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Camp FEMA: American Lockdown So You're Living in a Police State Stephen Colbert 

Naomi Wolf: 'Obama can lock any US citizen up without trial'
Barack Obamas indefinite detention claim, coupled with the enemy combatant right he inherited, enables him to lock up any US citizen forever without a trial,...

Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under Indefinite Detention act — RT
If you’re upset that congressional approval of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 can send you away to military prisons and be tortured in America, don’t worry — it could be worse.!/17278/0/0/0/Y/M.html
Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse... Introducing: H.R. 3166 & S. 1698 Enemy Expatriat.

The Philosophy of Liberty
In eight minutes, you'll understand liberty. Visit

History Channel the Third Reich "The Rise "
Documentary from the History Channel about Hitler's rise to power the third Reich and the Nazis.

NDAA Approved by Obama, War with Iran Next?
Engineered revolutions, pre-emptive strikes, sanctions, indefinite detention. The globalists are working to screw us all every way they can, as usual.

Ron Paul Explains NDAA: Out of Self Defense You Better Know About It
Ron Paul is thrilled folks in New Hampshire are awake to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Republican front runner Ron Paul explains what the ND...
Final Curtain: Obama Signs Indefinite Detention of Citizens Into Law As Final Act of 2011

100 AM & FM Radio Stations you can hear Alex Jones on + Short Wave BREAKING NEWS: FEMA CAMP REPORT Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones 2011-12-06 
NDAA just ended YOUR freedom in the US!  Wake up...

Arrests at White House Over NDAA Military Detention of Americans, Occupy Wall Street Joins Fight. |.
Buried by the television news media but visible on Youtube, at least three days in a row of protests over NDAA law allowing indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial have taken place recently, with at least 11 arrests confirmed so far.

“Toward the end of the Cold War, capitalism created a military horror: the neutron bomb, a weapon that destroys life while leaving buildings intact. During the Fourth World War, however, a new wonder has been discovered: the financial bomb. Unlike those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this new bomb not only destroys the polis (here, the nation), imposing death, terror, and misery on those who live there, but also transforms its target into just another piece in the puzzle of economic globalization.”
~Subcomandante Marcos


fed up with CNN cutting off Ron Paul supporters!!! Go Ron Paul, I hope you take Iowa
CNN Cuts Off Soldier Who Voted For Paul and Spoke Out Against More War!
"Technical difficulties"...sure.

Ron Paul: Corporations Are NOT People
Sign up for email updates: Please like, share, subscribe & comment! 08/13/2011 -- Ron Paul is Ameri...

Alex Grey - Sacred Mirrors
Alex Grey - Sacred Mirrors. Directed & Edited by Phil Allocco

16 year old American Boy Indefinitely Detained .wmv
A 16 year old boy was kidnapped from his home by FBI under the Patriot act. He get's no trial and his mother can't get any answers What Obama Did On His Christmas Vacation‘trade-wars’-with-nations-opposed-to-monsanto-gmo-crops 
Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops

12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King
Original uploader: Downloaded from...

The 9 biggest 9/11 stories of 2011: old fights and new directions

Another sledgehammer prosecution of a law-abiding citizen
It's an all-too-common story in America.
A law-abiding citizen makes a simple procedural that has no criminal intent and injures
no one...and he or she faces years in prison. 
Here's a case of a woman, a licensed concealed 
carry weapon holder, who faces a MINIMUM of 
three and a half years in New York State prison for 
making an honest mistake.  
We live in a country where police are
not legally obligated to come to you aid,
but we punish responsible people who take
steps to insure their own safety. It's nuts. Video:

Shot in the head by Oakland police, former U.S. Marine will continue to protest
Back in October of last year (just over two months ago) Brasscheck
posted a video of an Occupy Oakland protester who was critically
injured and being carried away from the fracas by fellow protesters.
That protester was Scott Olsen.
Olsen is a 24-year old former U.S. Marine who survived two tours in
the Iraq war only to shot in the head with a police projectile at Occupy Oakland.
After causing his injury, police then fired a flash grenade,
seemingly to prevent others from coming to his aid.
Other protesters manged to spirit him away to where he could
receive medical attention for a fractured skull and brain swelling. 
He has recovered well and has been given the chance to tell his
story and discuss why he was there among the protesters at Occupy Oakland.
Scott Olsen speaks...   Video:

Chris Hedges "Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!"
January 01, 2012 C-SPAN

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower
Mike Springman- The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia blows the whistle on the 9/11 hijackers. BBC News Source: "former head of...

