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As most of you know, I do not advocate consuming large amounts of fruits in your diet. Most fruits are high in fructose, which can mess up your insulin and leptin levels, putting you at risk for obesity and chronic diseases. But here’s one exceptional fruit that I highly recommend adding to your diet because of its excellent nutritional profile and delicious and versatile flavor. It’s the avocado, which you should never ignore from now on. Learn more about the amazing benefits of avocados in this ‪#‎infographic‬: Please SHARE this with your friends and family!

There is more to parsley than meets the eye. It can lower our risk of cancer, enhance our immune system, reduce inflammation and so much more.

For those who didn't see it the last time it was posted about a month ago... interesting stats.

Shortly after noon on yesterday, Clark County Nevada passed an Anti-NDAA resolution.
Four hours later, Emmett, ID did the same (with Video):
"On Tuesday, the Emmett City Council approved the Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution, thus banning the detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA, and the application of the laws of war, which originally made Emmett a “battlefield” in the war on terror..."...
The world is waking up, and we are finding a Common Ground.
People Against the NDAA

The funny thing is that if the percentage rose above 50%, it wouldn't be necessary (well except for the rigging of elections).
Poll says nearly one-third of Americans believe armed revolt may be necessary
According to a new poll conducted April 22-28, 2013 by Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly one-third of Americans believe that an armed revolt could become n

It is essential for our political and spiritual well-being that we investigate and prosecute those responsible for the crimes and cover-up of 9-11. We cannot move forward until this crime is properly prosecuted.

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