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To all those out there who are really sincerely trying to change things here's an assignment for you. If you consider yourself liberal go find yourself a conservative, and if you are a conservative go find yourself a liberal and try to find the common ground that you can both agree on in order to join forces in the face of the situation we are in. If you fail keep trying, it's not the fault of those crazy liberals or those crazy conservatives it's the fault of your left/right paradigm conditioning. Time to break that conditioning. If you want a hint go to this page: or like this page: The Common Ground Movement 

I think I'm gonna be seasick...
December 23 2013 Breaking News Fukushima worldwide Nuclear Crisis not contained Last Days News  

23 Seniors Died After Receiving This Year’s Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies
Package insert for Fluzone flu vaccine marketed to seniors reveals 23 seniors died during drug trial.

SeaWorld - Your secrets are out:

California residents are buying shotguns and rifles in droves before the long gun registry takes effect on Jan. 1st.
Clouds - Contrail vs Chemtrail [feat. Fat Hed] (FTF Films) | | Secret Behind Money Created by the Fed 

Are you okay with having to pay illegal taxes?
Obama’s Taxation Without Representation Brings Revolution!
History may be repeating itself. “Taxation without representation” may soon be shouted from coast to coast, as a team of legal researchers have found that

Despite attempts to bolster the Federal Reserve Note Dollar's value, the marketplace sees right through it. It might be a good time to get 'smart'...
Bitcoin Santas Drop Big Money on Hackers Who've Been Nice | Wired Enterprise | 
You can think of them as the Bitcoin Santas. Every so often, they appear out of nowhere and bestow gifts on people across the globe, a 

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