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US GOVT often behind shootings to further their gun confiscation agenda, ie
Virginia tech shooter's sister is CIA.
Texas Giffords shooting tied to Mexico Cartel possible inside job
Columbine had stuff going on
ad nauseum
US Gov't very busy pulling this stuff off. Stay tuned.

2nd Amendment Under Attack: Rise of the Gun Ban
#SF, #CA -- #annual #nude #beaches #guide [ in SF Bay Guardian, 17 July 2012]

toxic ships 
Vanadium pentoxide induces pulmonary inflammation and tumor promotion in a strain-dependent manner
The 16th amendment was never ratified by the required number of States; and so it is illegal.

Vegan menu on tap for astronauts flying NASA's mission to Mars

I'm told CHEMTRAILS are just a conspiracy theory so I guess these are just Jet airliners flying straight from NY to LA
I mean its not like they're just hanging around trying to spray particles into our lungs. CHEMTRAILS FLUORIDE 911 INSIDE JOB

Another TSA Blunder In case you haven’t seen or heard:


LABEL GMOs To support and spread the word, change your facebook profile photo now, and keep it up until elections on November 6th. We will win this through you- the people!

The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012 will be on the ballot this November as Proposition 37.

Proposition 37 is an initiative, that if passed, will mandate that all genetically engineered foods in grocery store be labeled. Over 40 other countries around the world currently label genetically engineered foods... Now it's time for California to do the same. Be a part of the movement that will make history! See for more info

Take Action ~ 
*Why are millions of people against Monsanto?

Real Food: Re-engineering the food supply
"Don't buy any food you see advertised on television." 
Michael Pollan discusses the nutritional-industrial complex.    Video:

eat food
not too much
mostly plants

Avoid Heavily Processed foods,
choose foods with 5 ingredients or less (yet not Hagen Daaz who takes advantage of the 5 idea)
if your grandma did not eat it, then don't eat it
if your grandma would not recognize it, then don't eat it


DO NOT BUY ANY FOOD YOU SEE ADVERTISED on TV. 2/3 of ad budgets go to Heavily Processed Foods.

When I Grow Up an LIB Story

Foods for Detoxification:
Detoxification is the most important process for optimal health. Humans are biochemically unique and they have various biochemical demands as per their age and health. Human bodies are capable of eliminating dangerous endogenous and exogenous toxins from the body. Nutritionists and Dieticians are notified some top foods that provide detoxification safely, naturally and effectively.
Here we discuss some top foods for detoxification; adding slices of ginger or ginger tea not only improves digestion but reduces bloating, nausea and vomiting feelings and eliminates gas. It is very helpful for digestion when fatty food causes digestive problems. As ginger is in antioxidants, improves the function of immune system. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants; it removes free radicals, boosts immune function, gives alkaline effect and restores PH Balance in the body. Lemon juice when taken in the morning would flush out toxins from the body.
The presence of allicin in garlic promotes the production of White Blood Cells thereby boost the immune function and due to the presence of antiviral, antibacterial, antibiotic properties, it detoxifies the body and provides many health benefits. Beetroot contains iron magnesium and Vitamin C that provides many health benefits such as liver detoxification, improves the health of skin and hair and reduces cholesterol levels. Globe artichokes are enriched with dietary fiber and antioxidants that boosts and stimulates the function of liver thereby helpful for detoxification and also helpful for digesting fatty foods.

Big Agra creating 'superbugs' and feeding it to us
Infections are becoming more common, lasting longer, and are more
expensive to treat due to a resistance to antibiotics.
Antibiotics are routinely given to factory farmed chickens, even
healthy birds, to increase their growth rate. 
New research shows a direct link between factory farm chicken and
antibiotic resistant infections...     Video:

Crop insurance a boon to farmers -- and insurers, too - Bottom Line
Expanding into prarie grasslands, risk-free...all you need are seeds!

BPA Plastics chemical in dental fillings might affect children's behavior: study

Anarchy Info:
Anarchist Theory FAQ:
FAQs about Anarchism:

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The G4S trainers told 800 G4S trainees a day 'We are going to be involved in a defining moment in the history of London after the Olympics ~ Ben Fellows Olympic Whistleblower on The Alex Jones Show 2nd July
Alex Jones Show - Monday July 2 2012 - Full Length
Monday July 2nd 2012 2 Guests Today - Ben Fellows, Harry Dent. Alex talks with f...inancial newsletter writer and author Harry Dent, who is also the founder of ...

