the elite control politics false left-right paradigm ... 5:51 audiobox.html 

The False Left Right Paradigm - From the Obama Deception ... 2:09
The Shill World Order: Pushers Of The False Left-Right Paradigm ...
Apr 20, 2009 ... the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World. 
Celente Says Populists Will Break the False Left-Right ... - Infowars‎

Jul 7, 2010 ... Home  Alex Jones Radio Show  Listen Live  Listen Windows ... Celente Says
Populists Will Break the False Left-Right Political Paradigm ...
The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies Alex Jones ...‎

Jul 11, 2011 ... The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies ... {openx:49}. The False Left
Right Paradigm  From The Obama Deception ... 
Matrix of Terms: False Left-Right Paradigm | Planet Infowars 

Poll: Moronic Majority Want TSA Agents Armed
Only group who oppose are Libertarians.

- - - - - Sun Dec 15 Early Eve

For those just starting to learn poi flowers.

The Message of Freedom in One Minute

This 70-year old footage reveals the kind of garbage they were able to spill into our air back then:

Nickasaurus Woolsey
Almost didn't get this one up as the power was out for the whole area until 7pm! This is just the first in a whole series. There are a lot of prerequisites! Oh, and if anybody has a better name than "Capped Swoopty-Swoops" let me know! EFFECTS IN U.S. TO BE DEVASTATING: MASSIVE RADIATION SPIKE AT FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR DISASTER SITE; 1 MIL. TIMES MORE RADIOACTIVE STRONTIUM IN WELL-WATER APPROACHING PACIFIC OCEAN, THEN U.S. WEST COAST
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world
As 50 giant oil tankers lurk off the British coast, we reveal an even more scandalous threat to the global 

- - - - - Sun Dec 15 Afternoon Man sues top govt brass over Google auto-completed search 'harassment'

Dutchsinse    Omg! Must see! 
The cartoon half way through says it all..... 'simon says' listen to 'the underdog'...... LOL but no lol.... weather modification..
 3MIN News December 15, 2013 Snow in Cairo COULD IT BE Weather Modification ? 
Snow in Cairo for the first time in 112 years

The scene from Game of Drones Fight Club last night. More info on these quads:
Welcome to Game of Drones Fight Club!
The first rule of Game of Drones Fight Club: Tell everyone. The second rule of Game of Drones Fight Club: TELL EVERYONE! The third rule of Game of Drones Fig...
Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life 
on A possibility: Tap the energy now, before it blows. Drill directly into the heart of the caldera, then build a geothermal power plant on Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trow - Published on Aug 20, 2013Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, talks about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons. | | Alternative News for the People

In case you weren't around for it, or in case you missed it..... here's a repost of the documentary Julio and I worked on... called Genetically Modified Society.
1hr 30min long.. this is where we got Q and A time with the DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE .. the Secretary of Agriculture USDA, PhD's and Professors..... director from the United Nations... representatives from Cargill / Monsanto...
We even managed to infiltrate a CFR call (council on foreign relations) .. and asked about Cloud Seeding Weather Modification !!!!
Genetically Modified Society -- Full Movie (1080p HD)
A documentary covering the topics of Genetically Modified food (GMO's) , and 12/14/2013 -- ☢ HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 81.4CPM in the Snow
Leaflbowers in your neighborhood kick the Radioactive particles back up in the air for you and your loved ones to breathe.

2nd snow test..... 12/15/2013 -- ☢ HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 76.9CPM in the Snow - St. Louis, Missouri (2nd test)
12/15/2013 -- ☢ HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 76.9CPM in the Snow - St. Louis, Missouri (2nd test) 
PLEASE SHARE AND GET THE WORD OUT ! I US Naval members from the USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster, people 21, 22 and 23, years old going blind. Sailors are now suffering the effects of the Fukushima disaster, 70-75 of which are now suing, according to attorney Charles Bonner, who is representing them.- See more at:

Sun Dec 15 Noon

"Don't be Evil" my a**. Google buys Boston Dynamics, the DARPA funded maker of uber-creepy killer robots.
of course there were "Loan Gunmen tactical preparedness" exercises occurring yesterday during the shooting. i Arapaho county. how could there not be. if it's a false flag.
Upcoming Classes and Trainings | TAC*ONE Consulting
TAC*ONE Consulting is conducting classes all over the U.S. if your municipality or business seeks professional training please call 720-425-5687.
 Also check out their Google Calendar. Before this drill, nothing. Zip. Front company if ever I saw one.

- - - - - Sat Dec 14

LEFT vs RIGHT / Democrat vs Republican

Alex Jones - How the elite control politics false left-right paradigm ... 5:51 audiobox.html 

The False Left Right Paradigm - From the Obama Deception ... 2:09
The Shill World Order: Pushers Of The False Left-Right Paradigm ...
Apr 20, 2009 ... the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World. 
Celente Says Populists Will Break the False Left-Right ... - Infowars‎

Jul 7, 2010 ... Home · Alex Jones Radio Show · Listen Live · Listen Windows ... Celente Says
Populists Will Break the False Left-Right Political Paradigm ...
The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies Alex Jones ...‎

Jul 11, 2011 ... The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies ... {openx:49}. The False Left
Right Paradigm – From The Obama Deception ... 
Matrix of Terms: False Left-Right Paradigm | Planet Infowars 

Poll: Moronic Majority Want TSA Agents Armed
Only group who oppose are Libertarians.

NDAA Grabbing Activists?
~ Amanda Billyrock arrested- no charges, no bail.. Just the NDAA in full effect.
Call and demand an answer:
Belknap County Department of Corrections
(603) 527-5480
Superintendent: Daniel P. Ward, Sr.
Deputy Superintendent: David Berry
Billyrock caged, charges unknown
By William R. Toler Anarchist activist and libertarian femme fatale Amanda Billyrock will be sitting in a cage this weekend. According to Ademo Freeman of Cop Block, Billyrock was soicalizing with him and others when she was arrested. He says … Continue reading → Factories at seaSuper trawlers at sea - Confused gangstersEvery now one of these deals goes bad. What kind of deal am I talking about? Governments giving companies the "right" to rape and pillage. Normally everything goes smoothly.The bad guys come in - under cover of government officials - steal everything that's not nailed down and go on their way. It didn't work this time. Interestingly, dirt poor African fishermen managed to drive this factory at sea out of their waters. Somehow the Australians gave the owners of the ship the hope that they could move their operation to Australia. But not so fast...- See more at:

Blatant predictive programming from 1989 - Demolition vs The Twin Towers
"DEMOLITION WILL TOPPLE THE TWIN TOWERS" King Duggan & Demolition vs Andre the Giant &The Twin Towers

Wrestlers Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan predict 9/11 Attack in 1989!
In 1989, WWF Wrestlers Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage predict destruction of the Twin Towers!
Better link - Global Chemtrail Spraying Going Mainstream It's All Very Funny

This VID is Different. . Watch other FIRST. Stephen Colbert Tells David Keith Government is Already Spraying U Al Gore Admits to Chemtrails on Ellen Show

"Toxic Skies.", Geoengineering/Chemtrails feature film...A Must See... Most Lucky People in World
some of these folks are SMART standing behind a TREE or CONCRETE to reduce risk of DEATH
you can be SMART too Obama's New Officer Class: The Culling of Our Military
The Financial Crisis is Not Over, The Worst is Yet to Come:
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report about the future economic outlook and what people should do to prepare themselves.
Like Us:

Eyes on Trade: Study: "Trade" Deal Would Mean a Pay Cut for 90% of U.S. Workers 
The verdict is in: most U.S. workers would see wage losses as a result of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a sweeping U.S. "free trade" deal under
Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D
Israel must dismantle this war machine in exchange for peace. They aren't gonna like it. Just like we aren't gonna like it when our chemical weapons are call... Rage Against The Machine: Take The Power Back

- - - - - Friday Dec 13 2012

Hitch McDermid - My TEDx talk on finding my Spirit Partner is here:
I Believe: Hitch McDermid at TEDxFiDiWomen Hitch lived most of my life as a

Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Dr.Rebecca Carley. ADVERSE REACTIONS to immunizations are more common than many people realize. Please visit her website: Dr. Rebecc...’s-a-motorcycle

Poll: Moronic Majority Want TSA Agents Armed

Is Glenn Greenwald’s Alternative Media Network Another CIA Mockingbird Operation?

Intelligence community historically involved in manipulating news organizations.

Alex Jones - How the elite control politics false left-right paradigm ... 5:51 audiobox.html 

The False Left Right Paradigm - From the Obama Deception ... 2:09

The Shill World Order: Pushers Of The False Left-Right Paradigm ...

Apr 20, 2009 ... the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World. 
Celente Says Populists Will Break the False Left-Right ... - Infowars

Jul 7, 2010 ... Home · Alex Jones Radio Show · Listen Live · Listen Windows ... Celente Says
Populists Will Break the False Left-Right Political Paradigm ...
The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies Alex Jones ...

Jul 11, 2011 ... The Controlled Left Right Paradigm For Dummies ... {openx:49}. The False Left
Right Paradigm – From The Obama Deception ... 
Matrix of Terms: False Left-Right Paradigm | Planet Infowars 

Poll: Moronic Majority Want TSA Agents Armed
Only group who oppose are Libertarians.

- - - - - Fri Dec 13 2013 Afternoon / Early Eve

How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster:
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the founder of Stewart Rhodes. The two discuss Oathkeepers latest initiative in going operational and creating self sustainable communities.
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How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster | We Are Change How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the founder of Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton Red Bull Rampage from start to finish

Is Glenn Greenwald’s Alternative Media Network Another CIA Mockingbird Operation?
Intelligence community historically involved in manipulating news organizations.
If you aren't yet aware of this, the CIA and all the intelligence services of the major industrialized powers, are all deeply involved in drug trafficking. It's how they fund Black Ops they can't go to their purportedly democratic governments about, or that their governments "can't know" about for matters of "national security." Other agencies, like the DEA, are not OK with this, and so every so often, they nab them in the act. It rarely gets national exposure, but it's legit. ~ CS

"Alone among major crimes, drug trafficking is often treated as a matter of “grave” national security. No one will say why. But there's a lot of money involved…This penchant for secrecy is especially clear in the case of the two American-registered drug planes from St Petersburg Florida busted in the Yucatan, whose seizure revealed that Wachovia, then America's 4th-largest bank, had laundered $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels."
"... The debate is being touched off by a major Pacific trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP), in which the rights of corporations are being seen to supercede those of local government, with built-in structures that allow private companies--in this case some of the world's largest producers of cigarettes and other tobacco products--to file suit against governments who try to toughen restrictions.... "

Defense Analysts: U.S. Should Plan For War With China

Analysts told House members that the U.S. is unprepared for a potential war.

Will Saudis Send U.S. Anti-tank Weapons to Salafist Mercenaries in Syria?
Saudis increasingly frustrated with U.S. effort to unseat Syria's Bashir al-Assad.

This spoof on Government corruption highlights the fact that criminals (politicians) will do almost anything to deceive the masses:

Tonight, Feds Say They Disrupted Suicide Bomb Plot by Worker at Wichita Airport as White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media, and later, Lawmakers Who Oversee Government Surveillance Programs Receive Millions. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Marijauna is a GATEWAY drug leading to harder drugs, like CHOCOLATE.

Spy Sunglasses DVR with AC Charger records everything you see on video! Now you can get crooked cops, judges, politicians, businessmen on video without them ever knowing it! And they’re under $20 bucks at Amazon, here:

IMF Wants a 71 Percent Tax Rate
Old fashioned taxation is out. Expect outright grand larceny at the local bank enforced by the government. WE ARE ONLY HUMAN x BURNING MAN 2013 

Iron Maiden War Criminal: Your Next President?
Old war horses and psychopaths as teleprompter readers in waiting 
Video: What Happens in Your Body When You Eat Processed Foods - Live Free, Live Natural
If there was any doubt left in your mind over the devastating effects of processed foods on your health, this may be the final nail in the

Removing government poison from your water:
Your water is being poisoned, that's a fact. They tell us they add fluoride to our water to help our teeth, is that supposed to be a joke? Fluoride is a neurological poison used by the Nazis to dumb down prisoners. What makes you think they are not doing the same to you? Well now at least you can filter out fluoride, and have some peace of mind. You can get the filter here as well as a meter that will tell you exactly how much is in your water supply.
Test Kit :
A whole range of fluoride free household products, including toothpastes etc. :

Luke Rudkowski
BREAKING the cop that we exclusively interviewed recently that was arrested for wearing the V Mask HAD ALL CHARGES DROPPED 

razor clams might be contaminated with radioactive material from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. The Health Department has test albacore tuna caught in the waters off the Pacific coast, one from before the Fukushima disaster and one caught after. In addition, the department has tested one salmon, one steelhead, as well as razor clams and other shellfish after the Fukushima disaster.

Nickasaurus Woolsey
Frustratingly, I spent today dealing with the website breaking multiple ways, rather than making poi videos! This is why I want to hire an experienced professional to help me re-launch with a recent version of Drupal! I'll be launching a fundraiser soon to help me do that, so I really need your love for the next 45 days! Meanwhile, here's an important video from the Adventures in Poi DVD which is a prerequisite for several of the mega-awesome videos I want to post soon. Enjoy playing while I go through months of messages that never reached me through the website.... sniff 
Wall Planes, Saloon Doors, and Orbing: Important Prerequisites for Several Upcoming Videos! - In this video we

Alex runs down the government's targeting of Bitcoin currency in an effort to eliminate any meaningful competition, no matter how minor, to its fiat paper money hegemony. Alex also looks at a plan by the IMF to jack up tax rates into the stratosphere as the globalists continue their consolidation move. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Fri Dec 13 Noon

Immortal Technique - Rich Man's World (1%)

David Dees-illustration REVISED, this is the final art. End of The Year 2013 Issue of Sheeple Magazine!
New Political Art book... 

Published in 1912, one year before the creation of the Federal Reserve. Note the label 'Private Syndicate', and the image of a beast holding the nation by its tentacles while funneling money into Wall Street. (Thanks Chris Bernardo) War is Always by Deception
Congressional Study: Murder Rate Plummets as Gun Ownership Soars
A Congressional Research Service (CRS) report shows that while gun ownership climbed from 192 million firearms in 1994 to 310 million  

Obama Nominates Israeli Bankster as Federal Reserve Vice Chair
Stanley Fischer will guide QE Infinity along its destructive path.

Government Spies Are Forcing Privacy Email Services To Shut Down Because They Can’t Spy On Emails
PrivateSky developers speak out after being issued national security warrant.

- - - - - Thu Dec 12 2012

If the goal is to fully recover from a cancer diagnosis, cancer patients must consume high-quality vitamins and minerals for success.

Eight major tech companies have stood up - finally - to call for an end to blanket government surveillance.

Putin: ‘We Will Never Allow Military Superiority Over Russia’ - War of words over missile defense shield hots up.
The first step in getting tobacco companies to take responsibility for their mess is making it common knowledge that cigarettes are a toxic litter problem, polluting the Bay and threatening wildlife:

Nickasaurus Woolsey
Ok, day six and so far so good! Should we take bets on whether I pull this off? Will internet problems stop me? Will the rooster attack me again? (I have bruises on my shins!) Stay tuned to find out! Meanwhile, here's a video on how to combine the 4X4 Fountain with a special way to turn with the weaves. And yes, advanced videos coming soon, at least, if I get enough poiticipation from all of you!

Homeland Security Employee Who Called For Mass Murder of Whites Finally Fired - Federal agency took over four months to take action against race war advocate.

The ATF got caught red-handed letting weapons
"walk" to Mexican drug criminals. 
But they're not done yet. 
Now they're opening illegal gun and drug
stores in neighborhoods in the hope it will
lead them to criminal kingpins. 
I kid you not. This is real and worse than you can
From our friends at 2nd Amendment TV. Video:

NEW YORK CITY, NY — A Staten Island family barbecue turned into a nightmare when it was interrupted by police investigating the improper use of a parking cone to save a parking spot on the street. What resulted was a day the family will never forget, as their home was invaded without a warrant, several family members were bludgeoned, and a NYPD officer sadistically stomped on a pet parakeet that lay helpless on the floor. Looking for Avellanet — suspected of placing a parking cone in front of the house — police went around breaking doors in half, attacking family members with pepper spray, and bludgeoning people with clubs. As officers stormed the house, they knocked a birdcage off of a dresser. The small green parakeet, Tito, was flung helplessly from the cage, landing on the floor. When a girl screamed, the officer sneerd "F*** the bird!!" and stomped on it with his jackboot. “They (the cops) don’t care about us as humans, they’re going to care about the bird?” READ MORE:

- - - - - 

I stand between light poles taking defensive POSITION when I am at an intersection. Walk Ride Drive DEFENSIVELY!
STAY ALERT. ASSUME bad CARS CAN come out of ANYWHERE. cause they do @ 3:07 maybe you wanna turn your stereo down so you can hear sirens and not die ?

I am wearing Soft Rubber CLEATS New Balance AT. $6.50 at the thrift store.  Also grabbed 2 pair Vibram Merrell same price :)
I carry 2 Gallons of spring water in my car. LOTS of FOOD.
1 qt extra oil. 1 qt extra ATF. Extra HEADLAMPS. TOOLS. Batteries, lighters. FIRST AID. Extra TOWELLS and warm clothing.
NO ADS Portland Snow Car Crashes. Please PEOPLE find YOU TUBE versions with NO ADS and then share that version. ADS SUCK. Enhanced CCTV Footage - 60 Car Pile up on HWY 41/45
NOTE TO YOU! if you come upon such a wreck you want to go through and way past it if you do not want to LOSE your car and LIFE.
If you you can SACRIFICE your car then you can stop short, LIGHT FLARES ASAP STAT!
NO FLARES? MAKE A FIRE. DO something quick to slow people down. 
HELL if you can FLIP a U TURN then get the F UCK back to the previous ONRAMP and slow people down.
LEARN CPR. CARRY FLARES. DIAL 911. State your LOCATION. ie HIGHWAY of DEATH EASTBOUND approaching HELL EXIT. Interesting--especially for #‎cancer  patients and anybody affected by #‎fukushima . That's a lot of peopleSmall Things Considered: Radiation Ahead? Eat a Black Mushroom!schaechter.asmblog.orgWeek of the Fungi on STC is a sporadic undertaking. This occasional festival is our way to hail the fall mushroom collecting season in parts of the northern hemisphere. We are a bit late this year, but mushroom collecting is still possible in many parts. Suppose that one day you 

- - - - - Midnight

it's up to 28 Trillion now!!!??? this, is how our country is being purposefully DESTROYED…

- - - - -  Wed Dec 11 2013 Late Evening

America's largest organic producer bought by company headed by pro-GMO Dean Foods' former CEO:

There is probably no traditional Asian herb that is studied more in modern western medicine laboratories than curcumin, the active ingredient of the spice turmeric.
Curcumin inhibits pituitary tumor cell proliferation, induces apoptosis 
Japan’s New ‘Fukushima Fascism’

eating melanin rich mushrooms can deflect radiation poisoning

Cancer starts with a lack of knowledge about what you are eating and what you put on your skin. Cancer ends with knowledge about organic food, organic natural remedies and juicing raw vegetables.

