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SF events 05.11 PlantTrees on Google + May 12: Club Exotica Presents "Operation Undercover: The Case of the Missing Panties" Sat May 12 9pm super secret underground SF location

Club Exotica presents “Operation Undercover”. Stop. Special all bases operation. Stop. Reserve May 12 for briefing at secret San Francisco Location. Stop. Theme is Spy, Special Agents, and Detectives. Stop. Stand by for mission details. Stop. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Stop.
)'(  Sun May 13 Street Fair Howard St SF @ 2nd/1st/3rd

)'( May 17-21 Yay! Symbiosis is back for 2012. complete with a solar eclipse. 
Pyramid Lake, NV lake of the weeping mother on Shoshone Indian Land. respect. leave no trace

)'( May 20 SF

)'( Lightning in a Bottle will once again happen over Memorial Day weekend: Thursday May 24 - Monday May 28, 2012

)'( August 27 - Sept 3 2012 tickets 2011 West Coast Gatherings Festivals & Gatherings in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America
Plastic Pollution in Ocean Likely Underestimated **May 11-13 - Whole Earth Festival - Davis, CA May 11-13 Stanford Powwow - Stanford, CA May 11-13 Shakti Fest - Joshua Tree, CA May 17-22 Symbiosis Gathering - Pyramid Lake, NV

Fri May 11

Friday Nights at the de Young: Golden Gate’s 75th-Birthday Bash | GG Park Friday, May 11 – 6:00 pm | Cost: FREE*
*Programs are free and open to the public, but does not include admission to the museum's galleries De Young Museum Dixie’s Big Number, Dirty Story-Tellin’ Birthday Extravaganza! Friday May 11 7:30pm Verdi Club 2424 Mariposa St, SF @ Potrero

Fri May 11 Roger Waters: the Wall Live @ Att park SF 

Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival & Camp? Fundraiser (MAY 11-13th)
-$95. Pre Sale (Limited) -$120. General (While Pre Sales Last) -$160. @ The Gate Questions???... contact
Facebook event page:

Sat May 12 11th Annual Pagan Festival & Parade | BerkeleySaturday, May 12 – 10:00 am | Cost: FREE | Civic Center Park 

Saturday May 12, Noon – 1:30 am A day and night where the creative meets the sacred. At NIMBY 8410 Amelia Street Oakland, CA 94621
RESONANCE is a not-for-profit event showcasing multi-sensory art, workshops, healing, and dancing into the night, to support the continued existence of the DIY art space NIMBY.
Orbit Mobi-Lounge Sound Healing and Chill Zone presented by Orbit SF Entertainment providing free transportation from the Oakland BART station, and to SF Embarcadero after-hours!
Only $15 for all day and night! Tickets available here:

Celebrate a whole weekend of phenomenal art and music, starting with FreQ Nasty at Freq-o De Mayo at Public Works on Friday May 11th. FreQ Nasty will not be DJ-ing at Resonance, so join us at Public Works on Friday, and get $5 off your ticket to RESONANCE! May 12: Club Exotica Presents "Operation Undercover: The Case of the Missing Panties" Sat May 12 9pm super secret underground SF location

Club Exotica presents “Operation Undercover”. Stop. Special all bases operation. Stop. Reserve May 12 for briefing at secret San Francisco Location. Stop. Theme is Spy, Special Agents, and Detectives. Stop. Stand by for mission details. Stop. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Stop.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it...  Step 1: RSVP Here (not just on Facebook):
Step 2: Check out our website:   Step 3: Read on below!
Only 200 spaces for this all-bases sexy party!  Doors at 8pm ~ Band, Cocktails, and Games start at 9pm
Join us for a night of intrigue and seduction at a Top Secret San Francisco Location code-named "The Golden Spot" (aka the G-Spot). Meet Megastar Singing Sensation Allota Bouttay and mingle with the hottest local spies, special agents (and even a few undercover detectives). 
With live music...   * The MegaFlame Band and Cabaret
~ The MegaFlame Band and Cabaret plays a mish-mash of mid-century jazz, blues, and cool "re-conceived" versions of contemporary tunes. We include a lot of theatrical elements in our playa-inspired set which runs the gamut from Ella Fitzgerald to Morphine and from Tom Waits to Big Momma Thorton ~   *Allota Boutay
With live DJ's...
* Delachaux ~ Delachaux is the barbary coast's sonic evocateur par excellence.~
* Jocelyn
* Knowa Lusion aka Knowa Knowone (1320 Records, Street Ritual)
* Sol Rising    * Shakti Bliss (LA/Dirty Electro Swing)
David Shakiban
David Shakiban is a Musician (Acoustelectric Jamtronicist), Artist (Abstract Perfectionist Graffitist Mosaicist), Film-Maker (Documentaricus Inspiratacus), and Writer (or so he fancies himself).
and more to be announced!
(Note: all guests will need to RSVP, then be pre-approved, then purchase a ticket to be allowed into the event. Make sure to RSVP ASAP at The Gathering - LOVE DANCE CELEBRATION. sat may 12 10pm-6am SF UG Safety Dance: Code Red 2 Edition (Massive lineup!) Sat May 12 8pm-4am DanzHaus / The Gingerbread House1275 Connecticut St SF @ Cesar Chavez btwn 101 / 280 beware cigarettes ick!