Does evacuation mean they are planning a (real or fake) Bioweapon attack?..Hazledean’s most chilling revelation was how he learned about preparations to evacuate London and how, “The security guards used for the Olympics will be at the forefront of getting the public out of London.”
“They seem quite serious about it, they’ve spent a lot of time on this,” said Hazledean, noting how G4S spent two hours talking about the evacuation of London in comparison to just half an hour talking about security screening procedures for the Olympics itself.

Banning Freedom: The backdoor is open
The statue in front of the UN building is a .357 revolver with a knot in the barrel.
Not a broken missile.   Not a broken bomb.    Video:

"Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics"
Do your research..

BBC in 2008 "Predicted" Nuclear Terrorist Attack at London Olympics 2012
BBC's 2012 Predictive Programming     on orders from MI5
      see also Secret Message For False Flag 2012 Olympics? 100,000+ Die By Nuclear Explosion? 

KA-BLAAMM!!! "Pentagon Releases 'Comics' for Globalist Domination," 
Globalist wars of domination? There’s an app for that.

Occupy Bohemian Grove: Secret 1% getaway revealed
In the US, Occupy protesters have descended on a quiet California redwood retreat - where some of the world's elite gather every year. Demonstrators say the two weeks, officially portrayed as a time of rest and relaxation, is really a chance to discuss plans for the world's future. RT's Abby Martin at Bohemian Grove to see what triggers those rumours and growing protests.
Occupy Bohemian Grove

Youth going feral as America collapses
A recent flash mob/rob at a Walmart is just the latest example of a
frightening epidemic.
Flash mobs are stealing, and in some cases turning violent, all across America. Video:

Dominate and Decimate: "19 Ways Cancer Becomes the Ultimate Soft-Kill Operation,"
Gates Foundation to Give $10 Million for GMOs – Another Part of Melinda’s Depopulation Drive?
Bill and Melinda Gates have pledged $10 million for new GMO research to help those in sub-Saharan Africa.  Critics allege that the people will be reliant on big seed companies for their crop, and that the seed companies are motivated exclusively by profit.
Read more: Gates Foundation to Give $10 Million for GMOs – Another Part of Melinda’s Depopulation Drive? « America First
The cancer epidemic is a soft-kill operation and a move by the world’s so-called elites to cull the human population. 
It is well documented that the Club of Rome, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Rockefellers, Warren Buffet and many other globalists plan to dominate and decimate humanity with their population reduction agenda.
As we will see, the globalists first cause the cancer and then provide us with their ineffective treatments (not cures) for profit. 
This method is known as Problem – Reaction – Solution...

Real Food: Re-engineering the food supply
"Don't buy any food you see advertised on television." 
Michael Pollan discusses the nutritional-industrial complex.    Video:

THIS VIDEO HAS AN ADVERT. BOYCOTT if you wish. I try not to forward vids that ads. yes? No?
I would / would you suggest we NOT forward vids that have ADS in them? That is my thinking.
Once the selling starts, it will be unstoppable
David Stockman talks about what will
happen the day players in the government
bond market wakes up...
And realize they're in a bad trade.
Game over - and it could come soon.     Video:

8,500 year old Lost Civilization
Britain's "Atlantis", a hidden underwater world swallowed by 
the North Sea - has been discovered by divers working with 
science teams from the University of St Andrews. 
Doggerland, a huge area of dry land that stretched from 
Scotland to Denmark was slowly submerged by water 
between 18,000 BC and 5,500 BC.  
Divers from oil companies have found remains of a 
'drowned world' with a population of tens of thousands - 
which might once have been the 'real heartland' of Europe. 
A team of climatologists, archaeologists and geophysicists 
has now mapped the area using new data from oil compan- 
ies - and revealed the full extent of a 'lost land' once roamed 
by mammoths. David Dees-illustration added a new photo.
It's Bush Seniors birthday today btw.
Bush Family Nazi Connection
Clear evidence that the Bush family has ties to Hitler. Prescott Bush, who shoul...d have been prosecuted as a traitor is the progenitor of one of the most powe...

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