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The Illuminati are Panicking: David Icke Reports 1/3
On the Tuesday, March 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with former BBC television sports presenter, spokesman for the Green Party, author and spe...

20 Things We Can Learn About The Future Of America From The Death Of Detroit 

35 Shocking Statistics That Prove That Things Have Gotten Worse In America
Most Americans know that things used to be much better in the United States, but they don't have the facts and the figures to back that belief up. Well, after

Biggest heist in history = the United States and the American people enslaved in indebtedness 
since 1913 to The Federal Reserve Bankers, "the world's worst gangsters" more 
SUSTAINABLE FARMINGHow smarter farming leads to better food and a healthier environment.

Benjamin Fulford February 20, 2012 - A March 31 Deadline By The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction
Ben Fulford (Feb 20 2012) ~ A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction.... Much of this report, I d...

This is THE MOST revolutionary documentary EVER!! Just released on 11-11-11 this movies has been making waves around the world. Oil, natural gas, nuclear, THEY ARE ALL OBSELETE!! It's early in the morning and if you got nothing going on, please take the 2 hours to watch this life changing film!! Have your eyes opened to the various supressed technologies that corporations are hiding not only for energy profits, but profits in the healthcare industry, as well. This movie keeps getting removed from youtube and won't be up once they find out it's there. See this now!! While you can! You won't be disappointed! :) Thrive

Venezuela Bans Diet Coke Zero- Key Ingredient Aspartame is a Known Neurotoxin
Hugo Chavez's Venezuelan government has made a bold stand by banning diet coke zero.They are showing concern for their citizens.How about your country?Diet s...

TSA to roll out tyrannical high jinks on US highways
There is always a new way to harass and humiliate the traveling
public in America, the TSA has now forced a mother of three to pump
breast milk and fill empty bottles before allowing her to fly.
Accompanying the video on this matter is an article that covers the
TSA's plan to have highway checkpoints while elaborating on how
little training these 'non-sworn officers' receive.
Bumbling and ill-trained security guards made to look like 'federal
officers' with the authority to harass and humiliate.
Welcome to the Homeland, brother...    Video:

Greece staggering
Holders of Greek sovereign debt appear to
not want to accept the proposed 50% haircut on their capital. 
If they don't take the deal, then what?
How about Greek default with Portugal,
Ireland, Spain and maybe even Italy  following?
How did we get in this mess in the first place? 
The not-so-hidden hand behind the scenes.  Video:

CNN: Ron Paul Leads Super Tuesday
Ron Paul is the one coming out on top for entrance polls. Delegate Counts: Add tog...

- - - - - links Tuesday Bill Gates exposed for funding research, promotion of spraying geo-engineered 'chemtrails'

OK PEOPLE THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! The future of our health, food and whole ecosystem depends on how much action we take....specially of you live in California. - Label GMOs, Committee for the Right to Know, is a political action group that strives to bring awareness to the public regarding genet...

Ask about Common Law, and They Adjourn?
Pierre at a Niagara Falls City Council meeting. He asks about Common law, and receives responses that do not answer his question, but receives ad hominem rep...

The IRS is illegal! An expose' of the ultimate rip-off!

Medical Cannabis Olive Oil
How to Make Quality Medical Cannabis Olive Oil for Baking

The FDA is Killing You. Nightly News reporter Darrin McBreen unveils the hoax around Aspartame, marketed in a wide-array of products as a safe sugar substitute, but in real...

Top 20 Fluoride News Stories of 2011
Your nonprofit alternative source of news and information! Learn about media deception. Read the news that the TV news networks "forget" to report! There are many ways to lie; distraction, partial truths, etc. The American corporate news media uses many methods to leave the public with a false impre...

Goodbye, First Amendment:  ‘Trespass Bill’ will make some protests illegal      Why This Is Important

Apparently, just the tip of the iceberg. I think if just a fraction of the people who are currently naive about these crimes studied the issue, it would be a lot more difficult for these crimes to continue.

The U.S. House and Senate have both recently passed 
bills that place crushing new restrictions on the First 
Amendment rights of all Americans. This legislation 
puts new limitations in place that charge protesters 
with federal crimes if they protest on federal grounds, 
at any location in which someone protected by the 
Secret Service (the President, a former President, a 
Presidential candidate, or any number of domestic or 
international figures), or at any location sanctioned as 
being of "national significance" -- including the 
Democratic and Republican conventions and even 
Super Bowl XXXVI.
H.R. 347 and S.B. 1794 *severely* limit the ability of 
Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights to 
speech and assembly -- and destroy the long tradition 
of American protest. We are calling on President 
Obama to veto this legislation, and to stand up for those 
who wish to participate in the political process in deep 
and powerful ways.
Please sign petition to President Obama at:

Chicago G8 Summit canceled, relocated to Camp David
Amid concerns over thousands of protestors 
descending on Chicago, Illinois for the G-8 Summit 
this spring, the event have been moved to the 
presidential compound at Camp David, Maryland.
... a new bill drafted by Congress, HR 347, will make 
it a federal offense to trespass on the grounds of any 
place granted Secret Service. If approved, the NATO 
Summit in Chicago will fall into this jurisdiction, as 
will the presidential retreat at Camp David. What 
does that mean for protesters? Even if you’re in the 
proximity of the premises, you could be considered 
a criminal for engaging in any activity that disrupts a 
governmental event.
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