Sat May 12 Eskmo, Love & Light at Mezzanine (9pm) 

Diamonds in the Rough, Spring 2012 Saturday, May 12 from 7-11pm, and Sunday, May 13 from noon-5pm
American Steel Studios 1960 Mandela Parkway (Enter on 20th), Oakland, CA 94607
American Steel Studios is hosting Diamonds in the Rough: An Interactive Exhibit of Art, Innovation and Industry!
There will be exhibits and demonstrations highlighting local artists from West Oakland, live music and tours of the American Steel Studios facility.
View featured artists on Flickr:

Sun May 13

)'( Sun May 13 Street Fair Howard St SF @ 2nd St / 1st St to Mission, to Folsom Noon-8pm 
This year features dance music stages by Symbiosis, Raindance, Sunset Music, Forward SF, Opel, Opulent Temple, Muti Music, Temple Nightclub, Groove Garden, Enchanted Forest, SWAG, Happy Camp, Red Marines, Pulse, Pink Mammoth, SF House, Nu Funk Boutique, and more. Click here to see the 2012 How Weird stages and line-ups. HOW WEIRD 2012 Sun May 13
1:00 STAGE
Sponsored by Dos Equis
The Most Interesting Stage in the World
Opening peace ceremony by Swami Chitananda
Members of Vau de Vire Society
Aztec dancers
A snake charmer
Closing peace ceremony by Dancing Without Borders and the
Movement Medicine Collective
and much more!
2:00 STAGE
Produced by Symbiosis and Raindance
Leafy Green
Knowa Knowone
Russ Liquid
Little John
Ant Acid
Tony Inorbit
3:00 STAGE
Produced by Sunset Music and Forward SF
Adnan Sharif
4:00 STAGE
Produced by Pink Mammoth and SF House Music
The Pink House Effect
Derek Hena
Dev E.
Andrew Phelan
Moe Moe
5:00 STAGE
Produced by Opel and Opulent Temple
Brian Peek
Dex Stakker
Syd Gris
Tek Freaks
6:00 STAGE
Produced by Nu Funk Boutique
What The Funk
Whiskey Devil
Bobby C
Live performances by Joel Kellogg & Homer Hsu
7:00 STAGE
Produced by Groove Garden and Enchanted Forest
Melty Whomps
Human Experience
Russ Liquid
Jeff Stott
8:00 STAGE
Produced by Temple Nightclub
Paul Hemming
Ben Tom
DJ iQ!
9:00 STAGE
Produced by Muti Music and World Famous Productions
Medicinal Beats
Stephan Jacobs
Greg Reve
Russ Liquid
Kitty D
Psy Fi
10:00 STAGE
Produced by Pulse
Infinite Sun
11:00 STAGE
Produced by Happy Camp and Red Marines
Bodhisattva 1320
Fractal Cowboys
Dog of Tears
12:00 STAGE
Produced by SWAG, Strategik, and Want It!
Agent Zero
Anthony James
Dj Chai
Eric O.
Mo Corleone
13:00 STAGE
Produced by Sageful Productions
Beat Box Poetry Stage
Including beatboxing, poetry slams, and comedy from…
sYzYgY & Crew (Beatboxing Madness)
Patrick Oh. (National Poet)
Jaz Sufi (Poet)
Bryce Jones (Comedian)
Hummingbird Thunder (HipHop Poetry Group)
Exacto Beatbox (Beatboxer and Live Artist)
Escriva (Rapper)
Dre (National Poet)
Vocab Slick (Distant Relatives)
Riis Larsen (Poet)
Bottled Water (HipHop Group)
Lucky Sevan (Poet)
Cozmost (Rapper)
Jordan Ranft (Poet/Rapper)
Jake Ward (Poet/Rapper)
Hosted by BeSage

