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CATALYST Community Dance
Igniting Community Dance to the Next Level
Thurs. Mar. 29th  – DANCING FREEDOM
with Samantha Sweetwater & DJ Hamid
Sebastopol Masonic Temple 
373 N. Main St., Sebastopol


Awakening Love, Embodying Wisdom
Thursdays Monthly, 6:30-9:30pm
3/1, 3/29, 4/26, 5/24, 6/21, 7/26, 8/16, 10/4
333 Locust Ave. San Rafael
A FREE Online Event With
Integral Enlightenment Founder Craig Hamilton
Saturday, March 31st
9:30 AM Pacific Time
Blast Off Party for the
2012 Magic Love Bus Journey
Saturday, March 31, 5 PM – 1:30 PM
NIMBY, 841 Oh Amelia St., Oakland
Serving Eclectic Music, Dance and Spirited Play
Sound Healing, Ecstatic Singing, Sacred Chill Space.
Every first Saturday of the month in Sebastopol
Saturday, April 7th,  7:30 to 12 midnight, $15
dhyana Center Lofts, 186 N Main St., Sebastopol
Easter As Seen
Through Mary Magdalene’s Eye
April 8 6:30 PM - 9 PM
5:00 PM - Easter potluck dinner in Unity Hall.
Unity In Marin, 600 Palm Dr. Novato, CA 94949 
FUN-Raiser for Chakralicious Camp!
Saturday, April 14th 2 pm – 3 am
Held at Private Estate in Sebastopol
SHABAZ Concert
World-class Middle Eastern music
Saturday, April 14th @ 8:00 PM
dhyana Center Lofts
186 N. Main St. (2nd floor), Sebastopol
Somatic Experience Training
with Ariel Giaretto
Three Weekends
April 15th - 18th, July 15-18, Oct. 21-14
Saturday, April 21, Afternoon 2 PM, Evening – 7 PM
Freight and Salvage, 2020 Addison St., Berkeley
Sacred Centers Spring Immersion Retreat
with Anodea Judith
May 5th -17th
Institute Of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA
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See you there! 
Wishing You Well!
Debra Giusti
Wishing Well Productions

Catalyst Community Dance 
NEW DANCE EVENT Igniting Community Dance to the next level! 

March 29th – DANCING FREEDOM with Samantha Sweetwater
with DJ Hamid

Last Thursday of the month, every month
7 PM – 10 PM      Dance Space opens at 6:45     
Opening Dance Prayer Ritual at 7:15 sharp 
Sebastopol Masonic Temple 
373 North Main St. Sebastopol, CA  (across from Safeway) 

Different Guest Teacher each Month! 
Trance Dance – Contact – Kundalini Dance – Biodanza – Yoga Dance – Soul Motion – 5Rhythms 
Dancing Freedom – Journey  – Motion Theater – TaketiNa – KiVo – Soul Sweat & much more! 
Live Music -  Drummers -  Guest DJs -  Ritual -  Social Time -  Refreshments - Community Connection 
  Networking and Community Connection
Fee: $20 at the door 
The is a community inspired event and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 
Volunteer options are available. 
Contact Debra if you would like to be a DJ, Guest Teacher, or Musician/Band 
Debra Giusti –  707-249-0205
MARCH GUEST TEACHER - Thurs. March 29th

DANCING FREEDOM with Samantha Sweetwater, and DJ Hamid

“Dancing Freedom: WE ARE EVOLUTION.  Dance your prayers to free your soul and ignite your life.  Join Dancing Freedom Founder and Soul Coach, Samantha Sweetwater, for a whole-body, full-breath shamanic movement wave.  Partner with the elements, the ancestors and the seven directions, succulent music, gentle somatic guidance, and the ancient technology of prayer to move forward in every aspect of your life.  Choose the graceful healing you came here for.  Rediscover your innocence, your wisdom, your light, and your true purpose - and dance it forth into the world. 


Hamid sources succulent, richly textured, deeply intelligent Soul Sounds to move you to the depths of your being. He hails from Santa Cruz and is the founder of Inner Rhythm - a weekly conscious dance practice and community. He is bringing people to a deeper place within themselves by creating and offering a safe container for people to explore themselves, and each other through conscious movement.

See Catalyst Community Dance listed on:


Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of a profound shift in consciousness?

Have you had glimpses of an extraordinary spiritual potential that you hardly know how to speak about? (and if you do speak about it, other people look at you like you’re from another planet).

