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Max Igan - Truth Frequency Interview - Jan 14th 2012 - 3/3

A Personal Tale, 2012 and HAARP 2/4
Max Igan - American Voice Radio - 10/01/10


Trailer - SERIOUSLY! The Future depends on play
SERIOUSLY! is a creative documentary that turns the work ethic on its head and reveals how vital play is to our health, happiness, and the future of life. Go to to find out more and help us finish the film.


SOPA/PIPA Round Up | H.R. 3782 This Legislation Must Be Stopped
Imagine ... take downs and seizures of web sites by the D.O.J. without judicial review just for linking to something deemed a copyright infringement by ... a corporation that complains to the Justice Department. What could go wrong?   I am sure you have heard of this by now:  SOPA/PIPA and it…

DON'T FUCK WITH THE INTERNET!!!! (Anti-SOPA/PIPA song by Funk Vigilante)
If you feel like being cool to us you can like us at or check out our website Internet censorship is a serious t...

Ron Paul Talks About SOPA And The NDAA Bill At N.H Airport Hanger Rally
Airing Date Jan 06, 2012 you Can Also Watch This At Dailymotion

Hitler reacts to SOPA. STOP SOPA & PIPA HR3261 & S968 arethreatening CL andthe rest of yourInternet. Most ofthe web sites you usestrongly oppose thesebills. Find out why, andhow you can help puta stop to this madnessbefore it's too late!

End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google
Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already opp…

Banned incredible Ron Paul Video

SOPA UPDATE: Dear NaturalNews readers, If you go to our home page right now, you'll find that it has a message declaring the website was SEIZED by the U.S. government under the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
NaturalNews is joining in the global internet strike against out-of-control government tyranny and censorship. Also joining in the protest are Wikipedia, Reddit, RawStory and thousands of other websites. They are all going "dark" for 12 - 24 hours.
SOPA and PIPA are proposed laws that would give the U.S. government the right to turn off any websites it wants by claiming their user comments link to copyrighted material. In other words, under this law, if a NaturalNews reader posted a comment containing a link to a copyrighted song, for example, the government could seize our entire website.
If SOPA passes, NaturalNews will be shut down. So will InfoWars, Wikipedia, RawStory, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and thousands of other websites that offer alternative news and information.
Read my important article here on why your action is desperately needed right now to protest SOPA and PIPA:

WTF is SOPA? aka The American Government trying to ruin the internet

Strike Against Sopa!
Internet goes on strike — blackout everywhere. This Wed Jan 18, many of your favorites sites will be unavailable to you to stop web censorship. Tell everyone, petition even more sites to join.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Debate pt.1
January 14, 2012 MSNBC News

     when the SHTF Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have
When you are in a raft and a shark attack is imminent, hit the shark with anything you 
have, except your hands. You will do more damage to your hands than the shark. If you 
strike with an oar, be careful not to lose or break it.- US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL
14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun 


Chemtrails controlled by Jesuits & Knights of Malta ! Proof in video !
(Note! :Its now Winter in Holland , many contrails will remain a lot longer in the sky ! Don't get confused , Chemtails will NOT disappear within 3 hours in ...

Amazing Footage of WWII Chemtrail Experiments
Old military footage of early chemtrails experiments. This is crazy

Early Morning Chemtrails And A Detoxifying Tea Recipe
After being bombarded by chemtrails early in the morning on Monday January 16 2011, I share my favorite way to detox heavy metals from my system.


Lawful Disobedience: ARREST THAT JUDGE!
West Film Production Co's condensed and CENSORED-FOR-TV version of what happened Monday 1pm 7th March 2011 in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, England. This vers... oenix Veterans with AR 15s keeping the Occupation safe 


Miss representation Trailer

Slut Shaming and Why it's Wrong
Seven Days Seven Topics - Day Uno (August 20th, 2011) While I am fully aware that this is a bit of an unorthodox topic for a thirteen year old virgin to be t...

