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I hate FACEBOOK for being so God Damned SLOW when I try to post. Is it FaceBook? Is it DHS? NSA? is it just that they are spying on me so hard?
Is it MAGIC LANTERN spyware on my laptop logging every keystroke? This is NOT the AMERICA we BELIEVE IN! 
I can not be an effective activist when I am crippled by the criminal treasonous coup that sacked my government.
Milk Curdles faster than FB allows me to post. Why? Because I speak the TRUTH that 911 was an inside job? 

The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet - June 11, 2012
The U.N. recently revived its long-held desire to take control of the Internet. It is unlikely to get its way. So, led by European nations — who else? — it has hit upon another means by which to exercise its influence: Taxes. CNET reports:
U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show
Global Internet tax suggested by European network operators, who want Apple, Google, and other Web companies to pay to deliver content, is proposed for debate at a U.N. agency in December.;2n

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Homeland Security Detects Terrorists by Reading Your Mind - F.A.S.T
Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind,2933,426485,00.html#ixzz1XlEKXNhr CNN: FAST could be used whe...

Thermal Paper Cash Register Receipts are 1000 x as toxic as the plastic bottle that causes BREAST CANCER due to Heat Sensitive BPA coating that turns BLACK for your DEATH. DO NOT TOUCH. Just SAY NO. = the Environmental Working Group. Please forgive me, these are my angry words, not theirs...

I am so sick of saying this shit 1000 x to everyone I meet. CORPORATIONS want you DEAD or at least on CHEMO so you can buy their TOXIC DRUGS. PULL OUT NOW. BOYCOTT TV and Pharmaceutical HELL.

Live simply, that others may simply live. Eat locally grown organic food. Get $5 boxes of produce from your farmers market at end of day when they are closing down and don't want to take food back to farm.

Is Cloud Nine behind the 'zombie apocalypse'? Police issue warning about new drug after TWO more cannibal attacks | Mail Online

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It’s Not You, It’s Meat.

Supermodel Carol Alt shares health secrets in new  cookbook 'Easy Sexy Raw'

New Evidence Against These Cancer-Causing Foods, And The Massive Cover-Up Effort
A Hostile Takeover of Our Food Supply
*New Evidence Against These Cancer-Causing Foods,  And The Massive Cover-Up Effort* By Dr. Mercola June 09 2012

Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions That The Mainstream Media Does Not Seem To Have Answers To?

The Jungle Prescription
- Full Version of CBC The Nature of things with David Suzuki / Episode on Ayahuasca: The Jungle Prescription -The Jungle Prescription is the tale of two doct...

Post-collapse economics: Where we're headed and what to do
Where is the US and world economy headed? 
Specific details will have to play themselves out, 
but the direction is undeniable. It looks bad.
If that's the case, what to do?
This Q & A with Karl Denninger makes excellent 
points about what we can expect and how to 
personally get out of harm's way.
And make no mistake about it, getting out of 
harm's way will be Job #1 in the coming years.
From RealEcon TV, answers worth studying in detail... Video:

Lobbying heats up ahead of Senate mercury vote.
Lobbying efforts are heating up ahead of next week's likely Senate vote
on a resolution that would kill U.S. EPA's mercury and air toxics rule
for power plants. Proponents of Sen. James Inhofe's (R-Okla.) resolution
of disapproval, which is expected to come to the floor by June 18, are
helping wrangle the 51 votes needed for Senate passage under the
Congressional Review Act.
The National Association of Manufacturers has made the issue a focus of
its two-day lobbying summit this week, which spokesman Jeff Ostermayer
said brought 400 manufacturers to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers....