8pm to 2am – Sunday May 13, 2012

The fun doesn’t stop when the faire ends, it just moves indoors to three very nice locations right at the faire site, and one a few blocks away. Beyond officially weird, How Weird @ Night is our main fundraiser for the faire to help keep it going. So stay out to support the faire, and have more fun.
This year’s after party is at: Temple Nightclub, 111 Minna Gallery, Harlot, and Monarch. Each venue is only $10 each (or $2 off with the Magic Sticker).
The after parties are 21 and over with ID. Magic Stickers are only available at the gates during the faire. There will be ins and outs at all three clubs throughout the evening.
So have a delicious dinner at the faire during the day. And remember, though it may be warm and sunny during the day, it could be a little cool at night, so dress appropriately.
How Weird and Temple present a Dubstep & Electro After Party
Temple Nightclub – 540 Howard Street, San Francisco
Stephan Jacobs
Knowa Knowone
Paul Hemming
Lucas Med
David Gregory
Synchronize and Full Circle present a Psytrance After Party
111 Minna Gallery – 111 Minna Street, San Francisco
MegaDrop (live)
A Living Earth
Opel presents “You Can’t Stop Weird”
Harlot – 46 Minna Street, San Francisco
Hedflux (UK)
DJ Icon
Syd Gris
Filthy Phil
DJ Hil
Pink Mammoth and SFHouseMusic present RELOAD: How Weird After Party
Monarch – 101 6th Street, San Francisco
Andrew Phelan
Dev E.
Derek Hena
Moe Moe
Raw C
Check back soon for more information, including final line-ups and schedules. How Weird at Night, so weird it had to move indoors. Opel & Opulent Temple at How Weird : Opel After Party 'You Can't Stop Weird' sun may 8pm-2am 46 Minna Street, SF

HOW WEIRD @ TEMPLE Sunday May 13, 2012 from 8pm to 2am
Temple Nightclub – 540 Howard Street, San Francisco
$10 (or $2 off with the Magic Sticker)
21 and over with ID.
The fun doesn’t stop when the How Weird Street Faire ends, it just moves
indoors to Temple Nightclub for a special evening of dubstep and electro.
Plan for a late evening of full-on dancing. Costumes are encouraged. Magic
Stickers are only available at the gates during the faire.
Stephan Jacobs
Knowa Knowone
Paul Hemming
Lucas Med
David Gregory

Opel presents “You Can’t Stop Weird”
Harlot – 46 Minna Street, San Francisco
Hedflux (UK)
DJ Icon
Syd Gris
Filthy Phil
DJ Hil

May 13: How Weird Street Fair 
The How Weird Street Fair, taking place on May 13th and in its 13th year, prides itself as a festival where attendees can let their freak flag fly. This year, there will be 13 dance music stages hosted by some of San Francisco’s popular nightclubs and organizations, some of which hold after parties. As always, the festival encourages wild costumes and will feature plenty of food, drinks, and live and exhibited art

Mon May 11

Protest @ PG&E Headquarters 77 Beale St. in San Francisco 
9am Monday May 14th  More details:
Voge Smith will be coming Monday morning and we will be presenting our
petitions (with 3000+ signatures) to PG&E!  Please try and make it
down and regardless- spread the word to your networks, your friends,
neighbors, family, and the media!  We need numbers to demonstrate
public opposition to extortion!  Plus it would be nice to see all your
beautiful faces.  Thanks everyone. Josh

MEDIA ADVISORY                            Contact: Joshua Hart,
Director Stop Smart Meters!

May11th 2012                              

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER Rally and Protest Planned to Greet PG&E
Shareholders Next Week
Petition with 3000 signatures against Smart Meter Opt Out Fees to be Presented
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is a company with a long history of
exchanging public health and safety for private income and profit.
This is more true than ever before, after the preventable and
deadlycatastrophic explosion hit San Bruno, the nightmarish risks of
nuclear power and climate change, and the catastrophic effects of the
"smart grid" which has hit communities all over California hard- in
the checkbook, decimating our privacy, risking national security,
damaging our health, and risking deadly fires. Then they charge us a
fee to "opt out."
Who's really in charge here anyway?
On May 14th, PG&E's shareholders will hold their annual meeting at the
company's downtown SF headquarters to hear about their increasing
profits at our expense (17% increase in quarterly profit).  Tired of
the threats, intimidation, extortion and abuse?  How much more will
you take California?
It's time to TAKE BACK OUR POWER from corporate greed.
It's time to TAKE BACK OUR POWER from PG&E.
Voge Smith, who started a petition demanding that PG&E drop the opt
out fees, will attend and present her petition- which is expected to
have over 3000 signatures by Monday.  Stop Smart Meters! will also
present a list of nearly 400 people who are pledging to refuse to pay
the fees.
Protest outside and let your voice be heard- if you are a PG&E
shareholder, go inside and confront management with the crimes they
are committing.  We need to MAKE SOME NOISE.
Protest will be held at PG&E Headquarters 77 Beale St. in San
Francisco 9am Monday May 14th  More details:

Wed May 16 Rides offered to and from  SYMBIOSIS leave San Rafael 5pm $35 each way

)'( May 17-21 Yay! Symbiosis is back for 2012. complete with a solar eclipse. 
Pyramid Lake, NV lake of the weeping mother on Paiute Indian Land. respect. leave no trace Sunday May 20th, 20124:20pm - Start of eclipse5:30pm - Maximum Eclipse (lasting 4min 20sec)6:30pm - End of eclipse
James Blake - Little DragonBeats Antique - Tipper - PaNTy RAiD  - 
Claude VonStroke - Damian Lazarus - Dub Kirtan All StarsEmancipator - Entheogenic - FreQ Nasty - Gang Gang DanceLyrics Born - Minilogue - Moombahton Massive (Nadastrom & Sabo)Nasty Ways (EPROM & Boreta) - OPIUO - Paper DiamondPerfect Stranger - Photek - Random RabRustie - Shlohmo - Son KiteStacks Image 1197
Vau de Vire SocietyRupa & the April Fishes - Diego's UmbrellaVagabond OPERA - Shotgun Wedding - Brass MenazeriAn-Ten-Nae - Antix - Bluetech - Cheb i SabbahChristian Martin - Heavyweight Dub ChampionGAUDI - David Starfire - Govinda - ill.Gates - Justin Martin 
[a]pendics.shuffle - Adham Shaikh - Akara Project - AndrocellBarisone - Bird of Prey - Campfire Songs w/ Micha & LeightonCaptain Hook - Danny Corn - Desert Dwellers - DialsDickster - DJ Three - Dragonfly - Droog - Dov - El Papa ChangoFanna-Fi-Allah - Galen & Solar - Gladkill - Green Nuns of the RevolutionHeadroom - Hedflux - Heyoka - J Phlip - Jamie Janover - JenoKalya Scintilla - Kaminanda -Kasey Taylor - Knowa KnowoneKontrol SF - Little John - LoCura - Lushbunny - Max UlisMortar and Pestle - Mr. C - Of Porcelian - Rena Jones - Russ LiquidShawna - Stellamara - Sun Control Species - SymphonixTetrameth - Thriftworks - Thugfucker - Treavor MoontribeTron - Uone - Who Cares 
Aima the Dreamer w/ Jazz Mafia - Austero - Barrakuda - Barton - Bass ScienceBig Daddy Joe - BiOniC LoVe SoUnDSyStEm - Birds of Paradise - BirdseyeBogl - Brian Sentient - Chlorophil - Craig Kuna - Cumulus - DelachauxDigital Honey - Dirt Wire - DJ Dima - Dogon Lights - DrezDrumspyder - Eenor's Mus Mezmer - El Radio FantastiqueElephant and Castle - Fiord - Foobz & Question - Gatto Matto - HiatusHobotech - Hopscotch - J BOOGIE'S DUBTRONIC SCIENCEJeff Stott - Liam Shy- Lila Rose - Liberation MovementLoCura - Mad Maxx - Majitope - Malarkey - Manny - Matt XavierMekkanikka - Merkaba - Metal Mother - Mikael PalnerMikhal - Mozaic - Mt Wolf - Natasha Kmeto - NikitaNikola Baytala - Omer - Oonaslim - Outersect - Radio DeviRigzin - Sasha Rose - Satya Yuga Band! - SebastianShef - Shovelman - Shura - SimonB - Smash & GrabSORNE - Sufi Soul Electronica - Sweet Anomaly - TerrakromaThankyou City - The Dolomites - The Human ExperienceThe Tailor and the Sea - Thumbprint - TinkerTony Inorbit - Tornado Rider - Trifonic - Vitamin DevoWilly Electronarcosis - Worthy - Yuli  
 El Circo - Fou Fou Ha! - FungineersKlown Korps - Pyronauts - Vajrasa  
Early Arrival Pass (Per person fee allowing entry starting at 10AM on Wed, May 16th $35

ArtPad SF BRAF Benefit Night May 18, 6:00 pm - 1:00 am At the Phoenix Hotel 601 Eddy St. SF @ Larkin
Tickets: May 19-20 Maker Faire - San Mateo, CA