Did you hear that Montana has banned corporate contributions in elections, or that Vermont is now planning to provide health insurance to all citizens, or about the growing bicycle movement paid for by cities around the world? For lots more awesome and revealing news like this, click below:


The next generation of GMOs could be especially dangerous
[Click to read 17 comments:

Alkaline Food Cookbook with Alkaline Recipes - Healthy alkaline food cookbook and alkaline recipes to help alkaline your body for optimum health.

raised garden beds: hugelkultur instead of irrigation
Soil on wood makes a raised garden bed that can support your favorite garden plants all summer without irrigation

Worse than DDT: When You Eat This, it Ends Up Lingering in Your Gut
And it will decimate your good bacteria, wreaking havoc with your health (as 80% of your immune system resides in your gut). What's more, it's zapped of 80-90% of its iron, manganese and zinc. Avoid this nutritionally deficient food - opt for this instead... Monsanto RoundUp GlyPhosphate

if it doesn't grow, it is not food. Even a kid can figure this one out. Why are we allowing big Ag to poison us?
My Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic"
A child's experiment turns into a lesson on the toxins in our food supply.

Farmer feed GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile.
Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GMO corn,(Roundup Ready and BT) and fed this corn to his pigs. Result: his sows became infertile, and the...

How to Make Rick Simpson's Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely
A SAFE WAY TO MAKE HEMP OIL (Owner's note: I made this video WITH Rick Simpson, and we posted it online in a documentary called RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick S...

"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself" F.D. Roosevelt 1937

Sesame Street: Street Garden Cooperation
For more videos and games check out our new website at In this video we see that making a garden takes cooperation. Sesame Street...


The Pineal Gland is a Gateway - Death is but the beginning.

CCHR: Psychiatry—Labeling Kids with Bogus 'Mental Disorders' 20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with "mental disorders" that are based solely on a checklist of behav...

     AUTISM Autistic Schizophrenic Children. An Experiment in the Use of LSD-25

No Vaccine No Autism
Sex Drive, sarcastic amish guy compilation

     END the FED

$9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve!!!
End the FED anyone? Ben Bernanke is a TRAITOR... END THE FED Rep. Alan Grayson questions the FED inspector General where $9 TRillion dollars went... and Gene... ARGENTINA SEIZES PENSION FUNDS TO PAY DEBTS. THE U.S. IS NEXT... 


GERALD CELENTE BLOG: The Game is rigged at every level - The Alex Jones Show - 13 Jan 2012
GERALD CELENTE : trends master futurist and outspoken public figure, Author of the trends Journal , Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist and trends analyst. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking and publisher of the worldwide circulated Trends Journal newsl...

     INCOME TAX is VOLUNTARY You don't have to pay Federal Income Tax? YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO. With Aarons permision, here is a quick edit (under 10 minutes) that covers the principals of america freedom to facism tax cut federal reserve irs nwo amero nau cfr war.

The Constitution contains 44OO words and was meant to be **understood** by everyone
The tax code contains 1O,OOO,OOO words and was intended to ***steal*** from everyone
The 16th Amendment was *never legally ratified*, (see “The Law That Never Was”) and the income tax has been declared **unconstitutional** by the Supreme Court
Stop paying the illegal income tax and join in the fight to elect Ron Paul in 2012
Ron Paul will abolish the income tax, the illegal Federal Reserve and the IRS


Breaking Dr.RonPaul Moves To Repeal NDAA S.1867 Police StateProvisions 
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul stepped aside from his 2012
presidential campaign today to fight directly for all of our freedoms,
by introducing legislation to repeal Section 1021 from the 2012 NDAA
"law" that authorizes the U.S.military to arrest Americans in the USA
without charges (any reason) and indefinite detention of American citizens without trial.