Researchers from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered that sucralose essentially releases cancer-causing dioxins in food when baked or otherwise heated, which is one of its primary marketed uses. 
The Number One (#1) reason cannabis is still illegal

Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium -- and lists 6 ways that 

The problem for gun control advocates is that they keep promising that no way will registration lead to confiscation of firearms, even as it does just that.
How Government Officials Doom Gun Registration Laws How Government Officials Doom Gun Registration Laws

Location Tracking: A Pervasive Problem in Modern Technology 
NSA Turns Cookies (And More) Into Surveillance Beacons

Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons

USA, UK, AND ISREAL -- THE NEW AXIS OF EVIL: Ken O'Keefe lays out the real global game plan, and exposes those who are the real international terrorists. "All wars are banker wars," and we need to call them out to save the planet from World War III.
Ken O'Keefe talks WW3, Banksters, Traitors, Constitution, Hawaii & world citizenship on RT 
Perhaps my best interview ever. Please

The planet is cooling, despite what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC) has claimed. Ice core samples continually exhibit and prove CO2 isn’t the main driver of climate change. Former US Marine: President Obama should be tried for treason

LISTEN: Creepy AI Telemarketer Sounds Human, Denies Being a Robot - Time Magazine is investigating a healthcare telemarketing firm who has been using an amazingly realistic robot caller which seems to operate on advanced and a bit creepy 
artificial intelligence. How the Mig-31 repelled the SR-71 Blackbird from Soviet skies Only the police should have guns?

The Gold Standard: Major QE Crisis Looms
Ron warns that the new Fed Chair will "never turn the spigot off" and with the U.S. owing trillions worldwide, the dollar is doomed. 
Visual chart of drone murders, including innocent men, women, and children.

Changing the definition of murder to include animals
The cost of your cheese, milk, ice cream etc. GO VEGAN FFS!
WATCH: Cows Kicked, Stabbed and Dragged at DiGiorno Pizza Cheese Supplier
Horrific undercover video taken by a Mercy For Animals investigator reveals disgusting animal cruelty at a DiGiorno dairy supplier. Workers kick, beat, and s...
THE CIA STRANGLEHOLD ON THE TRUTH CONTINUES: William Colby, the former director of the CIA, told us that the agency owns everyone of significance in the mass media. The onslaught of false and misleading reports during the 50th observance of the assassination of JFK provided stunning confirmation that he was correct. None of the national news anchors addressed the evidence.

#############################################!/events/1395862340657961/1398875453689983 Fri Jan 3 9pm-2pm @ 1015 Folsom SF Sunset SF and 1015 Folsom presentTHE FIRST PARTY OF THE YEARA FUNKY FREE DANCE PARTY

Orwellian Chinese Gov’t Responds to Nation’s ‘Airpocalypse’ with ‘Smog Is Good For You'
An incessant, poisonous smog has settled over northeast #China for long enough to actually cause people to get concerned (above and beyond the regular levels of perpetual concern). It’s being referred to as an ‘airpocalypse’.

Proof gun control is 100% BS:

NYPD to Roll Out Police State for Super Bowl
NYPD will deploy heavily armed officers, canines, radiation detectors and more. George Carlin had our number

Cops Train to Kill People at Traffic Stops - Cold weather training designed to improve shooting skills in sub-freezing temperatures.

- - - - - Wed Dec 11 Noon

Russia Warns America ‘We Will Respond With Nukes’ - Deputy PM says Moscow “preparing a response” to U.S. plans for missile shield in Europe.

John B. Wells joins Alex in studio to co-host and debunk the latest lies used to excuse corruption flowing within all levels of government. U.S. lawmakers are once again exaggerating the threat of Iran and North Korea in order to give billions in contracts to the military-industrial complex. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Wed Dec 11 

ITS ALL ABOUT THE BANKSTERS AND ISRAEL!!!!! Ken O'Keefe "Time to arrest traitors in White House/Congress" - END THE FED! Futurama eyephone New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile Surveillance Is Theft: World's Leading Authors Protest NSA Are Contractors Responsible for Oil Spill Clean-Up Profiting from Negligence? pt2

Garlic: How to partake of its astonishing, gold mine of rejuvenative and curative properties… the secrets revealed:

Thoughts From Within - Woody Harrelson

Tonight, Google Wants Microphones In Your Ceiling & Microchips In Your Head as Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets to Join Anti-EU Protesters, then later, NYT Reporters Sue DHS Over Interrogation Coverup.
Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in


UCC 1-207 works as well to reserve all common law rights Hollywood Does Chemtrails - Starring Anne Heche
"TOXIC SKIES" The Movie Aired on Australian TV, March 3, 2009 - Schedule Listing: U.S. Air...

A peer reviewed study published in the Journal ISRN Dermatology has found that Roundup causes skin cancer in human cells at extremely low levels. The researchers have identified the molecular mechanisms by which glyphosate contributes to tumor promotion. Most disturbingly, tumor promotion occurred at levels four orders of magnitude lower than concentrations commonly used in GM agricultural applications (e.g. 50 mM). The fact that lower concentrations were more effective at inducing proliferation than higher concentrations (which suppressed cell growth), indicates that Roundup is a potent endocrine disrupter, and further highlights why conventional toxicological risk assessments are inadequate because they do not account for the fact that as concentrations are reduced certain types of toxicity -- e.g. endocrine disruption -- actually increase. BAN ROUNDUP! READ: 
‪#‎glyphosate‬ ‪#‎Roundup‬ ‪#‎carcinogenic‬ ‪#‎endocrinedisruptor‬ ‪#‎gmo‬ ‪#‎gmofreeusa‬

The flu shot has claimed its first victim in the state of Utah, at least according to state health officials who insist that there is no official record of any individual ever previously dying as a result of the annual jab.
Flu shot kills 19-year-old, but vaccine industry still has total immunity against lawsuits old, but vaccine industry still has total immunity against lawsuits

this is a classic video by another true Patriot. i'm going to repost it for any newcomers who may be unaware of what is REALLY going on in the world.
Nicholas Rockefeller admitted the elite's goal is a 100% microchipped and enslaved World population 
Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007) was an entertainment businessman, filmmaker, libertarian political activist, and 

TSA Confiscates ‘Realistic’ Two Inch Toy Pistol From Sock Monkey
A Washington state woman traveling from St. Louis to Seattle was shocked and embarrassed after TSA agents confiscated her sock monkey’s two inch toy pistol.

Why all endocrinologists should investigate gluten as a cause of thyroid disease ==>>>
Seymour Hersh the investigative journalist who exposed the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, and the US military's brutal torture of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison has now come forward stating that Obama lied about the Syrian Chemical Weapons attacks one August 21st, 2013.
In his article he confirms the evidence we presented in our video "The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told"
the Education system is Shite. Fast fwd to 8:33 if you wanna pass all the filler 

It would appear from mounting evidence that today's children are an easy target for increased profits for pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners.

Vaccines are a gamble for your child. Your doctor will tell you vaccines are safe based on studies conducted by those who make vaccines. If you think vaccines are safe for your child please click on the link below and see what this highly experienced and reputable microbiologist has to say:

ADDICTS. Fracking up Earthquakes along the Mississippi under our 32 Mark I GE FUKUSHIMA REACTORS.
RIP fellow Americans. It was nice knowing you. if you want real info about the threats to humanity.

Awe! Yay! Heartwarming yum smiles :)

VIDEO: Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets In Solidarity With Anti-EU Protesters - Remarkable video shows cops in display of solidarity with fellow countrymen.
Alex takes a look at the latest encroachments by the high-tech panopticon control and police grid as Google predicts a not too distant future of total surveillance and microchips implanted in the human brain. Google's prediction arrives as the NSA moves its total surveillance into the virtual realm by placing its operatives into online games and terrain populated by digital avatars. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Tue Dec 10 Noon

Obamacare Architect: You Can Keep Your Doctor – As Long As You’re Willing to Pay More

"If you want to, you can pay for it," Dr. Emanuel said. 

- - - - - Mon Dec 9 Late Eve Flash Flood Utah
Meanwhile, at the NSA

If Man Obeyed God
What if original sin had never occurred? I think you'll find that the fantasy co...ncept known as "sin" is actually quite integral to our physical structure and...

If Heaven Really Existed
Most theists don't believe in heaven any more than I do. Oh they say they do, bu...t they mistake hopes for beliefs. How can you tell if someone really, really ...

The Real God: An Epiphany
Because I was constantly being told that I'm rejecting God, and I knew that wasn...'t true, I decided to research rejection, which made me aware of its effects....

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
If You Haven't Heard Of DMT Yet, You Might Soon
Found at

Well over 30 known dietary plants have been identified to be chemically preventive of breast cancer. Some contain compounds that act to prevent a dozen different types of cancer and a dozen different diseases simultaneously.

Corporate Media Ignores Evidence CIA’s al-Nusra Responsible for Syrian Sarin Attack 
Further evidence demonstrating establishment control of corporate media.

Video: The Hobbit Meets the TSA and NSA
Evil minions of Middle-earth join federal agencies to enslave America in this Infowars contest entry.
The Hidden Dangers of Genetically Engineered "Frankenfoods!"
GMO Foods: What you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the hidden dangers of Genetically Engineered "Frankenfoods."

We Are Change - The 1st FAA Prosecution of a Civilian Drone UAV:
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Brendan Schulman of Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP, a lawyer who is taking on first ever FAA case against a drone UAV hobbyist. ...
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- - - - - Mon Dec 9 Early Eve The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

How amazing would it be to give someone the gift of a kitchen wall vertical herb garden? See how to make it here: Refined Grains (Pasta). Soft Drinks. Fast Food.
You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist:
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Set Your DVRs to OMG! The Independents Debuts Tonight on at 9 PM ET on Fox Business Network!

Japanese Media Fears War With China Next Year - “The game of chicken between two great superpowers is about to begin.”

Tonight, China-Japan Conflict Could Lead to World War III, Warns Former UN Ambassador, and later, Corporate Media Ignores Evidence CIA’s al-Nusra Responsible for Syrian Sarin Attack, then, Google’s Eric Schmidt States Private drone use should be banned. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition!/CopsSayLegalizeDrugs
LEAP co-founder Peter Christ, star of the YouTube sensation "Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs," will be hosting a "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit tomorrow (Tuesday) live at 3pm ET. Check it out at (search for Peter Christ). Come with questions and share with all your friends!

Turns out the "global consensus" on drug policy is not what it seems. Surprise surprise.

Too little too late? Google, Apple, and Microsoft Agree: NSA Spying Undermines Freedom

Congress Investigates Obama’s Attempt to Become Dictator We have now reached the critical point where Obama's imperial presidency will set a precedent.

Unbelievable: ATF Using Mentally Disabled Teens to Run Drug-and-Gun Stings

Reason Magazine
AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo today published an open letter to President Barack Obama & to Members of Congress urging them to rein in the growth of the national security surveillance state.
Open Letter to Obama and Congress From Internet Giants Calls For Reining In Government Surveillance
They set out a list of five principles at the website.

Doctors score an "F" on nutrition report card ==>>>

The team at MAPS answers reader questions about using psychedelics and their therapeutic potential.

You as a juror have the power to stop bad laws and to stop peaceful people from going into state cages. Google "jury nullification" or go to

- - - - - Mon Dec 9 Mid day

Imagine a machine tunneling seven miles per day through solid rock, boulders and clay... virtually anything below the waterline. A machine whose heart is a compact nuclear reactor circulating liquid lithium at 2,000°F through a rotating face that melts a tunnel 40 feet in diameter; even injecting magma into fractures in bedrock for extreme solidity, sealing the tunnel with a glassy lining, and leaving no excavated material behind. Imagine a Subterrene. The nuclear subterrene was born at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Patents were taken out in the '70s. And since their mission is a menace to public interest, subterrenes have been minimized from public awareness. It might be safe to say that subterrenes are the hottest tool going, underground. A kind of nuclear nightcrawler. The elite's idea of dig in and hide.. the bases they make are called D.U.M.B.S. --- "Deep Underground Military Bases"

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't 	1.	Two Recent Interviews - 2013-12-09 20:56:09-05
TweetWanted to do a quick post to let you guys know about two recent interviews I recently did.  I don’t do a ton of interviews as I do a show five days a week so I figure most of what …
Have you seen Blackfish? The expose about SeaWorld has led to musicians cancelling concerts at the park. RADIATION EFFECTS IN U.S. FROM JAPAN NUKE ACCIDENT

Proof gun control is 100% bullshit:

How to Communicate with Your Cat (with Pictures) - wikiHow 

How to Communicate with Your Cat. Scientists have discovered that cats have
developed an elaborate communication system with hundreds of vocalizations to
‎How to Teach Your Cat to Give a - ‎How to Get Your Cat to Sleep ... 

How to understand what your cat's body language and vocalizations mean. 
Cat Chat: Understanding Feline Language : The Humane Society of ... 

You and your cat might speak different languages, but you can still communicate
with each other. Important clues such as the look in your cat's eyes, the tone of ...

Cat Communication: What Your Cat's Body Language Says
Experts share 6 clues on how to interpret your cat's body language.

Instructional: How to Communicate With Cats - YouTube 4, 2010 - 3 min - Uploaded by knaddaf
DIY. Instructional on how to effectively communicate with a cat.
Cat communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Cat communication is the transfer of information by one or more cats that has an
effect on the current or future behaviour of another animal, including humans.
Dec 20, 2011 ... According to Dr. Dennis Turner, each feline-human pair has an individual way of communicating, due in part to the wide variety of behaviors ...
Cat Communication, What Our Cats Are Trying to Tell Us | Steve ... 

Aug 19, 2013 ... Cat Communication isn't always easy to read, and is often misinterpreted
according to Steve Dale, certified animal behavior consultant and ...
You and Your Cat - Fact Monster 

For instance, you can talk to your cat. Some people feel silly speaking to cats,
because they think animals can't understand them. These same people may feel
How to Talk to Your Cat  1:58 9, 2012 - 2 min
Sure, you talk to your cat now, but does he know what the heck you're saying? And do ... If ...

China-Japan Conflict Could Lead to World War III, Warns Former UN Ambassador - Zukang cautions against hostilities over “those two tiny rocks”. Japan's bio-war against China

- - - - - Sun Dec 8

Sometimes, things happen that are so shocking that not only do they defy belief, but they defy explanation. For instance, why a pair of neurosurgeons with decades of education and training would throw it all away on a goofy, if not novel, medical procedure that had no prior track record.

How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster:
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the founder of Stewart Rhodes. The two discuss Oathkeepers latest initiative in going operational and creating self sustainable communities....
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37 Reasons Why "The Economic Recovery Of 2013" Is A Giant Lie

POLICE SERVE THE STATE: It is illegal to carry a knife.
It is legal? to FRACK the Earth and POISON our WATER and LAND?

If police are here to serve CHEVRON and not humanity then we need to 
Dozens were detained and 14 were charged with destruction of property and carrying knives.

NY Staten Island: The cage was knocked to the ground as the daughter screamed "My bird!" That’s when police said “Fuck your bird!” and began crushing and stomping the parakeet to death. Read more (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

A Daily Handful of Nuts Linked to 20% Lower Death Risk | GreenMedInfo

what's really happening in fukushima. this is just horrifying.

Death From The West: Fukushima Disaster Exposed

Nestle is re-selling water from other countries. Help stop the madness.

9 Sexy 3D-Printed Heels That Objectify 9 Real Women (NSFW)

Getting on Bay Bridge Hwy 80 Leaving SF sucks on a good day. 
Now imagine higher than average traffic. Picture Panic.

Map: Where You Don’t Want to Be When It Hits the Fan

You might be better off if you "BUG-IN". How much 
WATER do you have stored? Fill empty 5 gallon cooler bottles with tap water. KEEP THOSE CAPS.
Store FOOD, candles, rubbing alcohol for FIRST aid and FUEL.

So now cops shoot innocent people and then charge other innocent people with the crime.

Garlic drives away bacteria, fights infections and preserves food from outside contaminates.

Thousands protest in Japan against new state secrets bill

Cancer-causing chemicals in Hair Care and bath products! I wonder why there is concerning increase in brain tumors. Just look at which retailers are pushing these low cost toxic products. Babies R Us! Really? I guess I'm not surprised since they sell "baby Fluoridated Water" for newborns. Newborns don't have teeth! Soo why put it in their water?

Save The Bay (San Francisco)
URGENT: A crucial section of restorable Bay shoreline is about to be paved over for nearly 500 luxury executive homes and an 18-hole golf course. The Newark City Council is set to approve the plan on December 12, unless we can demonstrate that an overwhelming majority of Bay Area residents oppose this plan. Take action:

"December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy."
What IS the true story of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

 The Independent Institute
"During the partial shutdown, 90 percent of EPA employees proved non-essential, same for the FCC, SEC and HUD. At NASA it was 97 percent non-essential. At the same time, the entire federal government is non-essential for economic growth." Anti-Shale Revolution: Clashes between police and fracking protesters

1) Japan whistleblowers face crackdown under proposed state secrets law

2) Japan state secrets bill on track to become law despite protests

3) Secrets bill clears panel by force

4) Japanese (And American) Governments Go to Extreme Lengths to Cover Up Fukushima and Other Disasters

5) Top Official: Protesting secrecy law is act of terrorism — Japan gov’t promotes idea that you’re racist if avoiding Fukushima produce — Bloomberg: “The entire process has echoes of George Orwell” — Nuclear activists to be constantly spied on?

6) Japan Official: “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” — Lawmaker is “physically restrained”; Outrage as secrets bill rammed through — Final passage expected within hours

7) Japan enacts state secrets law late Friday night amid revolt — “It criminalizes investigative journalism” — Terrorism defined as “imposing one’s opinions on others”

The False Left Right Paradigm - From the Obama ... - YouTube  2:09 27, 2009 - 2 min  
party Dictatorship! To spread the Obama Deception visit: http://www.infowars. com 
HOW the SHADOW GOVERNMENT uses the FALSE LEFT/RIGHT ...  8:00 16, 2009 - 8 min  
Tea Party Co-Founder: Concept Has Been Hijacked By False Left/Right Paradigm. In short ...

Jesus! And I thought Fast and Furious gun-running was irresponsible. Once again, the "law-enforcement" wing of the US government one-ups itself.