)'( May 20 SF

May 20: Bay to Breakers 
The always crazy 12k race returns for its 101st year. Floats are still out and you might be more likely to get busted for sippin on hooch while you “race,” but B2B lives up to San Francisco’s standard. If you’re serious about the race and want some swag from official sponsor Zazzle, register here and hit the road early. May 24-28 Strawberry Music Festival - Camp Mather, CA

)'( Lightning in a Bottle will once again happen over Memorial Day weekend: Thursday May 24 - Monday May 28, 2012

Lightning In A Bottle Official Documentary and present the official 2011Lightning In A Bottle Official Documentary. Download a exclusive tribute to LIB mix ... The Do LaB's Lightning in a Bottle 2011 - Official Video
Returning Memorial Day weekend. May 24th - 28th, 2012. Tickets on-sale January 16th - Video by Manifest Media Music: "Future Blind" by Pretty Lights "Ares (Big Gigantic... The Faces of Lightning in a Bottle 2011 THE DO LAB PRESENTS LIB 2011 VOL.2!/TheDoLaB    THE DO LAB PRESENTS LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE 2010   Lightning in a Bottle 2007   Lightning in a Bottle 2008  Woogie Stage, Lightning in a Bottle, May 2008  Treehouse Stage, Lightning in a Bottle, May 2008   Lighting In A Bottle by halcyonstyn May 24-28 California Contact Improv Jam - Harbin Hot Springs, CA may 26 northern california faerie reserve, near Middleton, Lake County

Homestead Skillshare Festival Sat, May 26 10am-6pm Hayes Valley Farm, 450 Laguna Street, SF
A festival to help educate, inspire and spread sustainable living and self-sufficiency skills. 
Scheduled Workshops: Cohousing, coops, and intentional communities, passive solar, worm bins, cob ovens, urban composting, worm composting, urban gardening in the Bay and container gardening, fruit trees, seed-saving, food preservation (incl. wine-making, pickling, miso, etc), water catchment and grey water recycling, disaster preparedness, herb growing, teas and tincture making, qi gong, bee-keeping and pollination, livestock (incl. ducks, chickens, horses and/or goats), sprouting, insects as food, mushroom cultivation, soap-making, natural dyes, candle-making, diy green cleaning, nonviolent communication, and more! (Habra traduccion en Espanol).
Admission: Ticketing  on Eventbrite and at the door Payment of 2 hours donation to Hayes Valley Farm and/or $20 donation to the BACE Timebank. Kids are free, families welcome. Free & donation-based food onsite and benefit dinner at end of Festival. Rain or shine. No refunds.
Co-sponsored by: the BACE Timebank, Hayes Valley Farm, SF Permaculture Guild, Cohousing California, SF Urban Agriculture Alliance, PODER (SF), Occupy SF Sustainability Working Group, the Urban Homesteading Institute, Transition SF, KitchenGarden SF, SF Bee-Cause, the Connection Action Project, SF Free School, Just One Tree and more! Please contact mira at for more info. May 26 7pm- Midnight Space Gallery 1141 Polk SF @ Sutter $10/15/20 May 26-27 Carnaval - San Francisco, CA

May 26-27: San Francisco Carnaval 
San Francisco Carnaval is a two-day parade and festival which takes place during Memorial Day weekend. Whether its foggy or a classi hot day in the Mission, there’s always plenty of skin and Latin-flavored beats. This year’s theme is “Spanning Boarders, Bridging Cultures” and aims to celebrate all of the cultures in this vibrant city. The parade will feature costumes, dancing and floats, and the festival on Harrison Street will bring together music, dance, art, street vendors and family-friendly activities. Strategik 5th Annual Memorial Day BBQ mon may 28 10am-7pm Bay Area Waterfront Location 

June 2012 Raindance Campout 2012 Friday June 1 Saratoga Springs Retreat Center10243 Saratoga Spring rd, Upper Lake, CA 95485 $150 Tier1 / $175 tier 2

June 2-3: Union Street Eco-Urban Festival 
San Francisco’s Union Street Eco-Urban Festival takes is an alcohol-free event—thanks to some unruly bros in years past—that transforms Union Street into a sustainable, green haven. The 35th annual festival focuses on eco-friendly exhibits and features arts and crafts booths, food vendors, and two stages with live entertainment.