Stripped of citizenship by the Enemy Expatriation Act
With all the uproar over the possible indefinite detention of
American citizens, a new bill has been introduced to strip
Americans of their citizenship.
It's called the Enemy Expatriation Act (H.R.3166), and it will fix everything.
They'll just declare American suspects to be expatriated
non-citizens before they stick the black bags over their heads. 
Problem solved...   Video:

States rebellion against 'indefinite detention' begins
Good news!  The first, of hopefully many, State Representatives has drafted a
resolution to reject the President's unconstitutional authority to
indefinitely detain the citizens of his state.
It's not much, but it's a start. Let's hope this catches on in other states.
Better yet, let's make sure this catches on in other states... Video:

BREAKING! NDAA Rhode Island Rebelling More States to follow New American Revolution

Sgt. Shamar Thomas Detains Sen. Carl Levin Over NDAA
more: On day #1 of Occupy Congress, Sgt Shamar Thomas (of 1 Marine Vs. 30 Cops fame) joined forces with members of from both Occupat...

Why I’m Suing Barack Obama
Attorneys Carl J. Mayer and Bruce I. Afran filed a complaint Friday in the Southern U.S. District Court in New York City on my behalf as a plaintiff against Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the Authorization for Use of Military Force as embedded in the ... BREAKING! NDAA - Rhode Island Rebelling? More States to follow? New American Revolution? 

BREAKING! NDAA Rhode Island Rebelling More States to follow New American Revolution

Treason in the US Senate | Danny Panzella sits in for Gary Franchi and reports on the treasonous act committed by the US Senate by passing the Indefinite Detention Bill...

Senator Jim DeMint - 94% of Bills Passed in the Senate are done in SECRECY with NO DEBATE
This shows you that the Corruption is SO BAD that they feel brazen enough to let it continue to happen, RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN. Who is at fault for this??? WE...

FEMA Camp Robots 2012 NOW Riot Control Machines New World Order Matrix Big Dog.avi

DAMN IT PEOPLE DON'T YOU GET IT??? Part 12, Kill Orders!
The Enemy Expatriation Act, no different then the Nazi Nuremberg Laws (H.R. 3166; S. 1698) - America better wake up ! things could become very dangerous very...

On my behalf, attorneys have challenged a law that allows imprisonment of U.S. citizens without trial. - 2012/01/16

Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps
Strangely enough, that seems to be what has been happening in Western democracies over the past 10 years. Take the USA for example. That there is a power-hungry elite in control of the USA should, by now, be obvious to anyone with a few firing neurons. George 'Dubya' Bush made no secret of his desire to be dictator, and over the past few years Obama has made several references to wanting to "bypass congress" and just "change the laws on my own". As for Congress and the Senate, their endorsement of legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act and the recent 'Indefinite Detention bill' within the NDAA, make it obvious that they are only too happy to go along with the transformation of America into a fully-fledged police state at home, and an ever expanding empire abroad.


Alex Jones - The Accelerating Disintegration of America 2_6!
January 15th 2011 Alex looks at the accelerating disintegration of the Republic, and the rise of humanity to defeat those undermining the Constitution and al...

Alex Jones offers insight of Bohemian Grove 2011
While the US is struggling to find a solution on the debt ceiling, the country's elite seems to be not so concerned. Some of American past Senators, artists ...

This should piss off the entire world!!!!
When will this become HEADLINE NEWS? This needs to be front page of every damn paper and top story on all news outlets! It's nestled among the Redwoods in th...

This should piss all off!!! When will this become HEADLINE NEWS? This needs to be front page of every damn paper and top story on all news outlets! It's nest...


The Rise of the Authoritarian State in the US
In a chilling commentary in The Washington Post, noted Law Professor Jonathan Turley makes the persuasive case that the United States may have become the authoritarian state - in legally assumed powers - that it regularly condemns in nations around the world.

MELTDOWN! Cop Flips Out When Told He Can't Search Car Without Warrant
Cop gets pissed when the driver of a pulled-over SUV refuses to let him search his car without a warrant. This is a perfect example of the importance of know...