- - - - - Sun Dec 8
“It won’t be long before the people storm this chamber and hang you...and they’ll be right!"
-EU PM Godfrey Bloom, November 21, 2013

Just uploaded my Mental Foreplay video on youtube. The brain is the most important erogenous organ. Knowing how to keep seducing your lover between dates, and how to put hot fantasies in their mind, is a different skill set, then knowing what to do in their presence. Depending whether you are looking for a one night stand, a short affair, a long term lover, or a life partner, there are different approaches to seduction, which bring the results you desire, without creating false expectations and a trail of broken hearts:) the video was originally made for male audience, but the principles are the same for both genders. Any feedback is appreciated
Mental Foreplay - Seduce the Mind & Emotions and Avoid Breaking Hearts by Meriana Dinkova - The brain is the most important erogenous 

The governments of Japan, America and Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation
Falsely Stated That There Were No Unusual Radiation Levels The governments of Japan, America and Canada have covered up the severity of the Fukushima crisis
Dick Gregory- CODE RED: Crisis in Amerikkka What CNN Won't Tell You
This inspiring lecture by our beloved Elder Baba Dick Gregory deals with current new

ahhh yessss yessss, Smithers… now we control the weather AND the weather channel. muahahaha… Rothschilds And The Geoengineering Empire
Why would the Rothschild’s be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would E.L.
Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 Names Chemtrails As An 'Exotic Weapon'

Chemtrails Project UK also have Rainwater Analysis Kits available for more detailed laboratory analysis to include metal content (which shouldn't really be in fresh rainwater!) Results are recorded on a map and you can click on the pins to reveal the results. Shockingly high levels of Aluminium in the rainwater in West Wales!
Location: Llanybydder, Ceredigion, SA40 9YJ, UK
Date: April 11-12, 2013
pH: 5.5 
Aluminium: 70.0 µg/L
Barium: <10.0 µg/L
Strontium: <0 mg/L
Titanium: <0 mg/L
Manganese: 8.0 µg/L
Iron: 110.0 µg/L
Copper: 30.0 µg/L
Zinc: 130.0 µg/L
Arsenic: <1.0 µg/L
Sulphate: <5 mg/L

- - - - - Sat Dec 7 2013 afternoon

Mark Passio reveals the true definition and Latin origin of the infamous term 'Government'. CLICK HERE TO WATCH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Published on Jun 12, 2013 (VIDEO)
Why People Are Protesting Bilderberg:
WeAreChange talks a few people of the thousands that turned out to protest the 2013 Bilderberg meetings in Watford, England.
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HAPPENING TODAY: December 7th is a day that will be remembered in Romania, as fences came down around the controversial Chevron site and hundreds of villagers broke onto the site. Full story: 
The village of Pungesti is believed to be sitting upon reserves of shale gas, and Chevron wants it. However these villagers have a different idea. SHARE this image of resistance if you think this is a great way to stop an international oil company from destroying your home. Photo Credit Daniel Mihailescu

Is this US Prison School system set up to enlighten individuals, or have them programmed to be “good workers” or “good citizens” that do not ask questions or demand to know “why”, all the while progressing towards an Orwellian 1984 like reality?
Read more

This video of Elton John denouncing Russia's anti-gay laws in Moscow will make you stand up and cheer.

Infographic of the Origins of Common User Interface Symbols
Ever wonder why the symbol for Bluetooth is made of triangles or why the USB symbol is a trident? Designer Sofya Yampolsky in partnership with Warm Gun and 500 Startups, created this infographic ba...

ObamaCare in 60 Seconds

Vice (on HBO) did a great piece on the Chinese Ghost Cities
China's Ghost Towns: Strolling the Thames (VICE on HBO Ep. #6 Extended)
Vice correspondent, Ryan Duffy takes a stroll with some tour guides through Thames Town in Songjiang, China and learns about the English 'Copy Cat City', its... 
Radioactive Fukushima Water Headed for US West Coast

Beware the Anti-Vaccine Surveillance Initiative - THEY Are Coming For You - another informative video from Kenny Valenzuela Former World Bank Lawyer Exposes Jesuits and Vatican
Former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes calls out the Jesuits and the Vatican in this interesting online interview.

"Literature and legend often reflect their culture. Some themes, like that of rulers imposing coercive power, or of individuals rising up against tyrants, are as relevant today as they were in antiquity."
Is Katniss a Modern-Day Spartacus? | LearnLiberty

- - - - - Sat Dec 7 2013

"Ship" trails spotted on December 1, 2013 in the Pacific Ocean near the jet stream. Is this connected to the icy weather forecast?! For more information on this form of geoengineering, visit:

"Why in the World are They Spraying?"

Men Thought to Be Impersonating Cops Robbing People, Turned Out to Just Be Cops Robbing PeopleRead more at

"Although the college had pre-approved a permit allowing yesterday’s exhibit, officials informed peta2 that they objected to students confining themselves to the gestation crates (but don’t object to serving meat from animals forced to live in these boxes?)"
OUTRAGEOUS: Activists Kicked Off College Campus 
peta2 was kicked off a college campus, despite having approved permits.

The Senior Extermination program is picking up the pace. 
CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Seniors

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) "trade" deal is about anything but trade. It's a pact written by corporations for corporate protectionism that will unravel consumer protections around the world. Countries with consumer protections laws, like GMO food labeling, GMO bans, food safety standards, etc., would be sued by corporations for standing in the way of their profits. The TPP is one disgusting piece of multi-national legislation. STOP THE TPP! Let's get this petition past 1 million! SIGN HERE: For U.S. residents, email your Congress: ‪#‎TPP‬ ‪#‎StopTheTPP‬ ‪#‎StopFastTrack‬ ‪#‎NoFastTrack‬ ‪#‎StopMonsanto‬ ‪#‎gmo‬ ‪#‎labelgmos‬ ‪#‎freedom2chooz‬ ‪#‎boycottgmos‬ ‪#‎bangmos‬ ‪#‎gmofreecanada‬ ‪#‎gmofreeusa‬

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society *WOW!!!*
Check out and Watch "Blood and Water", an interactive episode of #‎WhaleWars  from Animal Planet with dramatic new footage. Re-Share this awesome site! Enjoy! Blood and Water: Animal Planet Special Interactive Episode

We found a weakness in the Internet censorship plan known as the TPP -- help us bring it crashing down:

- - - - - Fri Dec 6 8pm

72 killed while resisting gun confiscation in Boston...

Thermograms: safer, more accurate than mammograms:

Spying Spooks Throw It In Americans’ Faces With New Octopus-Engulfing-World Logo
Intelligence head tweets badge stating "Nothing is beyond our reach".

- - - - - Fri Dec 6 7pm

Army Officer: We Will Pry Your Guns From Your Cold, Dead Fingers
Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, who works with the Dept. of Homeland Security, wants you disarmed.
The Founder’s intent for the Second Amendment is often misunderstood by the public, including Bateman himself in this case. You Shall Not Pass, Dog Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba Best sex positions for guaranteed happy girly parts
Missing limbs … melting masses of flesh … gooey lesions overtaking the entire body. 
Local Sea Stars Under Siege
Staff scientist Dana Murrary reports on a mysterious disease hitting West Coast tidal 

U.S. Air Force Testing Latest Stealth Drone at Area 51
Update on the global ‪#‎drone‬ arms race...

Video: Congress Fears Out of Control Obama Could Suspend Election Laws
The Obama Administration has already gone far beyond corruption and deception and into an entirely new level of dictatorial control.

State beats fed!! ‪#‎nullification‬

Willie Nelson: I Don't Agree With SeaWorld

The big "Fat" lie and its impact on health
The government's dietary guidelines, issued every five years, continue to recommend a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, substituting highly inflammatory processed oils for traditional healthy saturated fats like coconut oil and butter.

VIDEO: Homeland Security Searches Vehicles at Ferry Crossing Checkpoint - DHS expands its occupation of America.

More Airports Set to Install TSA ‘Detention Pods’ - Devices that critics liken to cattle grids have biometric capabilities.
The Surveillance State NSA abuses predicted in 1967 spoof
Take the headphones OFF.
Be aware of your surroundings.
		See a group of teens messing around and looking suspicious, or sizing you up? Don’t be afraid to keep an eye on them.
		Think someone might be following you? Follow a car driving by. When it passes, turn and look at it. This will allow you to see who’s behind you and how many there are.
		Turn and knock on a random door. Anyone following you will move on, knowing you’re in the presence of friends.
		An attacker won’t target you if you’re not easy prey. Make it obvious that you know what’s up.
		Expect the worst, but don’t be afraid. source – Fight Tips
double hitter here, fluoride and chemtrails
Fluoride: the Shocking Chronological History | A Sheep No More

Democrat Tax Per Mile Scheme Surfaces Again in Congress
If implemented, the federal gas tax will nearly double.

ACLU and Others Seek to Ban Tasers, Pepper Spray in Texas Schools
Move comes as student is in critical condition following Taser incident.

Child Suspended From School For Miming Shooting An Arrow
Rights group intervenes in ludicrous 'zero tolerance policy' trend.

Liberals Ignore Property Rights In Open Carry Debate
Store owners primarily interested in commerce, not advocating the Second Amendment or other political issues.

The scary truth about Obama care: 
- - - - - Thu Dec 5 2013

Here is page 15 of 'The Political Art of David Dees'...  JOKE SITE. PLEASE TRY IT!  They've finally completed repairs on the Obamacare website. If you need to sign up, or would just like to check it out, you can do that via above link and once you're at the website simply click on the "Apply Now" button to get started.

Remy: Raise The Debt Ceiling Rap

Old Surf Movies: SF Fort Point, 1972-1975

FLUORIDE - THE TRUTH! Fluoride is THE main ingredient in rat poison. Fluoride is THE main ingredient in Sarin nerve gas. Fluoride is THE main ingredient in Prozac. Fluoride destroys the brain (accumulates the pineal gland), the bones, the organs and causes cancer. Hitler and Stalin used it in concentration camps and gulags as mass control instrument to make the prisoners docile. Guess why fluoride is really added to your drinking water? Over 170 million people, or 67 percent of the United States population drink fluoridated water. 43 of the 50 largest cities in the country are fluoridated. After reading this you will understand what water fluoridation and fluoride containing anti-depressants like Prozac are all about. Also take a close look how many times it has been scientifically proven that fluoride damages DNA. - See more at: PLEASE SHARE!

Sea salt and baking soda, best all natural remedy for curing radiation exposure and cancer - See more at:

From GMO Free USA: Could GMOs be behind your digestive problems? The incidence of leaky gut is on the rise since they were introduced into our food. Leaky gut is linked to immune reactions, digestive problems, food sensitivities, allergies, and more... Read this article to find out how you can change your diet to find out if GMOs are the cause. Don't forget to check your vitamins, supplements, and prescription meds! READ:

Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

Our Warships Rival U.S Navy, Brags Chinese PLA - Beijing’s jingoistic rhetoric shows no signs of abating.

One in 10 American children now has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—a 22% increase from 2003. Boys are twice more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls. 5 dietary factors that tend to have a detrimental effect on ADHD and behavior in are reviewed. Learn more about these 5 factors in my article:

Everything You Know About Kissing Is Wrong

Latest Climate Report Admits Chemtrails are No Conspiracy Theory
"The simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the latest IPCC report indicates that the veil is beginning to lift."

City Presses Charges Against Veteran For Raising Chickens
“We were sick of corporate farming, GMOs and pesticides."

BitCoin CIA Connection

Revolt against Obama, government is possible says expert. Things are heating up against this administration. Do the smart thing Mr Obama, resign now before you bring bloodshed to our country (HL)

Operation Paperclip Operation Paperclip- The CIA, NASA & The Third Reich Operation Paperclip: The CIA and the Nazis Operation Paper Clip & MK Ultra Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip. Of particular interest were scientists specialising in aerodynamics and rocketry (such as those involved in the V-1 and V-2 projects), chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. These scientists and their families were secretly brought to the United States, without State Department review and approval; their service for Hitler's Third Reich, NSDAP and SS memberships as well as the classification of many as war criminals or security threats also disqualified them from officially obtaining visas. An aim of the operation was capturing equipment before the Soviets came in. The US Army destroyed some of the German equipment to prevent it from being captured by the advancing Soviet Army. The majority of the scientists, numbering almost 500, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama to work on guided missile and ballistic missile technology. This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program. Add/Follow the killuminati soldiers personal accounts Like these pages Join these events and groups: Join us Killuminati Soldiers on myspace ‪#‎paperclip‬, ‪#‎operationpaperclip‬, ‪#‎cianazis‬, ‪#‎bushandpaperclip‬, ‪#‎cia‬

- - - - - 11pm Wed Dec 4 

Technocracy is failed mind control
We must learn to better understand the human spirit while also defending it from current attacks.

Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this!Watch the sky!Heads Up!

must see - wind map


You'd think with all the talk about labeling GMOs or banning them that concerns about their safety are 'anti-scientific' and 'irrational,' but the truth is quite the opposite...

Truth Behind the National Vaccine Injury Court and Autism -

     Open Relationships Erika Awakening December 4, 2013Feeling “Not Good Enough” … with A Happy Ending :)More on the Power of Radical Honesty

     Child Protection When Rough Men Approached A Little Girl, I Was Scared. Then I Realized What They Were REALLY Doing.

We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve
**************HOUSE Of ROTHSCHILD*****************
---------- No One Can UNDERSTAND...
-------------Without Reading This...

Even this CNN poll reflects that it's harder and harder to find people who support stricter gun laws. See what the numbers are now...

The Three Most Important Ongoing Second Amendment Cases

United Nations Launches First Fleet of Surveillance ‪#‎Drones‬ -- will fly "peacekeeping" missions...
BitCoin CIA Connection
When all is said and done about BitCoin... When a few get something for nothing,... in the end, most will get nothing for something. Now I will explore the Poke...

EU fines eight banks over rigging rates 
German Deutsche Bank, involved in rigging the Euribor and Japanese yen Tibor rates, was fined a total of $983 million, while the French Societe Generale was fined $605 million for manipulating the European Euribor rate.

British bank RBS, already mired in controversy, was fined $530 million for involvement in cartels which rigged both rates.

The European Commission's anti-trust authorities had never previously imposed such big fines overall, the Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, told a press conference.

In total, four financial institutions were involved in a cartel which rigged the Euribor rate and six in a cartel which manipulated the Tibor rate.

#chemtrails #geoengineering #weathermodification 
Anyone want to wake up these people?
SPECTACULAR Sunday sunset here in the Valley...LIKE it? Enjoy it now... your cooler, work week forecast coming up after an all new ‪#‎TheMentalist‬ at 10! Photo Courtesy: Casey Stanford

Fortunately, the Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NEK, President: Otfried Höffe) critically commented on the use of the ADHD drug Ritalin in its opinion of 22 November 2011 titled Human enhancement by means of pharmacological agents: The consumption of pharmacological agents altered the child’s behavior without any contribution on his or her part.

If you believe 19 guys with boxcutters stood down the US AIR FORCE for 2 hours led by a dude in a cave on a dialysis machine, then you are a CONSPIRACY THEORIST

- - - - - 6pm

Worst rave EVER 

Do you have $25,000 in your IRA or 401(k)? This "Loophole" in IRS Code lets you move your savings to gold 

Wish NVIC would update their Exemption map for 2014 so people know where to MOVE to!
#‎Bitcoin remains by far the best, most disruptive tool we've ever had to overthrow the corrupt banking system. Before Bitcoin, our only option was to fight the current system with protests and begging our politicians to "audit" the Fed, all while arguing about what's a better replacement; the gold standard or public debt-free money.

#‎Sucralose's (‪#‎Splenda‬) Harms Vastly Underestimated: Baking Releases ‪#‎Dioxin‬:

 Be afraid; be very, very afraid

Turmeric Curry Oregano Garlic 

The verdict is in: Growing more corn to fuel our cars isn't renewable or clean! 
Listen to EWG’s Scott Faber highlight the environmental impacts of corn ethanol on The Diane Rehm Show: Coke calls its covert gambit "Cap the Tap," urging restaurateurs to stop offering plain old tap water to customers

Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!

Is Amazon’s Drone Announcement a Giant PR Hoax? - Alex Jones says idea is a manufactured publicity stunt designed to boost Christmas sales.

Chinese State Media Brags of Plan to Establish “Death Star” Moon Base - Beijing wants lunar base to launch missiles against any target on Earth.

As Japan prepares to take on the expensive and hazardous task of removing more than 400 tons of irradiated spent fuel rods from the entire plant, nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson, chief engineer at Fair Winds Energy Education, was interviewed by WBEZ's "Worldview" about the process and described a pair of worst-case scenarios.

Kevin Davis via Gart Van Gennip
Ive been kind of floored right now by what is going on here in Iquitos. A group of wealthy Peruvians that control about 25% of the economy have gotten behind a bill that requires gas to at least have 8% bio-fuel in it. In turn They have just raped 1500 hectares of prime jungle to plant Palm Oil. They have pulled no permits and bypassed all of the laws. I had friends fly over it today and film it. They said its about 5 miles by 1.5 miles wide. You can see it from google Earth. Its behind a pretty popular village called Tamshiyacu about 50 kilometers from Iquitos. 

Ive always said that biofuel was a bad idea. This is just the start this group plans to clearcut half of the state of Loreto for Palm Oil. Basically 1/6 of Peru will be Palm Oil Farms. This will devastate the Amazon.

Jones examines the congressional testimony of the Cato Institute's Director of Health Policy Studies, Michael Cannon, who declared Obama's implementation of the Affordable Care Act and his penchant for wantonly “ignoring laws” could lead to an overthrow of the government. Alex also breaks down the monumental failure of the stillborn national healthcare site, on the heel's of Obama's speech touting improvements nearly 10 weeks after its launch, and the fact that Sen. Harry Reid has exempted his staff from having to purchase insurance. On today's show, Alex invites nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon and author Dr. Russell Blaylock to give a health practitioner's analysis of Obamacare, the vaccine hoax, and the global aerial chemical assault via chemtrails. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Wed Dec 4 2013 Noon
DHS Whistleblower Says War on Terror is a Charade...Real Target American Patriots | The D.C.... 
Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protections Officer, was falsely declared a domestic terrorist and subjected to retaliatory 

The plot thickens... Mike Riggs explores the nexus of grant allocation and metrics that prioritizes number of arrests over effectiveness and logic.

NFL Faces National Protest
Tell the NFL how you feel about them turning an American pastime into an authoritarian bullhorn.

National Movement to Boycott NFL Launched
Pro-Obamacare NFL launches war on Second Amendment. SF Sutro Baths Tram 1950s Towering Inferno 1974 ( FILMING LOCATION ) Steve McQueen 555 California St SF @ Kearny (B of A) + Hyatt Regency Market @ Embarcadero

The NSA is destroying U.S online business:
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Lavabit founder Ladar Levison about the NSA compromising the American technology sector.
Like Us:

Talk 910 KKSF AM in SF CA from from

Criminals Might Think Twice About Breaking into Houses in This Neighborhood After One Intruder is Shot by a Homeowner. Watch VIDEO of story here.

- - - - - 11pm

FULL DRAMATIC Moment Police Shoot Dead Teen Who Stole Dad's Truck
Chris Hedges on the 12 year Afghanistan war anniversary:
Like Us:
Chris Hedges on the 12 year war in Afghanistan anniversary | We Are Change Chris Hedges on the 12 year war in Afghanistan anniversary Chris Hedges on the 12 year war in Afghanistan annive

- - - - -  10pm

OK this is NOT FUNNY. Loud noises are scary for animals. BE FAIR. Turn it down.
THIS CAT may now be injured or DEAD. Have some compassion people.
This cat may have slipped cause the Balcony was too slick or cause the VOCALS came on suddenly LOUD with no WARNING. 
cat feat. awolnation - sail 

Robyn O'Brien on Kids and Food Allergies from GMOs
Informative and inspiring. Robyn shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path as a "Real Food" evangelist.