June 6 2012 Transits of Venus
Transits of Venus across the disk of the Sun are among the rarest of planetary alignments. Indeed, only six such events have occurred since the invention of the telescope (1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882). The next transit of Venus will occur on 2012 June 06.
The principal events occurring during a transit are characterized by contacts. The event begins with contact ...I which is the instant when the planet's disk is externally tangent with the Sun. The entire disk of the Venus is first seen at contact II when the planet is internally tangent with the Sun. During the next several hours, Venus gradually traverses the solar disk at a relative angular rate of approximately 4 arc-min/hr. At contact III, the planet reaches the opposite limb and is once again internally tangent with the Sun. The transit ends at contact IV when the planet's limb is externally tangent to the Sun. Contacts I and II define the phase called ingress while contacts III and IV are known as egress. Greatest transit is the instant of minimum angular separation between Venus and the Sun as seen from Earth's geocenter...
And for more information :

Chakralicious Camp invites you to "VOICE, MIND, SPIRIT", an Upper Chakra FUN-Raiser FRIDAY June 8th! $15/20 LOCATION:  “CLOUD 9”1320 9th st Berkeley CAPlease wear blue, indigo, & violet to this event to honor the upper chakras. Also feel free to dress futuristic, alien, galactic, cosmic, spacey, crystalline, reflective, astral...with special attention to your neck, face, and head!Produced byChakralicious Camp 2012For more info contact: 510-410-8876

SoulFire Regional Precompression – June 8th – 10th in Los Gatos
  3-day, 2-night campout on a 110-acre private property in the redwoods.
We especially invite YOU to bring the spirit of art and participation to your regional event.  We’ve got people signing up to be greeters, rangers, musicians and host workshops as well as great theme camps.  Don’t be a spectator --- be a part of it!  Email with the subject, “Participate!”  And, bring your light poi, your hoops, your drums, or anything else to create a spontaneous moment.  We’ll have a special Saturday night unveiling and lighting ceremony this year to share the 2012 CORE with our community, too.
Artists, musicians and activities so far include:
Feral’s Neon House * Gypsy Cinema * Frankinanimals * Chill Dome-making workshop * Smokin’ Roots Crew * DigitalFolk * DJ Crazy Legs * Liam Be’em * K-Love Happy Hour * 2012 CORE Participation Workshop * Costume Exchange * Open Mike (just like Center Camp!) * 2012 Virgin Workshop * PLUS MORE!
SoulFire dates are June 8th, 9th and 10th.  Tickets are selling sooner than ever before … get yours now!  Link to tickets is on the South Bay Burners web site: or chat with fellow burners at!/events/191133510987669

June 10: Haight Ashbury Street Fair 
The Haight Ashbury Street Fair is a celebration of the old-school Haight Street hippy ethos—peace, love and happiness. The festival features six blocks of vendors, food, arts and crafts, as well as three stages with live entertainment and activities for families with children. PANCAKES & BOOZE Art Show ALL-U-CAN-EAT PANCAKES JUNE 15th & 16th Juune 15 8pm-12:20 $5 863 Mission SF Btwn 3rd & 4th st

June 16-17: North Beach Festival 
Taking place on June 16th and 17th, in its 58th year, North Beach Festival boasts one of the country’s longest running street fairs. Like other San Francisco festivals, there will be plenty of street vendors selling food, arts and crafts, and multiple stages with live entertainment. Features of the North Beach Festival you’re not likely to find anywhere else include the blessing of animals at The National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, and Italian street painting. 4th Annual Movement Play Microfestival is back!Find all the details here: june 22- 25 Willits, CA 

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival June 22, 23 & 24 Mendocino County Fairgrounds Boonville, Ca
Luciano ● Third World ● The Twinkle Brothers ● Lutan Fyah ● Johnny Osbourne ● Romain Virgo ● David Rodigan ● Perfect ● Locos Por Juana ● Zion Train ● Dub Nation

)'( San Francisco Dyke March Saturday, June 23, 2012 gather in Dolores Park 3:30-7:30pm. Step off Dolores Park @ 7:30pm with Dykes on Bikes! Bring your motorcycle and topless rider! Process East on 18th from Dolores Through Mission / Valencia / 16th / 17th back up to 18th and CASTRO for PINK SATURDAY in the CASTRO!
This is the LAST and ONLY nighttime Super fun sexy street party left in the CASTRO now that we have lost Castro Halloween and Castro NYE to gang violence. got a MotorCycle? Bring it to Dolores Park and park on 18th St btwn Dolores and Church, be a topless Dyke for a Day with your lover June

