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DO NOT FEED TUNA to your CATS or your FAMILY unless you want them DEAD.

Chimp in Zoo asks Child to Free Him (Sign Language) - Powerful Primates
The Chimp waants to be free and tells the kid as much. As someone comments, Chimps are very aggressive and this would be a mistake

red alert - naval personnel to sue tepco for fukushima radiation poisoning
This is horrifying! 70+ USS Ronald Reagan Crew Members, Half Suffering From Cancer, to Sue TEPCO For Fukushima Radiation Poisoning

Sprayed like cockroaches… Those of you in California have CERTAINLY witnessed the madness lately… Blanketed by this shit!  
The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death 
Paul Adams, J.D. Activist Post - Special Report Urgent Alert: Throughout May of 2013, Southern California, home of 22 million people, received by far the most powerful daily aerosol attacks this 

don't be brainwashed any longer. stop subjecting yourself and your family to this madness…
Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses
Truthers have been saying this from day 1. You have to get rid of the witnesses that know OBL wasnt killed that night. 600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York 

In a mass detention scenario, plasti-cuffs will be the handcuffs of choice. 
If you prefer not to wear them, here's how to get out of them.
(Note: This video has been removed from numerous video sharing sites.) Details:
stick pins in your belts and shoes now. practice with friends SCROLL DOWN to MILK and LEAFY GREENS Warning PIC.

- - - - - Sat Dec 27 2013 1am

Only those with UNREGISTERED GUNS will be able to fight for their liberty,
resist FORCED VACCINATIONS, resist being put on the DEATH CAMP FEMA train
DEFEND YOURSELF or DIE in SLAVERY and join the GRAVES of every other population that was DISARMED then EXTERMINATED.

If HITLER asked you to register your guns, would it be wise to OBEY?
If a GOVERNMENT that ROUTINELY SLAUGHTERS 1,000s of innocent people every MONTH, for DECADES
asks you to turn in your guns, or to register them so they can CONFISCATE them NEXT, should you?

HITLER told the JEWS that guns were dangerous and killing people so they should be registered.
Hitler then CONFISCATED all those guns. 

USA MURDEROUS GOVT and it's state Minions in CA, NY, CT are suggesting the same. OBEY at your own PERIL. RIP OBEDIENT FOOLS.

SEE YOU IN THE FEMA CAMPS. and cause you will not keep your 1st amendment if you give up your 2nd.
 The 3-Minute Video That Will Make Any Problem You Have Seem Astonishingly Trivial

This is how people react when they find out the truth behind how animals are treated before they get to their plates. Ignorance is not bliss. Learn more at

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