BBC Osama bin Laden was CIA agent & Al Qaeda Never Existed Invented by CIA
In my chanel You'll find many more videos on this subject.

Trump, O'Reilly Regurgitate Lie That Paul Couldn't Beat Obama
Polls show Ron Paul has the best chance of defeating Obama out of all the Republican candidates
In an effort to dismiss the legitimacy of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, both Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly regurgitated the claim that Paul could not beat Obama in a head to head run off, when in fact numerous polls have proven he stands the best chance of beating Obama out of all the Republican candidates.

The Elite bloodline from ancient time till now
The history of Satanism and the Bohemian Grove Zionist Advocate Knocks Camera Out of Hands of Alison Weir Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs 
Thrill Bill: 'US wars deliver absolute terror'
The promise to scrap his predecessor's hardliner war-on-terror policies, which helped Barack Obama win presidential election, is apparently off the table Santorum Voters Being Chased Into The Iowa Caucus By CNN FDA COVERS UP FOR BAYER Spreading HIVAids virus.wmv 

----- Monday Links -----

Go to and for thousands of pages of evidence and links to the original source research on th...


Arrest AG Eric Holder  and oBOMBa NOW for illegally running 3,000 Assualt weapons to Mexico VIA

Covert Operation "Fast and Furious" in their scheme to blame USA gun sales and ban american gun ownership and gun shows.


----- Tuesday -----


One of the best done videos on who did 911 and why, should be viral.

War is always by Deception

Newest War by Deception Audio re-done,New clips, massive editing, info on tower access, enjoy and spread. The old film has about 120k views on the two names....

Jailbreak 5.0.1 Untethered On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (A4 Devices) Now Using Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 / Cor

The wait is finally over! Full instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 untethered on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G/3G using Redsn0w/Corona.


Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold !

More: The following exchange between Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and the Fed's attorney Scott Alvarez proves, without a shadow of a d... Obama No Longer President, Now Can Be Called King Obama


Dive! The Film - Living Off America's Waste   Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version) Sunshine helps prevent skin cancer while sunscreens promote it   We Are All One - An Inspiring Short Film To Watch


Merry Xmas, did your senator vote to use your military against you? Let the recalls begin


Montanans Launch Recall of Senators Who Approved NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, US Senate

Montana residents William Crain and Stewart Rhodes are spearheading the drive. Mr. Crain is an artist. Mr. Rhodes is an attorney, Yale Law School graduate, and the national president of the organization Oath Keepers, who are military and law enforcement officers, both former and active duty, who vow to uphold their Oath to the US

Constitution and to disobey illegal orders which constitute attacks on their fellow citizens.


US drones intercepted by $26 software

Defense officials have confirmed that U.S. drones have been intercepted by insurgents with $26 software. How can this complex military technology be hacked i...


Max Keiser: Presidential Futures are like "Running Man on Steroids"

US congress today approved an extension of the payroll tax cut for two months...putting off a tax increase for millions of workers. So, after much partisan p...


World debt comparison: The global debt clock | The Economist


Label My Food

Without labels on genetically engineered food, you have no way of knowing what you're eating for dinner. You have the right to know what's in your food. Tell the FDA to JUST LABEL IT! Exclusive: Dow seeking deregulation of GE corn resistant to 2,4-D, a major component of Agent OrangeLearn more:

The chemical pesticide group 2,4-D can cause acute toxicity and was a major component (roughly 50%) of Agent Orange, says Cornell University:

Rats fed 2,4-D produced "fetuses with abdominal cavity bleeding and increased mortality," says the Cornell link above, which also states that 2,4-D may cause infertility, birth defects, organ toxicity and neurological effects.

Learn more:



I see now the ADA has Paved Carlsbad Caverns. Lets just Clearcut every national park so we can Pave it into one big parking lot. To hell with the earth, who needs it?


Robots programmed to kill are not required to pledge to uphold the constitution.


OBAMANIA: Preparing to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons: "No Option can be taken off the Table."