June: 23-24: San Francisco Pride Celebration 
Culminating on the weekend of June 23 and 24 with the Pride Parade and party at the Civic Center, the San Francisco Pride Celebration, or “Pride,” is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation. Get ready for an enormous party, with a large parade, 300 exhibitors and 19 stages and venues. Several events are held throughout the city during the week leading up to the weekend

Sat Jun 23 Noon to 6:00 p.m and Sun Jun 24 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m FESTIVAL and  BOOTHS with DJs and big HELLA GAY DANCE PARTY! SF Civic Center Polk / Larkin / Grove / McAllister

Sun Jun 24 Sunday, June 24th, 20122012 Theme: Global EqualityThe Parade kicks off at 10:30 a.m. at Market Street & Beale and ends at Market & 8th Street in downtown San Francisco jun 29-jul 2 belden town, CA

July 2012

4th of JULY 10,000 or 20,000 people will be at PIER 39 / Fishermans' Wharf / Embarcadero making this the 3rd? largest free party in SF?
I estimate Bay to Breakers in May is 50,000 people. PRIDE is 10,000 people? 
Michael Franti / Spearhead / Power to the Peacefull 2nd Saturday in September is ? 10,000
Get to wharf early to avoid traffic.
One way to count people: look at a map the USA = 50 people. Look at a crowd. How many 50s do you see?
Another way to count people: Look at a 10 x 10 display of items. That is 100. How many 100s do you see in crowd?

Wanderlust, the yoga and music festival at the end of July (26th-29

July 29 UP Your alley Dore Alley Festival @ Folsom St SF btwn 9th / 10th st 11am-6pm

Wanderlust 2011 Timelapse
How do you capture the essence of Wanderlust in a short video clip? You probably can't, but this beautiful time lapse video, lovingly (and painstakingly) pho...

Aug 2012 Aug 3-5 Black Oak Ranch, LaytonVille, CA with Michael Franti and Spearhead   
Sierra Leonnes All Stars   David Lindley   Hot BUttered Rum   AfroMassive   Clan Dyken   Fanna- Fi    Baka Beyond    Sambada 

Earthdance Northern California Festival will officially be taking a year sabbatical for 2012. 2011 was a major transition year for us, which stretched us on many levels. Not only did we move Earthdance to a new location, but we also helped birth the new Gaia Festival at the Black Oak Ranch.

Jerry Day - 10th Annual - August 5, 2012 11:30 until 18:00 Jerry Garcia Ampitheater, Mclaren Park - SF
Full Lineup Announcement Coming Soon! 2012 Logo Posters and other Merchandise
Click on this link:
2012  Donor Packages!  Click Here: 
General Info:
Feedback, Questions, and General Suggestions:

Beloved 2012 Fri Aug 10-Mon Aug 13 just 10 miles off the Oregon coast in TIdewater. 
Tidewater is between Yachats and Newport on the Oregon coast!/events/345641695467348 
Burning Man’s Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) Policy Change

Change is always difficult, and If you've got any questions about how the ticket process works, make sure to cruise over to our (admittedly EXTENSIVE, hopefully EXHAUSTIVE) ticket FAQ:

August 27 - Sept 3 2012 tickets!/event.php?eid=221044507950706
Timelapse-icus Maximus HD Burning Man 2011 by James Cole, Music by Elite Force/DISTRIKT "Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse 

The Themes of Burning Man: 2012 Fertility 2.0 (announced by Larry Harvey at Artumnal event on 19 Nov) 2011 Rites of Passage 2010 Metropolis; The Life of Cities 2009 Evolution; A Tangled Bank 2008 American Dream 2007 The Green Man 2006 Hope & Fear; the Future 2005 Psyche; The Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious 2004... The Vault of Heaven 2003 Beyond Belief 2002 The Floating World 2001 Seven Ages 2000 The Body 1999 Wheel of Time 1998 Nebulous Entity 1997 Fertility; The Living Land (Mysteria was theme of an event at SOMArts in San Francisco) 1996 The Inferno/HELCO 1995 Good & Evil TerraSAR-X image of the month - Tents in the desert

If you still have questions or concerns about the ticket process this year, chances are they're answered in our Ticket FAQ: ... or somebody's discussing them on this ePlaya thread: Weird TV - Burning Man - Early Years An Idiot's virgin Burning Man experience (2011) Burning Man~Magic People 

)'( Last year BM Tix on Craiglist started out HIGH and ended up going at face value before the event
RELAX. You are safe enough to ASSUME you are going. Plenty folk asked for more tix than they needed to cover their friends / family / camps.
You might post a Tix ad in the WANTED section of CL with fun creative text of who you are, once a week if you are bored, or try different text each time.
also List trades or OFFERS of what you will exchange in the SIGNATURE of your EMAIL
speaking of TRADES take a look at
perhaps you can ask for what you want; perhaps stop saying oh I'm fine each time a friend or stranger asks how you are doing. Instead answer that you seek a BM ticket then repeat your offers or trades. Let your friends be your angels and matchmakers. :)

Note if you offered BM $390 your ran in all 3 races. If $320 then 2 races. if $240 then only 1 race hence the % spread...