Do you have a sense that your own spiritual transformation is not just a personal matter, but that by evolving yourself, you are participating in the evolution of humanity, life and consciousness itself?

And, yet, in spite of this, do you struggle with how to bring this deeper sense of flow, ease, and fullness of being into your day to day life?

If so, there is an event you need to know about...

It’s called: The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego - How to Make the Change that Changes Everything with Craig Hamilton.

With so many teachers and paths out there, it’s rare that I come across a spiritual teaching that feels genuinely new and significant enough that I’m compelled to write to all of my friends about it.

But if you haven’t yet discovered the work of Craig Hamilton, you need to hear his story.

In his mid-twenties, he walked away from a full scholarship to Harvard Divinity School to spend 13 years in a living laboratory of evolution—a modern-day monastery where he pursued his spiritual training day and night.

It was in this unique, focused environment that he and his colleagues discovered the radical new approach to spiritual life that is sending shockwaves through the contemporary spiritual world.

You’ll need to listen to Craig to get the full picture, but the essence of their discovery was this: If we want to evolve spiritually, we don’t need to get rid of the ego or even overcome the ego. We simply need to learn how to access the part of us that is already beyond the ego.

Instead of spending a lifetime making slow and steady progress on our spiritual path, we can take a radical leap into a completely different experience of being alive—once we learn how to awaken what Craig calls “The Evolutionary Self.”

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

Five years ago, Craig left this evolutionary laboratory to share this discovery with the world. At that time, he had no idea of the future that was about to unfold.

What happened next was extraordinary.

As news of his revolutionary message began to spread around the world, within a few months’ time, hundreds of thousands of people were tuning in to his online seminars. 

In the face of growing worldwide demand for his teachings, in Fall of 2009, Craig opened a virtual “Academy for Evolutionaries” to teach the step-by-step process he’d developed to help us awaken this “Evolutionary Self.”

And since then, more than 3,000 people in over 40 countries around the world have graduated from this life-changing program, including many of today’s leading luminaries.

Barbara Marx Hubbard recently wrote:
“If I had to pick one teacher to take a deep dive with around conscious evolution and evolutionary spirituality, it would be Craig Hamilton. He is attuned to the frequency of the Impulse of Evolution. He empowers us to make the shift from ego to essence, and from essence to emergence as an expression of the Impulse itself. This is very rare. To be one of his students in depth is a great privilege."

Spiritual teacher Michael Beckwith writes:
“It is rare to find a spiritual teacher who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Craig Hamilton does. Craig's transmission of the very spirit of evolution reaches right down into the core Self, awakening his students' desire to reach their highest evolutionary potential. If you have the good fortune to learn from him, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of it.”

Craig is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading authorities on how to evolve beyond ego in today’s world.

You are invited to attend his upcoming online seminar:  
The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego – 
How to Make the Change that Changes Everything

This is Craig’s first public appearance in nearly a year. Because of the intensive demands of his teaching work, it’s rare that he offers a free public seminar anymore.

But in response to the many requests he has received, Craig has agreed to teach his life-changing process at no charge to anyone with an internet connection.

So, even if you can’t attend it live, make sure you register anyway, so you can listen to the audio after the seminar is over.

Register for free today.

P.S. – Feel free to share this link with anyone you know who is ready to take a leap in their spiritual evolution: The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego.

The Mystic Dance Café
Saturday, April 7
First Saturday of the month
7:30pm-12am, $15

DJ and live music dance jam, Sound Healing, ecstatic singing, sacred chill space.    
improvisational music making featuring Living Sound with Paul Human and Chris Bramble
Sacred Harmonics, sound bath experience with Jeffrey Iam
Devotional movement and sound journey 8 to 9 pm    
VOCAL YOGA , a journey of breath, sound and sacred presence with Kirtan singer, songwriter LAKSHMI DEVI.
Elizabeth and Lakshmi weave a sacred embodied journey, opening the voice, the body, the mind and the heart,
Finishing with Sacred Harmonic Sound Experience with Jeffrey Iam.