"The use of armed forces against labor is a hallmark of a police state."
Armed military to clash with Oregon rights defender occupiers, veterans
U.S. police state to hit Oregon soon Human rights defenders, including members of the Oregon Progressive Party, Veterans for Peace and Occupy movement, are prep

POLICE STATE AMERICA : Virginia State Troopers Steal $28,000 From Car

False Flag: Mossad posed as US spies to recruit terrorists to fight covert Iran war January 13, 2012
Iranian Assassination Bears all the Hallmarks of Mossad

When criminal gov't comes for your guns. 911 inside job!
America, the UN will take your guns away

Biometric ID And The Coming Cashless Society
National ID cards which contain your biometric information are currently being given to all of India's 1.2 billion residents! This is an unprecedented advanc...


Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?  That's $3,800 on a $100,000 home etc.  When did this happen? It's in the health care bill. Just thought you should know.
SALES TAX TO GO INTO EFFECT 2013 (Part of HC Bill) Why 2013? Could it be to come to light AFTER the 2012 elections?
Under the new health care bill - did you know that ALL real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax? The bulk of these new taxes don't kick in until 2013.
If you sell your $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Does this stuff make your 2012 vote more important?
Oh, you weren't aware this was in the obamacare bill? Guess what, you aren't alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren't aware of it either.
Why am I sending you this? The same reason I hope you forward this to every single person in your address book. VOTERS NEED TO KNOW. 


Ron Paul Exposes the NEOCONS and Their Global Agenda - HE NAMES NAMES!!!
HE SOUNDS PISSED AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!! FYI: OhioLeda channel was just NUKED! Uploaded by LiveFreeorDieReport on Jan 17, 2012 Ron Paul talks about Neoconse...

Ron Paul is a Lunatic

Breaking! RON PAUL WARNS OF WORLD CURRENCY PLAN During South Carolina Eagle Aviation
Last night in the SC speech @ Eagle Aviation, Ron Paul warned Americans about the World Currency that organizations such as the IMF and the UN are planning t...

Very funny video and so effective. Wait until you see Ron Paul's house which the media have described in their complete spin job as an "estate."

10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama
Thursday, January 12, 2012 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of

Follow KnowTheTruthTV on Facebook @ Follow KnowTheTruthTV on Twitter @ The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential ...

Ron Paul wins support of the military while Obama cashes in on war-profiteers — RT
Defense contractors are pumping money into the campaign for President Obama as he runs for reelection, but one of his biggest competitors, Ron Paul, is cashing in on his opposition to militaristic imperialism.

Mr. Kudlow is getting why Ron Paul and his message are surging amidst a movement dedicated to the principles of individual liberty. "There is nothing so powerful as an idea who's time has come"... Benjamin Disraeli
Jon Stewart confronts Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul, the economy and the Tea Party. See movie videos on UGOOGLE:

Ron Paul on FOX News w/ Megyn Kelly 01/13/12 Ron Paul Video Playlist 
Ron Paul on with Megyn Kelly 1-13-12. Here you see the Republican/Democrat establishment's attempts to discourage or dismiss Ron Paul weakening. The Olde Media is at the hesitation point between their self-destruction through a complete loss of credibility and embracing the honest Republican as the ONLY Republican who possibly can beat Obama. Ron Paul is the only Republican who 1) has a very so...lid 15-20% of Republicans who are intractable and refuse to support any other Republican candidate, and 2) he draws the same support from Democrats. No other Republican has even the slightest chance of defeating Obama whether they like it or not.

Bill O'Reilly Gets Owned By Ron Paul
Follow Me On Intagram- HassanTLP Download Free App- Simple to use just go this URL On your Mobile Browser, and add it to...

Tom Woods Responds to Gary Bauer's anti-Ron Paul Campaign
Tom Woods, the New York Times bestselling author of Meltdown, responds to Gary Bauer on the Christian radio program Point of View. 