Feinstein: US not safer today than in years past... Wants to finish the work on Gun Control

- - - - - Tues Dec 3 9pm 

Films For Action
Prepare for an awesome dose of insight from psychologist Tim Kasser. This richly animated film explains why materialism makes us less happy without ever truly fulfilling, while also pointing to solutions that promise a healthier, more just, and more sustainable life.

Before HoBama was pResident I protested he was with Zbig and CFR.

Statism Is ANTI-Equality, Freedom IS Ethical Equality

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Latest News: As the Australian government backs down on their promise to tackle whaling, Sea Shepherd once again prepares to step up to uphold Australian law and defend the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Find this and all the latest news on our Operation Relentless website, launching soon!
Whaling fight: Sea Shepherd accuses Coalition of backing away from pledge
Government is refusing to redeploy a patrol vessel which has been tasked with intercepting asylum seekers near Christmas Island
this one deserves a repost. entheogens are indeed advanced/ancient technologies. this guy kinda sux. but the video and information are spot on.

Could you could have a gluten problem and not know it?

anyone who doesn't acknowledge the sentience of animals lacks sentience

National Movement to Boycott NFL Launched 
Pro-Obamacare NFL launches war on Second Amendment.

hahahahah… i LOVE that people are FINALLY WAKING UP! too funny.
White House Launches Creepy New Obamcare Initiative: #WHYouth 
drawing comparisons to between the #WHYouth program and Adolf Hitler’s “Hitler Youth” recruiting posters and old Soviet propaganda outreach programs. Twitter erupted with memes and disparaging retweets.
DALLAS, December 3rd, 2013 – Late Monday, the White House launched a social media initiative called "White House Youth". A tweet from the official Twitter account requested young Americans join adm...
interesting breakdown of enthegenic medicines in regard to the famed SOMA

The most hypocritical man of this age:

If you love your child you might look into
home birth
home schooling
SHOCK: UK Social Services Rips Baby from Mother's Womb

Meet The 9/11 Explosive Evidence Experts – 40 Extra Interviews VIDEO.
The photo here is Ed Asner and I last year. Just did an interview last week with Andy Steel about that movie premiere with Mr. Asner, how I got there and the making of 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out. (starts @8min.)

- - - - - Tues Eve Dec 3 8pm 

- - - - - Tues Dec 3 evening  7pm 10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits 

I've Been Called the "Erin Brockovich" of Revenge Porn, and For the First Time Ever, Here is My...
#‎Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product – it is a poison and does not offer any benefits to your body. Fluoride is found not only in your drinking water, but also in other seemingly harmless products, some which are found inside your home. Read this ‪#‎infographic‬ and discover fluoride-containing products you should avoid. Please SHARE this this information with your loved ones!

Parents Stop Biometric Hand Scanner Program At Public Schools
Wash. school district scanned students’ palms without parents’ prior consent
THE TOP U.S. CHECKPOINT REFUSALS OF 2012! DUI check point refusal Gilroy, C.A.

Crime Lab Chemist shatters 40,000 Lives 

No kidding; the Bank of International Settlements says there's about $700 trillion outstanding and our governments have already put us on the hook for all these gambling debts between private banksters.

- - - - - Tues Dec 3 evening 6pm Police Officer Gets Owned by 12-Year-Old Kid Who Dares Question 
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - - The Supreme Court recommends you NOT talk to a police officer, but you must say "I'M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT"

Jimi Alternativeresearch Dee
NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad Response

THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE FLAGS IN A MATTER OF WEEKS? In 3 weeks time there is a major confluence of important dates. The 100-year charter of the Federal Reserve comes due. All the people who have been dropped by their insurance companies must sign up for o-BOMB-a Care by 12/23, and oh, whatever Comet ISON is will be at it's closest point to Earth around then. Some say the Mayan date of 12/21/2012 was off by one year because the Mayans considered the first Year Zero as a year, but many researchers didn't count that and subtracted a year. Do you realize the dates almost line up perfectly? Coincidences? We shall see! Beware of the mother of all false flag attacks at a time when very few in the USA will have health care coverage.

     END the FED
if you watch ONE 30 minute cartoon this year, let this be the one.
The American Dream By The Provocateur Network.
18 recessions in the hundred years that the Fed has been in business, averaging more than one recession every six years. Meanwhile, the dollar has lost 95 percent of its purchasing power, meaning that what cost $1 in 1913 costs $20 today. “Stability” has had quite a ride.

According to some sources, the Rothschild family controls half the wealth of the world

SHADE the Motion Picture

Did Army Spray Harmful Chemicals on US Cities?

Lawmaker: Amazon Drone Could Photograph Your Home - Companies could use UAVs to gather private information.

Pilotted by the likes of Addison Lee employees ? too dangerous ! Won't ever happen not for decades. Plus can you imagine the thefts of people swatting them out of the sky and robbing the items. This whole thing must be an early April Fools

GMO Linked to Gluten Disorders Plaguing 18 Million Americans
Genetically modified foods such as soy and corn may be responsible for a number of gluten-related maladies including intestinal disorders now plaguing 18 million Americans, according to a new report released on Tuesday. The report was released by the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT)

There is a large body of evidence that suggests that most people's bodies are just not well equipped to digest and process dairy-based foods and beverages.

Milk is milk. Drinking cows milk is just as disgusting as drinking a human strangers breast milk.
learn more

Two Los Angeles city councilmen are attempting to make history in Southern California by banning the growth, sale and distribution of genetically modified (GM) seeds and plants anywhere in the city of Los Angeles.

witch’s brew of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths, and it's really bad news

Studies continue to show that the greatest mood boosters - foods that not only lift our minds from the quagmire of depression but also heal and refine them - are the following superfoods from South America and Asia.

Busted! Google Earth reveals weir fishing is "grossly underreported", could be 6x official number



Every War On Drugs Myth Thoroughly Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain

Only three million Monarch butterflies made it to Mexico this year--dow from 450 million in our best years and 60 million last year. Some describe it as the "collapse" of the Monarch butterfly migration. Continue reading →

Join the day of action to protest the TPP! 
Find an action near you or organize your own to shine a light on the TPP. For help in organizing creative, fun actions, see our Tools page. save the whales have put together a sample message you can send to the DOT, but feel free to customize your message. The most important thing is that they hear from you.

The public comment period is closing quickly -- help us protect our climate and our communities by TAKING ACTION HERE >>

The TPP is one of the worst pieces of garbage legislation that they are EVER going to try to ram through Congress...

Paul Walker murder conspiracies distract from real evidence of political assassinations.

So we posted a video attacking idiots who say Paul Walker was killed by a drone strike. Suddenly, an army of mainstream zombies with zero attention spans who didn't watch the video are claiming 'Alex Jones says Paul Walker was killed by a drone strike' when in fact we said the opposite. These weren't Infowars fans, they were random Facebook morons. People can be unbelievably stupid.

Was Paul Walker Murdered by a Drone Strike? 

Alex Jones

Was Paul Walker Murdered by a Drone Strike?
Does surveillance camera footage show a drone missile or a light pole? There's more excitement and outrage over Paul Walker's death amongst so-called 'conspi...

Watch a leopard react when it finds out that his prey has a newborn

here we see sheep accepting their LEFT and RIGHT SLAVE roles.
IF we spend our time FIGHTING each OTHER we have NO TIME to break the CHAINS of TYRANNY imposed on us by the IRS BANKSTERS ROTHSCHILDS and their PUPPETS.


Recent polling shows that an election wave of anti-ObamaCare sentiment is growing, and it is not only likely to hand the GOP control of the United States Senate, but might wipe out as many as 12 Democrat seats--many of which looked safe just a few months ago. 
Even if the Feds Let Them Fly, Amazon's Delivery Drones Are Still Nonsense | Wired Business |...

- - - - - Tue Dec 3 Midnight


First photo released of the Health Ranger in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab! Groundbreaking food science research is being conducted using atomic spectroscopy and analytical chemistry:

Directive Provides Government With Intelligence After Declaration of Martial Law
James Clapper’s directive fires up NSPD 51 providing Department of Homeland Security with ominous police state authority.

- - - - - Mon Dec 2 evening

The Video That Will Reveal To Your Children What A Marshmallow-Prejudiced Hypocrite You Are 
The differences featured in this are seriously shocking.

Exercise and eating properly go hand in hand; actually 80 percent of muscle growth and fat loss start in the kitchen, not the gym.

Tonight, Record crowds over the weekend, but spending declined, and later, Parents receive threatening letters regarding mandatory medical/dental exams for their kids, then, ObamaCare Website Crashes When CNN Tests Upgraded Version. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Corrupt City Governments Fail in Their Attempts to Kill Second Amendment
Municipalities violate state laws and their own city charters with anti-gun ordinances.

100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Sarah RoddieChemtrails Global Skywatch
David Keith Shilling for his Rothschild Overlords at Oxford on Monday 2nd Dec.. selling mass contamination of the upper atmosphere to the masses..
The Case For and Against Climate Engineering 
Participants: Prof David Keith (Harvard) and Prof Mike Hulme (King's College London). The

Japanese Barberry and lyme ticks

Police Officer Lies Threatens Man Video Cops
Know your rights! It's now the new law you must say "I'M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT" if a police officer ask you to talk to h...

Ron Paul
Advancing the Worldwide Movement of Mises
Lew Rockwell, founder & chairman of the Mises Institute, joins Ron to discuss how economists like Ludwig von Mises & Murray Rothbard are inspiring a "worldwide movement" among a new generation of libertarians:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO!!! It exposes that written into the OBAMACARE website is a hidden disclaimer that one must unwittingly sign off on, that says "you have NO reasonable expectation of privacy" in regards to your personal information. This goes far beyond John MacAfees claim that the site is a "hackers wet dream". It openly states that your info is not safe.....and the regime knowingly wrote in there…..

Last year it was ‪#‎Monsanto‬, this year we are asking you to elect Coca-Cola in to the Corporate Hall of Shame:
TAKE ACTION: Elect Coca-Cola to the Corporate Hall of Shame:

extreme sport video montage

People are awesome. Sheer joy to view such huge talent

End The Fed
Social Services Kidnaps Baby from Mother's Womb? - Fuckashima - BRINK of DESTRUCTION - Dr. Mitsuhei Murata 
Human Angels have certain characteristics that make them different from the rest of society. The following is an excerpt from the book, 'We are Human Angels.'

25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve – Please Share With Everyone You Know
As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is absolutely imperative that we get the American people to understand that the Fed is at the very heart of our economic problems.
This article is really interesting

- - - - - Mon Dec 2 afternoon

There are frightening similarities between yesterday’s death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, leading man in the “Fast and Furious” movie series, and investigative journalist Michael Hastings.

How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster:
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the founder of Stewart Rhodes. The two discuss Oathkeepers latest initiative in going operational and creating self sustainable communities.
Like Us:
How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster | We Are Change How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the founder of  

DHS Googling Travelers Before They Enter U.S.? - Canadian woman denied entry over “mental illness”. 
Get Ready to Pay More Online: Supremes Refuse to Hear Internet Tax Case
Congress and the states now free to impose burdensome taxation and squash small business on the web.

GOVT does NOT want you to THINK


LIKE AND SHARE: Adopt Don't Shop! Save a life!
- - - - - Sun Dec 1 2013
Martin Truther
Has anybody figured out WTF is going on in the Ukraine? It appears that people are protesting the President's decision not to join the EU. We all know the EU is part of the NWO agenda, so ... are they all delusional or are they really protesting for a different reason?
‪#‎ukraine‬ ‪#‎protest‬ ‪#‎revolution‬ ‪#‎EuropeanUnion‬

Bullet proof your immunity with nature's original wonder drug

Changing the definition of murder to include animals
Over 100 activist participated in an anti fur protest footage is of snow getting pushed ashore in the spring.  This is called an ice shove or shoreline ice pile up.  It is a surge of ice from an ocean or large lake onto the shore. They are caused by ocean currents, strong winds, or temperature changes.  Ice shove’s usually are not this drastic.
In an interview with the Guardian, the man in charge of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has warned that a similar disaster could easily befall any of the world's nuclear power plants. 
Fukushima director warns Britain it may be next

in fact the FBI False Flag Terror bombed Earth First Activists Judi Bari (RIP) and   Darryl Cherney specifically because they were non violent but were uniting labor and environmental movements.
FBI PLANTED a CAR BOMB to KILL FORESTS FOREVER 1990 Initiative in California which would have banned OLD GROWTH LOGGING.
RICHARD HELD Bureau chief of FBI SF at the time. Now guess who oversaw the ASSASSINATION of MLK.
FBI are criminal THUGS and stand against people and environment.

Vitamin D is a super medicine. Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times
Germans found that Vitamin D increases the

Hitler said guns should be registered.
Next he said turn them in.
Next it was too late.

Need proof that gun registration will lead to confiscation in America? Look no further than New York:

Not So Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained | The Liberty Digest 
Not So Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained 
It's called Operation Kill Switch, and it was actually constructed under President George W. Bush, but President Barack Hussein Obama's...

If you only learn one thing from this page, please make it this Life Saving Documentary: Resonance - Beings of Frequency: After watching this important Documentary, here are some Solutions: Locate cell phone towers in your neighborhood: How to Protect Yourself when Using a Cell Phone: 5 Healthy Solutions to the documentary film "Resonance Beings of Frequency": How To Protect Against Cell Phone EMF Radiation: Pong cases to reduce EMF Radiation: via The Political Art of David Dees: ‪#‎CellPhone‬ ‪#‎CellPhones‬ ‪#‎Damage‬ ‪#‎electromagneticfields‬ ‪#‎electromagnetic‬ ‪#‎microwave‬ ‪#‎frequency‬ ‪#‎frequencies‬ ‪#‎Health‬ ‪#‎cancer‬ ‪#‎tumor‬ Hook & the Boston Bombing You're Being Hoodwinked 
The burning question on some minds is, does the government run psy-ops against its own people? False-flag attacks and the like. The

- - - - - Sat Nov 30
How bad is Cell Phone Radiation? Eric Dollard 
Please support Eric's Fundraiser Eric Dollard, the only person to recreate the TANKER JET spraying chemtrails filmed up close by AF pilots! DBic

#‎Colorado Voters May Be Next to Decide on ‪#‎GMO‬ Food ‪#‎Labeling‬

1 Death, 13 Injuries in 2013...  Black Friday Total Death Count Police Can Basically Search & Seize Whatever They Want

WATCH “Knockout Game” Victim Turns The Tables!Read more at Some years ago, America learned of the popularity of the “Knockout Game.” Black teens either sucker punch or taze a white male (or female), a clean knockout scoring one point for the perp. Since that time, I’ve searched the web–the national media has ignored news of the Game for obvious reasons–hoping to find the story of a black thug who happened to choose the wrong victim. That story has finally appeared!In Lansing, Michigan, black teen Marvel Weaver decided to taze a white father who was waiting at a school bus stop for his 6 year old daughter. The taser malfunctioned, and the father shot Weaver twice with a .40 caliber concealed pistol for which he has a CC license.Weaver survived the shooting and will now spend the next year in jail.Weaver admitted to “…previously knocking out six or seven people on other days before targeting the man who shot him.” This time, the gutless little thug picked on the wrong guy.Consider this a “good news” story of the day.Here’s hoping more news of this sort will serve to warn other thugs that their actions must sooner or later have unpleasant consequences.Read more at

- - - - - Fri Nov 29
PURE MADDNESS: Black Friday Brawl and Arrest over a TV at Walmart 2013 -

Looking for something to do BEFORE tonight's party? Join a Black Friday WalMart protest near you! I've Never Seen the Israel / Palestine Conflict Illustrated More Uniquely Than This

Actual footage of zombie plague sweeping America right now! Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper

- - - - - Thu Nov 28
LIVE DATA FEED ON ISON: It would appear Comet ISON has survived it's close encounter with the Sun, getting farther away now, while shrinking the distance towards the Earth orbit:

Thanksgiving: a perfect occasion for demonstrating the delectability of ‘real’ food
Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity — not only to “gather together” with family members and friends from near and far for a traditional homemade feast, but in so doing, to reject today’s fraudulent food culture in favor of the kinds of things that Mother Nature intended to sustain us. Read more:

need a vegan version... "Oils" - A Thanksgivukkah Miracle (Royals song parody)

Parkour Fail Compilation OMG How many of these people are now in a COMA or a WHEELCHAIR? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Keep it simple. Play on BEACH. Avoid Deadly OBSTACLES. Flips belong at GYM with FOAM and suspension.
Yay for growing up in the woods, beach, meadows deserts and fields playing jumping falling and tumbling.
NAY for trying this shit if you did not grow up with bodily kinetic feel.
NAY for variables that can kill you, ie slippery grass, wooden planks that break under foot, shoes that slip, mis judgement...

Professor Warns of Robots Armed With Tasers - Campaign to ban killer robots achieves success at UN.

‪San Francisco Chemtrail Protest 11 27 13‬ - At our latest chemtrail/geoengineering protest (educational outreach?) outside San Francisco City Hall, we were fortunate enou...

1,000s of dolphins killed at the COVE in JAPAN are just "by-catch"
Sea World and their ilk are the $ Engine that drive the demand for SPOR / PERFORMANCE / spectator Dolphins.
They just kill the other dolphins for meat cause they got caught in the net too.





‪Pressure Builds Against SeaWorld Float in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade‬
NEW YORK – Despite an online petition with more than 80,000 signatures and opposition from several animal-welfare groups and celebrities, SeaWorld's float will be part of the lineup in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. SeaWorld has an image problem, due in large part to the recent documentary film...

Guilty demeanor: The private 9/11 emails of Noam Chomsky
Chomsky's bizarre 9/11 double-talk is a sight to behold.
Noam Chumpsky.  what an idiot. total shill. no doubt about it.
- - - - - Wed Nov 27 SNEAK PEEK: Crosshairs: The Internal Revenue Scandal

     Water Victory! Australian town rejects poisonous fluoride in its water supply.

REPORT: Nestle Threatens Fresh Water Supply
Geoengineering Awareness Day - Waterford 23rd Nov 2013 
The chemtrail response team hit streets of Waterford again today for another

Pamelas Commonlaw Jurisdiction Hi, I wrote a letter to Canadian Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq:
Letter to Environment Minister, Honourable Leona Aglukkaq. November 25, 2013 Dear Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment - MIN 170623, Thank you for your letter to me dated October ...

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Question: What two chemical food additives are notorious for causing headaches and migraines? Find out here:

Make sex normal: by 1) openly read sex books 2) celebrate sexual diversity 3) watch realistic movies about sex 4) talk about sex with others 5) use social media to share with others about sexuality 6) go public -- sex positive shirts 7) add sex books to waiting rooms make space for conversations about sex 9) support the sex arts 10) embrace real sex and bodies
What comes to mind when you think of the word "orgy"? Probably not this (including PG-13 pics):

Healthy Teen Dies After Routine Flu Shot - The Free Patriot
Crusher (CMU_s military Unmanned Ground Vehicle).mp4

Microsoft punishing bad language after listening to private Skype conversations?

VIDEO: Is Xbox Kinect Listening to Your Skype Calls? Users of the new Xbox One are complaining that Kinect is monitoring their Skype conversations for swearing and then punishing them with account bans.

Microsoft Denies Monitoring Skype Calls After Banning Users For Bad Language - Company suspends accounts of foul-mouthed Xbox gamers.

