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	•	The Case of the Missing Terrorists
	•	We'll see if the Empire will listen to "Rule of Law". ~S
	•	Judge Blocks Controversial NDAA
	•	"Always remember"= "Never Forget"=Propaganda 101
	•	You'd think we have enough already...pigs at the trough:
	•	Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

	•	AT&T named vendor for Homeland Security
	•	OAKTON, Va. — AT&T Inc. said Tuesday that it was named a prime vendor for a $3 billion contract with the Department of Homeland Security, giving AT&T the ability to compete for work under the contract.
	•	The so-called Tactical Communications Equipment and Services contract is a base contact for two years and three one-year extension options. Homeland Security uses the contract to buy communications devices, infrastructure and services used by first responders.
	•	As a prime vendor, AT&T will compete against other companies for individual awards under the program.
	•	AT&T will compete for DHS business through its Government Solutions unit, which is housed in AT&T's affiliate AT&T Corp.
	•	Shares of AT&T fell 4 cents to $33.49 by early afternoon. :)

Real Food: Nutrients in foods that heal
Often the foods we eat play as large a role in our health as the
foods we eliminate from our diets.
At BrasscheckTV we've pointed out the many dangers of food
additives, artificial sweeteners, and things to avoid, our sister
site 'The Real Food Channel' is exploring food in another way.
Most of us have heard that certain foods have cancer fighting properties.
What is the secret of these foods?  Which foods will have the biggest impact?

Accidental Hellfire: Missile falls from Army helicopter
As if worries about what the military might do with drones over
American cities aren't enough, now we have good cause to worry
about what they might do on ACCIDENT.
An entire neighborhood was evacuated in Texas recently when a
mock-Hellfire missile accidentally fell from an Army helicopter
into a field where children were playing.
I realize that a helicopter and a drone are not the same thing,
this does not ease my concern whatsoever...      Video:

Illinois Dept of Ag Destroys Beekeeper's Bees to Stop Research Proving Monsanto's Round-Up Kills Bees
Government tyranny: Illinois Department of Agriculture secretly destroys
beekeeper's bees and 15 years of research proving Monsanto's Roundup
kills bees
(NaturalNews) An Illinois beekeeper with more than a decade's worth of
expertise about how to successfully raise organic, chemical-free bees is
the latest victim of flagrant government tyranny. According to the
/Prairie Advocate/, Terrence "Terry" Ingram of Apple River, Ill., owner
of Apple Creek Apiaries, recently had his bees and beehives stolen from
him by the /Illinois Department of Agriculture/ (IDofA), as well as more
than 15 years' worth of research proving Monsanto's Roundup to be the
cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed....

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End the FED! S.O.S. Day – Save Our Skipper – Wednesday May 23rd

just fixed all the broken links in THE RED PILL GUIDE so now is the time to dive in and SHARE it widely. Thanks for all you do to spread truth. 
This guide is the result of over ten years of research I've done in my own process of “waking up” to hidden truths. The topics are generally considered taboo. While my curiosity compelled me to go forward, it was difficult work and I hope this guide will make “waking up” easier for you and other rea...

Forget Obama, here are the elitists with the real power: 1) Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2) His son Nathaniel. 3) Baron John de Rothschild 4) Sir Evelyn de Rothschild 5) David Rockefeller 6) Nathan Warburg 7) Henry Kissinger 8) George Soros 9) Paul Volcker 10) Larry Summers 11) Lloyd Blankfein 12) Ben Shalom Bernanke

Americans are next to be crushed by the Tanks. Stand up and fight. No matter where you are there is better Death in Honor, than in the life of a coward. 
Tiananmen Square Massacre 
Friday 18 May 2012
NATO Protesters Held Without Charge After Raid as Chicago Steps Up Police Activities
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "A pre-emptive raid by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) on the home of two Occupy Chicago activists may have happened without a search warrant, said the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and led to the disappearance of nine activists into police custody without charge for almost 24 hours. According to witnesses, the raid was conducted by the Organized Crime Division of the CPD and a warrant produced at the site didn't have the signature of a judge. The use of pre-emptive arrests is troublesome, said lawyers following the proceedings." 

NATO: Bringing the war home! Don't be confused about the country we're living in.... See my videos from this protest here:
Are You Safe on That Sofa? By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

IF you want a case study of everything that is wrong with money
politics, this is it.

Chances are that if you’re sitting on a couch right now, it contains
flame retardants. This will probably do no good if your house catches
fire — although it may release toxic smoke. There is growing concern
that the chemicals are hazardous, with evidence mounting of links to
cancer, fetal impairment and reproductive problems.

For years, I’ve written about this type of chemical, endocrine
disruptors, but The Chicago Tribune has just published a devastating
investigative series
<> called “Playing
With Fire” that breaks vast new ground. It is superb journalism.