Dance Jam  9 to 12 midnight
Bring your instruments, bring your voice, bring your prayers bring it.
DJ Lovabeth with a high vibration dance mix, drumming, live music jam with Living Soundfeaturing Paul Human and Chris Bramble
Late night Funk set with Funkmaster d.j. Jonni Ji
The Modern Mystic Chill Space and Cafeall evening !
Apothecary Bar with Ms DeAnna B.
Tea, elixirs, Water Kefirs, Raw Chocolate, HoneyGirl Cookie Bars
self serve ORACLE BAR with ancient and modern tools for reflection, insight and inspiration.
First Saturday of the month
Dhyana Center Lofts
186 N Main St., Sebastopol, Enter on Wilton Ave, beside Shell station.
Lakshmi Devi brings a deeply sacred presence and incredible talent to both her Yoga teaching and her devotional music  performances.
Vocal Yoga is Lakshmi Devi signature class which blends Yogic breath, vocal training and devotional chanting.
The Mystic Dance Café is held on the FIRST SATURDAY of the month
Serving conscious evolution with embodied activation in an alcohol free community dance and play space.
Created and Hosted by Elizabeth Moriarty and the dhyana Center Lofts, with Jeffrey Iam, Living Sound, Meryl Juniper and a talented cast of spirited players and guests.. 
MAY 7 guest Surya Kramer facilitates Spoken Embodiment, Poetry in motion, inspirational expression.

Easter As Seen Through Mary Magdalene’s Eyes—A Moonrise Service
April 8 at 6:30 PM - 9 PM
5:00 PM - Easter potluck dinner in Unity Hall.
Unity In Marin
600 Palm Dr. (Hamilton Center) Novato, CA 94949
Join us in a special evening of ritual musical wonderment and exploration of Mary’s role in the events leading up to the Resurrection. We begin with a Easter Potluck at Unity Hall starting at 5pm. The Moonrise Service begins at 6:30 pm.
Please invite your friends and celebrate the Resurrection of the Spirit of Love in us All!
What was the Biblical prophecy in the story of Easter that predicted the rise of Mary Magdalene? What did she do to impact the Resurrection?
 Delve into the mystery of Mary’s impactful role as sourced from the Gospel of Mary, the Eucharist work of Episcopalian Priest Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault (author of The Meaning of Mary Magdalene), the explanation of the true intended meaning of the Crucifixion from A Course In Miracles and information in the Bible, which actually validates these other sources.
Become wrapped in celestial sounds from mystical chants as we move into a beautiful “6-Station Ritual” beginning with the anointing, with real Jerusalem Spikenard oil flown in from the Holy lands—to ending at the Gates of Heaven in a circle of chanting as the full moon rises shining on us all.
Led by Priestess Christiane Michaels, M.A. accompanied by devoted Magdalene Priestesses/Priests musicians and singers. Donation $20 - $40 (no one turned away for lack of funds) Opportunities for loving service are available.  Please call Christy at 415-879-0155.  For more info on what is involved in the service please visit our

You are invited to a Special Community Party

Celebrating the HEART!


A heart chakra FUN-Raiser for Chakralicious Camp!

Saturday, April 14th 2 pm – 3 am

380 Pleasant Hill Ave, Sebastopol, CA

The heart is calling us forward.The place of love, healing, emotions, and compassion. Where conscious touch, receptivity, understanding, and generosity all come together in a pink and green light. We give the gift of Anahata, of choices outside of karma. We welcome you all to a wonderful, love-filled event called "Heart of Healing".
On Saturday, April 14th, we have a very special gathering planned for you. We start at 2pm in a gorgeous Sebastopol temple with three healing workshops. Dinner then will be served by Dara Merin and friends at 7pm. In the evening we have Dr Notorious & then the Singing Bear trio playing their live music for us. Then Elizabeth Moriarty will lead us in a connective ceremony, followed by our local djs to dance the night away.

Various bodyworkers will be available in the upstairs sanctuary to offer healing to attendees of the event. A fluffy chill space will be available downstairs to relax and open our hearts in. And Jeffrey Edelheit will be offering Sacred Harmonics Sound & Gong Healing throughout the event to open our hearts even more.

2pm- Opening Circle

 2:15-3:45- Thai Massage workshop: The Art of Loving Kindness by Lea Wildflower

4-5:30- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) workshop: Healing Your Relationship to Love by Maya Diamond

5:45-7:15pm- Opening to Love: Shamanic Heart Activation by Yogi Ramadin

7:15-8pm- Healthy Green Dinner by Dara Merin and friends.

8-8:45pm- Live Music by Dr Notorious

8:45pm-9:45pm- Live Music by Singing Bear Trio

9:45-10:15pm- Heart connective ceremony by Elizabeth Moriarty

DJs from10:15pm-3am:




Jonny Ji   Mystic Beat Lounge

Ongoing Sacred Harmonics Sound & Gong Healing

by Jeffrey Edelheit

Feel free to spend the night either in the home or on the property, and have breakfast & help with cleanup in the morning!

