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Event Secret Message For False Flag 2012 Olympics? 100,000+ Die By Nuclear Explosion? 

Weve got you covered  even if sunscreens dont.
This summer, dont get burned. Check out EWGs Guide to Summer Sun.
Do you know that one sunburn in childhood doubles your chance of developing skin cancer? Can you guess how much money the sunscreen industry makes every year from products that rarely work?
Get the facts. Read EWGs Guide to Summer Sun infograph and share it on Facebook today.

Lethal Drone-Directed Smartmeter Attacks vs No-Why List
Correlate your drone proximity alert please:
"meters were emitting bursts of RF radiation throughout the home far more intense than a cell phone call every minute or less"
You on the No Why List, you know who you are. 
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Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America
It's true.  Get the info at:


The Difference between the SOVIET UNION and the USA is that in USSR people know PRAVDA is the PARTY LINE.

Governor LePage Calls IRS the 'New Gestapo'

Obama's puppet master...  WHO IS GEORGE SOROS?????   A front for the Rothschild crime syndicate....
Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

The "smoking gun" in toxic cover-up of aspartame
In January of 2011, Woodrow C. Monte, Professor Emeritus of
Nutrition at Arizona State University, saw a memo that had been
kept secret for 30 years.
The memo proves that the FDA knew in 1978 that lab tests showed
birth defects and developmental brain damage caused by aspartame.
How is this poison still allowed?    Video:

China not a happy story anymore
You might recognize this video.
We first showed it months ago. It was first recorded in 2010. 
Now it appears that the Wall Street Journal
has finally woken up to the "possibility"
of a hard landing in China. Duh!
(Why is it so easy for one guy with an
Internet connection to scoop the Wall
Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBS and 
the other financial service ad platforms?
Not bragging. I really don't get it.) 
Here's what the China implosion is going
to do to the rest of the world.     Video:

A Border War cover-up in the Hollywood Hills
This is a hugely bizarre story that makes a lot of sense.
The Mexican drug cartels are at war, it is spilling over the border
into the US, and our gov't wants to keep a lid on it.
Why?   What's the cover story?   Here's the deal...   Video:

Romney is Obama in wolves' clothing
I guess you could say Obama is Romney in sheep's clothing.
Whichever you prefer.
This video compares, side by side, the words and political stances
of Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Mitt Romney
and President Barack Obama. 
From health care to gun rights to the NDAA, the Patriot Act,
economic stimulus, bailouts, civil rights, TARP, the Federal
Reserve, Ben Bernanke, campaign donations...
Yes, the similarities just keep going.

D.C. and America's infrastructure suffer
Summer storms have exposed a crumbling infrastructure all over the United States
Destroying and rebuilding worldwide, as our own nation crumbles...   Video:

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Did you know GW Bush gave the Taliban $43 million 4 months before 9/11? It was reported in The Nation as being considered odd considering their human rights violations and Bin Laden's known presence in Afghanistan.
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