"Hiking in the Texas hill country, will call in live to my radio show.." -Alex LIVE NOW 11am - 2pm CT Visit for feeds. 
Infowar Nightly News reporter Lee Ann McAdoo appears with David in-studio today. Alex calls in to the show from the Texas Hill Country. David talks with Noel Sharkey, an Irish computer scientist who has appeared on the BBC as an expert on robotics. David and Mr. Sharkey talk about killer robots under development by the military. David also talks with trend forecaster Gerald Celente about trends emerging from Asia, the rise of China, the Iran nuclear deal, and the Trans Pacific Partnership globalist trade agreement.

Mountain Man Arrested In Courtroom, Gets the Last Word Again
In this November 22nd courtroom appearance he's acting as his own defender again and is back to schooling the room on the Constitution.

End The Fed ALERT: NYPD begins gun confiscation -

Proof: Gun Registration Leads To Confiscation
Read more:
In the wake of New York’s latest gun control law, the New York Police Department is now sending out notices to registered gun owners demanding that they give up their firearms, clear proof that gun registration leads to outright confiscations.
Part 2:
He has plenty more videos on Youtube
His website :
On JFK :

     End The Fed
Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve is a Monster (video)

Obama's IRS Goes For the Jugular; Free Speech No More - The Free Patriot 
Bye Bye First Amendment, NewsMax is reporting that the Obama regime is at it again, and made further efforts on Tuesday to “rein in” 

Alex Jones 10K Film Contest Deadline: Counter TSA & NSA Attacks On Free Speech
Please follow the rules carefully, upload your entry to YouTube and two other alternate video sites and notify us at on or before contest deadline, which is 11:59pm PST January 7, 2014.

Facebook Wants to Listen to Your Phone Calls - App requires users agree to be monitored by microphone at any time without their permission.

With soldiers dubbed "peacekeepers," and even small-town American police forces armed with military tanks and training, has the distinction between innocent until proven guilty and enemy presumed armed and dangerous been similarly lost?

Video: Police Attack Cameramen and Peaceful Protestors at JFK Protest
Dallas County Sheriff's department violently confronted activists amid peaceful demonstrations last Friday.
Granny Got Her Gun! 93 Year Old Sent Knockout Punks on the Run.

Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion - The Free Patriot ObamaFailed

For all….The corruption of life by politicians, esp. California politicians has become criminal…..JRN
AFP's "Common Sense": Around the World on $69 Million in Welfare Funds - YouTube

The real history. Europeans Killing off Natives in Americas worse than Nazi's WWII? 
It is political news what people are talking about behind the scenes now, and in the past. Has what we are not experiencing planned from 1913 or at least the past 6 decades? I heard racists, possib 
UNTHANKSGIVING America… sure. enjoy friends and family. give thanks to bounty. but never forget the sordid Truth of origin. and work to right the wrongs.

- - - - - Tue Nov 26

Holistic, nutrient dense flu shot!

The Nazis' Gun Ban Facilitated Kristallnact

The "study" is being conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is burning through $7.9 million in taxpayer money to conduct the study over the next three years.
Paramilitary government contractors now forcing drivers off the road, demanding DNA samples
High-dose vitamin B3 therapy has been proven to eliminate the need for toxic anti-anxiety medications.

Halperin: Death Panels Built Into Obamacare
Democrats who said Sarah Palin is a lunatic and death panels don't exist are uniformly silent.
The personal is political, the political personal. When you see the big picture, you see how everything is connected.
FUCK YOU YOUTUBE. Y YOU SO STUPID? Y U NO MAKE SIMPLE LINK? Why you put "watch?v=" in your dumb ass long links? how fucking dumb and clutter unnecessary is that?
It makes your links tooooooo Long so they get broken.     YOU SO STUPID! Exclusive: Vivian Kubrick On The Insanity of Tyranny
Vivian explains why her late father, film director Stanley Kubrick, was decades ahead of his time.

US Violates “Defense Zone” After Chinese Threat to Shoot Down Aircraft - Asia on the verge of a full blown arms race.

Drones With Face Detection Cameras Obey Visual and Vocal Commands
Researchers recently unveiled a new fleet of drones capable of obeying vocal and visual commands

Report: More Drone Strike Deaths Since Obama Announced New “Constraint”
Each drone strike now kills more people on average in Yemen, Pakistan.
CHEMTRAIL DENIAL: Can you really watch this whole video and say there is nothing to the spraying agenda? We watched heavy spraying yesterday, yet still the skeptics among us say it's not real. Watch and discuss:

Electronic Frontier Foundation
While privacy has been front and center in the NSA scandal, mass surveillance is hurting the country in another major way: damage to the US economy. Busting Eight Common Excuses for NSA Mass Surveillance

60+ Law Professors Join the Call for Patent Reform Won’t You Join Us?Get Instant Access to the Vaccine Truth Newsletter and Instantly Download Powerful Information!

Breaking down the gradual implementation of a biometric police state where law enforcement keeps tabs on citizens through traffic cameras, thumbprint scans and facial identification, enabling more sadistic police, but with less accountability for corrupt behavior. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

Earthscape artist Andres Amador creates precise, geometric sand drawings on SF beaches, just to watch his masterpieces wash away with the next tide: Photo by Mike Kepka/The Chronicle

[WATCH] Bully Solution- One Punch Knockout

Israel Launches Largest Ever Air Force Exercise Day After Iran Deal - Some see timing of drill as no coincidence.

- - - - - Mon Nov 25

$9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE 
THE FED'S 100-YEAR CHARTER COMES DUE NEXT MONTH: How is it that there is not a peep of information given by the mainstream media that the Federal Reserve's 100-year charter comes due at the end of December next month. Instead of a debate over the merits of keeping the Federal Reserve system, instead they nominate Ms. Yellen. What is wrong with this picture?

NSA: Not Only Snooping But Infecting Computer Networks Worldwide
NSA has a special department dedicated to malicious hacking.

France Planned False Flag Terror Attack in Britain - Intelligence services considered assassinating Muslim leader, blaming neo-nazis.

Alex breaks down new developments in bankster schemes and surveillance tech which showcase the establishment's tightening grip on the American people. We now have an exclusive photo of a helicopter drone which can be used for domestic surveillance. Developed by Northrop Grumman, the drone is small enough to be towed on a flatbed trailer behind a pick-up truck. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST
Revealed: Northrop Grumman’s Unmarked Gray Helicopter Drone - Next generation UAV to spy on Americans?
Forbes Magazine: Impeach Obama For Rejecting the Constitution Instead of Protecting It – The Free Patriot
San Diego ‘KNOCKOUT’ Suspect Given Slap on the Wrist – The Free Patriot

[Watch] The Largest Gold Heist In History, $300 Billion In Bars Stolen As Nation Mourns! |

General Calling For Forced Resignation of D.C. Criminals; Grass Roots Civil Uprising | The Liberty Digest

You've got to fight! For your right! To fair use! Why GoldieBlox is right to claim fair use of Beastie Boys' Girls.

Dallas Sheriff’s Dept. Lies About Assault On Peaceful Protestors

Sheriff's spokesperson completely distorts the truth.

- - - - - Sun nov 24
Latest Deadly Vaccine Unleashed- Kills 8 Infants in First Month Alone

BUSTED!! DOJ Internal Memo Confirms Obama Plan for Gun Confiscation – The Free Patriot

- - - - -  Sat Nov 23

This is about the "mountain man" before his day in court, pretty good stuff! 
Mountain Man Terteltge: Reclaiming One’s Natural Rights From The State – The Free Patriot
Don't fall for flu shot propaganda this winter. YES, flu shots still contain mercury. And NO, mercury is not safe to inject into a human being ... at any level! (The very idea is medically insane)

New infographic: Please share these important facts about fluoride.

The Golden Egg- Fluoride

Has anyone ever pointed out that not only was John Kennedy
killed under LBJ-Hoover, so were Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy?
The reason was the same:
They threatened to stop the Vietnam gravy train. 
The outcome was the same too: The FBI determined a "lone nut" did it.

No LAPD protection for Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. 
In fact, they weren't even in the neighborhood.
But at least two CIA assassination experts were in the audience that
night and a CIA man was given control  over the LAPD homicide investigation. 

~ Hilarious video of NYPD trying to stop skateboarders goes viral
NSA Can Spy Using Your Own Laptop Camera, Remote Start |  When you undress for the night in a hotel, you might want to point your laptop in another direction or just close the cover. Remember that...
Police Dept's Across Country Acquiring Heavy-Duty Military Equipment... Why?
In a piece that dovetails nicely with an article we posted, at The Cal Report, yesterday... we have to ask why is this happening??? Someone 

so so lame. what a waste of money and resources
Feds Have Already Lost to the States on Marijuana: Denver Raids Add Proof | Tenth Amendment Center 
"In the largest federal raid on Colorado marijuana businesses since medical marijuana became legal" the feds were only able to disrupt 
Back to the news.. earthquake swarm at Yellowstone supervolcano.. use the yellowstone link here:
multiple earthquake links here:

Federal contractors have been setting up roadblocks in cities across the country with the purpose of collecting DNA samples from passing motorists. The multi-million dollar federal program has been disturbing drivers and alarming civil libertarians. The checkpoints consist of uniformed agents blocking a public road and flagging drivers into a testing area or a parking lot. There, the drivers are requested to submit a saliva or blood sample to the federal government. The roadblocks were part of a study orchestrated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency contracted the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, based in Calverton, MD, to perform the roadblocks. The program costs taxpayers $7.9 million over 3 years, according to NBC News Dallas-Fort Worth. The agency confirmed that the operation is currently being launched in 30 different U.S. cities. “How voluntary is it when you have a police officer in uniform flagging you down?” asked Susan Watson, executive director of the Alabama chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. “Are you going to stop? Yes, you’re going to stop.” READ MORE:

- - - - - Sat Nov 23

Assassination studies: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

Love Is...

Blow stuff up! Failed Assassination Attempt
What did I say? 
save your own life GoPro Hero - Hawai'i Adventures on the Big Island with the MAKA crew TPP 101 in Less than 4 Minutes. Go.
Guess who has been covering this for YEARS? Alex Jones!!prettyPhoto/0/

When the fluoride in water and food combines with aluminum in the diet, vaccines, and the environment, the resultant chemical compound is able to bypass the blood-brain barrier and deposit aluminum in the brain.

- - - - - Fri Nov 22

Free Speech Ban by Dallas Mayor Doesn’t Stop Alex Jones

Alex and the crew are covering the controlled media spectacle and censorship surrounding the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Today’s Other Anniversary: Zero Hedge Reminds You of the Federal Reserve’s Conception

While you're here, check out the Fresh Egg Cookbook:

[WATCH] Has This Unexpected Star Just Insinuated a Revolution is Necessary? | The Liberty Digest

JFK Assassination: Majority Of Americans Are “Conspiracy Theorists”

Multiple polls on 50th anniversary show only around a third believe the lone gunman theory.

Sherrif/Police Department Assult Alex & Protesters — at Dealy Plaza - JFK Memorial
Watch the live streams!
Check here for 2 additional live streams

Dallas Police Assault Free Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones - Cops incite violence during peaceful demonstration.

avocado eaters tend to be healthier than those who do not eat them.

The Video That Proves a Conspiracy to Kill JFK? - Were Secret Service agents told to stand down?

Police attacked Alex and other protesters!!
Streaming live now!
Check here for 2 additional live streams
We must never let someone speak about Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone gunman without being challenged and confronted with the facts. That goes for TV pundits, newspaper columnists and radio hosts. Call them on it.

- - - - - Thu Nov 21 Some San Francisco Bay Area Event Calendars
PLEASE POST URL on my WALL to ANY JFK event you see on this calendar. thanks

Consent of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined (FULL FILM)
"Consent Of The Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined" is nearly 3 hours long, and covers a wide range of topics that effect and hinder our human freedom wh...

Live Feed: 11/21/13 @ 4pm March For Free Speech in Dallas, Texas
Beginning at 4pm CST today (11/21/2013) we are marching from the Ferris Plaza Park, 400 S. Houston Street in Dallas, Texas, to Dealey Plaza to TAKE BACK our birth rights recognized by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
If you can't make it to the march, please tune in below:

Nobody can accurately "really" predict where a large earthquake will strike.... that being said, when I'm looking at something like this..... the last 48 hours of earthquakes (eastern hemisphere)..

I would lean towards a possible, sizable movement in the near term in the areas showing elevated activity.

In otherwords, the large amount of mid 4.0M along the edge of the eastern pacific, and the obvious (unusual) 3.0M activity across the United States...... this means watch the already prone areas showing signs. Also watch the silent area in Mexico, and in the far Pacific Northwest BC Canada west coast....

No matter where you live, always have an earthquake plan ready, be prepared, just in case....

Earthquake monitoring links here:

Info graphic of the interconnected party that rules the world (and you're not invited). For more:
The fact that world governments have so far failed to acknowledge, let alone do anything about, the slow-motion 7-billion-test-dummy-planet-crash that is Fukushima is proof positive that we do not really have functioning governments. The Earth is a failed state. If we can organize people online to create and implement real solutions for managing the Fukushima problem, we, the global online public, will be the de facto government of Earth. You'll see the fake governments, more and more, doing what we, online, determine needs to be done, except they'll pretend they didn't hear us and it was their idea all along. Friend Arnie Gunderson and Harvey Wasserman and let's get ready to demand some action.

Latest Deadly Vaccine Unleashed- Kills 8 Infants in First Month Alone |

Does the Government Own Your Children?

What happens to your brain when you smoke crack? Discover the answer in the new episode of AsapSCIENCE Anonymous ~ Worldwide Wave of Action ~ #www

- - - - - Wed Nov 20

Fluoride is a Poison Linked to Brain Damage and Mind Control  

Live: Alex Jones Protests the Federal Reserve, Fights for Free Speech in Dallas
Alex and his crew are taking back free speech at the Federal Reserve building in Dallas, Texas on the corner of Pearl and Woodall Rodgers Freeway. 8pm-9pm CST
Live: Alex Jones Protests the Federal Reserve, Fights for Free Speech in Dallas Alex and his crew are taking back free speech at the Federal Reserve building in Dallas, Texas on the corner of Pearl and Woodall Rodgers Freeway. 8pm-9pm CST

Chemtrails Equals Treason
List Of All Fema Concentration Camps In America – Make Viral 
Get the info and Hold onto it ! Make it Viral ! Knowledge is Power ! For the brief moment this info was on godlike productions , i got my hands on it , and then they banned me for it .. No other reason .. 

Sandy Hook was an UTTER SHAM! this woman put together a great presentation exposing more of the insane anomalies regarding this false flag... WAKE UP people! 
What does it say about me that I totally lost it laughing at this video from graffitti artist Banksy?

this makes me so insanely angry!!! our governments are out of effing control!!!! see: Codex Alimentarius. & Agenda 21... meh...
share this! and donate, if possible.
[Watch] MSM Uses Same Material Across The Nation, Newscasts Reporting From Set Script | The Liberty Digest

Possible Catalyst Identified; On the Brink of WW3

TSA Responds To Announcements Of Arresting Joking Passengers 
We've learned that in Houston, TX airline passengers were told that they could be arrested if they mocked the TSA. A listener of The Alex Jones Radio show called the TSA to confirm.

The Truth about FEMA Camps 

there is no "away". International team needed starting 2.5 years ago.
Dump It in the Ocean: TEPCO's Plan for Radioactive Fukushima Water
An IAEA representative observes TEPCO subcontractors collecting sea water samples near the Fukushima plant on 7 Nov. 2013. (Photo: 


SEAL Team 6 Bin Laden Shooter Says Suspect Did Not Look Like Bin Laden – Must See Video – | The Liberty Digest

I rarely get colds or flus anymore. Here's why:
At first hint of cold or flu; when I feel a tinge or twitch or itch in my upper nasal area I:
Crush and dice 2 cloves of garlic in water chased by water. Eat an orange or tangerine or citrus. TAKE NAP
in this way I NIP IT IN THE BUD most every time.   TRY IT!    TELL A FRIEND.

see also: lemon ginger honey echinacea cayenne

The next time you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: rather than take conventional drugs to suppress uncomfortable symptoms, it’s better for your health to allow the cold or flu to run its course while you get plenty of physical and emotional rest.

Plant Trees posts article from VICE Magazine. Subject how to eat p u s s y
scott believes the best way to find PEACE on EARTH and stop war is for humans to enjoy their sensuality
thereby finding union and oneness with all humans on earth
someone flagged the article.
FB WARNS scott and directs him to TOS page
le sigh

American Patriot
Disarmament Before Genocide in America – The United Nations Model |

 JFK 50th Anniversary: Fight For Free Speech - City of Dallas attempts to crush First Amendment

Cop Arrests Dad For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School 
- Why is the state trying to make your children their property?

UN Agenda 21 Population Centers Map of America (the U.N. Blue Only) |

this is not our GOVT
this is a COUP
END GOVT / rather / END the IMPOSTERS posing as our GOVT
-Marbury Vs Madison 1863

ABC NEWS - West Coast Evacuation Due To Fukishima Radiation Possible
Nuclear Engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, confirmed that ocean currents are carrying the radioa..
FINALLY. the news is covering this!

- - - - - Tue Nov 19 Advertisers Should Just Quit. Nothing Will Ever Top This Volvo Commercial

$60 Million Waste @ Syracuse Airport  

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: The GMO non-browning Arctic® Apple is in the final 30 day comment period before approval. This lovely exercise in genetic engineering will cause the apple to lose some of it's natural pest resistance, resulting in a need for more toxic pesticides. Apples are already on the dirty dozen list of the most heavily sprayed fruits & veggies. Tell the USDA NO! click on the graphic to like and share...

Take Action here:

TSA ‘Detention Pods’ Have Biometric, Object Detection Capabilities
Paul Joseph Watson | Promo video shows user scanning fingerprint to leave containment area.

of course! who's going to watch over the insane LITHIUM resources, the poppies, and the oil/natural gas!!!???

totally meant to fail. . just watch where this "Problem-Reaction-Solution" leads the Murrcan public... the reveal will be coming soon... watch and remember this moment
Obamacare Official Admits Something So Incredible You’ll Wonder Why You’re Just Now Hearing About It 
A large portion of the error-riddled, multimillion dollar federal health insurance exchange system has not even been built yet, according to 

3.2M SURFACE Quake at Gravity Wave Station / Hanford Nuclear Site
Had to reupload this video, was deleted by youtube today as a result of the UNJUST FLAGGING and shutdown of my channel. Many thanks to the person who helped ...
This post now has almost 100 comments ... feel free to chime in and share your views:
Five Reasons Why Monogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peaceerikaawakening.comErika Awakening - Why World Peace Will Never Happen As Long As We Cling to Monogamy Before you read this article, if you are already angry reading the title --  

Small X-flare directed at ISON causes radio outages in Asia, Australia and Africa. Notice the Post fails to mention ISON. Man Arrested For Trying to Pick Up His Kids From School

Jaw-dropping animated video on overfishing… It’s time for change! 
I don't like SMOKE so at some parties I am closer to the DOOR or WINDOW.
SF is the DOOR to the PARTY. Golden Gate Bridge it the DOOR the CLEAN AIR flows through.
Until Chemtrails. Until Fukushima 
Feds to parents: No lunches from home without doctor’s note, school lunch onlyRead Why Are Eggs Linked to Cancer Progression?

