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Truth Videos: 10 of the Most Amazing Videos Ever Reveal Deeper Truths

BPA replacement permeates paper products. 
Concerns about the health effects of bisphenol A have led manufacturers 
to produce and market BPA-free products. But a replacement called BPS is 
just as prevalent in paper products and could lead to significant human 
exposure to the endocrine disruptor.

How To Communicate If The US Govt Shuts Down The Internet
Officer Jack McLamb with Brent Johnson for The Voice of Freedom.
US Troops Guarding Afghanistan Poppy Fields
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More info on creating an Anti-Radiation diet lifestyle, protect oneself and loved ones from nuclear, solar, emf radiation - Radioactivity: Dietary Protection and Natural Support
2 days ago  'Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, ...
Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk
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