This is a benefit for Chakralicious Camp, a beautiful colorful camp that will be at Burning Man in 2012. Chakralicious Camp will be fabricating our own domes for the playa this year that will eventually be used for future sustainable communities.

COST: The cost for this event is $35 per person presale with an appetizer for the party, $40 without, and $45 per person with appetizer the day of the event, $50 without. Attendees with wish to arrive after 10pm may pay $20. Fruit, dips, chips, crackers, and especially green yummy items are all appreciated!

Please go to

to pay for your space.

Please wear green and/or pink for this event to honor the heart chakra. This event is child friendly, so feel free to bring the kids-yay! We welcome all of our communities to join together and create love and healing with this party, love and healing that will continue to link us together, both on and off the playa. Blessings to you all, and looking forward to seeing you there!

Produced by

Burning Man Chakralicious Camp 2012

For more info contact: 510-410-8876


SHABAZ Concert
Saturday, April 14th @ 8:00 PM
dhyana Center Lofts, 186 N. Main St. (2nd floor), Sebastopol
Use Wilton Ave. Side Entrance/Elevator 
Sliding Scale: $15-$25 Tickets available at the door &  /
Come to the dhyana Center Lofts for an evening of world-class middle Eastern music with SHABAZ. Formerly the Ali Khan Band, SHABAZ is actually part of an eleven-generation continuum: the brother and sister duo at the heart of the band are the children of the great classical singer Salamat Ali Khan, and their lineage extends back to the court singers for Akbar the Great. Sukhawat and Riffat join with Riffat's husband Richard Michos, bassist, guitarist and producer, and other stellar musicians to use their classical training in new settings resulting in a fusion of the family's traditional vocal style with folk, jazz, funk, and tabla groove. SHABAZ inspires audiences to dance from the heart and listen from the soul; don’t miss this chance to experience their magic in the downtown Sebastopol on Saturday night, April 14th!
For more information, or call 707-292-7681.

Interested in training in Somatic Experiencing?
There's a new training series starting this May in Berkeley, at the lovely Rudramandir Center.
What is Somatic Experiencing (SE)?
SE is a lovely, deeply relational, heartfelt modality that is designed to compliment numerous occupational orientations. 
SE is based on the study of how animals in the wild process and recover from stress and trauma. 
It enhances the work of anyone in a helping profession, such as therapists, psychologists, social service workers, bodyworkers, PTs, OTs, nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, play or art therapists, meditation and yoga instructors, and others in the healing arts. 
If you currently have a practice that brings you into relations with people who have symptoms of stress or trauma, or who simply are challenged by the demands of modern life- this training will give you a breadth of understanding as well as a vast assortment of new, effective therapeutic tools. Those of you trained in traditional psychological or medical fields, will find this work presents an entirely new, refreshing, and logical understanding of what is a "disorder" or "symptom". 
There is a strong scientific component in that the work is based on the study of the physiology of the threat response, and how this dysregulates the autonomic nervous system, driving many of the current dis-eases and diagnoses. Of course we take into account the emotional and psychological as well, but the the biological, body response to trauma is almost always overlooked. 

Although this training is focused on developing practitioner skills, students continue to be amazed by the deep personal transformation of self that occurs, the enhanced connection to the body and to others, and the overall change that occurs in their physiology.


The Sacred Centers May 2012 Immersion is shaping up to be one of the juiciest ever!

Definitely consider advancing your personal growth and professional skills by attending all,

or part of Co-Creating Heaven on Earth from May 5th – 17th,

2012 at the beautiful Institute of Noetic Sciences: EarthRise Retreat Center.

There are exceptional course offerings this year by our awesome faculty!

Stay for a weekend or the entire time.

 You choose from 2, 3, 4, or 5 day workshops!

Advance Yourself at Sacred Centers Spring Immersion!

Sacred Centers Immersion Retreats are really more like advances —

An opportunity to advance your personal growth and professional skills in a beautiful setting with likehearted individuals. Whether you want to get your feet wet with introductory courses, or dive deeper with our advanced courses, here’s your chance to immerse yourself in small, intimate classes designed for depth and personal attention. Areas of study include yoga, psychology, energy work, bodywork, and more, taught by Sacred Centers top teachers.


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