It turns out that our furniture first became full of flame retardants
because of the tobacco industry, according to internal cigarette company
documents examined by The Tribune.
A generation ago, tobacco companies were facing growing pressure to
produce fire-safe cigarettes, because so many house fires started with
smoldering cigarettes. So tobacco companies mounted a surreptitious
campaign for flame retardant furniture, rather than safe cigarettes, as
the best way to reduce house fires....


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Contractors New Mission for DHS, Kill Americans! 
He talks with a whistleblower from a major defense contractor who has details on the Department of Homeland Security's effort to shift the war on terror from...

Friends of the Urban Forest ... SF
We need your help to win a $10,000 grant to plant trees! Vote for Friends of the Urban Forest at and please "like" and share this post. Thank you!
We posted about it on our Facebook page at

 9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate
What's wrong with mainstream experts?

Save Golden Gate Park.   The SF Planning Commission and Rec and Parks Commission are planning to build a soccer complex with over 7 acres of artificial turf, made of plastic and rubber tire crumb, and then surround these fields with kleig lights that will be on until 10 pm every single day of the year.  This development at the western end of Golden Gate Park, our precious urban oasis, will hurt the environment, threaten the wildlife, destroy the aesthetics of the area, and likely harm the soccer players.
SF Ocean Edge is working hard to stop this project.  On May 24 at 3 pm there will be Hearing at City Hall to decide whether or not to approve this project.  We need as many San Franciscans as possible to attend this hearing and tell City Hall why the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields must not be built.  You can read more at and get details about the May 24 hearing  
We'd very much appreciate it if you could let your members and supporters know about this threat to the Park and encourage them to come to the Hearing on the 24th.  We need as many voices as possible to speak out against the paving of Golden Gate Park.   
Thank you very much for your support.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please be sure to get in touch.
Kind regards, Jean B Barish 415-752-0185 
SAVE GOLDEN GATE PARK htto:// 10 Survival Tips that will Get you Killed 

You can disagree all you want but studies all over the world show that criminals preffer targets that are either completely unguarded or that show certain weakness. A % of criminals avoid homes with people inside. another % avoid homes with adult males, dogs, alarms. The harder a target, the less apealing it is for a criminal. And if you are low on ammo, food and water, no, you would not target a prepared looking home, you would try to scavenge water and food in empty places.

It's simple, and effective. Keep a cool head, and refuse to become worse than the ....individuals.... who started it. Stay alive, help others to do the same. Teach others how to find food, shelter, and water, so they do not need to steal it from anyone.
Those who turn against their neighbor just because things get bad? They demonstrate they weren't worth a poop before the problem came. Nothing really changed. 
The California Constitution "Is Broader and More Protective Than the First Amendment"

Plastic Pollution in Ocean Likely Underestimated
Federal Judge Blocks Controversial NDAA --Judge agreed statute failed to 'pass constitutional muster' 16 May 2012 A federal judge [Katherine Forrest] granted a preliminary injunction late Wednesday to block provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone it accuses of knowingly or unknowingly supporting terrorism. Signed by President Barack Obama on New Year's Eve, the 565-page NDAA contains a short paragraph, in statute 1021, letting the military detain anyone it suspects "substantially supported" al-Qaida [al-CIAduh], the Taliban or "associated forces." The indefinite detention would supposedly last until "the end of hostilities."
Federal judge: Terror law violates 1st Amendment 16 May 2012 A judge on Wednesday struck down a portion of a law giving the government wide powers to regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists, saying it left journalists, scholars and political activists facing the prospect of indefinite detention for exercising First Amendment rights. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan said in a written ruling that a single page of the law has a "chilling impact on First Amendment rights."
Judge Napolitano: Shoot down a drone, become an American hero --FAA: 30,000 small, remote-controlled drones could be above the homes of every American. 17 May 2012 Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano has found a novel approach to handling the whole drone surveillance dilemma that has Americans worried that the government will soon watch their every move from the sky. Speaking out against the future of aerial eavesdropping in America, Judge Napolitano said on Fox on Tuesday, "The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero." [Or, even if you don't have children! They're predator drones run amok by predators.] Congress is currently working alongside defense contractors mercenaries, the Federal Aviation Administration and local law enforcement agencies across the country, among others, to draft plans to put unmanned aerial aircraft into US sky in the near future.
Drones Up to 25 Pounds Allowed for U.S. Safety Agencies 15 May 2012 Public safety agencies will be able to operate unmanned aircraft with fewer restrictions, in the first changes in U.S. regulations that Congress ordered to broaden domestic use of non-military drones. Police, fire and similar departments will be able to fly drones weighing as much as 25 pounds (11.3 kilos) without applying for special approvals needed under previous regulations, the Federal Aviation Administration said today in a statement on its website. Congress is encouraging more U.S. drone flights under a law that became final on Feb. 14, with the goal of adapting technology used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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