‎"Why is Ron Paul America’s last chance? Because he is the only candidate who is not owned lock, stock, and barrel by the military-security complex, Wall Street, and the Israel Lobby." "More importantly, only Ron Paul respects the US Constitution and its protection of civil liberty. Only Ron Paul understands that if the Constitution cannot be resurrected from its public murder by Congress and the executive branch, then Americans are lost to tyranny."c vf


Serious Doubt - A video that shows Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at a U.S. military base that specializes in explosives and demolition training over a year after he supposedly left the army puts the official story of the April 19 1995 federal building bombing under serious doubt and mandates a re-opening of an investigation into the terror attack that killed 168 people. 
McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story: Director Bill Bean Speaks Out 1/2
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones A video that shows Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at a U.S. milita...

IRAN: US/Israeli “False Flag” Attack May Be Underway

Ex-Israeli Intelligence Officer: "Pearl Harbor" Style Attack Will Be Pretext For War On Iran
Jerusalem Post article implies US will stage provocation to justify military assault
Former Israeli intelligence officer Avi Perry writes that a “surprise” Pearl Harbor-style Iranian attack on an American warship in the Persian Gulf will provide the pretext for the US to launch all-out warfare against Iran. Jon Stewart confronts Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul + IRAN

Three US Warships To Patrol Waters Near Strait of Hormuz
Pentagon denies movement of aircraft carriers linked to Iran tensions
A total of three US warships will patrol the waters surrounding the Strait of Hormuz following confirmation that a third aircraft carrier strike group is being sent to the Arabian Sea as tensions with Iran rise.

Iran to Target US & Israel for Killing Nuke Scientist

The Next War
Only the blind do not see that the US government is preparing to attack Iran. According to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, “Active war preparations directed against Iran (with the involvement of Israel and NATO) were initiated in May 2003.”



US troops defile dead Afghans on camera


What a great, inspiring documentary.. Successful high-powered stock broker (yet inside feeling miserable, empty & greedy) transforms and heals his life & others through Ayahuasca.. Thank you Grandmother Aya.. Sacred plant medicine can teach us so much!
Watch Documentaries Online | Promote Documentary Film | Stepping into the Fire
Documentary on STEPPING INTO THE FIRE is a feature length documentary that tells the story of a seemingly successful man living an unfulfilled life and his journe...

     Fukushima Fukushima not a laughing matter update 1/11/12 

Fukushima not a laughing matter update 1/11/12
(I'm not in the mood to do usual edits today, sorry) Screw You YouTube, keep on deleting my description box and tags! # N.Korea expected to conduct nuclear t...

And you wonder why we have background radiation... Ansewr A: Fukushima is 50% and this video + Chernobyl etc explains the other half. see also:
A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto
Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 an...


"THINK" for your self Beware of bubbles of false hope. Right now there is a lot of talk about how the U.S. economy is improving, but it is all a lie. The mainstream media can be very seductive. When you sit down to watch television your brain tends to go into a very relaxed mode. In such a state, it becomes easy to slip thoughts and ideas past your defenses. Sometimes when I am watching television I realize what the media is trying to do and yet I can still feel it happening to me. In this day and age, it is absolutely critical that we all think for ourselves.


An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King
The song is based upon the book of the same title by King family lawyer, William Pepper. The book tells the story of the trial that Pepper won on behalf of the King family in 1999 in a Memphis court where a jury of 6 black and 6 white jurors unanimously found Loyd Jowers and unnamed government conspirators guilty of murdering Martin Luther King. The King family had long determined that James Earl Ray was not the lone gunman in an act of hate, but rather a patsy in a conspiracy to decapitate the unifying justice movement that Dr King represented. Loyd Jowers was the owner of the restaurant across the street from the Lorraine Motel where MLK was gunned down in broad daylight while in support of the union struggle of the sanitation workers for decent wages. Rather than an act of hate, Kings murder was an act of state.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech
Prophetic words, he was assassinated the next day

Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"
Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. against the "triple evils of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism." Audio. This speech was released by Black Forum...

The MLK that's never quoted
Why doesn't anyone ever quote these words by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world
As 50 giant oil tankers lurk off the British coast, we reveal an even more scandalous threat to the global environment.