Will Europe print money? Must have had too much holiday cheer...

Will the Fed drive the bus off the cliff in an attempt to rescue Europe? Video:


Defending freedom and liberty...   from ourselves

International Interweb recording sensation, Remy, unveils this

timely song reminding all of us back on the home front about why

they fight wars now. And why they fought wars then.

Remy: Why They Fought...   Video: FAIRMedia Advisory Occupy the P.U.-litzers!


Dyncorp Caught Buying and Selling Women and Children... Rewarded With Defense Contract (flashback)


Donald Rumsfeld questioned on child kidnapping rings going on with pentagon defense contractors. HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION Radical Change Taking Root


Righteous Blood Part III

Read first: The history of the KHAZARS parts 1 and 2


If Americans Knew is dedicated to providing Americans with everything they need to know about Israel and Palestine. The top 10 most censored Natural News stories of 2011 USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birdsLearn more: Why the west hate muslims.


happy instructor dude. flash SWF basics Flash CS4 Tutorial Course - Understanding Panels Lesson 1


The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software.mp4


NDAA: It Started With The "Terrorists".... Next the "Home Grown Extremeists"!

This is very serious! Thanks to for this great video about the treatment of detainees! You think that they were the end of it???


The Illuminati - Rothschild Banking Family Exposed 1/3

Part 2 of 3 Part 3 of 3 ANONYMOUS - REVOLUTION - MESSAGE TO THE WORLD TEDxFiDiWomen - Lissa Rankin - The Shocking Truth About Your Health


Solutions: "A corporation is not a person!"

There are so many problems. So many.

Solutions? Where does one begin?

Senator Bernie Sanders has offered up a solution that would make

one heck of a start. Go Bernie.

An amendment to the Constitution that would exclude corporations

from the rights granted to natural persons, end corporate

personhood, and prohibit corporate spending in elections.




 Congress To Fund Massive Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints

Paul Joseph Watson,


Fears over burgeoning police state increase after passage of NDAA

Congress is set to give the green light on funding for a massive expansion of TSA checkpoints, with the federal agency already responsible for over 9,000 such checkpoints in the last year amidst increased fears America is turning into a [...]


Atrocity in California ’s Kern County : Deputy Runs Down Pedestrians, Police Arrest Grieving Relatives

William Grigg, Republic Magazine


According to Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, “it may be months before an investigation determines exactly what happened Friday night when a sheriff’s deputy hit and killed two pedestrians in Oildale .” Police who responded to the incident took the deputy to the hospital — and arrested grieving relatives on the [...]


*** Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?

Jeremy R. Hammond, Foreign Policy Journal


Ron Paul is “the best-known American propagandist for our enemies”, writes Dorothy Rabinowitz in a recent Wall Street Journal hit piece. To support the charge, she writes that Dr. Paul “assures audiences” that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 “took place only because of U.S. aggression and military actions”. [...]


*** NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet


Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder, who has known Ron Paul for 20 years, unequivocally dismissed charges that the Congressman was a racist in light of recent smear attempts, and said the reason for him being attacked was that he was a threat to the establishment. Linder joined Alex Jones [...]


*** Finally … Solo Farmer Fights Monsanto and Wins

Dr. Mercola


Monsanto has long been trying to establish control over the seeds of the plants that produce food for the world. They have already patented a number of genetically altered food crops, which can only be grown with proper license, and the seeds for which must be purchased anew each year. But genetically [...]


*** U.S. judge rules Iran abetted 9/11 attacks

Brasscheck TV


Didn’t we go through this with Iraq ?

I can’t imagine people falling for this AGAIN. More than ten years later, a U.S. judge claims Iran was complicit in the attacks of September 11th 2001. This, at a time when our government and every presidential candidate, besides Ron Paul, appears desperate to go [...]


*** Fluoride and the pineal gland

Brasscheck TV


Animal studies of pineal function indicate that fluoride exposure results in altered melatonin production and altered timing of sexual maturity. Recent information on the role of the pineal organ in humans suggests that any agent that affects pineal function could affect human health in a variety of ways, including effects on sexual [...]


"... Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society." --


If the First Amendment fails, use the Second one.


There are three kinds of people in the world:

1) Those who do what they're told without question,

2) Those who control them, and

3) Those who refuse to play the game!
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