Solutions: What happens when schools care
I've posted on some of the many problems with the school system in
America, from treating and training children to behave like
prisoners, to school lunch programs willing to feed children the
cheapest processed garbage available from the lowest bidder. 
The Real Food Channel investigates what happens when a school
decides to do things differently, and you'll be surprised to what
extent DIET can change behavior.
This school actually started saving money on security costs after
implementing a healthy school lunch program!
Hard to believe? Take a look...     Video:

Any corporation being found guilty of any two felony counts shall be
stripped of it's corporate charter. Any corporation settling any three
charges of felony activity shall be stripped of their corporate charter.
These provisions shall be in effect thirty days following passage of
this law. Corporation management or board members a part of felony
charges shall be named and tried as defendants with the corporation. Any
such people found guilty must serve the max. sentence for the crimes
committed. Corporations found guilty of felonies shall be find equal to
what they made during the commitment of the felony plus 15%.
Add this to my to do if I am elected to Congress and my to do with public pressure and public demand starting today.
Robert Smith, Candidate for US. House of Representatives TN 1st. Dist. USN RET. & Peacemaker

FBI Agent blows whistle on impending US Govt false flag attack
Here is a recent story of one FBI hero that refused to go along:
Seems just like the Roland Carnaby case:
Or John Wheeler drugging and murder:

EMF VIDEOS - see also: 

Keystone XL: Will EPA concern over 61 water crossings go unanswered?
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is not responding to an EPA scientist's 
letter about 61 water crossings in Texas as the White House works to expedite pipeline approval.

It was “one of the classic all-American cover-ups,” said retired Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who spent a year investigating the attack as part of an independent panel he formed with other former military officials. The panel also included a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Akins.

One to pay attention to :) Sweet Bio.pdf
Mr. Chad C. Sweet   Co-founder and Managing Principal   Areas of Focus:
Intelligence and counterterrorism Mergers and acquisitions within the security industry Investment counsel for private equity targeting the security industry Cyber security and corporate compliance.
Previous Government Service:
   
Chief of Staff, Department of Homeland Security (2007 – 2009) 
Vice President, Goldman Sachs (1996 – 2006) 
Investment Banker, Morgan Stanley (1994 – 1996) 
Directorate of Operations, Central Intelligence Agency (1990, 1991 – 1993)
At the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Sweet worked directly with Secretary Michael Chertoff to restructure and optimize the flow of information between the CIA, FBI and other members of the national security community and DHS. Mr. Sweet also supported the Secretary during numerous operations to detect, disrupt and respond to terrorist plots both in the United States and overseas, including the August 2006 US/UK liquid explosives plot, the March 2007 Fort Dix Six plot, the June 2007 JFK Airport plot and other incidents that remain classified.
At Chertoff Group, Mr. Sweet utilizes his unique background in intelligence, homeland security and investment banking to provide M&A advice to companies wishing to expand within the defense, aerospace and security industries, and to help private capital groups evaluate investment opportunities within the sector.
After having helped to fight the threat of Communism during his tenure at the CIA, Mr. Sweet left the Agency in the early 90s and began a career in finance. He started with Morgan Stanley investment banking and then was recruited by Goldman Sachs. He spent six of his twelve years in finance in overseas assignments.
Mr. Sweet returned to public service after 9/11, which he personally witnessed from his Goldman Sachs office in New York.
Following the Inauguration of President Obama – during which DHS helped confront a potential terrorist plot – Secretary Chertoff and Mr. Sweet returned to private life and founded the Chertoff Group, where they continue working to help companies and political entities manage a broad range of risks.
Mr. Sweet graduated with honors from Columbia University and resides in New York City.
1110 VERMONT AVENUE NW, SUITE 1200 WASHINGTON, DC 20005 T. 202.649.4260 | F. 202.330.5505

Earth May Be Near Tipping Point,0,4125302.story

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Most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect on your body fluids. Most grains, animal-based foods, and highly refined and processed foods, and man-made fake foods have an acid-forming effect on your body fluids, which varies from slight to great.
As you look at the ph chart, you will note that the pH is higher with the foods highest i... Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury 
This video is from the university of Calgary. It shows how mercury kills brain neurons. Using live brain cultures, the mercury is introduced and the video shows how autism occurs.. Autism is mercury poisoning.

