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Bill Gates funds technology to cause instant male infertility (depopulation tech?)
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 Dear NaturalNews readers,
If you ever had any doubts about Bill Gates' global depopulation agenda, look no further than today's headlines: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested big bucks in a new sperm-destroying technology.
Remember, this is the man who openly said to a live audience that vaccines could help "reduce the world population" by 10 to 15 percent. Now he's funding efforts to induce widespread male infertility. Read more:

You already know the War on Drugs is a total hoax. But did you realize who benefits from that fabricated war? The big money goes to governments and big mega-banks!

Wow! Just eating grapes can actually help prevent age-related blindness:

Beware of cancer-causing acrylamides lurking in French fries and other fried foods:

Drug fail: Statin drugs found to increase diabetes risk by 70% in women:

...and radiologists have been caught engaging in widespread cheating on their board certification exams. That's comforting to know the next time you're getting fried in a CT scanner, huh?

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