- STAY INFORMED. The latest ticket information and resources can be
found at and will be disseminated
regularly on the JRS and/or the Burning Blog.

Possible interpretation of BM ticketing process (spreadsheet)
Realizing that the BM ticketing process results are a bit of a conundrum, I had a rough and ready shot at building a spreadsheet (with a glass of wine, you understand) to try to gauge the probabilities of winning tickets. With a few basic assumptions (and assuming the process worked in the same way as advertized), a few rather interesting results emerge whch seem to be about we are seeing. Of course, it would have been more predictive to do this before we had some results so I couldn't fix the assumptions (accidentally or inadvertently), but oh well!
Rough probabilities of winning a ticket at all seem to be:
If you bid $240, 14%
If you bid $320, 41%
If you bid $390, 95%
I could be quite wrong, of course. There do seem to be some results on our yahoogroups and on our facebook page "SiliconVillageBurners" that seem to correlate with this a little bit. You be the judge. More results, the spreadsheet and an explanation can be found at our new webpage Hope useful.

TIX discussions

Burning Man 2012 Tickets - Part 2 halcyonstyn Hitler finds out about Burning Man Ticket Lottery  Hitler Reacts to Burning Man Being Sold Out. 

Burning Man Tickets 3 aka "Crap or Cone?"
Tickets, A Tale of Xara & Surrender. Feb 8 *The Xara leader in the story is Mark Hinkley. » Barn Raising BRC 2012
This is the time to jump around all excited at the mutations occurring in this petri dish of an experiment in community. It’s a moment in time – perhaps a paradigm shift of magnanimous porportions. I for one don’t want to miss seeing it in action, whether it rises like the Phoenix or crashes and bur... 
looking to offer a ride or get a ride to BM? check out the above link

Falling Man 2011 Screensavers available only at
The Burning Man Screen Saver Project at Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 Strawberry Fall Music Festival - Camp Mather, CA

Sep 2012 Sept. 6-9 Bhakti Fest - Joshua Tree, CA

“SAN FRANCISCO EROTIC ART EXHIBITION 2”, will feature 25 artists, sculptors and photographers presenting over 400 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs. Gallery 4N5, downtown SF September 21-23 weekend of the Folsom Street Fair.

Saturday September 22, 2012 SUPERHERO STREET FAIR 2010 It will be in the same place but moving to the warmest month: September. Inianna and Cesar Chavez St. SF @ Islais Creek.

3rd Annual SUPERHERO STREET FAIR Saturday September 22, 2012 San Francisco, CA
2pm to Midnight  @ Islais Creek, newly renovated for 2012. Entrance: Indiana @ Cesar Chavez  MUSIC..  from the likes of.. 
Symbiosis, Opel, Distrikt, Pink Mammoth, Forward, Compression,  Beat Church, Dancetronaughts, with nore TBA!
ZONES..    Sporting Green: Climbing Wall, Boardwalk Oasis, 
Intergalactic Valley of the Vendors, Go Go Floating Barge   Circus Side Show, Eco Amusements Kid Zone Interactive Space
PLUS..    Art Car Regalia, Super Hero Award Ceremomy, Spider Climbing Wall
Extreme Sports Demos, Floating Go Go Barge, Super Cirque Acrobats
Food, Craft and Beverage Bazzar, Supper Club Sky Lounge
Video Mapping Zones, Gallery Exhibits, Super Hero Fashion Show Contest
Family Fun Interactive Games, Eco Amusements and so much more!

FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2012: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Folsom St SF btwn 7th / 12th st 11am-6pm

Nov 2012 Nov. 10-11 Green Festival - San Francisco, CA

(staged) CIA/US/Israeli bombing of Iran Sept / October 2012 Similar to 9/11 False Flag Covert OP leading to Afghan 2001 invasion. 
Mind you the USA was running running 4 drills the morning of 911 that "went live"
Or do you believe that 19 arabs with box cutters (who could not land a Cesna) led by a dude in a cave on a dialysis machine, stood down the US Air Force for 2 hours on 911?

Miami model at the G20 - Agent Provocateurs coming to a protest near you 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.