Stabilized Footage of the JFK Assassination Is Unsettlingly Real
FILM is CLEAR. JFK was shot from the FRONT. From the Grassy KNOLL. Not from the back. Not from the OFFICIAL LYING US GOVT SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY.

There is NO US GOVT. There is only the COUP that replaced our GOVT on NOV 22 1963. WE MUST OVERTHROW the COUP. 
You can NOT overthrow the US GOVT because there is no US GOVT. There is only the COUP. OVERTHROW the COUP. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS.
Assassination studies: Stealing JFK's Body 

JFK: The 'Official' Conspiracy Theory Why is the establishment so desperate to reinforce the official narrative behind the assassination of JF...
Why is the establishment so desperate to reinforce the official narrative behind the assassination of JFK 50 years later?

If These Claims are Proven True….We’ve Just Uncovered Obama’s Next Huge Scandal – The Free Patriot
The U.S. government, in the final months leading up to the 2012 presidential election, released “faked” unemployment data. 

- - - - - Mon Nov 18

How to Build an Underground Greenhouse That You Can Grow in All Year [W/ VIDEO]

Are you or someone you know thinking about getting a Flu shot this year? This interview with Dr. Mayer Eisentstein should answer some of your heath questions. (video) of you are into this stuff so I thought you may think this one was interesting. If you're not one of those people, hey, we don't all share the same opinions!

Philippines Super-Typhoon Haiyan – Product of Weather Weapons? | The Liberty Digest

~ get the rest of the day and beyond here -

When it hits the fan America’s population centers will explode in violence, looting, and total breakdown of law and order.
It’s a theory put forth by numerous survival and relocation specialists, and one that makes complete sense if you consider what happens in a truly serious collapse-like scenario
Highway 80, running through California, will be one of the busiest evacuation routes in the country as millions of people pour out of major cities to flee disaster or in search of  food.
Be at least 5 – 7 miles away from any major thoroughfare, which is generally outside the range people want to venture off familiar roads, and far enough away to make any ‘walkers’ too tired to attempt the trip without ample clean water and food.
Source: (when) Shite Hits The Fan (what you gonna do?)

see also

If you were busy last night and missed Halloween...
Here's a scary movie from National Geographic:
"American Blackout."       Video:

Rep. Rogers: Crazed al-Qaeda Terrorists Coming to America
Jihadist Frankenstein made in the U.S.A

There is a silent tragedy taking place, mostly in the USA, as countless millions of children of all ages are being erroneously administered doses of amphetamine class drugs multiple times each day.

pResident Obama Booed at Maryland Basketball Game – The Free Patriot

I don't know whether I should laugh, cry, or puke at the thought of China being a member of the human rights council. It should be any day now that Iran and North Korea have a seat of their own. -MD
Details of Obama-backed secret treaty for UN to regulate, tax Internet (Dick Morris, Dennis Prager)  
"… being pushed by Russia and China and Brazil and India…"
"This treaty is due to come up for ratification in the U.N. in December this year, at a conference in Dubai. It would give the United Nations the power to assign e-addresses… so they could track down dissidents…"

In the UK, hospitalization cases for treatment of malnutrition have doubled over the past 5 years. The increase is linked to Britain’s crippling economic downturn - is this an omen for the U.S.?

How about one of these on every freeway in America?

[Exposed] Wireless Communications Shut Down By Government In “Crisis” | The Liberty Digest

The Khazarian Conspiracy (Full Film) The Synangogue of Satan

The Khazarian Supremacy Of The Rothschilds NWO -

Anarchy and efficient law 
For the first time ever, Brazil plays host to an exclusive seminar on the Austrian School of Economics. It was on April 11 and 12, 2010, the southern Brazili...
 So you want peace and prosperity?!? This video is certainly worth your time in that case...
Efficient Law & Anarchy

#CHEMTRAILS Check out the crazy chemtrail-type technology they had back in the 40s:

The Zombie Apocalypse is spreading FAST 
Mark Dice declares Zombie Apocalypse is Now!

1975 U.S. Navy patent proves the existence of the chemtrail program

adopt all 5 gallon blue clear see through water jugs you see on sidewalk in trash or recycling
fill with hose water after rinse
adopt  caps from office water cooler station

False flags are real. They are deployed to achieve the desired reaction (FEAR), so that the instigator of such an incident can offer the pre-planned solution to the FEARFUL masses who, because of the false flag, are already looking for a SAVIOR. Here's more detail:

“Hitler’s Health Insurance Is Cancelled”
Watch a superbly crafted, exquisitely funny video:

#HiddenHistory Day 15: Did you know that Battery Chamberlin, located north of Baker Beach, included four six-inch guns that had a range of nine miles and could fire at a rate of two rounds per minute. The gun was said to be disappearing because it could be lowered behind a concrete shield while being reloaded. 
The National Park Service offers demonstrations of the big rifle on the first full weekend of each month, typically between 11 am and 3 pm. During these demonstrations, visitors can get a sense of what it was like as anxious soldiers prepared for an attack, and can also explore an underground cartridge room inside the battery.
Photo courtesy of the GGNRA. Learn more:

1. Crush a pack of cigarettes.
2. open the top.
3. pull out the cigarettes one by one without tearing or breaking any.
4. if the tobacco from one cigarette touches the tobacco of another cigarette, 3 billion people die. from
Highly Dangerous Fukushima 4 Fuel Removal Begins Monday
The highly dangerous and unprecedented removal of the highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods in Fukushima Unit 4 will begin on Monday, November 18.

Goodbye Cruel World, I'm leaving you today, 
Goodbye Cruel World, There's nothing you can say to make me change my mind, Goodbye. -Pink Floyd, THE WALL
Thank you GE for ending human life on earth.

In 1976 3 GE Scientists quit in protest over flaws in Mark 1 Reactor design
Fukushima Meltdowns were GE Mark 1 Reactors with FLAWED DESIGN.
There are 32 GE Mark 1 Reactors in the USA with FLAWED DESIGN. RIP friends. It was nice knowing you :(

Whether it is due to increasing allergies or a simple distaste for its processed flavor, conventional milk sales have dropped some 25 percent in the U.S. since 1975.

Follow Alex Jones on Twitter for more breaking news and special announcements!
Jenny McCarthy on the vaccination-autism Link: The dangers, plus how dietary changes helped her son recover -

Bilderberg Info graphic of the interconnected party that rules the world (and you're not invited). For more:

TSA Rolls Out ‘Detention Pods’ at Airport Terminal Exits - Making you feel like a prisoner who cannot leave.

The Second American Revolution to Begin in T-Minus 24 Hours – The Free Patriot

This Vet is Marching to Washington to Take a Final Stand….Will Anyone Follow? – The Free Patriot

Where have all the forests gone? Google tells you in this new deforestation map.

David Wiesner:  This pretty well sums up what the Fed is really doing to the economy.
- - - - -
Homemade Vegan Nutella 
1 cup hazelnuts
2 T maple syrup
2 T cocoa powder
2-3 T milk (e.g. almond milk)
1 tsp ground vanilla bean
pin it:

Six good reasons to avoid conventional grocery store milk:

Watch what you cook with, friends... 
Fumes from heated Teflon are made up of four "extremely toxic" gases:
1. PFIB - Was used as a nerve gas during World War One.
2. MFA - Described as a gas that "can kill people at low doses."
3. PFOA - A carcinogen in animals, causes birth defects and infertility.
4. PTFE - Classified as carcinogenic to animals, and "likely carcinogenic to humans".
use safe ceramic cookware. if you're interested, Mercola has good ones.,77,0.htm

not a good sign folks. just another example of Chinese, Russian, Belgian, Israeli, U.N., etc etc troops training on U.S. soil... these could either be who rounds up citizens during Martial Law. orrr, troops learning the lay of the land for a future invasion. there is no other legitimate reason for this booshiet.
- - - - - Saturday Nov 16   The Critical Role of Wheat Lectin in Human Disease and the Role of Gluten in Cultural History and Consciousness.Sayer JiThe history and evolution of wheatThe drug-like affects of wheat on the brainHow wheat may be contributing to your food allergiesHow wheat lectins compromise immune functionThe truth about wheat and the blood-brain barrierHow wheat germ agglutinin wreaks havoc on our healthIdentifying lectin sensitivity

IF YOU DRINK MILK ==>>Researchers identify a link between gluten and dairy reactions. Read the study info here ==>>

Wi-Fi Spy Network Installed In Los Angeles? - Photos show white boxes attached to utility poles in residential areas.

- - - - - 

[Watch] Obama Changing Laws On His Own – Unconstitutional Says Judge Napolitano – The Free Patriot

- - - - - Thu Nov 14

The science of healthy eating What the heck is gluten and why it is a problem?

Gluten Brain: How Wheat Cuts off Blood Flow - GreenMedTV 

[Watch] Federal Land Grab Follows UN Takeover of America Mandated by Agenda 21

[Watch] TPP – The Constitution Killer – Don’t Let It Pass, Don’t Be Fooled – The Free Patriot

[WATCH] James O’Keefe Takes Up the Challenge and Burns the Navigators Again – The Free Patriot

FBI Director Warns of Upcoming Cyber Attacks – The Free Patriot

Internet Kill Switch Exposed: Judge Orders DHS To Come Clean On Killing Internet! A landmark study has found that the blood of 11 gymnasts contained a potentially hazardous flame retardant in average concentrations 4 to 6.5 times higher than average for Americans.
Researchers attributed this to constant exposure to gym pads made of polyurethane foam treated with fire retardants.
What can worried parents, coaches and athletes do? Learn more:

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Tired of making your own excuses for invasive surveillance? Try the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Universal Surveillance Justification tool!

Chuck Norris Brings the Heat!!! Fighting Common Core Curriculum

Two Secret Service Agents Removed From Obama Detail Amid Investigation – The Free Patriot

By the time someone feels thirsty, they are already mildly dehydrated. When thirst is satisfied, it does not mean that the individual is fully hydrated.

Looks like the x-class flare arrived on the 13th just as expected.
Seen on the morphed microwave background imagery :

Electronic Frontier Foundation
A deep dive on the USA FREEDOM Act: EFF explains what's good and what still needs to be done to stop NSA spying.
"A man has filed a lawsuit stating that a traffic stop led to a series of forced medical procedures...His lawsuit says that without his consent, he was taken to a medical facility where he was forcibly X-rayed multiple times, sedated, given several enemas, required to give multiple stool samples, subjected to fingers penetrating his anus during multiple cavity searches, followed by an actual colonoscopy where cameras probed his intestines for drugs. The startling 14-hour ordeal failed to find any contraband inside his body."
This is one of the most despicable acts by our police that I have ever seen. I almost didn't believe this story when I first read it. I usually am a hard person to surprise but this story definitely succeeded in that way.
Join us - Awakened Citizen

[Watch] Abuse Caught on Camera; Officer Charged With Years of Abuse to Own Daughter

Gary Franchi sits down with the VP of Solid Concepts to get the secrets behind the worlds 1st 3D printed metal gun -

Pigs Must be Flying: 4 CNN Liberals Meet at a Bar……to Defend Gun Rights? – The Free Patriot

- - - - -
Tonight, Americans’ Personal Data Shared with CIA, IRS, Others in Security Probe, And later, Despot-in-Chief Obama to Allow Insurers to Continue Canceled Health Plans. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

The US Steroid Boom
The drug war is an odd one. 
Many of the enforcers are drug criminals themselves. 
The steroid boom among US police.  Video: LOL...Sovereign OWNS the Court - Judge Cant ARREST ME!!! **funny shit Christopher Fleming 

Got milk? These babies don't Everytime you consume dairy products you sentence these babies to death. Please share.

Navy Commander: Obama Has a ‘Sinister’ Plan to Purge the Military LOL...Sovereign OWNS the Court - Judge Cant ARREST ME!!! **funny shit -- this video is a update to this video  

Google Patents THROAT TATTOO Also Used As Lie Detector – The Free Patriot How to effectively treat skin cancer

This Is How to Stop a Search Without Consent. with camera in hand and knowledge of the law. Remember, its important to film the Police. #FTP

NSA Snooping Takes Down U.S. Computer Networking Business
Cisco emerging markets earnings drop significantly following Snowden revelations.
Jews Burn Israel's Flag In Protest @ UK, US Sponsored Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians
Zionism is a movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, or Zion, the Jewish synonym for Jerusalem and the L...


[Watch] Rep. Louis Gohmert on DHS Bullet Buildup and Obama’s Secret Police – The Free Patriot
Rep. Gohmert details how on page 1312 or 1313 of the obamacare law, there is a provision for the establishment of the president’s own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps. Rep. Gohmert asks the obvious questions, “What is this for?”  The text says it’s for international health crises, but it doesn’t include the word health when it talks about national emergencies.

Seattle Wi-Fi Spy Network Has NOT Been Deactivated - White boxes still broadcasting signal day after police promised to switch them off.

LEAKED: Secret Documents Reveal DHS Spy Grid
Government documents obtained exclusively by Infowars expose massive DHS domestic spy grid designed to track citizens in real time through mega government databases.

Professor Francis Boyle: IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!! -- #N3 -

GeoEngineering - Chemtrails - Weather Manipulation - Cloud Seeding with Aluminum Barium Strontium - The Powers That Shouldn't Be SHADE the Motion Picture

the Witch and the Warlock wax on about arming TSA agents or "OTHER FORMS" of law enforcement... and how much "turrism" has increased recently. idiots. 
NEW Push To Give Airport Petty Tyrants Or TSA Agents The Ability To Execute YOU On The Spot 
November 04, 2013 CNN

Mayor Ed Lee wants to tear down 280 from Brannan to Mariposa, overloading the Already-Cluster Fcuked 101. Now we know why...
2nd generation tech-holes are going choke the character out of this town. Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals and Wire Transfers 
Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending international wire 

Citizen Militias Vs Federal Government #N3 (video) 
Mark Dice Reveals the Zombie Apocalypse is Now!
School’s New Spy System Places Children Under Complete Surveillance
"Gunshot detectors" in classrooms surpass Big Brother in 1984 and the real East German Stasi.

What is sovereignty? (video)
David Icke - Syria:The Truth (Viewer Discretion Advised) Click this link to see what Demon possessed NATO Terrorists do to civilian&prisoners

Disney’s Ducktales Exposed: “ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI” [W/ VIDEO]

The Cat's Purr - A Biomechanical Healing Mechanism? 
We all know how wonderful it is to be around a purring cat. To me, there is nothing more soothing than to be lulled to sleep or woken up by Amber’s strong purr. But did you know that a cat’s purr has healing properties and can actually

Wikileaks has released a 95 page, 30,000 word document spelling out details on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Countries refusing to grow GMOs can be SUED by Corporations to cover "losses"

Inspiration Campaign Billboard Project

Will you have sex in the new Google-backed virtual reality world? OBAMACARE ENROLLMENT DISASTERFEWER THAN 27K ON FED WEBSITE 

at 6:00 in video Israeli citizens set up Van with Cameras to film Plane hitting First Building on 911.
Also Israelis caught by police with Van full of Explosives. Israeli security at Airports. Buildings were rigged with explosives over more than a week. Could not have been done by Al Qaeda. Required a more organized group.
Dr. Alan Sabrosky lays out the case of Israeli involvement in 9/11:

‪Hot Girl Knows Her Rights with Cops Tells Off Border Patrol Police Officers‬
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - - The Supreme Court recommends that you DON'T talk to police officers, but you must say out loud "I'M ...

Teens Playing Disturbing New Game Called "Knockout" [Video]

Fukushima Radiation Turns Into Alaska’s Tragedy – The Free Patriot

- - - - - Tue Nov 12

Still zero coverage from anti-NSA crowd (Greenwald etc) on this huge domestic spying scandal. Silence is deafening.

Privacy Extinct- You’ll Never Believe Where And How They Are Listening To You Now – The Free Patriot
Privacy Extinct- You'll Never Believe Where And How They Are Listening... 
Many people around the world were stunned just a few years ago when they found out that they could be tracked anywhere if they were "Unmanned systems"This film was made by SBS and distributed By Journeyman Pictures in May 2011.One out of very 50 soldiers in the US military is a robot now. By robot, we don't mean a RoboCop-type device. In this film which draws on the work of AAI Systems and the iRobot Development Laboratory in Boston we see the new generation of war robots. Initially skeptical, soldiers are now demanding them on the battlefield. Police officers are also being trained to love the robot too and it's estimated that within a few years there will be thousands of drones flying over US skies.- See more at:

Tonight, America and Israel Created a Monster Computer Virus Which Now Threatens Nuclear Reactors Worldwide, and later, Radioactive Leak Found in Reactor at S. Carolina Nuclear Plant, One of Largest in US.
Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Senator: US Soldiers Being Killed By Terrorists Backed By US Money – The Free Patriot Family Guy (Death Star News)

China Brags That A Nuclear Attack Would Wipe Out Western US – The Free Patriot

DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City - Federal agency, police refuse to explain mesh network planned for “citywide deployment” in Seattle.

(music on this video is not necessary, I'd mute it as it is kinda loud)
Chemtrails vs Contrails A short video showing that Chemtrails and contrails are not the same thing. This spraying program of the atmosphere is ...

THE NEXT POLITICIAN WHO SPEAKS OUT! BIG THANK YOU TO Alex Atamanenko MP, British Columbia Southern Interior!!!! Presentation of the Chemtrails Petition 2013 in the Parliament of Canada by Mr. Alex Atamanenko, MP. This is the result of the hard work and participation of almost 3500 Canadian including Brian Holmes, Davoud Tohidy, Juscha Grunther et al. (The number of signatures given in the presentation is just an estimate) Download and upload it to your own Channel on youtube, share with your friends on facebook and twit it. Make this Viral! CANADIAN CHEMTRAIL PETITION WAS HEARD BEFORE PARLIAMENT LAST WEEK, OCTOBER 2013. GOVERNMENT NOW HAS LESS THAN 45 DAYS TO REPLY Full Transcripts: Mr. Alex Atamanenko (British Columbia Southern Interior, NDP): Oh Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, I have well over 1,000 names of petitioners from the Slocan Valley, Grand Forks and Nelson in my riding as well as other parts of B.C., Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta, who are concerned about what they call aerial spraying or chemtrails. They say that aerial spraying is being carried out by aerial entities at high altitudes that create long-lasting plumes. They do not act as traditional aircraft condensation trails. This is being carried out without the knowledge of the people of Canada. The petitioners call upon the government to fully inform the people of Canada about this aerial activity occurring at high skies and to explain why it is taking place and also to cease this activity forthwith.

- - - - - Memorial Day - all gave some - some gave all

We Live in EARTHQUAKE country. STORE water and LEARN how to live off the grid.


