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Dave Stetzer – The Difference Between Grounding the Body and Discharging Energy; They Are Not... 
Similar Podcasts You Might Like: Dave Stetzer – An Easy Fix To Dirty Electricity (Electrical Pollution) In Your Home: A Cause of Disease and Chronic Illness – March 21, 2013 Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD – The World’s Top Anti-Aging Specialist – Why Do We Get Old?: Taking a Look at Healthspan vs. Lifespa...
Fluoridation's Shocking History - GreenMedTV 
How did the thought that ingesting fluoride would benefit oral and dental health actually start? Professor Paul Connett describes how and why water fluoridation started in this country. He points out the many flaws in the reasoning behind it and the many concerns of continued fluoridation. Chemtrails and Acid snow ? WTF !!!!! 


there is a WAR on your HEALTH… the FDA is an EVILE institution. the fight against supplements and what you can put in your body will soon come to a fever pitch… 
War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA 

Netflix a documentary called Blackfish. encouraging you to take the time to watch "Blackfish".     Blackfish Official Film Site 
A mesmerizing psychological thriller with a killer whale at its centre, Blackfish is the first film since Grizzly Man to show how nature can get revenge on man when pushed to its limits.

Ship is sinking!
Blackstone Sells Majority of SeaWorld Shares - 
Blackstone Holdings III, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group ( BX ), sold 19,500,000 shares of theme park and entertainment company SeaWorld Entertainment ( SEAS ) for $563,062,516. Another

LIVER CLEANSING FOODS Cleanse your liver naturally with this wonderful liver detox juice that may offer amazing benefits not just to the liver, but to the ot...her organs as well! Try this in the morning... -➤ Follow US -➤ Healthy Food Place

give your kid a guitar or a paint brush. take the kid to run around in nature. don't give pills………

$ IN POLITICS Everyone from Red States to Blue States wants to see who’s paying the piper.

BILLIONS in retirement cuts for veterans, yet gov’t wasted $30 billion on ‘pillownauts,’ crystal goblets — buying human urine!
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