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Remember the Savings & Loan ripoffs with Neil Bush... Silverado Savings & Loan...BUSH CRIME FAMILY... John McCain's involvement?? And now the "too big to fail bank bailout" in 2011!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! FRANKLIN SAVINGS AND LOAN CHILD PROSTITUTION LINKS TO THE WHITE HOUSE DURING REAGAN BUSH ADMINISTRATIONS!!!

OpenSecrets Resource: The Money Race to the White House
2012 presidential candidates. See where their money came from.

A Fukushima-style Nuclear Reactor Accident Could Happen Here
U.N. nuclear body says aging reactors create safety concerns
Eighty percent of nuclear power plants are more than 
20 years old, raising safety concerns, the UN atomic 
agency warned in a draft report seen by AFP, a year 
after Japan’s Fukushima disaster.
The IAEA, which promotes the peaceful use of nuclear
 technology, said that five percent of the world’s 435 
nuclear facilities have been in operation for more than 
40 years and 32 percent for more than 30 years.
It said that there were “growing expectations that older 
nuclear reactors should meet enhanced safety objectives, 
closer to that of recent or future reactor designs.”
“There is a concern about the ability of the ageing nuclear
 fleet to fulfil these expectations and to continue to 
economically and efficiently support member states’ 
energy requirements,” it said.
Entire article at:
A Fukushima-style Nuclear Reactor Accident Could  Happen Here 3 min. video
Help me get 25,000 letters to the  Nuclear Regulation Commission (NRC)urging them to learn the lessons 
learned from Fukushima and put an end to the  nuclear industry rubber stamp. or
Additional information at:

Just say NO to GMO! Protesters recently shut down a Monsanto office in California. We need more people willing to hit the streets, exercise their free speech, or sign petitions to save our food supply. The future of life itself is at stake. This is the most serious and critical issue of our time! Do not be afraid to speak up in whatever way you can. At the very least SHARE this information.

'Don't Attack Iran!' Nationwide anti-war protest held in UK
More on the story Anti-war activists have held a day of action in key British cities to warn the authorities against a potential atta...
Poland’s Monsanto action lays 1000s of dead bees on Govt steps
On March 15, over 1,500 beekeepers and their allies marched thru the streets of Warsaw, depositing thousands of dead bees on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture, in protest of genetically modified foods and their requisite pesticides which are killing bees, moths and other agriculturally-benefi...

Mercury and Fluoride - The Dumbing Down Of A Population
"Question your reality instead of accepting the conditioned reality." ~ Mynzah

Drug Lord Thanks Obama, Bush, & Reagan For War On Drugs
Top 701 richest person say thanks for the war on drugs and the on going prohibition! I have not created this movie i do not own the rights of it, all thx go ...

Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses That Use Animals
Actor and animal defender Alec Baldwin describes the sad plight of elephants who are torn from their families and forced to perform grueling tricks in the ci...

The Great Betrayal of 2012

Homeless to eat 'healthy' or starve in America
All over the country, major cities are banning the feeding of
homeless people.
The excuses they use to ban the feeding of the poor range from
assessing the nutritional content of donated food to beautifying
downtown areas and neighborhoods.
In New York, Mayor Bloomberg is worried about the sodium content.
Really? No salt or no food?
Talk about kicking people when they're down.    Video:

Economy about to hit the Wall?
This video may not be beautiful and Denninger may not 
be a messenger of sweetness and light, but if you value 
truth and accuracy, this is one  beautiful video. 
What's really going on in Europe? (Hint: The ECB and IMF 
did not get a Greek debt haircut.)
How will it effect the banking system
Why did the CME suddenly drop out of the European derivatives 
market?  (Hint: The End is near and they know it.)
Which way for real estate prices? 
All answered here.  An antidote to MSNBS baloney.

OPIUM production UP in AFghanistan thanks to CIA

The Wizard of Oz - poppies
Poppy field scene from "The Wizard of Oz."

Brain tumors and blindness: Down the Aspartame rabbit-hole
and beverages, and made huge profits for poisoning us...     Video:
We've covered aspartame before, but Experimental Vaccines has put
together a video that takes us all the way down the Aspartame
rabbit-hole and elaborates on EXACTLY how this genetically modified
bacteria excrement (aspartame) affects our health, causing brain
tumors and blindness.
Included are a couple articles on how Donald Rumsfeld (our former
Secretary of Defense) helped push to get this poison in our foods
and beverages, and made huge profits for poisoning us...     Video:

BP Gulf: Dolphins in Barataria Bay are severely ill, NOAA says
Barataria Bay, also Barrataria Bay, is a bay of the Gulf of Mexico that
is located in southeastern Louisiana, in Jefferson Parish and
Plaquemines Parish, United States. Barataria Bay was used as the base of
the pirates and privateers led by Jean Lafitte in the early 19th
century, and is today a notable resource of shrimp and sulfur, as well
as one of muskrat fur, natural gas, and oil.