Enbridge affiliates have had 175 leaks, spills over 10 years in US.


Camp FEMA - Obama Youth Army

HITLER Obama says US needs a new government | Vision to America
President Barack Obama’s request for authority to streamline U.S. executive agencies was greeted with skepticism from congressional Republicans while Democrats questioned elements of his reorganization plan......

In Humor, Truth: Obama vs. Obama
Join Fuzzy the Conciliation Caterpillar in investigating Obama's record as President. 
Take a look at the two (or more) Obamas and pick your favorite! At least one Obama is always right! 
Dig deeper into his record on gay marriage, terrorism, civil liberties and more! 
A political animation by Mark Fiore.   Obama vs. Obama... President Obama Asks Congress For The Authority To Merge Six Agencies 

D.M.C "Hey Mr. President What The Hell Are You Doing"
During WeAreChange's operation "Getting Back At Banksters" we randomly walked into Darryl D.M.C. McDaniels. D.M.C recognized Luke from an interview he did wi...

     911 INSIDE JOB

This 10 Minute Video Will Change Your Life
The laws of physics are not negotiable. Do some research on the events of 9/11 and you will find that the official U.S. government conspiracy theory of what ...

The new video I was talking about, packed with rare information, make it known by sharing, rating and commenting. Use free studio manager for HQ downloads.

9/11 Theories: Expert vs. Expert
Why can't the experts get their stories straight?

Caught In Their Own Web of Contradictions: New Video shows Official 9/11 Story Defenders Espousing.

Why no skid marks , but again more importantly..why no plane parts or BODIES on this seemingly indestructible lawn.
Introducing the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000!
On September 11, 2001, a bunch of mean nasty Arab terrorists -- who hated our freedoms -- hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 fully loaded with fuel, and crashed it through the first floor of the west side wall of the Pentagon.

9/11 Firefighter Eyewitness Testimony - David Ray Griffin and Kevin Ryan
Reports from People Outside WTC 7: NIST continued this approach in its WTC 7 report. There had been several credible reports of explosions. A reporter for th...

Jersey Shore's Snooki speaks out on 911 Truth
Nicole Snooki Polizzi of MTV's Jersey Shore speaks out about the possibility of the 911 attacks being an "inside job." WeAreChange NYC caught up with Snookie...


The 4th Reich By Jim Kirwan 1-12-12
I have watched the rise of this insidious disease grow from a self-created sect of victimhood-addicted criminals to what they have become today: Baby-killers and senseless creatures that slaughter the young and the old with equal zeal for what they believe is their absolute right to rule over the entire planet.
The Zionists have inserted their sick concepts of m...oney and power into every profession that I have risen-to-the top-in, over the course of my life. But they have done the same thing to millions of other people as well, and because of what just happened today to their financial base: It is time that the scum that call themselves Zionists are absolutely removed from the community of nations, in a place called Israel-and that the individuals that are continuing to live as parasites upon other nations all over this planet, become known to the people where they live and be ostracized accordingly.
the rest here:

Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul
The Bilzerian Report (News Commentary): America: Land of the Free on amazon:

Jews call for ZIONIST Israel to be dismantled
Jews protest outside the united nations and around the world to call for ZIONIST Israel to be dismantled. god bless these great peaple and all the jews prote...


     Mexico's plans for Chiapas angers locals
Mexico wants to transform its southern state of Chiapas into an international tourist attraction, but the indigenous communities that live there reject the p...


Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur
Over seven months, 30 fur farms, seven hours of footage and one and a half thousand photographs, Animal Defenders International investigated a random sample ...


Shit Girls Don't Say Shit Guys Don't Say! Shit Meat Eaters Say - Part 3 

Shit New Age Girls Say

Shit New Age Guys Say Sh*t Homophobic People Say 

Sh*t They Say To Sexworkers Shit Everybody says to TALL Girls Shit Birds Say 


Rats on Cocaine in Late on Vimeo
Support the CIA: buy COKE today!
Cocaine Import Agency that's CIA for you and me!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.