Is gluten a cause of rheumatoid arthritis? The answer can be yes >>>

It's flu season again... And the "Flu Shot" signs are sprouting
up everywhere. (I expect to see them at hot dog stands soon.) 
Here's why you might want to think twice the next time someone wants
to inject a product of Big Pharma into  your bloodstream.  Video:

Vaccine shock: Measles and mumps outbreaks happening because vaccines are DESIGNED to fail, claim whistleblowers:

Barack Obama’s Cousin: Obama Is a Liar – The Free Patriot

Ultimate 9/11 Documentary - New Definitive Proof - V 1.0

- - - - - Wknd

China is to have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Nov12-Nov14th weird how that straddles the GridEx Drill

The Federal Reserve Bank shall become a body corporate and as such shall have power to have succession unless it is sooner dissolved by an Act of Congress or unless its franchise becomes forfeited by some violation of law.

GO SHOPPING TODAY or TOMORROW before GRID DOWN "drill". Stock up on Beans Nuts Seeds. STORE WATER

Here we go folks. You know what happens when there is a drill... mayhem will follow. If I were you, I would store up enough food and water to last you through Nov and Dec.

DHS and FEMA Prepare for Power Grid Drill
Exercise represents unparalleled cooperation between federal government and private utility companies.

What will YOU do IF / WHEN the POWER goes out for a WEEK? MONTH? YEAR? FOREVER?
Here's a scary movie from National Geographic: "American Blackout." Video:

911, 7/7 London Bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing were all "Drills" that went LIVE.
Power Grids are LINKED. Therefore Losing one Section of USA Power Grid could DOMINO or CASCADE and take out other or ALL SECTIONS.
Let's try this again::: better get some candles folks! Major power grid drill is a cause for alarm!!!

Is the Department of Homeland Security Obama’s Gestapo?
HISTORY REPEATING IN AMERIKKKA: "The role of the Gestapo was to spy on the German people and identify any and all opposition to Hitler’s Third Reich. They were given full authority to investigate and report or suspect cases of criminal attacks against the Nazi Party along with cases of sabotage, espionage and treason. What made them so deadly and sinister was that they were also given authority to act without any judicial oversight. They became the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of anyone that stood in Hitler’s way."

TSA doesn't just want to see you naked. They want all your financials, employment info, itinerary plans and much much more now.

- - - - - Fri Nov 8

Gummy Bears, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Vaccines Made Out Of People : Freedom Outpost
Stop Searching People's A**holes for Drugs
DPA's Anthony Papa reacts to the disturbing story out of New Mexico where a man was violated by police in their relentless efforts to find drugs. The man was given multiple x-rays, cavity searches, enemas, and even a colonoscopy. No drugs were found.

End The Fed
EVENT: 100 Year Anniversary National End the FED Rallies -
Any member of Congress who votes to extend the Federal Reserve charter on 12/23/2013 is a traitor!

[Watch] Random Violence: Knockout Game, Sucker Punches – Death and Serious Injuries

OWNED! Guy Drives out of California CheckPoint Mid-Argument, Refuses Questioning [Video]
Please do not move Firewood into California. May contain Asian LongHorn Beetles or other bugs than can DEVASTATE California Forests.
Please do not bring wild picked fruits in from other states that may have harmful bugs you don't even see… thanks, tell a friend.

Counteracting the Effects of Dioxins Through Diet 

Gluten Free
In only three days, the World's first Gluten Free Summit is going to take place. The event is free. It is online and requires no travel. The quality of the information is cutting-edge, and unavailable to most. This is not another local-yocal event trying to sell a product. These are Experts at the Top of their fields-some of these scientists have never been heard from outside of science circles. Ever. 
The information that will be shared could literally save lives. If you haven't registered, just click the link below. Make sure you share the link with anyone you think might benefit from going gluten free ==>>>

- - - - - thu nov 7

[Watch] UN Agenda 21 – The Greatest Threat To America – The Free Patriot 
Link of the day: Isolated vocal tracks from Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has a number of extraordinary uses. It is especially useful and effective when used as part of a beauty regimen or to treat medical conditions and skin ailments.

Of the $22million spent to defeat GMO labelling in Washington state, only $550 of that ( about 1/400th of 1%) came from donors in Washington state.
What Really Happened to GMO Labeling in Washington
Monsanto and the junk food industry teamed up to shatter Washington state records. They dumped more than $22 million into fighting against GMO labeling. Exactly $550 of the “no” campaign’s dollars came from inside 

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself: GMO LABELING PROJECT PRINT YOUR OWN STICKERS

Does Saying ‘New World Order’ Make You a Terrorist?
Major politicians embrace 'shadowy subculture' that supposedly led to LAX shooting.

- - - - - Wed Nov 6 Why You Should Always Have Sex On A First Date

This story has to be shared! Three-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Pentagon, DOD In ‘High Security Clearance’ Positions

In 1976 3 GE Scientists quit in protest over flaws in Mark 1 Reactor design

-------GENERAL: Some In MILITARY Considering ...

Nothing wrong with keeping your home or office network wired instead of wireless.

Talk to your doctor, your friends, your family about the anti-tumor, natural killer cell-stimulating properties of the nutrient-dense, blue green algae called spirulina.

- - - - - Mon Nov 4 Biochar -- Putting the carbon Genie back in the bottle: Rob Lerner at 

How Big Pharma Got Lawmakers to Outlaw Your Low Premium Plans Through Obamacare – The Free Patriot

Tonight, Navy SEALS ordered to remove ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ symbol from uniforms, Then, 20 Drills that Prove the DHS’ Official New Enemy is the American People, and later, Cops Tase Father Trying To Save His 3-Year-Old Son From House Fire. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

[Watch] Judge Napolitano on America’s Apocalyptic Future When 50% + Don’t Work, We’re Close – The Free Patriot ALERT For Massive Power Grid Blackout Across The Country BAN

Robert Cherwink
"We will be in New York City on Thursday to deliver petitions and an international letter calling for global intervention in Fukushima. Sign the petition here: And join us at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the UN at 1 pm."
via Andrea Kalkstein Lieberman 

#Fukushima #radioactive #eco #radiation #health #nonukes


CEO of Large Food Bank On EBT Cuts: “Riots Always Begin Typically The Same Way”

10 Corps Control Nearly Everything You Buy–6 Media Corps Control Nearly Everything You Read/Watch (h/t J Blood)

Ron Paul | What Cannot Be Said About Iraq
More than 1,000 people were killed in Iraq last month, the vast majority of them civilians.

"This is a simple, no-brainer. Put the label on, let people make a choice." ~ Andrew Stout, Farmer and Founder of Full Circle Farms. Are you ready to vote YES on 522?

No Wall On The Waterfront
WATCH THE VIDEO: 8 Reasons to VOTE NO on 8 Washington - VOTE NO on B&C The Cat Who Slaps Gators

BUSTED! LAX False Flag Shooting Hoax Exposed!

LAX Shooting False-Flag- Eyewitness: "Shooter was TSA Agent; Fully Armed"



Los Angeles LAX SHOOTING FALSE FLAG!!! TSA's 9-11-01

TSA Shooting Narrative Disintegrates

PROOF LAX Shooting STAGED/False Flag? Police Chief Interview Fail as he admits set-up!

CIAnCIA! LAX False Flag Psyop Exposed!

-All Bluefin TUNA Caught In California Are RADIOACTIVE
________________________[W/ VIDEO]_____________________

[Watch] SEAL Team Six – Extortion 17 Set Up and Betrayed, Four Questions – The Free Patriot The biggest, bloodiest war in human history...And we're only just getting the facts now- See more at:

- - - - - 

If you were busy last night and missed Halloween...
Here's a scary movie from National Geographic:
"American Blackout."       Video:

Editor's Note: DO NOT RELY on FEMA to feed you. FEMA did NOT FEED VICTIMS of KATRINA. FEMA is set up to INCARCERATE victims. NOT FEED THEM.
FEMA KILLED 1000s of  Black Folk after Hurricane Katrina by turning back Millions of Dollars worth of ICE WATER FOOD and supplies donated by neighboring communities. Obama Serves 14 State Governors with Warnings of Arrest - And Wh another DRILL  gone Live?   "We practiced the EXACT SCENARIO that played out today". Thank you & goodnight. Just like Sandy Hook, London Underground bombings ("We were running a drill in which exactly the same stations as were hit were going to be hit in the drill") etc etc etc ...thats all I needed to know.

Former Secret Service Agent on Obama – Lost in the “Scandal Fog”

Bombshell!! Three Benghazi Survivors to Testify – The Free Patriot
Rand Paul Demands Audit of Federal Reserve, Exposing The Bankers’ Secrets
Navy SEALs Ordered to Remove Don’t Tread on Me, Navy Jack Flag Patch From Uniforms – The Free Patriot

Retired Army Captain Takes To Facebook Warning DHS Preparing For War! – The Free Patriot

BOMBSHELL!!! Delta Force was in Libya Night of the Benghazi Attack – The Free Patriot

LAX shooter ID'd as OFF DUTY TSA officer.

........really?   "Who did the shooting?   "It was the CIA 'n CIA"    "CIANCIA. Got it."

Ya think they could have gotten "CIA" in his last name one more time without it being overly obvious??
ohhhh boy. here we go... can you say, False Flag??? 
ooohhhh... those crazy conspiracy nuts are all rogue lone gunman killers ehhh??? hahaha... what an effing joke this is. i can't believe people STILL fall for this shiz... over. and over. and over again. check all the links.

The War on Ammo
Is the shutdown of the last US smelter part of a multi-pronged attack on ammunition?

DHS Buys More Weapons to Use Against Americans
Homeland Security to purchase "riot expansion kits" & 240,000 pepper spray projectiles as agency prepares for domestic unrest.

TV Show Promotes Transhumanism: Special Report
In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve.

- - - - -  - - - - - - - - - Monsanto Jesus Is Here! [from @LeeCamp] 
This short-film on Amsterdam will BLOW YOUR MINDThis short-film on Amsterdam will BLOW YOUR MIND

Full Spectrum Military Surveillance of Americans Gets a Boost
Gen. Hayden announces continued merger of Pentagon's Cyber Command and NSA.

"I know radioactive isotopes alter DNA. Think of all the genetic modification that is going on right now in our ocean, to the fish and plankton, the fish we eat. And there is only one ocean." High resolution file for attached photo is available here
More information at
Original Press Release here

This hidden camera reveals the truth from the police about break-in situations.... "You are on your own".
Watch this viral video and "LIKE" if you think we should be able to defend our families with firearms.

Is Your Body Toxic? Take this short quiz to find out now! -
A study conducted by Columbia University estimated 95% of cancer is caused by diet and exposure to toxins. Learn about the toxins in your body and get your Free eBook on How To Naturally Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body with Superfoods.

Ron Paul
In order to indoctrinate and control children, governments establish the rules and regulations of education. Parents aren't allowed to send their children to schools that do not meet these "qualifications." This increases the power of the public school system, and the power of the bureaucrats who run it. It's time for parents to take education back into their own hands, to run the curriculum. 
Parents should rule, not government employees:

Excellent article on LEAP and co-founder Jack Cole in BostInno: The "March Against Monsanto Channel" is now complete, with 14 videos to watch:
1957 A Kid Explaining To An Old Man What An Anarchist Is And Why Government Equals Violence

if we could just follow Icelands lead, we could see our way out of this financial mess. END THE FED!!!!!!!!!

- - - - - Tue Oct 22

Pre-Crime: TSA Now Spies On You 24/7 Even Before You Fly
TSA announces plans to spy on you even before you get to the airport.
Who said authoritarian despots can't throw a party?

Ted Cruz’s Wife is a Goldman Sachs VP
Cruz the warrior pitted against the establishment another slick subversion.
Homeland Security Spends $80 Million On Armed Guards for “Civil Disturbances” While 47 Million Food Stamp Recipients Are Having Their Benefits Cut Back On November 1st. Details & More @ 7pm ct Tune-in

TSA Knows All About You
Even before you get on that plane, the TSA has searched your name on government and private databases.

Please do not abandon your mom  or dad in a nursing home of coughing sick people.
Help your folks to live free and able. Install Grab Bars in their home and see where you can make their ergonomics more friendly :)

You’ve heard of “privatization,” but have you heard of “municipalization?” Across the country, citizens are fighting to take back the tap and end corporate control of public water. 
Follow the conversation at #outsourcingamerica.

- - - - - Mon Oct 20 Feds try to steal a motel from elderly coupleThey call it "equity" sharing- See more at: L.A. Times Shocker: Adults Take A Nearly Always Innocuous Substance, Go to Work! Good Golly, Miss Molly!

This proves they are smarter than us 'Americans'...
We the People, the Fourth Branch of government, are rising up to assert our birthrights as we did this past weekend at the Alamo, and later, McAfee founder John McAfee in studio to discuss decentralized computer networks. LIVE NOW 11am-2pm CST

After the surrender of Japan, the Soviet Red Army discovered secret installations for experimenting with and producing chemical weapons and biological weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION centered around secret Army Unit 731 and its subsidiaries. At these locations, the Kwantung Army was also responsible for some of the most infamous Japanese war crimes, including the operation of several HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION programs using live Chinese, American and Russian CIVILIANS and POWs,[11] directed by Dr. Shiro Ishii.
Arrested by the American occupation authorities, Ishii and the 20,000 members of Unit 731 received IMMUNITY...

= = = = = SUN OCT 20 Public Projection of the NSA's least favorite video 

one of the most brilliant artists of our time is now a fugitive... hahaha... effin Bloomberg
NYPD Intent On Bringing Banksy To Justice 
Banksy may be the hero Gotham deserves, but he?s not the one it needs right now, or something, according to the NYPD, which is making his arrest a top priority.

Thousands of citizens in India have been killed by Big Pharma's reckless drug experiments on humans. Forget lab rats; the drug companies use LAB HUMANS!

Unlike WTC7, L.A. High-Rise Remains Standing After Blaze
Building does not follow "law" of physics as observed on 9/11.

It Pays to Work for Government: Furloughed Workers Get Paid Twice
Incident demonstrates advantages of working for Uncle Sam.

Schwarzenegger Wants Constitution Changed For A 2016 Presidential Run
Terminator Star is "ready to file legal paperwork to challenge the rules”.

DoJ Censors Blogger After Court Leaked Documents On TSA’s Phony Security Theater
Blogger harassed by government for speaking about public documents.

Apologist for Assassination of Americans to Be Named New Homeland Security Chief as U.S. Debt Jumps to a Record $328 billion —
 Topping $17 Trillion for First Time. Details & More @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Was Michael Hastings assassinated? Did Mercedes have a role in his death?

The government has access to press a button and use remote controls to remove the brakes from your car. As you will hear...."They can take full control of your car without physically touching your car. The reason I uploaded this video is because of the journalist Michael Hastings that died in June.
A day before he died he said "I have a big story i am investigating about the NSA/FBI" days later he died from having his car being drove into a tree at 100 mph per hour. Minutes before his wreck he was caught on audio saying "he needs to find a hide away the FBI is investigating him".
Killer Car Hackers: DARPA's Kathleen Fisher on Car software vulnerabilities

Modern Cars Can Be Hacked -- Boats and Planes Next?
Nicholas West - Activist Post
The question of whether or not modern cars can be hacked has been answered in the wake of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of journalist Michael Hastings.
Dr. Kathleen Fisher spoke in 2012 about DARPA's High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program, making it clear that all modern cars could be vulnerable to hacking and solutions need to be found.
Additional concerns are now being raised about the role GPS systems could play in making it possible to hack boats, planes and other GPS-reliant systems.
GPS tracking and positioning technology was brought to us by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Apparently, DARPA has done such a good job thoroughly embedding GPS into military applications, as well as permitting it to trickle down to "civilian devices," that it has permeated nearly all of modern life.
As stated by Arati Prabhakar, head of DARPA, "sometimes a capability is so powerful that our reliance on it, in itself, becomes a vulnerability."

Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, said all the details surrounding the U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound that resulted in the terrorist leader’s death are completely false.
That whole story of U.S. success is “one big lie,” he said in The Guardian.
“Not one word of it is true,” he said, referring to the narrative put forth by the Obama administration about the bin Laden mission and about the al Qaeda leader’s 2011 death.
Mr. Hersh didn’t specify or elaborate, but he is writing a book about national security issues, The New York Post reported. And one chapter is focused on the U.S. Navy SEALs’ storming of the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Mr. Hersh even said that the report put out by the Pakistani government about life in the compound was a lie.
“The Pakistanis put out a report, don’t get me going on it,” he said in the New York Post report. “Let’s put it this way — it was done with considerable American input. It’s a [expletive] report.”

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chernobyl <--> fukushima, both nuked

The cancer treatment scam that is chemotherapy has once again been shown in the scientific literature to be a major cause of, rather than a cure for, cancer.

Milton William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, 1943 – ) was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies. He was killed/murdered/assassinated by law-enforcement officers, November 5, 2001.
People always ask me what's a good conspiracy book or DVD. Well, if you haven't checked it out yet, I strongly recommend you watch "Behold A Pale Horse - Milton William Cooper DVD, from Amazon, here: or the paperback, here:

- - - - -
Chase Employees Admit Orders from Top to Limit Cash for ‘Unknown Reasons’ NAZI Germany didn't do stuff like that till 1940.
Chase information center employees admit 'orders from the top' were issued to limit finances for unknown reasons.

Obama: Ignore Bloggers, Activists and Radio Talk Show Hosts Demanding Fiscal Sanity
Says opposition profits from attempt to save America from economic ruin.

Could the US ever sink into a tyranny like ones seen in Germany, China and  the Soviet Union?    Video:

252 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc. Though picked up by InfoWars and many other sites here is the original article; "Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 345 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism", here:

EBT system goes down and there are riots. I hope my neighbor now remembers the conversation we had about a year ago. This is what happens to people when they have no money or food. Now Imagine what's going to happen when there is no longer ANY EBT due to the financial system crashing....imagine this on a nationwide scale. Someone says this picture is from the LA riots can anyone confirm please because it's been posted in articles. — with 1992 LA Riot and 3 others. The Wisdom Tree Official Trailer 2013 [HD]

- - - - -   Thu Oct 17
Breaking news: In the battle over GMO labeling bill I-522 in Washington, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has just been caught running a money laundering slush fund that funneled over $7 million into the campaign while illegally concealing the identities of the donors. Mafia-style tactics are routinely used by the biotech industry to cheat, steal or influence ballot measures.

     ECON Tags:Bubbles, Crash Course, credit, Debt, deflation, Dollar, Economy, Energy, environment, exponential growth, Federal Reserve, gold, Housing, how much is a trillion, hyperinflation, Inflation, money, Peak Oil, precious metals, resources, silver, sound money, three Es, trillion, Video, What should I do?

Bizarre “Freemason” Rant on House Floor During Debt Ceiling Vote - “You are all sons of the devil,” stenographer shouts as she is dragged away.

9/11 - The New Pearl Harbor. There is no fiction in Mazzucco’s film - except in the sense that it clearly and relentlessly exposes every part of the official account as fictional.
7 parts - treat Air Defense, The Hijackers, The Airplanes, The Pentagon, Flight 93, The Twin Towers, and Building 7.

- - - - - Wed Oct 16 

Food Stamp Dependency, Riots Lead to Martial Law
By encouraging mass dependency on the welfare state, the Obama administration is ensuring that nationwide rioting due to a large-scale collapse of the food stamp program will “justify” an explosive expansion of the police state. Stand your Ground: American tradition since April 19, 1775. 
Many recall that Captain John Parker's men were cut down on Lexington Green by British Regulars. What most don't know is that Parker's men reassembled

House Stenographer Dragged Off Floor Yelling About Freemasons And God
>>>During the House vote tonight on the budget .. the HOUSE STENOGRAPHER begins screaming about the Constitution, FREEMASONS, and how God will not be mocked !!!! OMG!