Flase flags on the horizon (won't get fooled again)
A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive in such a way
that the operation appears as though it is being carried out by
another entity, and is often used as a pretext for war.
History is replete with 'false flag' operations, to think that we
live in some golden era where these things no longer happen would
be self-deceptive at best.
On the flip-side of that, however, even though false flag
operations are still widely used a great many people are waking up to them. 
This video is a warning to those who would lead us down the path to
war under false pretenses, we know how your operations work now and
we're not falling for it anymore...     Video:

(Flashback) The failed false-flag attack of June 8, 1967
The anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty is tomorrow.
This documentary, 'The Loss of Liberty' first tells the
'official' stories of the American and Israeli governments,
and then it tells the stories of the Navy servicemen and Marines
that survived the attack.
34 American sailors and civilian personnel were killed and 171 more
wounded in the two hour assault.
Remembering the attack on the USS Liberty...     Video:

Israel Sending 5th Column to the US through HR 3992: E-2 Visa Legislation awaiting Obama's Signature
By: From the Trenches
But there is one group of foreigners that stands out as elite among all the other invaders and that is of course the Israeli nationals. There is a bill (HR 3992) at present awaiting Obama's signature that will allow unlimited E-2 visas to be issued to Israeli nationals wanting to take up residence and start businesses in the United States.

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CA CAFRs show $8 trillion in tax surpluses, what we should do ?
Walter Burien is the pioneer for communicating that government claimed
budget deficits are criminal lies of omission when compared with colossal
tax surpluses revealed in their  Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR).
Walter Burien: CA CAFRs show $8 trillion in tax surpluses, what we should do

Fukushima Official: “Please send out SOS signals to the world!” — Levels of bio-concentration of radioactivity have not been imagined or have been ignored daringly — Tried to tell officials many times and always denied

 Kyodo News: Fukushima fuel pool warms — Backup pump stopped Wednesday — Main pump stopped Tuesday — Tepco expects temperature to start falling
Massive Fish Kill Outside Tokyo Described As Apocalyptic
A massive fish kill that looks ‘somewhat Apocalyptic’ is reported to being filling the water with ‘blanket of sardines’ in Isumi City just outside of Tokyo.

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Walter Burien - CAFR1 Trailer (HQ).avi
===/ related:
Inform local papers: CAFR tax surpluses fully fund education, infrastructure
Does California need a $600 billion investment fund given our austerity?
Is the Government Holding Back Crucial Documents?

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Government drones set to spy on farms in the united states

London Olympics 2012 - Enjoy the Games
Events to look out for:
- Synchronised loss of rights
- The Police Baton Charge
- False flag displays 

Feds plan to allow Americans to die in mass
A 1960s era Fallout Shelter is reminiscent of the fact that while government is busy preparing for its own continuity, the people are expected to do nothing ...

One of the last real journalists out there talking about War, Truth & the Media
John Pilger: War, Truth & the Media
John Pilger was born and grew up in Bondi, Sydney, Australia. He launched his first newspaper at Sydney High School and later completed a four year cadetship...

Flame retardant found to cause health effects at small doses, pilot
study finds.,0,1401660.story
Small doses of a flame retardant commonly added to furniture and baby
products can trigger obesity, anxiety and developmental problems,
according to the first independent study of a chemical promoted as safe
by industry and government officials.

Baby rats whose mothers ate tiny amounts of the chemical, known as
Firemaster 550, gained significantly more weight than others that
weren't exposed, according to a presentation Tuesday at a scientific
conference here. The chemical made the female offspring more anxious,
prompted early puberty and caused abnormal reproductive cycles.

"This raises red flags about a widely used chemical that we know little
about," said study co-author Heather Stapleton, a Duke University
chemist. "What we do know is, it's common in house dust and that people,
especially kids, are being exposed to it."

The Tribune's "Playing With Fire" investigation, published in May,
documented how Firemaster 550 is among generations of flame retardants
that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has allowed on the market
without thoroughly assessing health risks...   diabetes

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Radiation Hitting the Streets of LA realtime MAP of Geiger Counter readings across the USA

Reporter arrested for covering the Bilderberg 2012 meeting
The video courtesy A journalist with American Free Press was arrested by police while on assignment at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference in ...
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