Dolphins in Barataria Bay are severely ill, NOAA says.

Bottlenose dolphins in Barataria Bay, which received heavy and prolonged
exposure to oil during the 2010 Gulf spill following the Deepwater
Horizon rig explosion, are showing signs of severe ill health, according
to NOAA and its research partners.

Incredible Whale Encounter - Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out of the Water! [HD]
Smile, Share & Subscribe to A mother gray whale lifted up her calf, seemingly to help it get a better view of the excited onlookers, and we caught it all on camera. Visit http://oneworl...

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Judge Orders FDA To Limit Antibiotics Being Fed To Livestock!
March 23, 2012 CNN

Central Bankers Control The Sheeple Of The World
The central bankers who rule the world are the cause of many of our problems. You are just another debt and tax slave to them! A Sheeple! Human livestock! JF...

The Global Warming Hoax Explained for Dummies
This movie addresses the various errors in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax and explains the actual scientific causes of natural global warming and cooling

Opening to Heart Connection While Under Investigation by State Dept. Brings Big Surprise

States With the Most Guns in 2012

Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders
Smith & Wesson stock has also gone up 12%. No doubt they are also getting swamped with orders ... The F.B.I. reported a record 1.5 million background checks were requested by firearms dealers in December of 2011 and the number has gone up every month since.
RECORD SALES FOR RUGER. Looks like the American people are waking up.....They resume orders in May.....per the article
Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders
Here is the Official Statement Gun Confiscation : Time for a Revolution

United Nations Small Arms Gun Confiscation Treaty to be Ratified by the US Senate in 2012 YouTube

The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales
PRO GUN CONTROL AD - brought to you by The Patriotic Resistance

Gun Control 

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up. 

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, The 2nd Amendment 
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them. 
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives. 

Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

"In Germany back in 1923, a man put all the money he had into a wheelbarrow and headed to the store to buy a loaf of bread. But when he got there, the store was closed. He left his wheelbarrow outside the door, figuring he'd come back when the store opened, knowing the money in it wasn't worth enough for anyone to bother stealing. He was right. When he came back, all the money was still there, dumped on the ground, but someone had stolen his wheelbarrow." 

For Hitler so loved the Jews that he took away for their guns so they wouldn't shoot each other. NOT!
Do you believe that? You MUST ask yourself why a Govt wants to take away your right to self defense and what the consequences might be.

Stalin's Gun Control Methods Worked Remember Your History Or Be Doomed To Repeat It !
This short 5 min video shows how Stalin used Gun Control to bring Tyranny to the people. Those who don't remember History are doomed to repeat it. More Info ...

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law
The Battle of Athens was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the tyrannical local go...

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Central Banking Explained (satan's monetary control) Part 1 of 2
This video is part 1 of 2 which will explain the current fraudulent banking system in use around most of the world. In the United States the central bank is ...

The Federal Reserve Explained
More on what the Federal Reserve is really up to and how we got here (exposing the culprits behind the fed)

What is a Central Bank?
Description of a Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Act. Where most of our income tax dollars go. One of two videos, also watch 'Don't Pay Your Taxes!'

Class Action Suit Seeks to Limit Smart Meter Use
California’s Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is again coming under fire for its use of wireless-equipped smart meters, this time in the form of a class action lawsuit.

Elmo and Cookie Monster have some Adult Fun
Discovered completely by accident by putting the toys away, it just had to be recorded and shared. Alone these toys seem innocent, but together, it is just w...

Judge Napolitano What If

GOLD is up 500% since 2001. Central Banks are abandoning US $
Chinese Govt has put into place a plan to extract America's wealth.
Our own Gov't has backed the Chinese Govt into a corner and we have left them no choice.
As China's plan plays out I expect to see a complete disruption of our banking system.
Most Americans won't know what to do when America declares a BANK HOLIDAY
Prices double, services shut down, loans become unavailble.
June 2012 China to open the PAN ASIA GOLD EXCHANGE to directly compete with COMEX and London Gold Exchange.

Alert! Obama Declares Peacetime MARTIAL LAW - Executive Order Explained
Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law! - The Intel Hub - Daily News and...

David Seaman Discusses Patriot Act Abuses
Follow David: Google+: Aired on RT America, March 19, 2012 at approximately 4pm EST. Is th...

Alex Jones: Obama's Executive Order facilitates martial-law
Last Friday evening, President Obama signed an Executive Order giving him the power to implement martial law in the US. The National Defense Resources Prepar...

President Obama grabs the baton and runs with it
One of the scariest aspects of George W. Bush's rule was his rabid
(yes, I wrote rabid on purpose) expansion of the use of Executive
Orders. It was feared, at the time, that it was all leading towards
something bad.
Despite campaign promises to the contrary, President Obama has also
expanded the use of Executive Orders, or 'rule by decree'. To our
great consternation, his orders are leading very much in the same
direction as his predecessor's.
I call it 'Continuity You Can Believe In'.
But where are these two very different Presidents leading us?
And when will we know we've arrived?     Video:

Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said President Barack Obama's birth certificate is not authentic. Arpaio revealed the findings of a investigation into the...