Physical exercise on a routine basis is just as effective as prescription medications in treating chronic, sometimes deadly, diseases - and without all of the associated drug toxicities.

After less than two weeks of intense bicarbonate of soda or baking soda (not baking powder) and blackstrap molasses consumption, he escaped not only cancer but toxic orthodox treatments.

Mexico Judge Bans Monsanto's GMO Corn!

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a public health alert for a widespread salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 300 people in multiple states. Now, the CDC is reporting that the hospitalization rate for the outbreak is twice as high as it usually is for salmonella cases. CDC officials say that's because of several strains of salmonella in this outbreak are resistant to drugs.
How did this become a problem with salmonella? Likely because the chickens that first spread the illness, which were packaged at three Foster Farms facilities in California, were pumped full of too many antibiotics. Read more: A SHORT HISTORY OF US GOVERNMENT RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE

Red alert breaking news: Chase Bank announces NO wire transfers outside the USA will be allowed after Nov. 17th. Cash activity limits slammed onto customers. Capital controls to be in place in one month. Widespread talk of impending fiscal crisis and government controls to prevent currency from fleeing USA:

The article about Chase is top of the Drudge Report. That should get their attention!

Ft. Hood Gears Up For Financial Collapse
Soldiers receive “riot control” training

Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers - Preparing for looming financial crisis in U.S.?

VIDEO: Why is Chase Bank Banning Wire Transfers? Is the bank preparing for some kind of financial crisis or Cyprus-style account gouging?

Crisis: USDA Orders States to Withhold Electronic Food Stamps - EBT shutdown risks widespread looting, riots by welfare recipients.

- - - - - Tue Oct 15 
Nanny State Bans Running Water
Alex Jones files this report. WARNING you will see actual footage of running water.

10 Sore Throat Remedies to Have on Hand This Season:

Listen to the Ladies of the Senate! They have the right idea!
2013 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth
9/11 conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories that disagree with the widely accepted account that the September 11 attacks were 

Leo Strauss - The Father of Republican Radicalism

COLLAPSE BY DESIGN! "The final days of empire give ample employment and power to the feckless, the insane and the idiotic. These politicians and court propagandists, hired to be the public faces on the sinking ship, mask the real work of the crew, which is systematically robbing the passengers as the vessel goes down. The mandarins of power stand in the wheelhouse barking ridiculous orders and seeing how fast they can gun the engines. They fight like children over the ship’s wheel as the vessel heads full speed into a giant ice field. They wander the decks giving pompous speeches. They shout that the SS America is the greatest ship ever built. They insist that it has the most advanced technology and embodies the highest virtues. And then, with abrupt and unexpected fury, down we will go into the frigid waters."
excerpted from "The Folly of Empire" by Chris Hedges
A 21st Currency Currency Collapse Was Foretold in the 1981 Film, Rollover.
Hidden Secrets of Money is a free money video series that teaches you about currency, wealth, gold and silver.

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't
Episode-1227- Thoughts on Oath Keepers Going “Operational” - 2013-10-15 13:13:16-04
TweetRecently Stewart Rhodes published an article on the Oath Keepers website called, Oath Keepers is Going “Operational” by Forming Special “Civilization Preservation” Teams. I find the general theme to be very positive, however many very clearly got the wrong message. …  

Cynthia McKinney ON FB
Remember Iran-Contra and the cocaine connection? There was nothing called "crack cocaine" until the U.S. government wanted to stop the inevitable change coming to Nicaragua and defeat the Sandinistas that had overthrown the U.S.'s favorite dictator, Anastasio Samoza. The U.S. policy was to support the military opposition to the Sandinistas that had been recruited by the U.S., the Contras. After Congress cut off the funding, well, the White House felt that operation had to be funded somehow. So, in the bowels of the White House, political operatives decided to hook millions of Black people on a new, affordable cocaine concoction: "crack." Cocaine sales financed the weapons that the U.S. supplies to the Contras. Oliver North was the point person. Gary Webb told on the CIA, and then the walls came crashing down all around him. I met him; I asked him to come and work with me in Congress and together to ferret out the dirt in Washington, D.C. Imagine what U.S. policy COULD be like if we had real investigations, with REAL truth telling, with honest and courageous people elected and on Congressional staffs. The people of the U.S. are being shortchanged. Big Time!

Ricky "Freeway" Ross, the Black lackey who distributed the crack so that almost every Black family in the U.S. was hit with tragedy, went to prison; Gary Webb is dead (suicide )(IF YOU BELIEVE HE SHOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD, TWICE) (LOL) ; John Millis who investigated the allegations for the House Intelligence Committee is dead (suicide); White House counsel under Clinton, Charles Ruff (who reportedly read the report at the urging of the lead Democrat on the Intelligence Committee) is dead; the lead Democrat Member of Congress on the Intelligence Committee at the time, who reportedly took the matter to the White House because of its gravity, Julian Dixon, is dead. Celerino Castillo was imprisoned on fake charges. Despite bringing intense pain to millions of Americans, who became addicted to "crack," Oliver North and the White House gang were not punished at all. Despite the wreckage of the Reagan-Oliver North years, Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandinistas, is back as President of Nicaragua. But this time, he has company with Maduro in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, Correa in Ecuador, and Castro in Cuba. The U.S. needs to leave Latin America alone and concentrate on taking care of its own citizens; the people of the U.S. need to vote in a revolutionary government as has been done in many countries in Latin America. We still can do with ballots what we cannot in bullets achieve. Now, we need to find the right candidates to support!
Kudos to those willing to make revolution in the streets as well as in the voting booths!

- - - - - MON OCT 14 2013

OMG a hula hooping bear. Not condoning entertainment animals but just proof of intelligence!

The moment the US dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency, the US is toast. 

The big secret of the tax system Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the  US Federal Income tax system. 
I didn't see any news items about it, but I did find this enlightening commentary
about one of the greatest frauds in  history.  Video:

Federal Reserve is now 100 years OLD and up for Renewal in November. EXPECT a FALSE FLAG from CIA / MOSSAD (just as 911) to distract the SHEEPLE and plunge HUMANITY into DARKNESS

Seed bank in petaluma
If you KNOW of BEST PRICES for NUTS BEANS or SEEDS in SF or SF BAY please POST here! I would like to COMPILE A LIST OF 
NAME ADDRESS PRICE URL etc so we can all BUY FOOD QUICK before the next US FALSE FLAG
Federal Reserve Charter Expires November 2013 which may be the END of the US DOLLAR / When US TREASURY BONDS DEPRECIATE GRAPHICALLY
November Possible US DEFAULT on DEBT and CRASH of US DOLLAR. Expect Bank Holiday where all your money is locked up all weekend till MONDAY when each of your DOLLARS is worth 50 Cents.
STORE WATER NOW. BUY BEANS NUTS and SURVIVAL FOOD THIS WEEK. STOCK UP NOW. eat what you store and store what you eat to be sure you have an appetite for it come hard times.
SF is EARTHQUAKE country so you should STORE 100 gallons of water anyway for DRINKING Cooking Bathing Flushing needs for a week of utilities outages.
YOU SHOULD GRAB every 5 gallon bottle you ever see curbside in RECYCLING or TRASH. YOU SHOULD grab every 5 gal cap out of the waste basket at the office water cooler station. Rinse and FILL!
BUY BEANS you can SPROUT come hard times. Garbonzo Lentil or whatever your TASTE dictates. BUY THEM NOW!
What is a FALSE FLAG? Funny you should ask:
TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest For Joking About Security 
Travelers who crack jokes about the TSA’s ludicrous security procedures could face arrest, according to a new loudspeaker warning 

and for today's moment of awesome: Cat enjoys pushing a trolley.

FaceBook is engaging in a new form of censorship?
I can not like or share anything from

Second group of military vets set to launch protest in DC tomorrow, demanding an end to the gov't shutdown.

The shocking truth about the dangers of #GMOs. Learn more at

Changing the definition of murder to include animals 

Kentucky fried cruelty:
geez this guy says NUCULAR. I WANT ALL HUMANS TO SAY NUCLEAR> NOT NUKULER. BEST way to tell a NON scientist from a scientist or educated person. GW BUSH says NUCULUR.


~ If you'd like to read up on the history they've omitted about Columbus from our history lessons in school.. Here's a few links to get your research started. PS: This is a documentary called Kymatica. It is one of my absolute FAVORITES. It talks about this exact subject - and why the elite were so determined to wipe out these tribes. If you want to catch right to the point, fast forward the film to 53:00. Though if you have time, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the whole thing Kymatica: — with Lance Willingham and Mark Ramsey. Share with others.

IMF Boss: Fate of World At Stake Unless Americans Agree to Take On More Debt
Christine Lagarde says Americans woke up one day and discovered the debt will take down the world economy.

NSA meltdown? Will incompetence save the  Constitution? 
The NSA has had at least ten major 
damaging power surges at its 
new $2 billion data center in Utah. 
Good news: The ever-clueless 
US Army Corps of Engineers is the
general contractor.  video:
- - - - -
History: Vets tear down barricades as feds back down -

Vets chant "shame on you" as police scream and brandish batons outside White House. Stirring footage!

If an EBT card outage that lasted just hours caused looting and "mini-riots" what would a 5 day hold on food stamps lead to?

During federal food stamp glitch, EBT card recipients RANSACK local Wal-Mart stores, stealing masses of food and products. See photos here. There is a hugely important lesson this: What happens when the EBT card system goes offline permanently when the U.S. government goes into financial default? 50 million Americans panic...

Banksy's Sirens of the Lambs Stuffed Animal Slaughterhouse Truck Highlights Horrors of Meat Industry
Here are 9 exceptionally delicious, budget-friendly vegan meals that you can easily whip up at home!

The cold and flu season has arrived, and people are already starting to take precautionary measures. There is no need to worry, as the easy solution might just be found in the kitchen or garden.

Environmental Working Group on FB or
CNN breaks down the facts on food poisoning, citing EWG's analysis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat sold in supermarkets.
"81% of ground chicken, 69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef and 39% of chicken were found to contain the bacteria..."

Coming up October 12, millions will march
against Monsanto all over the world. 
Leading up to the march we're going to 
give you some reasons why to join in.
Monsanto is stealing the world's seed
supply...No joke.   Video:
what to do if you mistakenly injure your child

Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin
Getting a flu shot will expose you to thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that is a derivative of mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin.

Lavender is an exceptional bactericide and also stimulates the production of white blood cells, thereby creating a robust defense against harmful invading pathogens.

Warning: Anyone enrolling in is entering a contract with the government to waive your Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. The fine print actually actually admits that EVERYTHING you enter will be shared "with law enforcement" and IRS auditors. is actually a Trojan Horse to scrape your ID details and incriminate you on demand:

High School Assignment: Students Decide Who Lives, Dies Under Limited Healthcare 
School assignment places kids as heads of death panels.

Five ninth-grade young women from Denmark recently created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community. 
They found that when garden cress seeds are placed near Wi-Fi, they simply will not grow.
Wi-Fi connects electronic devices to wireless computer networks (wireless LAN) using electromagnetic radiation. 
They’re installed in homes, schools, offices, stores, hotels, coffee shops, airports, libraries, hospitals, public buildings and even entire sections of cities. Wi-Fi signals are, unlike TV and radio signals, strong enough to penetrate concrete walls. Many health experts consider Wi-Fi radiation to be extremely dangerous to long-term health. Read more:

According to two Merck scientists who filed a False Claims Act complaint in 2010 — a complaint which has just now been unsealed — vaccine manufacturer Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test data, spiked blood samples with animal antibodies, sold a vaccine that actually promoted mumps and measles outbreaks, and ripped off governments and consumers who bought the vaccine thinking it was “95% effective.”


How to be a one man News Team for Cheap  
In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over some of the most common heard excuses he hears from people who want to become independent media. He gives you his pointers and tips on how to be a one person news team for little to no money. He tells you how one person can replace a producer, audio technician, sound engineer, cameraman and anchor. 
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     ECO to see Radiation levels near you!

3 Disturbing Fukushima Facts The Government Is Covering Up
TEPCO says Fukushima is nothing to worry about

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
During the last 82 days on the Faroe Islands.....10 drive hunts.....984 Pilot whales & 430 Atlantic white sided dolphins killed.....1414 ocean souls taken from us forever.
Next year, Sea Shepherd returns to the Faroe Islands with Operation GrindStop 2014
Sea Shepherd and Operation GrindStop 2014 are not Anti-Faroese.....we are not ‘Anti’ any nationality. We are Pro-Ocean and we work in the interests of all life on Earth. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect...


Battle of the Barricades: Vets Prepared to “Go to Jail” - Veterans from across the country descend on DC this weekend.

The Survival Podcast
Stewart Rhodes (founder of http://OathKeepers.ORG 

SPECIAL REPORT: Americans Respond to Obamacare #FAIL

Report: Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Protest - Conservative group claims Department of Transportation source confirmed plan.

Whistleblower reveals allegations that banks launder money for al-Qaeda. LIVE 11am-2pm CST

John McAfee Reveals New Project to Stop NSA Spying
McAfee says he's now ready for his next adventure: a return to Silicon Valley. The two party system explained

Alex talks about @RepJacksonLee's suggestion martial law be declared to end to supposed government shut down.

National Park Police arrest Grand Canyon visitors, protestors rally in outrage, demanding the feds open the park.

US police to consider anyone who doubts the 9/11 as a potential terrorist. The F-B-I has instructed U-S police departments to consider anyone who doubts

The Obamacare exchange website has just suffered a critical failure. All passwords must now be reset, and some people are being told they have to create NEW accounts using new account names because their old accounts never actually got created and the usernames are now stuck in limbo. Another day, another error... this project is fast becoming an IT nightmare that may take YEARS to fix:

Georgia bicyclists killed a bill that would've required cyclists to get a license and register their bikes. A blow to excessive government intrusion. !!!KIlluminati!!!
'2 Million Bikers,' Going To DC In Support of Truckers, WW2 Vets | Peace . Gold . Liberty
On Saturday, Honor Flight veterans plan to break through barricades that have been placed around the 

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't
Episode-1224- Bug Out Planning and Documentation (orig epi 148) - 2013-10-09 08:20:31-04
TweetToday’s show covers the formalized planning and documentation process I have personally developed to handle any situation where bugging out is required. This plan is designed to keep decision making logical and get family members in touch with each other …

Civil Disobedient WWII Veteran - Full Interview
Let us know what you think of this interview in the comment section below. 
In this video Luke Rudkowski documents veterans getting together on October 7th 2013 to make a stand against the curfew of the Vietnam veterans memorial in NYC. Over a dozen veterans were arrested that day in an act of civil disobedience against many issues that are expressed in this interview. 
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The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt - the depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over. 

Join the Global Media Bypass Initiative - Sub to this Youtube Channnel

In the House, we’re doing everything we can to defund, repeal and dismantle the president’s health care law that is raising costs and making it harder for businesses to hire. Stand with us, and help take the fight to stop this train wreck of a law to the Senate:

How about that radiation?
Fukushima Radiation Hitting Canada and United States More than Japan
ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce October 5, 2013 Besides the billions of gallons of radioactive water spilling from the abandoned Fukushima Nuclear Energ...

This urban forest infographic shows how trees can effectively combat carbon emissions!

Florida narcotics agents are dealing cocaine, using paid informants to lure in desperate wanna-be “middle men” from across the country with the promise of profits for their involvement in the drug trade, then arresting these people and taking all their belongings.  

Remember that gang of thugs that
took over a roadway and pulled a man
from his car and beat him in front
of his wife and child? 
It turns out at least two of them were 
off duty NYPD cops.    Video:


There have so many lies coming out of Obama’s mouth lately it’s getting difficult to keep up with them all.

“History is about to repeat itself: The United States Government got out of the Wall Street created Crash of 1907 by getting into WWI. The United States Government got out of the Wall Street Created Crash of 1929 by getting into WWII. The United States Government is preparing to get out of the Wall Street created Crash of 2008 by getting into WWIII.”
… by the Snordster from commentary by Mike Rivero


Truckers gearing up for 'Ride for the Constitution.' How many is the big question.
How many truckers will participate in the “Ride for the Constitution” rally around the DC beltway tomorrow through Monday?
asking all concerned Americans to join in and those who can't make it to DC he is asking to do the same at their state capitol.
Truckers UNITE & All Americans
I want to do more then Protest our Government i want to shut down DC and Demand Results!

Video: Feds Hire Armed Private Goons to Guard Independence Hall - Government pays fake cops to keep Americans out of national park during “shutdown”.

if you are not from San Francisco and familiar with Chicken John Rinaldi you are truly missingout on the hilarity of how to get a retailer to stay the hell away from a community neighborhood!! Great Job Chicken! ...
Jack Spade Jerk-Off Protest Promises To 'Fill The Streets With Semen' [Update]

The Survival Podcast Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't
4 Videos From The Self Reliance Expo -  ere are 5 video interviews with some of the best folks that were exhibiting at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver Colorado

Alex welcomes former Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul to break down the political tug-of-war taking place in Washington and why Janet Yellen, the new fed boss, will be the same as the old boss. Also, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura talks to Alex about developments in his potential run for presidency. LIVE NOW! 11am-2pm CST

TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest For Joking About Security - Prisoner training: Don’t complain about your grope down.


Hungary joins Iceland in kicking out the Rothschilds and starts issuing interest free currency!


An inventor in West Africa has created a DIY $100 3D printer from e-waste! PRESERVING CIVILIZATION For some strange reason, Oath Keepers REFUSE to acknowledge the change in government that happened with the Civil War's RECONSTRUCTION. Here is Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, with Alex Jones, explaining how they, the "Oath Keepers", are out to "preserve civilization".... Having that information reviewed, although both Stewart Rhodes and Alex Jones are talking like they do not want chaos, they are accepting it.... Really? Thus I trust neither Rhodes or Jones. It all spells Controlled Opposition. They both sidestep that the Constitution was ultimately destroyed with the 14th Amendment. Moreover, the Constitution was a MERCHANT document in the first place, i.e., it serves the world elite and their commercial dealings. So, the Oath Keepers are actually useful idiots. They have no idea what they are protecting. More on that below.... Oh, and really, the "Civilization Preservation Team"? Vatican shill (now Jesuit controlled in total), Tom Woods will tell you about "CIVILIZATION"..... About Stewart Rhodes.... "Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people." ( ) My answer to that false hope... Rhodes paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” ( ) appears to be a very comprehensive legal brief, but is simply a joke. Like most law presentments it goes on and on in a way to impress. However, it fails to address why Americans may be held as the "enemy"; thus, it does NOT even come close to the truth.... If you want to see the TRUE PUZZLE of why "Americans" are enemies of the United States of America and may be held as enemy combatants, read the paper I wrote exposing the setup/scam (of which I dedicated to Tom Woods, the Vatican Shill), Historical Error.... Again, it all spells Controlled Opposition. And as OATH KEEPERSup for this mission? ...
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.