FULBRIGHT UPDATE: "The transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia while an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California . The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This document provides the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking - that he is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States - necessary to be President of these United States. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya , here we see that there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship.."
CBS-TV NEWS: Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012 (March 1, 2012). Query: Where has this CBS TV broadcast gone? Into the black hole of the media reports of JFK assassination; 9/11; Katrina; the BP Oil Spill. This implanted false flag attack on the USA body politic continues, as the CIA time travel capture of the US Presidency by pre-identifying and grooming future US Presidents operates unabated and unacknowledged, except by those tuned into the disclosure of quantum access secrets. See's Forum on Sunday July 22, 2012 – 1pm – 6pm
“The Obama/Mars Connection” with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre

Why Do We Protest the NATO Summit?
After the end of World War II, a group of nations in the north Atlantic established NATO (pdf) to impede Russian influence over the reconstruction of Europe and to facilitate their own. The economic blueprint begun under the Marshall Plan and continued with NATO saw European member countries shift t...

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Mythbusters banned from talking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard
That's why independent media will talk the truth 5 Things to Avoid (if you want beautiful skin) 

Watch these videos or PISS OFF and stop pretending you care about anything.
If we do not ARREST these bankers now they will kill us.

the End of Liberty of America (FULL VERSION!)
full version! watch it learn, nd teach yourself! IF any of my videos helped you then please make a donation by Paypal to: Please...

Wake Up America - Jon McNaughton
We are enslaved to our debt. Wake up, America! Before it is too late... Every man, woman and child in America is enslaved to the national debt. As an artist,...
Revealed - The Men Who Own and Run the U.S. Government 2011 Part 1 of 5  Part 2 of 5
Please watch these videos and share with as many as possible - we are all in this together - thank you! Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain w... 

The weaponizing of Simian vacuolating virus 40
Last week I made mention of the weaponizing of cancer viruses in my
editorial comments and the feedback was overwhelming. Many a
subscriber wrote me to recommend that I read "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by
... Edward Haslam.
Interestingly enough, that was exactly what I was referring to in
my comments. Haslam's book details the who-what-where-when-why-and-how 
of a secret government program to accelerate the mutation of a cancer 
causing virus known as SV-40.
The book is replete with documentation of the littlest details,
from federal government documents to local autopsy reports. So much
so, that an impossible story becomes undeniable.
Well, just this week I managed to catch ear of an interview of
Edward Haslam on a well known radio/internet TV show. I knew
immediately that I was going to have to post it. Video: 
Read more @ The Story of Your Enslavement 

Enslaved by Your Birth Certificate - It's the biggest deception ever perpetrated on humanity for more info 
Starts with the birth certificate but they really get you with the marriage certificate where the couple sign ownership of the "product of the union" to the ... 5 Controversial Sex Studies That Will Blow Your Mind

Cob Houses - Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development - Photos of cob homes that I took on the West Coast of Canada

Occupy Phoenix Veterans with AR 15s keeping the Occupation safe
Veterans show support for Occupy Phoenix

Opt Out of Electronc Records While You Can!
We are all on our way to having electronic medical records n North America. In Quebec, we just got the notice that all our medical information will be going ...

A reminder: Today, 3/20/12, is the day that Iran stops accepting the dollar for its oil and gas...
...and Iraq and Libya were invaded when they did the same. ​03/19/iran-presses-ahead-with-​dollar-attack-oil-bourse-will-​ start-trading-oil-in-​currencies-other-than-the-​dollar-from-march-20

Laboratory chimps caged for 30 years are finally released to a sanctuary
Like prisoners emerging from a lifetime behind bars, a group of chimpanzees step blinking into the sunlight. This is the first time they have felt grass unde...

POLICE BRUTALITY Winnipeg Police Officers Beat & Taser Kid After He Surrenders OH CANADA!

BREAKING ELECTION FRAUD: Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?!
How the hell does SGTreport have election results for a Republican primary in Illinois which has yet to take place? We have long argued that the fix is in bu...

[PEPIS] Secret files reveal 9k Nazi war criminals spirited to S America
Remember Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was deeply involved in this through his abuses of his KLM position
BBC Radio 4 - Document - Nazis fleeing to Argentina - Monday 21 January 2008
Sixty years on Dutch MPs are calling on KLM to open it’s books and allow an independent enquiry. Mike Thomson travels to the Netherlands to investigate.

Secret files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII
As many as 5,000 Nazis went to Argentina
Between 1,500 and 2,000 ended up in Brazil

Around 500 to 1,000 settled in Chile
The rest started new lives in Paraguay and Uruguay
or    Fracking: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.